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a111: Logged on 2017-02-07 00:58 mircea_popescu: << that's how a call to you looks.
ben_vulpes: in other radiation damage, $client calls up, "hey latest chrome doesn't work with $app from inside the muni vpn" "...can you swing a vpn or shall i get on a plane?"
mircea_popescu: now that's sad.
ben_vulpes: at least we finally routed around the procurement process...
ben_vulpes: and in yet other "you don't own this device" news, my v1 kindle does this amazing trick when i email it .mobi files where it briefly displays them and then immediately removes them
mircea_popescu: learn this one amazing trick a portland dad discovered that apple doesn't want you to know.
ben_vulpes: spoiler alert: it's called a usb cable
ben_vulpes: i am fond of the device. it has a slow, but acceptable resolution screen for reading old texts of middling ocr quality, fits in jeans pocket. most importantly and differentiating it from later models, it shows no ads.
mircea_popescu: they pump ads now ?
ben_vulpes: i know a gent who is cursed with one of the later, more expensive models and he keeps it in a piece of leather to hide the ads.
ben_vulpes: oya for years now.
ben_vulpes: every release past the first if i recall correctly. second you could buy an ad-free version, but...
mircea_popescu: and people actually carry these around ?!
ben_vulpes: excellent little device for erotica on the train "or so i hear"
mircea_popescu: it's quickly becoming a sign of idiocy, like going out in public in flip flops / hoodie or being fat.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes why would you want erotica on the train ?
ben_vulpes: don't ask me, i'm not sixty female and fat
mircea_popescu: there is that.
mircea_popescu: otherwise wtf... so you get hard and... oh shit i didn't plan this far ahead... uhmmm... i guess fuck this here keyhole.
ben_vulpes: i do low-intensity email and various other tasks that don't call for focus on the train
mircea_popescu: last time i was actually on a train-train i bought out the sleeping car and had the girls naked and rubbing before it rolled out of the station.
ben_vulpes: this is a plasti-train
mircea_popescu: in retrospect i guess shoulda brought the adspad.
ben_vulpes: hey i found a slut on the train to pycon one year!
ben_vulpes: forgot about that
mircea_popescu: ah, those. i went on the light rail here, it was a spicy adventure. i don't think they EVER maintain the tracks. solid 10 minutes of screeching.
mircea_popescu: if a car doesn't go offrail there one of these days, argentina is outside normal physics.
ben_vulpes: wait they have 'light rail' in arse?
ben_vulpes: el subte?
mircea_popescu: well extension lines to poor people yeah
ben_vulpes: surely not i thought that was an actual subway
ben_vulpes: have they run one to the airport yet ffs?
mircea_popescu: i am relatively proud to say i have by now seen just about every inch of this ~largest town on earth.
mircea_popescu: WHY WOULD YOU NEED THAT.
ben_vulpes: train to jfk always beat cabs on price and speed
mircea_popescu: let me make a point here. buenos aires and instanbul are about the same thing, 10mn+ towns, largest in their area etc.
mircea_popescu: istanbul airport processes about 5-10k people/hour, every hour, every day. i haven't seen anything like that since before maga.
mircea_popescu: buenos aires HAS NO DIRECT FLIGHTS. you understand this ? they're like omaha, nebraska, you can fly to flordia or madrid. that's it.
mircea_popescu: timisoara int'l has better connections than eze.
mircea_popescu: and you've seen that glorified parking lot.
ben_vulpes: you keep wanting to backport me to c2
mircea_popescu: oh. you haven't ?
ben_vulpes: retcon*
ben_vulpes: nah, on the list though
mircea_popescu: well, it's about the size of a medium sized mall's parking lot.
ben_vulpes: yaok i get it. no traffic, no train.
ben_vulpes: still. no train to an airport that far from 'downtown' is bogus.
mircea_popescu: whole place is bogus.
ben_vulpes: pretty facades, though!
ben_vulpes: a+ steaks and entirely friendly horsefolk too
mircea_popescu: part of the facade.
mircea_popescu: you know someone stole my screwdriver today ?
ben_vulpes: the mind boggles at the conspiracy of circumstance that would let a someone near your tools
mircea_popescu: eh, cheap chino item. i set it on the windowsill. stepped inside for a moment. wind rolled it into the gap. when i came back, 5 mins later... gone.
ben_vulpes: brutal
ben_vulpes: also, sad
ben_vulpes: probably no usable steel in it even
mircea_popescu: who the fuck wants a used 10 dollar screwdriver from the sidewalk ffs.
ben_vulpes: i ever tell you about how i took sport in fixing toilets in ars my first trip there?
mircea_popescu: o yeah ?
mircea_popescu: well you did a shit job of it
mircea_popescu: because they're still broken.
ben_vulpes: you just can't trust these people
ben_vulpes: anyways, 9/10 places charging more than twenty dollars a place had at least one busted shitter
ben_vulpes: facade of a sushi joint's only shitter was busted
ben_vulpes: and the most amusing 'fixes'
mircea_popescu: it;s something else with the toilets. in any other place, you can guess : cheapo place, dubious shitter ; expensive restaurant, nice shitter.
mircea_popescu: here, it's totally disconnected. you can go to a pretentious restaurant, take an ill advised left and find oyurself in that scene from trainspotting.
mircea_popescu: you can also step into hole in the wall nothingery, ask for toilet, discover that it's immaculate, and slightly larger than the dining hall.
mircea_popescu: aqnd it doesn't bother them, any.
ben_vulpes: if the shutters are up
mircea_popescu: i ask the maitre d' "so what happened to your bathroom ?" "uh... it's always been like that."
mircea_popescu: well... that'd be the problem, yes ?
ben_vulpes: upstairs of the cafe where asciilifeform and i had coffees with chetty was hugely bathroom, and the space that wasn't bathroom unused
ben_vulpes: in line with the wannabe shabby chic of the place
mircea_popescu: yeah they're abhorrently bad at allocating real estate.
ben_vulpes: place entirely fails to achieve "delightfully busted" unless you really go looking for it
ben_vulpes: anyways, later
asciilifeform: << you patch it, like literate people; or pay the extra 10bux, like chump
a111: Logged on 2017-02-16 07:20 ben_vulpes: i know a gent who is cursed with one of the later, more expensive models and he keeps it in a piece of leather to hide the ads.
asciilifeform: that somebody, somewhere, endures the ads, is brain-melting
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform did you notice anything in the interiors of the sewage system dwellers asciilifeform ?
mircea_popescu: yes but did you notice the old phone kept as a statuette ? and the rest of the hipster dumbassery ?
asciilifeform: i assumed they had cut into a line...
mircea_popescu: o you did, did you.
mircea_popescu: you assumed they had a tty somewhgere, also ?
mircea_popescu: that'd be why it's buried under crap, becauswe functional.
asciilifeform: they did have mains current, neh
asciilifeform: so wai not phone
mircea_popescu: tell you what : those people are the quintessential hipsters. that's what a hipster is, exactly that : a bum. like orwell, like all the ironic waitresses / actresses of the west coast. bums. tramps. PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AT HIME HERE.
mircea_popescu: "it's just a gig, man, it's not my life"
mircea_popescu: that old phone provides a fundamental lifeline. maybe god will call him on that phone any day now.
mircea_popescu: that phone is the palpable (it has to be! hipsters don;'t have souls), certain mark of apartenence. they are people too, because of that phone, you see ?
mircea_popescu: same thing with the ads.
mircea_popescu: mark of the covenant, with their ancestor lord-saint graham bell.
asciilifeform: i have definitely seen proper bums with phone here in my monkeystan. so this is solid.
mircea_popescu: the notion that meryl streep is in any way different from bruce lee of bucharest's sewers, or for that matter you-name-her-nameless-activist-du-jour is possibly contemporaneity's best lol.
mircea_popescu: "for as lord as i hear the voice of google and all the websaints, i am not properly alone in teh valley of where mp rapes my buttonhole daily."|
mircea_popescu: ever wondered why people who literally do nothing online, spend all day on quora or wikipedia or whatever, get so irate if their signal dies ? "omaigawd no internet" "bitch, this is good for youcoin."
asciilifeform: actually i have almost nfi re who these are or how
mircea_popescu: you gotta fuck wild, man.
asciilifeform: always assumed that they are slaves in some phb office, redditing when boss not looking
mircea_popescu: mostly "students". recall the chick being educated over phone ?
trinque: nah they're baristas that teach yoga and but really someday my (obscure pointless hobby) will be discovered on etsygogo
mircea_popescu: just about. 20yos too lame to fuck being kept busy so nobody has to notice they're actually too lame to fuck.
mircea_popescu: trinque they're hysterical with the self-identifying, too. "i do x-with-y dorkitude". you know, like "i'm a doctor". "i paint seashells with nail polish"
mircea_popescu: oh, THAT'S what you do. how about when you're not being 5, what do you do then ?
trinque: met a chick in portland that literally made cat bowties
trinque: not out of cat, mind, but for them
mircea_popescu: i met one who made papier mache hats.
mircea_popescu: and AT FIRST i thought she's the tits, because hey, seemed like she's aware of a by now 20 yo mockery of the exact genre.
mircea_popescu: but no. she was playing gorge's accountant girlfriend straight for chrissakes
trinque: lol
mircea_popescu: had me going for a while, you know, cause obviously my retort was "what do you do when it rains"
mircea_popescu: and she went "oh, they're art silly, you hang them on the wall"
mircea_popescu: totally unaware. jawdrop of the year.
asciilifeform: i'd much rather see retarded folx make hats for cats, endearingly harmless , than to shit into the net, imho
mircea_popescu: it is neither endearing nor harmless. it is animal abuse.
mircea_popescu: and i mean that literally.
asciilifeform: waiwat they actually put'em on?
mircea_popescu: animals are not your fucking "companions" anymore than you're an oil rig.
trinque: nah you let people be inane by themselves too long, they get self-important and will return to foist it upon you
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the cats dun enter into it.
asciilifeform: elaborate?
mircea_popescu: mkay. 1. animals don't matter. ducttaping around a chicken and fucking it for fun is not animal abuse ; 2. people are at the center. imagining the chicken is your companion IS animal abuse, in that you abuse the animal.
mircea_popescu: ie, chicken CAN be fucked in the manner described ; but chicken CAN NOT be your companion.
asciilifeform: i dun see a massive diff b/w trying to use chicken as fuckhole and as 'companion'
mircea_popescu: but chicken works as fuckhole.
asciilifeform: both starvation behaviour
asciilifeform: like eating mud in the culturalrevolution
mircea_popescu: do you see the difference between trying to use transformer as capacitor and trying to use transformer as father ?
mircea_popescu: former is starvation behaviour ; latter is retardation behaviour. starvation of a different kind, of a different part. no blood supply to brain.
asciilifeform: advanced starvation is probably difficult to distinguish from organic retardation yes
mircea_popescu: depends for whom. syphilis and staphilococcus infection also difficult to distinguish, for layman.
mircea_popescu: "bacterial infection". well yes, mr watson.
asciilifeform: in other lulzies,
asciilifeform: 'Security expert and doomsayer Bruce Schneier – speaking by video owing to RSA Conference commitments in San Francisco and perhaps prescience with regard to seasonal travel challenges – predicted that the government is coming to handcuff coders. "We all had this special right to code the world as we saw fit," said Schneier. "My guess is we're going to lose that right, because it's too dangerous
asciilifeform: to give to a bunch of techies."'
mircea_popescu: oh he's a doomsayer is he
asciilifeform: 'predicted'
mircea_popescu: i like it how cuban is "billionaire" also.
mircea_popescu: dork. who the fuck asked anyone anything.
mircea_popescu: how do you say axe handle in english ?
asciilifeform: afaik you don't
mircea_popescu: makes sense.
asciilifeform: (ru has the word, en -- not)
asciilifeform: << another lulzie from same rag, re a fauxpgp supposedly used by 'white house staffers'
asciilifeform: '...the software, available for iOS and Android, basically uses the OpenPGP standard to perform public-private cryptography, uses AES for ephemeral per-message encryption, and exchanges public keys between users via TLS connections with certificate pinning.'
mircea_popescu: lol ios.
asciilifeform: aha. and 'certificate pinning'.
mircea_popescu: "basically". did you cheat on me ? "basically not"
a111: Logged on 2017-02-14 15:34 mircea_popescu: for it to count it can't be denied, which comes down to, because michael flynn contains nothing, encryption doesn't help him in any way.
asciilifeform: elsewhere in lulzdom, << mr.t's bank publicly pisses on him
mircea_popescu: does that do anything ?
asciilifeform: nfi. but i was under impression that folx expected to piss back, do not get pissed on in this way.
phf: multitran has gotten completely useless, it gives grip, shank and tang, though the last two are the metal parts (at least in case of knives)
mircea_popescu: waitwhat
asciilifeform: for the axe
phf: right
phf: i was curious. mt uses to produce pretty accurate translations that i would not have guessed, but it's been wikipidiotized at some point, so now it gives every single possible relevant translation
phf: *used to
mircea_popescu: anyway. the point being, for the anglos, that the axe is the tool you use to chop down forest, and the axe handle is made of wood.
a111: Logged on 2017-02-16 14:24 mircea_popescu: that phone is the palpable (it has to be! hipsters don;'t have souls), certain mark of apartenence. they are people too, because of that phone, you see ?
asciilifeform: i'd bet that the 'reprinted' nokia will resemble that ti calculator
asciilifeform: (the one where there is a GHz arm, running shitlinux, and inside it, emulator of the original 68k calc)
asciilifeform: because -- elementarily -- the original components are no longer available.
asciilifeform: (the 68k, in particular, is ~only~ sold by freescale, and at screamingly usgistic price)
asciilifeform: for the original
asciilifeform had no idea this existed
phf: well it's like with fpgas. once you have complete documentation, it means there's no possible way to get the thing
asciilifeform: phf: more or less. sorta like Officially Declassified usgolade.
asciilifeform: certifiably ~useless.
asciilifeform: (my first encounter with this, was many years, as a boy, i went on a tour of the u.s. mint, back when they gave tours, and they had a souvenir shop where you could buy shredded benjies by the kilogram)
mircea_popescu: i thought there's a service where you send them your mangled/burned/whatever bills and they credit it to your account.
asciilifeform: lolno, only for langley.
asciilifeform: (at one point u.s. mint ~did~ have a service where you could order dollar coins via the post, paying with cc. it led to a mass chumping of cc banks that offered 'x% back!', until the hole was plugged.)
phf: pretty sure every "hacker's top toolz" cd from gorbushka had an nfo file describing this hack
asciilifeform: aaaha right next to 'blue box' schematic
asciilifeform: Old Hax behave like fpga docs etc.
asciilifeform: 'here kid, have a harmless demil'd toy'
phf: i suspect the cds predate the "here kid". they would also contain current issues of phrack. the thinking is probably "i'm going to pad it with every single thing i could find on my upstream BBS"
asciilifeform: lulzily, i never held in my hands a physical cd with any of these
asciilifeform: but can picture that in orclands with poor net pipe they might circulate on disks to this very day
asciilifeform: and incidentally this may very well include usa in not too distant future, and these disks -- will come back
phf: hehe, you left too early. those cds were like a boy's treasure trove box. you never knew what you're going to get, but every one of them promissed mystery ~and delivered!!!~
asciilifeform: ( recall when i suggested to distribute trb+buildroot+gcc et al. on a cdrom. )
asciilifeform: aha i left when 'mystery disk' was a 5inch floppy that elder brother would bring home from chum's house.
asciilifeform: Full Of Treasures.
phf: so you missed out on "10000 best games!! (for DOS)" cds too
asciilifeform: actually met these, but in usa.
phf: you'd basically save your change and not buy a piece of pastry three of four times during lunch, so you could pick up one of those beautise
asciilifeform: 'shovelware bin' in comp shop.
phf: nah, full blown games, not shovelware. typically rar'ed and gotten through the most brutal of scene strips, so no cutscenes, no cd audio tracks, typically pre-cracked
asciilifeform: aah the cd equiv. of those white vhs tapes.
asciilifeform: no, i did not live to see this in person.
asciilifeform: though i did play these same rips from warez leeched via 9600baud modem.
asciilifeform: for years had no idea that such a thing as voice tracks ever existed in, e.g., the sierra games.
phf: haha, same
phf: which also meant that some guys were forever unobtanium. like phatansmagoria, i saw it at a "legit" computer store once, but didn't get to play until i could lift it off tpb years later
phf: *some games
asciilifeform: i still wonder re the lost world of mac warez. were there significant gamez?
asciilifeform: for the 68k, or ppc macs.
asciilifeform: these were ~nonexistent on warez, and i never had the machine. so it was complete mystery.
phf: i think there was this famous doom-like, that came out before doom, but otherwise it seems like all were either ports from dos, or else ported to dos
asciilifeform: suspected so.
phf: i briefly had an account on a mac warez server, that you could only connect to using a mac os 9 exclusive tool (in 2010!)
phf: but it was all mostly "creative professional" tools. audio, dylan/lisp stuff, hypercard
phf: i've been trying to track down whole earths catalog hypercard for a while, but so far unsuccesfully. haven't tried hard enough though
phf: hmm, battery about to expire. afk
asciilifeform: when i was writing , it took me surprising amount of sweat to track down a working copy of hypercard
asciilifeform: it was, evidently, one of those 'everyone who wants, already has' affairs.
mircea_popescu: and in today's better living through perversion :
mircea_popescu: toast almonds. straight out of the oven, nice and HOT put them in old style glass, pour cognac on top.
mircea_popescu: bout 2-3 per shot.
mircea_popescu: phf no cutscenes and no cd audio tracks was the standard for my gaming experience. tbh i liked it.
mircea_popescu: i also prefer older formats for movies. was only last week screaming at girl, "stop getting movies over 650mb. it is enough."
asciilifeform: many years later i saw the uncut versions and meh
mircea_popescu: fucking 7gb monstrosities they do nowadays. like i really have to see the unwatchable crap in high definition.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yeat they don't quite live to expectation huh.
mircea_popescu: i for first time saw mm7 cutscenes recently. they're pretty idiotic.
mircea_popescu: then again, diablo 2 notably got to keep its cutscenes. so i think it was very much an aesthetic decision.
asciilifeform: as for the 7gb films, they are not entirely an abuse, 650MB warez gives compression artifacts the size of a palm when watched on projector screen. the fact that nobody's made a film worth watching in ages, is separate issue.
mircea_popescu: yes i'll get archival copy of stuff i like. amusingly, 99% of which doesn't exist in better resolution anyway. wtf am i going to do with an archival copy of cat on the hot tin roof, watch the original artefacts in preference of the modern ones ?
asciilifeform: once in a while a high-res scan turns up.
mircea_popescu: but of what. i had "high res" scan of andalou dog in my hands, the real mccoy. 99% compressed it looked exactly the same the original's just that bad.
mircea_popescu: ~nobody knows because hey, "trade secret", but the shape of the old celuloid vaults is beyond sad.
asciilifeform: actually this is well-known
mircea_popescu: thousands of films pre technicolor are alread yloist ; the few remaining kinda going that way.
asciilifeform: they are being deliberately rotted, to delete competition for modern shitfilm
asciilifeform: and erase cultural memory in the general case.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yes it's well known by people in the know. nobody else, becauyse hey, nytimes has a lifestyle section.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i suspect you're right. of course, a nation that deliberately destroys the memory of competence in the hopes of making life more comfortable for itself merely succeeds in making death that much closer. but that's another tale.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i wouldn't be surprised if it came out that the old celluloids were properly burned.
mircea_popescu: hundreds were in fact.
mircea_popescu: multiple incidents, including a large and quite deliberate bonfire.
mircea_popescu: in other lulz, apparently bitpay will not show you the bitcoin address unless you provide them with an email address.
mircea_popescu: teh furhrer is getting impatient eh.
asciilifeform: lel bitpay still exists?!
mircea_popescu: retard-to-bitcoin interfaces aren't going away.
mircea_popescu: i recall they cut staff at some point. haven't pulled the plug yet evidently.
mircea_popescu: i guess one box, one man and his red stapler in an office building basement somewhere do yet survive.
asciilifeform: probably will survive indefinitely the way pawn shops survived in many countries -- as honeypot
mircea_popescu: prolly. hence the email lulz.
mircea_popescu: but hey, at least it drives adoption for ben_vulpes 's thing
mircea_popescu: (still found at btw)
asciilifeform: btw i'm not certain if the old films are being burned for commercial reasons, or very specific cultural cleansing: you can see the faces of now-extinct types of civilization-builders, their works, in old film, in a way that is not so accessible (at least to the simple folx) from viewing static photo
mircea_popescu: well it's usually a mix of stupids.
asciilifeform: it is quite plain however that the lizards do not wish it to be remembered that other types of people than the current bonsaikittens, once existed.
asciilifeform: where was that mircea_popescu article! the one with the ww1 soldier
asciilifeform: 'say hello to mr. adultmale'
mircea_popescu: !~google adult male nightmare
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: No matches found.
mircea_popescu: yeah very useful you are.
asciilifeform: a good chunk of copyrasty, while we're at it, is ~not~ about getting users to pay
asciilifeform: but specifically about annihilating old material
asciilifeform: you cannot, for instance, buy license for mac os 9, from crapple
asciilifeform: or winxp from microshit
mircea_popescu: or of liz taylor's cunt pics.
asciilifeform: ( though occasional surprise -- you CAN buy, e.g., vms! )
Reuel: Hey guys, how come deedbot spits out article urls every know and then? Is it like an ownership registration?
mircea_popescu: like where ?
mircea_popescu: it follows v arious rss feeds, like trilema's, qntra's, phuctor's etc
mircea_popescu: so when there's new items it reports them
Reuel: ah right
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 1035.78, vol: 5494.42935491 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 1018.0, vol: 6354.90135 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 1039.5, vol: 10655.73451667 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 983.243444, vol: 4900.12350000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 1039.79, vol: 1835.91811653 | Volume-weighted last average: 1024.71939288
BingoBoingo: ty ben_vulpes, Happy birthday to me!
ben_vulpes: happy birthday, BingoBoingo
BingoBoingo: wishes unnecessary with presents like that link
deedbot: << Qntra - Coindesk: Bitcoin Price Malaise! (As US Dollar Continues To Trade Under 0.001 BTC)
ben_vulpes: and a hispanic for labor secretary! so racist!
BingoBoingo: 4real!
mod6: hbd bb
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: have a bday gift:
asciilifeform: << details of the hoax (victims have not, afaik, yet denied that they were owned)
shinohai raises a glass of hot tea in BingoBoingo's honor
mircea_popescu: in other lulz, check out failing to get its txn included now :
mircea_popescu: re bitpay earlier. and generally speaking, expecting the y-shitonator bitcoin "infrastructure" simply going away by the end of the year isn't exactly misplaced.
mircea_popescu: (depending how capable one is re bitcoin network, you might be able to see they tried to relay it starting ~26 hours ago, but plenty of places didn't even hear about it until ~6 hours ago).
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i don't think the content of the rt link may have happened in angloverse.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: aha, it's a 100% solid wall of unhappen.
asciilifeform: 0 denials, 0 mentions at all.
asciilifeform: anywhere.
mircea_popescu: aha. so translate and publish.
asciilifeform: ^ with audio
asciilifeform: for the 'property rights in usa' and 'goldbuggery' files, >> 'COLUMBUS, Ohio - A federal judge is giving a former deep-sea treasure hunter another chance to reveal information about the location of 500 missing gold coins.'
asciilifeform: '... Marbley has held Thompson in contempt of court since December 2015 for violating terms of a plea deal by refusing to respond to questions about the coins' locations.'
mircea_popescu: check it out, judge "giving chance" ? what is this, a romantic comedy ? dork with no tits and no clue "giving another chance" for someone to be her meal ticket ?
asciilifeform: aha, gotta love the phrasing
mircea_popescu: stop watching daytime tv, america.
asciilifeform: 'wrecker given another chance to confess'
mircea_popescu: 15yo marches downstairs, "i am giving you another chance to buy me a car"
mircea_popescu: bitch, if and when i feel like buying you a new pair of sneakers i know where the shop is and where i keep my money.
a111: Logged on 2014-08-31 18:52 asciilifeform: so, formula is: 'don't own. if you own, don't admit it. if you admit it, don't write about it. if you own and admit and write, don't sign your name. if you own, admit, write, and sign name, don't be surprised.' (apologies to rev. t. reese.)
asciilifeform: i can already picture the d00d throwing a cryptogram into the crowd at his hanging, like capt. kidd.
asciilifeform: but usg dun do hangings; it does 'coke machine'.
mircea_popescu: female state. it expects its victims to want to get shit done, and hence they came up with that.
mircea_popescu: repackaging of the ancient socialistoid idiocy, "oh, creative people just can't keep themselves from creating shit we can all eat" ; except it's "men can't sit put" now. whatevs.
asciilifeform: i wonder if he is sitting in same jail as the encrypted hdd d00d
asciilifeform: (how many of them now. dozen?)
mircea_popescu: "the" ? lmao there's thousands of these.
asciilifeform: if you actually have a list of the thousands, might be interesting to publish?
asciilifeform: or is it simply fermi estimate.
mircea_popescu: i don't, specifically, but you run into them with some regularity when spelunking in court "records".
mircea_popescu: way way too common an occurence for there to be that few. shit's more common than murder, definitely.
asciilifeform: long-term 'captain kidds', as i currently understand, are rare.
asciilifeform: but have genuinely nfi.
mircea_popescu: i've not been reviewing prison records. but if you do - guaranteed steady supply of wtf.
mircea_popescu: for instace : more than half of the people doing time at any specific moment are NOT actually convicted of anything.
mircea_popescu: merely waiting for court system to get its shit together. average wait time well over 18 months.
asciilifeform: also unlike sov world, time sat in 'jail' (i.e. pre-sentencing, vs 'prison') does not automagically subtract from the sentence, if sentenced.
asciilifeform: in usa.
mircea_popescu: and yet they STILL sign the fucking plea bargains, like the idiots that they obviously are.
mircea_popescu: i have nfi tbh.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if they all demanded to be tried, queue time would average to multiple years, like in ru
mircea_popescu: lol multiple years. multiple centuries, like in austrian empire.
asciilifeform: (iirc it was ~2y in late '90s)
mircea_popescu: afaik da who doesn't get plea bargains > 95% is fired.
mircea_popescu: which is the fucking point. ONE non plea-bargain item ruins his month. do that.
asciilifeform: there was room enough for, e.g., ulbricht, to be sentenced for life
mircea_popescu: that dude's too stupid to live independently anyway.
hanbot: asciilifeform> hanbot: first apply the basic litmus: does the thing eat rpc commands while blackholed ? yepper, eats. no malleus. meanwhile has caught up without restart, and meanwhile also noticed my addnode medley's outdated.
asciilifeform: hanbot: (and everyone else reporting a suboptimally-behaving trb node) -- plz consider stating the vpatch-set
BingoBoingo: ty asciilifeform for the linkpresent, and others for the wishes
asciilifeform: (no malleus; but which 'yes'es?)
asciilifeform: different patch sets will give trb with DEEPLY differing behaviours.
BingoBoingo: Also ty President Trump for the lulzy press conference
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: summarizing lulz?
BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: Trying, may just plop transcript in a block quote
BingoBoingo binging on cake today. I am powerless over cake and my lyfe is still pretty manageable.
ben_vulpes: caek!
ben_vulpes: $girl has been probing for the caek i will eat. so far, not much success.
asciilifeform: 'As part of intelligence operations being conducted against the United States for the last seven months, at least one Western European ally intercepted a series of communications before the inauguration between advisers associated with President Donald Trump and Russian government officials, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation. ... Moreover, a Baltic nation is gathering intelligence on officials in the Trump Wh
asciilifeform: ite House and executives with the president’s company, the Trump Organization, out of concern that an American policy shift toward Russia could endanger its sovereignty, according to a third person with direct ties to that nation’s government.' (from lulzweek)
ben_vulpes: gathering intelligence!
ben_vulpes: why, this is unheard of.
ben_vulpes: and moreover if anyone had heard of doing it as well, that's a) fake news b) old news and c) standard diplomatic behavior...for us
asciilifeform: mighty lulzy to describe baltic bantustans as having 'sovereignty' for someone to 'endanger'..
BingoBoingo: lol, like fence can be sovereign
trinque: why is the thumbnail for the video comet pizza?
trinque: ah found where it's mentioned
trinque: speaking of cheese pizza, there's a video floating around that looks like somebody torturing a kid in a shower
trinque: maybe a dog in there chewing on him or something
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes why not ?
trinque: anybody wants to actually leaking the full video without obstructions would be a great start
a111: Logged on 2017-02-16 04:19 asciilifeform: trinque: the correct response would be top 500 of cia org chart found hanging on meat hooks. and afaik no report of this.
asciilifeform: trinque: leaking which video
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: i can't even figure that out for myself. 90% of the time i think "mmm, chocolate. tasty i guess but i kinda want some more challah or whatever else i baked most recently covered in bread"
trinque: lemme see if I can find a link
hanbot: ben_vulpes you'd prolly like cozonac
mircea_popescu: a that's an idea.
ben_vulpes: looks tasty
BingoBoingo: just make a chocolate aerogel FOGBANK style
mircea_popescu: lol chocolate aerogel, not bad
mircea_popescu: in other make daytime tv great again, fox now so far ahead #1 tv station it pussygrabs.
asciilifeform: trinque: what's the context for this find ?
asciilifeform: could be generic crapolade for all anyone knows.
hanbot: asciilifeform good point re patchlist. apparently also helps with reading, yes it's got malleus.
trinque: asciilifeform: somebody dumped it to 4chan; who knows authenticity
trinque: could just as well be clips from rando fbi file
asciilifeform: hanbot: fwiw all of my nodes operate with malleus. since the day i wrote it.
mircea_popescu: i confess i don't follow the idea trinque
asciilifeform: hanbot: i see ~0 reason to waste bandwidth on talking to prb.
mircea_popescu: the network is degrading, alfie.
trinque: we were having a thread the other day about what would get the central US to start shooting people
mircea_popescu: so you figure shower shenanigans ?
trinque: the fatherhood video clearly shows a two-pane glass shower
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: network degrading is 100% a 'if not you, then who' affair. run nodez.
trinque: somebody short locked inside, maybe a dog to the right
trinque: lots of hard-to-fake pain screaming
trinque: and "CALL ME FATHER" being yelled by a boston accent
mircea_popescu: this is complicated.
trinque: alas blurry so means nothing
trinque: also the value of faking something like this is obvoius
trinque: *obvious
mircea_popescu: consider volunteering @ battered women shelter.
thestringpuller: hanbot: I think i'm having same issue. but i just started my node, and it's responding to rpc, but its not receiving blocks
trinque: mircea_popescu: why's that?
BingoBoingo: thestringpuller: How is gardening down south? Start any vegetables yet?
mircea_popescu: trinque to see a bunch of "central america" not giving the slightest shit about "call me father" stepfather violence towards the (literal) bastards, among other such items.
mircea_popescu: nobody's shooting anybody because a guy killed the worms some other guy left behind.
mircea_popescu: three cases out of five, mother won't even leave him over it.
thestringpuller: BingoBoingo: I'm working on beds. Although I have a mini-nursery with mainly spinach and other greens.
trinque: mircea_popescu: yeah, not so much that
trinque: more a "and you are ruled by them" angle
trinque: but I can see your point
trinque: incidentally the US is iirc one state legislature majority from being able to call a republican constitutional convention
mircea_popescu: just about
mircea_popescu: though it';s not exactly clear what they'd do with it.
BingoBoingo: Well, depending on how 2018 goes, could be STFU CIA
mircea_popescu: you don't need a constitutional amendment for that.
mircea_popescu: but honeslty, if you look at the basics such as budgets, it seems cia's history will end this trump term.
BingoBoingo: Well, not to get rid of the now CIA, but yes to prevent a future CIA
mircea_popescu: no, actually, the thing itself. closed, headquarters turned into museum.
mircea_popescu: alf can go visit, touch the original resonant us seal the russians made.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: that thing is at nsa museum
mircea_popescu: ah ok then
asciilifeform: and iirc some meathead dropped and broke the original, the display piece is copy.
mircea_popescu: a really ? had nfi
deedbot: << Recent Phuctorings. - Phuctored: 1476...1603 divides RSA Moduli belonging to ' (ssh-rsa key from (13-14 June 2016 extraction) for Phuctor import. Ask asciilifeform or framedragger on Freenode, or email fd at mkj dot lt) <>; ' ( AR E)
deedbot: << Recent Phuctorings. - Phuctored: 1475...0099 divides RSA Moduli belonging to ' (ssh-rsa key from (13-14 June 2016 extraction) for Phuctor import. Ask asciilifeform or framedragger on Freenode, or email fd at mkj dot lt) <>; ' ( AR E)
asciilifeform: ' NOSOTROS HACEMOS LAS MEJORES PASTAS Vos las hacés únicas '
asciilifeform: didjaknow.
mircea_popescu: sounds about right.
mircea_popescu: ftr, pasta here is strictly inedible.
mthreat: mircea_popescu: try in belgrano
mircea_popescu: whassat ?
mthreat: pasta place that supposedly has good pasta. i haven't tried it myself
mthreat: but recommended by some friends
mircea_popescu: that's ok, i import.
mthreat: who have eaten pasta outside argentina
mircea_popescu: anyway, the idea is more, every few blocks has this "fresh homemade pasta!" "pasta factory!" "el palacio de la pasta!" bullshits and they're so shockingly bad i can't begin to imagine wtf they're thinking.
mthreat: ya they seem to think their pizza is good too
mircea_popescu: then again, usians also.
mthreat: true.. i do like papa john's :) but I like gustapizza in Florence more
mircea_popescu: fortunately, i don't have alf's problem. baking sane food is something that one woman can learn.
mircea_popescu: bakind hardware, somewhat iffier.
asciilifeform 100% sanefood powered
mircea_popescu: now if only could make cpu there too.
mthreat: one michael cera movie I actually liked was Youth in Revolt -
mircea_popescu: that kid has the archetypical "face that demands a punch"
BingoBoingo: RIP Viewscreen
deedbot: << Qntra - US President Trump Hosts Press Conference And Reviews Action Packed First Month
phf: h
phf: [1] phf (+i) on #trilema (+cmnt) *
phf: << i watched a lot of "classics" in pirate quality, and i prefer it that way. notorious example is Alien, where between the original print and the pirate shit copy you could barely see anything, which made the experience more terrifying.
a111: Logged on 2017-02-16 17:57 mircea_popescu: yes i'll get archival copy of stuff i like. amusingly, 99% of which doesn't exist in better resolution anyway. wtf am i going to do with an archival copy of cat on the hot tin roof, watch the original artefacts in preference of the modern ones ?
phf: hmm, running ircII inside emacs's term is probably not the best idea. i don't know how those two artifacts came about..
BingoBoingo: Maybe you let yourself become powerless over computer and you loglines have threatened unmanageability?
BingoBoingo: At least this is not "seek restoration to sanity" level problem
phf: i think the solution is to give up. switch to windows 10, connect through web irc client, put gpg key into keybase, the works
BingoBoingo: Nah, just apprentice as watchmaker and build calculating machine to IRC from
asciilifeform: phf: iirc kakobrekla actually did this.
asciilifeform: full throttle.
asciilifeform: sorta like those folx in prison who decide to stop washing. and after that why bother to brush teeth, wipe arse, dress, etc.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: windows and all? this is in the heathen logs somewhere?
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: maybe i dreamed it
phf: re "apprentice as watchmaker" i picked up first edition of The Marine Chronometer by Gould. i would call it "delightful"
phf: thoroughly researched, but at the same time written from first person with no pretense to authority.
asciilifeform: phf: one of the things that always bothered me re chronometer is : why the fuck nobody tried chemical reaction for timekeeping
asciilifeform: (in sealed ampoule, naturally)
asciilifeform: the british tried all sorts of crackpottery, but afaik nothing of this sort.
asciilifeform: (for stable temperature, naturally the ampoule is stowed up boatswain's arse)
phf: sealed ampoule and stable temperature are the tricky parts, so have to be factored into the chemical reaction, but then your timeframes don't match. john harrison died in 1780, mendeleev was born in 1830
asciilifeform: well consider, what reactions were known pre-harrison.
asciilifeform: ordinary combustion, for instance. picture something like oil lamp inside clear vessel (closed air supply), very small flame.
ben_vulpes: still suffers the hourglass reset problem, no?
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: not if large enough
phf: lamp wick will burn, which in turn will affect burn rate. also pressure changes, from external temperature, from burn termperature, from oil burning up
ben_vulpes: what'd one use for a wick that wouldn't need adjusting as it burned?
ben_vulpes: phf: "these are just engineering problems, silly mortal"
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: capillary.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: capillary wicks were a thing in the late seventeens?!
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: bernoulli understood capillary effect...
asciilifeform: but phf is probably right
ben_vulpes: i only know what i've found in the wild, which is why i'm stuck on porous bronze
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: pretty sure nobody made porous bronze till 1930s
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: yeah, capillary's going to get hit hard as the oil level drops
asciilifeform: !#s oilite
ben_vulpes: myeah, that's pretty much exactly what i'm talking about. hence 'stuck', as not available at the time.
phf: we should hit royal astronomy archives in greenwich, which is going to have exhaustive record of all the chronometer competition submissions
ben_vulpes: btw, this ipv6 character who appeared to get k-lined earlier and just showed up and dropped again ('deepbook5broo') has been appearing in other freenode channels i habituate as well
phf: given the number of whacky proposals, i suspect it could have a handful of chemical once, that failed the engineering part
asciilifeform: wonder if growing fungus was tried.
ben_vulpes: "royal society did it!"
phf: i wonder how many submissions there are "aww, if only you knew this thing that got discovered 15 years after you died, your approach would've worked"
phf: if only you knew that thing greeks knew, but your civilization won't rediscover for another 100 years
asciilifeform: 'whaddayamean you don't know how to work the strong force yet'
phf: in unrelated lulz india has this strong propaganda going on for switching everyone to digital payments. i bought this party line magazine, that's supposed to explain how safe, fast, secure, easy world is going to become after there's no longer any cash
phf: "the advantages of digital money over fiat money"
asciilifeform: догоним и перегоним америку
phf: there's a chapter on how switzerland is 99% cashless, and how that should be a goal in india
phf: next page lists about a dozen of different incompatible solutions ranging from an indian equivalent of viza network to a dozen or so bank specifics "apps" that are all competing for #1 payment solution slot
phf: atms have 10000rs (150$) limit for foreign withdrawals
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