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mats: if only there was another cs calculator on the market
asciilifeform: mats: afaik there never was, before or since.
mats: pencil it in for s.nsa project #88
asciilifeform: there were (and are) abominations where ops like the ones on 16c ~could be~ accessed ten menu keystrokes in
mats: for good luck
asciilifeform: mats: don't expect that it would cost any less than those vintage 16c if i were to make it.
mats: kickstarter it is
asciilifeform: the place where they separate idiots from their money ?
asciilifeform: iirc there was even a calculator-themed one, at some point.
asciilifeform: << found a vendor claiming to sell a clone
assbot: ... ( )
asciilifeform: mats et al ^
mats: I dun see any good android imitations of this concept
asciilifeform: they made them microscoping, for some reason
asciilifeform: *microscopic
asciilifeform: mats: these appear to be actual calculators, not emulated
mats: guess I'll pencil it in at the bottom of my programming projects
asciilifeform: or wai wat
asciilifeform: were they ?!!
asciilifeform: l0k i'm a chump.
asciilifeform: retardedly fake
asciilifeform: they are stickers for pNohe.
phf: i'm actually confused by that site
asciilifeform: or are they?!
asciilifeform also confused
phf: nah, at $200 price <body style="margin: 0px"><img style="-webkit-user-select:none; display:block; margin:auto;" src=""></body>
asciilifeform: ok it appears that they are physical calcs
phf: copy paste fail
asciilifeform: but with removable stick-on keypads to imitate various hp machines.
assbot: Retro Thing: Boutique Swiss Made Calculators ... ( )
mats: >t its heart, this calculator is an emulator of the HP-15C (running on an ARM processor, although a different family from what HP is using in the ARM-based current-production 12C and the 15C Limited Edition), and therefore has largely the same feature set and user interface as a real 15C.
asciilifeform: but i fucking hate chiclet keyboards.
mats: a different review
asciilifeform: hilarious, how 'swiss' now means laughable knockoff crud
wilbns: funkenstein_: maybe m-pesa could utilize the tech for more efficient settlement of transactions. if someone just wants to send money to grandma or someone else in the next town, though, it's a bit of a hassle to suggest bitcoin. unless one party already has it, then they can sent it to bitpesa and they'll deliver it to the m-pesa number. if neither party has
wilbns: it, you're talking about a minimum of 2-3 days to acquire the BTC, pass KYC/AML, etc. probably could have spent 20-30 minutes to just go to an m-pesa teller.
asciilifeform: 'has largely the same feature set and user interface as a real 15C' << ahahahahahaha no.
asciilifeform: i suppose word 'same' now means 'we say it is the same, and you, cattle, will eat it up because fuck you'
funkenstein_: wilbns, the point is - m-pesa guys can issue as many as they want. it's private and counterfeitable
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wilbns: funkenstein_: yes, but most people on the street don't care as long as their money is worth the same today as it is yesterday and they can still go buy a relative equivalent of whatever with it tomorrow.
wilbns: as it was yesterday*
funkenstein_: wilbns, if so, this applies as well in switzerland
trinque: the point here isn't to package bitcoin into some easily inserted suppository for everyone
trinque: to the extent that they comprehend what it does, great, use it
asciilifeform: mats: << right hand side: the real thing. left hand side: the piece of shit
asciilifeform: mats: this may not be obvious from the picture, but the buttons on the actual 16c are legit separate pieces of plastic, with clickers
asciilifeform: on the clone, they are printed on.
asciilifeform: it is not hard to see why this is so.
asciilifeform: it was made, almost certainly, by 'some guy' and injection molding co$$$$$$ts.
mats: lol 18th ID challenge coin for scale
asciilifeform: and 'nobody can tell the difference, right ??!!'
phf: "guys, guys, there's this guy in dc who's going to be real upset"
trinque: !b 4
assbot: Last 4 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
trinque: ^ kakobrekla will fix :p
asciilifeform: actually the comments on one of the earlier links were 'it works but i wish it had keyboard'
mats: s/regiment/ID
mats: I think I'll get one, never considered how useful it would be until now
asciilifeform: mats: the legend i was told re: 'challenge coins' is that they were issued in lieu of the 'last bullet' that americans used to slam on barroom stools in vietnam
asciilifeform: one-upsmanshiping one another by carrying larger and larger rounds, up to antiaircraft cannon shells,
asciilifeform: which would sometimes go off from being slammed and take off a whole hand..
mats: I have heard this, didn't believe it
asciilifeform: not so believable, but beautiful story.
asciilifeform: hard to imagine a more precious possession than 'the last bullet'
mats: I've thrown away every coin I ever got.
mats: only memorabilia I have left are my sapper skill books, MREs, a single uniform set, and a buncha kia bracelets
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asciilifeform: mats: kia bracelet is something like a set of 'dog tags' ?
assbot: Hungary Prime Minister Says Muslims Not Welcome | Al Jazeera America ... ( )
mats: asciilifeform: memorial bracelet, yes
asciilifeform: memorial?
asciilifeform: i thought it was to have your own name on it.
asciilifeform: to be picked up by burial detail
mats: they're different items
mats: but yes that is what tags are for
asciilifeform: everyone knows what tags are for. but bracelet is something else ?
asciilifeform: made with dead friend's name ?
mats: some RC dudes would slip one into a boot and wear the other around their necks
mats: yes
phf: "Adjusting your approach trajectory in the event of catastrophic landing processor failure. p. 23 HP-16c manual"
mats: one in the boot in case ied rendered corpse visually unidentifiable l0l
trinque: cheaper than body armor?
trinque: I guess that doesn't help much with a good IED
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mats: not in the slightest
mats: good ied doesn't kill, anyway, just maims a few dudes
wilbns: mats, you're military?
mats: more expensive to enemy, and now you need four dudes to drag one asshole and all his gear at 2km/hr while in contact
mats: formerly
wilbns: was in new york a while back and at the airport, there were maybe a couple dozen guys, they all look like they just graduated high school. all w/ manila folders in hand, waiting, heading off to boot camp - all making small talk w/ one another. looked like they didn't know each other very well. was imaging how there lives were going to change and wondering if
wilbns: it would be overall positive or negative
mats: spoiler: peacetime mil blows
wilbns: their*
trinque: mats: the concussion is pretty bad too right?
trinque: want to say I watched a docu about that
trinque: lemme rephrase "pretty bad", the concussion is a big part of the internal damage
mats: yes, overpressure fucks you up
pete_dushenski: back from watching 'dumb and dumber'
assbot: What it’s like to be poor. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
pete_dushenski: and with that, time for sleep
pete_dushenski: ad libitum :P
assbot: Nearly 1 million veterans have pending applications for health care at VA — and a third may already be dead - The Washington Post ... ( )
assbot: [X-post /r/syriancivilwar] ATGMs in Syria: Five Months of Missile Strikes Saps Syrian Military Strength : CredibleDefense ... ( )
deedbot-: [Qntra] XT Node Blacklists Fail to Prevent DDoS Attack -
BingoBoingo: ^ thestringpuller
phf: asciilifeform: you know if midnight commander has something like su or sudo vfs?
cazalla: soz thestringpuller, looks to be that BingoBoingo got to it first
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deedbot-: [Qntra] Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Continues Growth Streak -
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mircea_popescu: "While I agree that not everyone is bad, I'll suggest that the number of bad people involved in bitcoin so far exceeds the number of bad people in other organizations that the whole system isn't working. I'm starting to consider whether people were wrong about the "decentralization" issue. Is it possible that decentralization was tried, and it is being proven right now that it simply doesn't work because the system bec
mircea_popescu: omes centralized with evil people?"
mircea_popescu: this is so fucking cute.
mircea_popescu: << "passing aml/kyc" for dealing with money is like passing the astrology test to go to the hospital. yes some unfortunate souls stuck in retarded, abusive communities do that.
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 04:10:21; wilbns: it, you're talking about a minimum of 2-3 days to acquire the BTC, pass KYC/AML, etc. probably could have spent 20-30 minutes to just go to an m-pesa teller.
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assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 04:47:52; mats: more expensive to enemy, and now you need four dudes to drag one asshole and all his gear at 2km/hr while in contact
assbot: Strategy for the antisocial struggle. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( )
mircea_popescu: the way modern warfare works, you don't want planes and regular soldiers. you want missiles and partisans. and you don't aim to kill the enemy, you aim to maim as many as possible and encourage them to keep coming. the situation where US population is up 200mn and US war invalid population is up 50mn is a greater win for isis than the situation where the us population is 0.
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assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 05:48:38; phf: asciilifeform: you know if midnight commander has something like su or sudo vfs?
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assbot: Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia | The Mind Unleashed ... ( )
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mircea_popescu: to everyone's surprise, usg is the main driver of all things the usg "fights against".
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deedbot-: [Trilema] MPEx (S.MPOE) August 2015 Statement -
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asciilifeform writes broadcast
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 05:48:38; phf: asciilifeform: you know if midnight commander has something like su or sudo vfs?
shinohai: I thought mc switched you to a terminal and asked for pass when you input sudo commands.
asciilifeform: mc runs ~in~ a terminal
asciilifeform: where you could have su'd prior
asciilifeform: ergo i see absolutely no reason for it to have a built-in su
assbot: XT Node Blacklists Fail to Prevent DDoS Attack | Qntra ... ( )
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asciilifeform: ;;later tell mircea_popescu you've got mail
gribble: The operation succeeded.
asciilifeform had an interesting dream as he slept. dreamt that he had occasion, for some reason, to call the cops. they came, and instead of registering whatever complaint (something involving cars) began to fill up his house, room by room, until seemingly no more could fit, but continued to pack, pack, until walls began to crack under the sheer pressure of meat
asciilifeform had a tremendous house in this dream, with many spiral staircases, etc
asciilifeform: << ahahahahaha. they aren't 'kicked out' until 1) they haven't the option of returning, while 2) pharma-grade cocaine is sold for five cents on every street corner in santa cruz, and for export by the million tonnes
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 11:00:14; assbot: Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia | The Mind Unleashed ... ( )
asciilifeform: usg is a planetary infestation, 'kicked out' is really a feeble and temporary thing.
asciilifeform: usg 'expellas furca, tamen usque recurret' (tm)
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phf: su/sudo vfs would be handy for copying files between users without having to adjust permissions or escalate to superuser. one pane is user foo, other pane is user bar. doesn't matter if foo's pane is in 700 folder, and if you were to copy, file will be created as belonging to user bar, with his umask applied
funkenstein_: ;;google that's what happens when you call the cops
gribble: Call the Cops - Rob Hustle ft. Bump - YouTube: <>; Anarchast Ep. 148 Rob Hustle: This is What Happens When You ...: <>; This is what happens when you call the cops! - YouTube: <>
funkenstein_: nice article thanks jurov. "I'll take Regulatory Capture for 400 millies, Alex"
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform lol i wouldn't be too worried about it.
mircea_popescu: there's no university free hitman service
mircea_popescu: hearn being around makes me not even miss armandi or taaki all that much.
mircea_popescu: bitcoin gotta have a total lolcow at all times lest it collapses into itself.
BingoBoingo: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: << interesting (requires graphical www browser)
assbot: Hive Plots ... ( )
assbot: Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki · GitHub ... ( )
assbot: Political Influence Data Visualization D3.js ... ( )
assbot: Koalas to the Max dot Com ... ( )
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assbot: Concept map ... ( )
assbot: ... ( )
assbot: XT Node Blacklists Fail to Prevent DDoS Attack | Qntra ... ( )
ben_vulpes: why do we never discuss java?
BingoBoingo: Because Hearn discusses Java
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: discuss, discuss
jurov: some ppl are allergic to it
ben_vulpes: so java has an asym library, does that shell out to gpg as well?
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: i don't know and don't care
ascii_field: i will not keep java on my systems.
ascii_field: and nobody can make me.
ben_vulpes: great, but why?
ben_vulpes: and who's making you keep python and perl on your systems?
ascii_field: because the entire ecosystem of it is a kind of zoo for idiots and their idiocies
ascii_field: make cobol look good
ascii_field: much less perl
funkenstein_: ben_vulpes, which java, which library?
trinque: I personally know I'll never have a clear picture of what the VM and the machine underneath are doing *while* writing a program
trinque: thing's huge
ben_vulpes: "fits in head" is a realistic goal with python, perl and cpp?
funkenstein_: see "bedrock"
trinque: ben_vulpes: nah but they're smaller
ben_vulpes: (or ruby...)
trinque: cpp maybe not so much smaller
BingoBoingo: C can fit in head
trinque: ben_vulpes: and yes this whole thing runs into pragmatism vs pure science, no?
assbot: ¡AHH YAAA! Roban banco en La Castellana y se llevan solo impresoras - ... ( )
trinque: ben_vulpes: python's probably riddled with holes everywhere somebody wrote a shoddy python c module
funkenstein_: I always considered java to be like "C++ for dummies"
trinque: I'd expect Java is also fucked along that border, among other places
ascii_field: i will neither write nor read java. not even for money.
ascii_field: (strictly for weaponized exploitation - might)
trinque: the "native method interface" thing
ben_vulpes wonders what it must be like to feel so strongly about programming languages
ascii_field: actually it is less about languages and more about the people who used them.
ben_vulpes: "i'll cut stainless, but you keep that piece of shit al off my machines"
funkenstein_: the language is the lexicon
ascii_field: the language, in this case, is not just a language but an ecosystem with unavoidable exposure to the work of many previous users
trinque: yeah I do get really scared when say leiningen pulls down five hundred java modules of questionable origin, when I've worked in Clojure in the past
trinque: dependency hell like when you install gnome, and get dildoctl shoved up your ass
trinque: there are probably many packages you could all but guarantee are in the vast majority of java projects
ascii_field: the real question is why should i even consider the matter. because i can't really see why i should not also consider flossing my teeth with barbed wire, if considering java.
ascii_field: they seem like equally meritorious ideas.
ben_vulpes: > dildoctl
ascii_field: >> more like 'keep that caked dog shit with plutonium shavings off my machines'
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 17:36:10; ben_vulpes: "i'll cut stainless, but you keep that piece of shit al off my machines"
ben_vulpes: how is python not barbed wire?
ascii_field: python is just plain piano wire
ben_vulpes: enough with the floppy metaphors!
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: let's get to the matter, if you would like to rewrite 'v' in sed and awk, go ahead. i was not equal to the task.
ascii_field: they are cleaner, more well-defined items than python, yes.
ben_vulpes: the 'dsl' so produced by their use is not in any sense legible, however.
trinque: bash olympics, which somehow reminds me of the BME olympics
ben_vulpes: two 'clean', 'well-defined' items whose use produces code that is illegible.
ascii_field: when i did it, at any rate.
trinque: python's fine; guy needs some tests is all
ascii_field: perhaps ben_vulpes can make it legible.
trinque: and then you could use the tests to rewrite later
trinque: ben_vulpes: I recommended testing!
ascii_field: trinque: no, ben_vulpes has a point, python sux
ascii_field: trinque: but i was unable to find a suitable replacement for this item.
trinque: I am painfully aware of teh suck of python
trinque: two options I see are ball o' bash or CL
ascii_field: perl was the only serious candidate, and if ben_vulpes would like to attempt a cleaner version (!) in it, i'm all ears.
funkenstein_ admits java was mother tongue, still finds himself translating in head from other languages
ascii_field: as for cl, a unix tool with multi-second startup times is not usable here.
trinque: yeah true
trinque: was thinking re: the DSL comment
trinque: I think python is a fair choice given the circumstances
assbot: Logged on 25-04-2015 22:06:38; asciilifeform: to paraphrase mircea_popescu article, if christ saves in java - let me go straight to hell.
ben_vulpes: ascii_field: any changes i'd make would produce higher linecounts.
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: this is fine if you're adding a useful knob
ascii_field: e.g., file histories
ben_vulpes is not convinced that brevity is the be all and end all.
ascii_field: (display changes to particular file)
ascii_field: ben_vulpes: there are two kinds of brevity
ascii_field: one is perl-brevity, a false god
ascii_field: where one measures nonwhitespace characters strictly
ascii_field: the other kind is conceptual mass
ascii_field: which ~is~ the one true objective.
ascii_field: after correctness.
trinque: nothing particularly pisses me off about
trinque: looks like it's formatted like a guy who likes CL might
ascii_field: speaking of, one useful knob would be sexpr output.
trinque: I don't use classes in python if I can avoid it, nor many other parts of the language
ascii_field: another would be graphviz output.
deedbot-: [Qntra] Many Network Appliances Leak Master TLS Private Keys Through "Forward Secrecy" -
ascii_field: ^ this one is actually necessary and if no one else does it, i will. but can't promise ~when~.
trinque: I could hack on that this weekend
trinque: and maybe do some general tidying
trinque: or if ben_vulpes wants to, sounds fine too
ascii_field: ideally, each 'bubble' would be clickable and contain links to download patch and all signatures
ascii_field: (this would be hosted on a wwwtronic thing similar to turdatron, presumably)
ascii_field: 'Cavium has issued a patch and noti-
ascii_field: fied all customers (CVE-2015-5738) that
ascii_field: are using older SDK 2.x Cavium Cryptographic
ascii_field: Software under Linux on older
ascii_field: OCTEON II CN6xxx Hardware with details
ascii_field: of the vulnerability. OCTEON II
ascii_field: running Simple Exec (SE-S) applications
ascii_field: and OCTEON III CN7xxx processors are
ascii_field: not affected.'
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: Run Moar Closed Crypto Turdz
ascii_field: Use Moar American Standardz
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 42800 @ 0.0007257 = 31.06 BTC [+] {3}
ascii_field: 'We observed one rather peculiar factorization of a RSA modulus, involving factor 23. What happened was that the public key in the X.509 certificate was corrupted in some (there was a bit flip, according to the server operator), and equation (1) accidentally revealed the factor 23. The corrupted modulus had other small factors, too, and a large composite factor with an unknown factorization.'
ascii_field: ^ guess who and what isn't cited in this paper, l0l
ascii_field: 'Some servers occasionally or consistently produce ServerKeyExchange messages which contain RSA signatures which are zero. Encoding of the number zero varied. In some cases, zero or one bytes were transmitted. Sometimes the length of the signature matched the size of the RSA modulus. The latter suggests that the server implementation may have omitted the copy of the computed signature. This could happen if RSA-CRT
ascii_field: hardening detects a faulty signature, does not write the result to a caller-provided buffer, returns an error.'
ascii_field: ^ k0000sm1k rayzz !!
thestringpuller: Maybe there is hope yet:
thestringpuller: Bitcoin is good for storing wealth in a deflationary, censorship resistant way. It is not very good for mainstream retail usage (yet).
thestringpuller: Yes, Bitcoin will go up in value just by people holding it. That's how commodities work. I don't see anyone "using" gold.
thestringpuller: i consider myself part of the internet mob
thestringpuller: I could tell as soon as I read the nonsense you post about Blockstream
mats: bitcoin is not deflationary, will never be useful for 'mainstream retail usage', and does not intrinsically 'go up in value just by people holding it'
BingoBoingo: !up ascii_field
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assbot: Pwn2Own loses HP as its sponsor amid new cyberweapon restrictions | Ars Technica ... ( )
shinohai: O.o wow
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assbot: Warplanes: ISIL Adopts Chinese UAVs ... ( )
asciilifeform: !up ascii_field
ascii_field: mats: toy store hardware
mats: its all toy store hardware, man
ascii_field: mats: not that it can't fly a frag. sop in donbass.
mats: my boss was a master instructor for the raven, 'military-grade UAS'
mats: piece of shit would fall out of the sky a quarter to third of the time it was flown
ascii_field: mats: what was nominally 'military' about it, other than the cost ?
mats: what qualifies as 'military'? i don't believe the army operates any uas with arms
ascii_field: i do not know
ascii_field: but mats did say 'military-grade'
jurov: in quotes
ascii_field: one example of 'military' feature would be, say, guidance via laser (or something else the opponent can't jam with $5 of components)
mats: interesting features, i guess, might include repeaters, a gimbaled payload (expensive camera and sensors)
ascii_field: or perhaps a little cup in which to stuff a frag with the spoon out
ascii_field: and a solenoid to squeeze it back out on command
ascii_field: *with the pin out
ascii_field: or, hell, clamps for a 'claymore'
ascii_field: use imagination.
mats: as far as i know the army only operates drones to surveill and recon
mats: afaik usn/usaf programs are the ones that kill people via rc
BingoBoingo: !up ascii_field
assbot: A Hard Look at Hard Power: Assessing the Defense Capabilities of Key U.S. Allies and Security Partners ... ( )
mats: doesnt look good for nato
mats: european nato has a pathetic number of aircraft
mats: from the foreword: 'In short, at a time when the United States needs the most help, the prospects for receiving it, with the exception of a few allies, look more worrisome than at any point since perhaps the immediate aftermath of World War II.' - COL (Ret.) Lovelace
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BingoBoingo: << More evidence that chirality and rotation matter when we search for a new planet
assbot: Another Neurodegenerative Disease Linked To Prion Mechanism | September 7, 2015 Issue - Vol. 93 Issue 35 | Chemical & Engineering News ... ( )
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mats: ;;isup
gribble: is down
mats: ;;isup
gribble: is up
mats: ;;isup
gribble: is up
mats: ;;isup
gribble: is up
shinohai: \o/ now if i only had btc to trade with the mermaids!
mircea_popescu: hey, anyone wanna do a sepa paymenbt for me ? coupla k's.
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mats: coinbr doesn't look up from over here
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10061 @ 0.00072266 = 7.2707 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: hm logs really laggy for some reason
shinohai: same here mats coinbr not loading
kakobrekla: hm works here
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell bingoboingo i must point out qntra is in fact satisfying its job as a news site. I get news thgere.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
shinohai: heh I get "under maintenance" page on my direct ip, and endless load from vpn
trinque: endless load over here re: coinbr
mircea_popescu: curl: (52) Empty reply from server
mircea_popescu: * Closing connection #0
shinohai: !s Andrew Miller scam
assbot: 10 results for 'Andrew Miller scam' :
shinohai: d'oh
mircea_popescu: <ben_vulpes> great, but why? << this is a complex point and would require some more indepth discussion to do it justice. in summary to my eyes it is an early attempt by the microsoft citatel to parlay compatibility problems of early linux into a "here, we've strangled it" usg solution. it failed to work irl, and the failure of java is torvalds' chief merit in this world. using it today is not unlike using ripple. you'r
mircea_popescu: e a ridiculously quaint figure stuck on the long sunk battleships of the past.
mircea_popescu: sorta like being an uk citizen. seriously, in 2015 ? why not be a hittite while you're doing anachronisms.
shinohai: <<< signed up for your coursera course, watched 5 lectures and felt dumber than when I went in.
assbot: MC2 Doctoral Student Spreads His Wealth of Bitcoin Knowledge | UMIACS ... ( )
mircea_popescu: sure, one can pretend that "well, it's a country." if one wants to. but for foreigners, no, it isn't. it was an empire and now it's nothing. not even a hole.
mircea_popescu: t we use ecc ? or pki ? they're "perfectly functional solutions" that "other people" have "come to expect" blablabla.
mircea_popescu: <ascii_field> and nobody can make me. << gotta love republican thought!
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mircea_popescu: !up ascii_modem
ascii_modem: log dead?
mircea_popescu: apparently. is a paste by kako above, i have my own copy too
ascii_modem: above lol
assbot: dpaste: 28MEH3A ... ( )
assbot: #bitcoin-assets log ... ( )
mircea_popescu: "El periodista Daniel Colina informó por medio de su cuenta en la red social Twitter informó que el Banco de Venezuela ubicada en La Castellana fue robado el pasado 10 de agosto en horas de la noche, los maleantes solo se llevaron las impresoras y televisores del lugar."
mircea_popescu: win lmao
mircea_popescu: (robbed bank in venezuela, thieves took printers and tvs)
trinque: log loaded over here
mircea_popescu: loaded here too.
mircea_popescu: them rays are strong today, better do less global warming for bitcoin mining!
ascii_modem: and here.
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trinque: my car was smashed-n-grabbed two nights ago, stole that 4u I picked up and some other computers, guitars, etc
trinque: left all my books!
trinque: that gave me quite a lol
ascii_modem: they took their sweet time, installing that splice...
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem kinda why the venezuela bank story is so lulzy. look at this picture worth 1k words :
ascii_modem: dead link
mircea_popescu: this is how a bank looks in the united states of america now. and in the future.
mircea_popescu: "Sin impresora para trámites agencia del Banco de Venezuela La Castellana tras robo ocurrido hace 8 días."
mircea_popescu: takes 8+ days to replace stolen printers in venezuela, takes 8+ minutes to do a splicing in, etc.
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem for the maybe related tinfoilhat category :
assbot: #Eulora log for Friday, 2015-09-04 ... ( )
mircea_popescu: eulora was also unreachable across teh atlantic apparently.
mircea_popescu: <funkenstein_> the language is the lexicon << this is beyond naive and absolutely never the case.
mircea_popescu: i never ever spoke any russian, with anyone, pre b-a, because no, russian is not "the vocabulary", but principally the set of historical russians. between tolstoy and hruschev not so much to pick.
ascii_modem: sorta what i tried to explain to ben_vulpes
mircea_popescu: and i suspect pretty strongly that the interest in romanian such as it is is because ~I~ speak it, here as well as in my harem and anywhere else genuine interest exists for this particular item in the "crappy language pack".
mircea_popescu: not because it rhymes and aliterates well.
mircea_popescu: in short, without "acest articol are avantajul aliteralitatii alaturi", romanian doesn't even aliterate. at all.
shinohai: trinque: if you are like me, stealing a man's guitar is akin to stealing his woman
ascii_modem: 'ru i will learn only because... it was spoke by lenin'
trinque: shinohai: the acoustic had sentimental value, dad bought it for me.
trinque: but whatever, enjoy crackheads
trinque: wtf are they going to do with a storage server anyway
shinohai: Porque la guitarra me toqua, no al reves
trinque: pawn for 50 bucks?
mircea_popescu: 50 bucks is by now a few day's meth
ascii_modem: usually they steal first, ask questions later
mircea_popescu: "hey, what's that big ipad thing ?" "i dunno man, some older version. worth some scratch fo sho"
trinque: yeah, clearly had a truck/van, smashed back window, grabbed all
trinque: hope the 4u fell on someone, fucker was heavy
trinque: on the plus side, less to unpack later; I wasn't going to bring furniture anyway, so these were mostly toys stolen
ascii_modem: trinque: page the thermite squib!
shinohai: trinque: got serial #'s on that ?
trinque: ahaha, well if they plug anything in... I have my ways
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem if they break into his car and thereby lose a hand in the explosion he's going to jail.
trinque: nothing explosive unfortunately
trinque: mircea_popescu: sad state of affairs
mircea_popescu: one of the most fucktarded things the brits gifted the world.
trinque: be reasonable!
trinque: reasonable's you smash a man's car and that's the end of you
trinque: place in town fixed same day in two hours; I was impressed
mircea_popescu: (but in the original context it made a lot of sense. you really don't want to lose an arm because you innocently wandered into what you thought was a shop. because the patrimonial dispute thereby ensuing can be fixed, but the arm can not be reattached.)
ascii_modem: innocent my arse.
mircea_popescu: at the time this was a lot more likely than today.
mircea_popescu: owing to a population 1/20 as large, kept in check by a deeply patriarchical society.
ascii_modem: usg empowers scum as deliberate policy.
trinque: bum wanders into my lawn; he doesn't necessarily deserve to be shot
trinque: stealing half my posessions seems it oughta come with a price though
mircea_popescu: yes, it does, but this should not corrupt our understanding of history, politics, or legal matters.
ascii_modem: 'wanders' through door and into arse
mircea_popescu: ascii_modem if women had thermite up their ass which blew up every time someone grabbed it, ~I~ wouldn't have any arms.
trinque: eh can't just come out blasting; say the guy's looking for his dumb toddler that wandered onto your porch
trinque: mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: (this event actually happened. splendid ass, /me grabs it, woman turns unamused and asks me what i'm doing, i retort that i'm innocently grabbing your ass, she says don't do that and i say alright.)
mircea_popescu: postcards from a saner world.
trinque: !b 5
assbot: Last 5 lines bashed and pending review. ( )
mircea_popescu: and yes, much like the "don't thermite" thing, this worked fine in a world 1/50 as small and very deeply patriarchical.
mircea_popescu: but in the us of today this is not feasible, for the same reason email spam is a thing
mircea_popescu: poor girl'd have holes through her butt, finger shaped, and collapse out of sheer exhaust of turning and saying "doin't do that" fifty million times.
ascii_modem: note the difference b/w thermiting a stolen box remotely, and minefield
mircea_popescu: ok, different story.
mircea_popescu: as a kid, /me fambly had a neighbour. one day mom's cooking and i'm computing in other room. door was unlocked (most of my life i lived in a world where locks were not really useful). neighbour blasts in, goes past mom, into room, has a wrench, approaches heating element decidedly
ascii_modem: in usa - both jail. but there is a difference.
mircea_popescu: then he turns to me and goes "what the fuck have you done to it ?!?!"
trinque: shinohai: yeah I have pictures of the relevant stickers with all that, but don't give a siht
mircea_popescu: and im lioke what and he's like it's fixed and then is like "oooooh"
trinque: server was 125 or w/e
mircea_popescu: had gone one flight too many in his anger.
trinque: guitar is long gone
trinque: all can be replaced
mircea_popescu: trinque coupla hundred are certainly cheaper than shooting some derp.
shinohai: I'm quite sad for you trinque because a similar situation occurred to me. Losing an instrument to someone that loves music as I do is akin to losing a limb.
trinque: eh I don't cry over that shit
trinque: just commenting on the scum about
trinque: mircea_popescu: indeed
mircea_popescu: shinohai i think unlike most music lovers, he knows he stinks.
trinque: yeah I'm total shit on the guitar
trinque: hehe
shinohai: I am too
trinque: just chords and having fun, is all it was for
mircea_popescu: nothing about womenz and panties in there whatsoever. i'm sure.
trinque: nah never
mircea_popescu: o nm, you did say "fun"
trinque: heh, indeed
shinohai: Music is the ambrosia of the soul and all that. When one is drunk, one rarely cares if it is fine wine or swag.
mircea_popescu: <ascii_field> ^ guess who and what isn't cited in this paper, l0l << omfg that is FUCKING RIDICULOUS.
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 22:09:22; mircea_popescu: ascii_modem if women had thermite up their ass which blew up every time someone grabbed it, ~I~ wouldn't have any arms.
mircea_popescu: <mats> bitcoin is not deflationary, will never be useful for 'mainstream retail usage', and does not intrinsically 'go up in value just by people holding it' << the first point is true in the objective. it is however "relatively deflationary" in the sense that to the rocket, all things seem to be sinking ; 2 is an obscure point of the future but seems likely correct ; 3. is outright false. willingness to hold === value
mircea_popescu: . end of story.
mircea_popescu: jurov sent an email to the ml ~5 mins ago, i don't see it on any idea why ?
assbot: The BTC-dev September 2015 Archive by thread ... ( )
mircea_popescu: <mats> european nato has a pathetic number of aircraft << nato is basically european-wide greece for military issues. specifically this :
assbot: Logged on 02-09-2015 14:16:12; assbot: Logged on 10-12-2014 00:51:50; asciilifeform: mircea_popescu had an article (or perhaps a thread here? but can't seem to find it...) about an archetypical u.s. expat. fellow keeps a pub somewhere in thailand, or cambodia, etc. the locals - drink for free. he fancies that if he begins to run out of dough, he can always start charging. but somehow in the back of his head he knows what will happen to his sorry
mircea_popescu: !up anono
mircea_popescu falls into an alf-style rage over the ml thing.
mircea_popescu: the friability of this thing, whereby i did something, i didn't observe the expected result, and don't know what to do is driving me fucking bonkers.
trinque: I'm still waiting on being able to switch out of "digest" mode
mircea_popescu: to doubleckeck here : email to the address, had a plaintext as 1st attachment and detached sig as 2nd attachment/
mircea_popescu: amirite ?
trinque: and signed message body?
mircea_popescu: no body. wasn't body optional ?
mircea_popescu: !up xinxiwang
xinxiwang: thanks
xinxiwang: the market is calm.
mircea_popescu: aha. who're you ?
xinxiwang: do you still remember
trinque: mircea_popescu: could be; not sure
xinxiwang: did the authentication process change?
mircea_popescu: !s coinut
assbot: 4 results for 'coinut' :
mircea_popescu: the logs remember.
xinxiwang: nice
mircea_popescu: trinque hm it might have been the armored detached sig o.O
xinxiwang: it seems more quiet than before.
mircea_popescu: ok, for the record : sent it with no body, and with a clearsigned body ; the latter with .asc armored signature and with .sig binary signature. still nothing there.
trinque: huh, maybe the ML's just busted
mircea_popescu: the "with clearsigned body and .sig signature" version is exact replica of the single email i successfully sent to date, back in the days of the V patch.
trinque: as far as I recall that's right
trinque: hm, yeah
mircea_popescu: we need something to do this.
mircea_popescu: i estimate currently this sort of thing is 99% why we don't get more work submitted.
trinque: maybe becomes a function of the web page viewer for V ?
trinque: or do you mean replacing mailman with another mail thing that works better
mircea_popescu: i have nfi. all i know atm is this does not in fact work as is
mircea_popescu thinks about it
trinque: myup
trinque departs for now
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asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: here's how i do it: 1) clearsigned (asciiarmoured) body. 2) attachment 3) signature (asciiarmoured, detached) of attachment, having the filename for every
asciilifeform: body can also consist of attachment, in the form: 1st attach: body.txt (clearsigned text)
asciilifeform: in fact, if i do it any other way, it dies
asciilifeform: <trinque> maybe becomes a function of the web page viewer for V ? << i am writing one.
asciilifeform: about half done, at this moment.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: and it dun work with binary signature for anything.
asciilifeform: gotta use armoured.
cazalla: #3 or #4 design change for dat bitcoin phoundation
assbot: Bitcoin Foundation | Supporting Education, Adoption and Development in Bitcoin ... ( )
cazalla: they never seem to forget the inclusion of token african kid with mobile
kakobrekla: >We are migrating the website to a new and improved and more dynamic site. Please excuse any broken links or choppy pages as we work!
kakobrekla: on that very page.
kakobrekla: so get ready for #5
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: << good example of how to use turdatron. click on the links to see each of the three attachments verbatim.
assbot: [BTC-dev] Rotor! ... ( )
kakobrekla: like buttstamp "we just got hacked, we dont know where hour heads are so we refreshed our webpage while you wait."
asciilifeform: ftr i happen to think that the turdatron is an abomination, but presently i have no idea what could be used instead. in fact, iirc i was the one to suggest the current scheme.
asciilifeform: one possible variant would be to permit l1 folks to deedbot arbitrary detached signatures, and then accept via mail any document that matches the signature (one per, or we get dosed)
pete_dushenski: << lulzy example of israeli tech leading the way
assbot: Amid Migrant Crisis, Europeans Interested in Israeli Border Barriers - World - Haaretz ... ( )
assbot: What it’s like to be poor. | Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski ... ( )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform aha thanks. gonna try redoing this for the 7th or so time
mircea_popescu: gonna cc you too.
mircea_popescu: clearsigned, armored body ; attachment 1, text. attachment 1 detached signature, armored in ; nothing whatsoever out. god damned it...
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13800 @ 0.00072967 = 10.0694 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: <kakobrekla> >We are migrating the website to a new and improved and more dynamic site. Please excuse any broken links or choppy pages as we work! <<< one wonders wtf the progre thinks progress actually is. "new improved more dynamic" = "broken". so whydja want it ?
pete_dushenski: "Deniss Calovskis, 30, pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to conspiring to commit computer intrusion, admitting that he had been hired to write some of the computer code that made the so-called Gozi virus so effective."
pete_dushenski: "Under a plea agreement, Calovskis, who has been in U.S. custody since his extradition, agreed not to appeal any sentence of two years in prison or less." << bizarro condition for a plea bargain
mircea_popescu: notrly ?
pete_dushenski: so why not sentence him to 2 years minus a day ?
mircea_popescu: about as unenforceable in a sane justice system as "employee agrees not to sue employer for any reason" employment contracts in california, but hey.
shinohai: <<< Likely the same ppl that bitch about mpex having that 90's coded website when it works perfectly fine *for what it was designed to do*
assbot: Logged on 05-09-2015 00:45:55; mircea_popescu: <kakobrekla> >We are migrating the website to a new and improved and more dynamic site. Please excuse any broken links or choppy pages as we work! <<< one wonders wtf the progre thinks progress actually is. "new improved more dynamic" = "broken". so whydja want it ?
pete_dushenski: which, incidentally, ties into mp's observation about smartphones being 'tvs in everyone's arse'
pete_dushenski: web 2.0 (non-3d) is broken for usability, but functional for fucking around
pete_dushenski: as supported by today's discovery that it's damn-near impossible to find out what 'technologies' and 'features' a pampers diaper has :
assbot: Diapers, Baby Care, and Parenting Information at ... ( )
pete_dushenski: their whole fukcing website is dumbass mom's giving their 'reviews' of products and idjit gizmodo rejects writing 'how-tos' and 'top 5s'
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35211 @ 0.00072967 = 25.6924 BTC [-]
pete_dushenski: why learn anything or do anything when you can just dick around until the cows come home ?
shinohai: Truth.
pete_dushenski: of course, behind the scenes, is proctor and gamble, which is to say, that senile old limp-dick from omaha
pete_dushenski: 'just giving the people what they want'
shinohai: People don't know "what they want"
pete_dushenski: the united states of television : a channel for every star on the flag
shinohai: times eleventeen
pete_dushenski: shinohai: they want to 'feel heard'
pete_dushenski: so that's exactly what they get
shinohai: Glad others find the meaning of life with such simplicity.
pete_dushenski: they're not actually heard, of course, no functional system could handle that much noise, but they are lent a convincing simulacrum of importance
pete_dushenski: shinohai: remember, these 'others' aren't people in the sense that we are
shinohai: I find it rther liberating to know I don't matter and no one gives a shit what I say.
pete_dushenski: do you desire to matter ?
cazalla: <<< i didn't realise how pervasive the tidal shit from mummy bloggers were until i began looking up baby related things online
assbot: Logged on 05-09-2015 00:53:44; pete_dushenski: their whole fukcing website is dumbass mom's giving their 'reviews' of products and idjit gizmodo rejects writing 'how-tos' and 'top 5s'
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 30700 @ 0.00073425 = 22.5415 BTC [+]
pete_dushenski: cazalla: pretty offensive eh ?
cazalla: well, not really, gave me the idea to do.. daddy blogging lol
pete_dushenski: << the future of voice recognition software. "oh, we don't need keyboards, we just need next-gen ai so we can mommy blog while we're changing diapers."
assbot: New voice transcription feature in Google Docs censors (some!) swearwords – Strong Language ... ( )
shinohai: Nearly everyone *wants* to matter in some way, pete_dushenski. I'm not sure I want to matter in the preconceived notions that American culture *wants* you to matter in.
pete_dushenski: cazalla: i'd read it
shinohai: I was told I didn't need my physical keyboard either, only a touchscreen. yeah.
pete_dushenski: shinohai: leaving aside 'normal american' notions, how do ~you~ want to matter ? if you don't mind the inquiry
cazalla: pete_dushenski, they're a dime a dozen so i never pursued it further than regging a domain name
cazalla: in other news, should be a bumper crop of broad beans in 6-8 weeks
pete_dushenski: cazalla: terrible logic and you know it. there's dozens of 'tech/poli/bitcoin newz sites'. none are qntra.
cazalla: pete_dushenski, ok, i'm lazy :)
cazalla: or busy!
pete_dushenski: better !
shinohai: I don't mind the inquiry, sometimes I think perhaps I am too uneducated to even know the answer to that lol/
pete_dushenski: cazalla: solid lookin' plants btw
cazalla: pete_dushenski, can't say the same for the brussel sprouts, aphids made a meal of them all
pete_dushenski: shinohai: well no one's born knowing these things, but there are worse places to learn about the world and yourself than b-a
pete_dushenski: like, everywhere else :P
shinohai: That's why I'm here, so at least I may glean some knowledge in my lifetime.
trinque: asciilifeform | <trinque> maybe becomes a function of the web page viewer for V ? << i am writing one. << cool!
trinque: asciilifeform: deeding detached sigs seems a decent feature in any case
funkenstein_: <-- Aha, thank you. Apparently I had no clue what "lexicon" actually means.
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 21:58:42; mircea_popescu: <funkenstein_> the language is the lexicon << this is beyond naive and absolutely never the case.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i got it, but ml didn't...
asciilifeform: sig verifies..
asciilifeform: or not!
asciilifeform: neither sig verifies.
asciilifeform: $ gpg --verify florianweimer.txt.asc
asciilifeform: gpg: Signature made Fri Sep 4 18:26:16 2015 EDT using RSA key ID 2FB7B452
asciilifeform: gpg: BAD signature from "Mircea Popescu (Acest articol are apriori avantajul aliteralitatii alaturi.) <>"
asciilifeform: $ gpg --verify florianweimer-general.asc
asciilifeform: gpg: Signature made Fri Sep 4 19:06:50 2015 EDT using RSA key ID 2FB7B452
asciilifeform: gpg: BAD signature from "Mircea Popescu (Acest articol are apriori avantajul aliteralitatii alaturi.) <>"
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: and i think he was talking about an ssl turd, rather than anything from phuctor ?
asciilifeform: my observation was that he neglected to mention what was meant by 'accidental factors of a corrupted public key', and the most prominent prior art.
pete_dushenski: the craftiest spam commenters i've yet seen are all pointing to this guy :
assbot: Handy Orten - Genaue Handyortung von Leuten ... ( )
pete_dushenski: strange.
pete_dushenski: all comments use different proper names (no xxxtina), different ip addresses, different url-shorteners (!), but all use same gmail addy
pete_dushenski: and the comments themselves are exceedingly close to being relevant and don't contain a single outbound link
pete_dushenski: i'm actually kinda impressed.
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 83009 @ 0.00072221 = 59.9499 BTC [-] {4}
funkenstein_: <-- I just see more evidence Pythagoras was right
assbot: Logged on 04-09-2015 20:19:44; BingoBoingo: << More evidence that chirality and rotation matter when we search for a new planet
ben_vulpes: trinque: i'll bang on it with you
ben_vulpes: craft a patch
assbot: NNSA an Iranian Target? ... ( )
ben_vulpes: saturday?
trinque: ben_vulpes: sounds great
ben_vulpes: groovy. am?
trinque: ben_vulpes: nah had a rough week; sleeping in
trinque: see logs re: stolen property
ben_vulpes: boo, okay. ring me when you're up.
mircea_popescu: ah what the fuck.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform so i suppose the ATTACHEMENTS get mangled now ?
assbot: dpaste: 1FHAYQK ... ( )
punkman: mircea_popescu: what mail client did you use btw?
mircea_popescu: <cazalla> i didn't realise how pervasive the tidal shit from mummy bloggers were until i began looking up baby related things online << this ironically is the first, and to date the most ample use of language. stupid women spreading their stupid whatever it is while pregnant and nursing.
mircea_popescu: and, much like insane notions of agency as defined legally ("guy spreading his legs is DOING something ; gal eating herself into a bus size is not specifically doing anything"), the quantitative approach favours female dumb.
mircea_popescu: "oh, my blog got 5989546 comments"
mircea_popescu: "yeah, from 10k idiots just like you"
mircea_popescu: squirrelmail
mircea_popescu: punkman ^
punkman: squirrelmail ate the last newline in one of my files
mircea_popescu: yup, the verify fails if i download the attachments
mircea_popescu: but works on the files as they are.
punkman: or maybe something wrapped a line wider than 80 chars
mircea_popescu: at this point, i find myself persuaded that email is the wrong thing, knuth was right, it should have died long ago.
mircea_popescu: punkman these are attachments. should go through untouched in ANY manner.
punkman: html form would have worked so much better for turdatron
asciilifeform: punkman: i am making this.
asciilifeform: punkman: because i, too, grew tired.
punkman: cool
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform and make it take armored encrypted msgs only ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: that'd mean having keys on the serv end
asciilifeform: something i like to avoid if it can be avoided.
trinque: asciilifeform: jurov gave me a script to sync a gpg keychain with assbot's list
punkman: why encrypt
trinque: could snag it for you
asciilifeform does not regard boxes he doesn't personally keep behind a locked door with cameras etc. as cryptoworthy
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform more for message integrity than anything
asciilifeform: can armour plaintext, y'know
asciilifeform: aka uuencode.
asciilifeform: i was just gonna have the thing eat tars.
asciilifeform: (no gz, it is an attack vector)
asciilifeform: inside tar, payload & sigs as before.
mircea_popescu: in today's lulz : it turns out that bitcoin-qt interface, if presented with a malformed value such as 1,275 btc instead of the 1.275 notation,
mircea_popescu: will choose to interpret it as... 1275.
asciilifeform: glorious
mircea_popescu: this is in my mind the new high point of "bitcoin core" power ranger retardation
asciilifeform: but this is correct american notation.
mircea_popescu: not the fact they kept the wallets around unencrypted for 4 years.
asciilifeform: actual knob in qt!
mircea_popescu: gee, i guess all this preoccupation with kids in africa must be pretty fucking novel. they didn't give a shit about africa throughout.
asciilifeform: (american traditional floating point is the comma, e.g., a thousand and one nights, 1,001)
asciilifeform: so 1,275 is 1275 in the land of mordor.
mircea_popescu: residents of northern tenochtitlan need to get over the idea that the "united states of america" matters
asciilifeform: whereas pi is 3.14159...
asciilifeform: (in the south, 3!!)
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: all sv gasbags use the same 'clip art' with starving africans holding iPnohes - i could've toldya that
mircea_popescu: buncha ignorant racist twerps
mircea_popescu is disgusted
trinque: << note will happily delete your whole keychain of pubkeys assbot dun like
assbot: dpaste: 2BSFFV8 ... ( )
trinque: script courtesy of jurov
asciilifeform wonders how many folks verified that the key on file is actually the one they expect
asciilifeform: rather than a cosmic-rayed superset
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 33100 @ 0.00072154 = 23.883 BTC [-] {3}
mircea_popescu: on what file ?
trinque: in my case a deedbot- user would notice the rejected: 1 and complain to me
trinque: so not that worried
asciilifeform: trinque: understand, if it includes your actual subkeys, it can go unnoticed
asciilifeform: (for some purposes anyway)
trinque: most damage it could do is fart out 0.0002 per hour til I wake up :P
trinque: but yeah could happen I guess
trinque: asciilifeform: however, much more relevant to bitcoind dev
mircea_popescu: yep, just tested this. squirrelmail mangles sent attachments. for crying out loud.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i vagualy recall an old thread where someone identified a misconfiguration which leads to this.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i have squirrelmail on my end, and it does not mangle attachments.
mircea_popescu: i have no fucking idea what this is, diff fails over ity
mircea_popescu: (returns entire identical file as "changed")
asciilifeform: (even 'gmail' ferfuxxsake doesn't!)
punkman: I didn't find anything in squirrelmail configuration
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: hexdump -C foo1 > foo1.hex; hexdump -C foo2 > foo2.hex; diff foo1.hex foo2.hex
punkman: entire file as changed must be newlines
trinque: kinda hilarious how everything in OSS starts breaking the moment you have hard requirements
mircea_popescu: this is incredible. . becomes ..
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: actual . ?
mircea_popescu: 0a becomes 0d 0a
mircea_popescu: motherfucker.
pete_dushenski: did xerox make squirrelmail ?
trinque: haaa
mircea_popescu: who the fuck told you .txt is ok to fuck up omfg
mircea_popescu: JESUS CHRIST.
asciilifeform: now mircea_popescu gets to froth like i did, lol
mircea_popescu: the who the fuck line is caps and me holding shift at the same time. consider it double screaming.
mircea_popescu: it's not even jurov's fault in any sense
asciilifeform: control-alt-shift-meta-hyper-modelock aha
mircea_popescu: COMPUTING SUCKS
pete_dushenski can hear the sweet sounds of keyboards being smashed in a furious rage all the way from arg.
mircea_popescu: and i hold florian w in no small part responsible.
mircea_popescu: to answer your earlier obsevation : i want to be friends with thios schmuck like i want to be friends with dea agent.
mircea_popescu: he wants to be tolerated, better brownnose like his life depends on it.
mircea_popescu: fairness is for peers not for the canaille.
asciilifeform: the one thing that i don't get is why mr schmuck is blowing a usgtron open
asciilifeform: (presumably to distract from the ones still whole ?)
mircea_popescu: you know what "burn" is righty ?
mircea_popescu: once "the terorrists" get them, they're to be publicised.
asciilifeform: where i'm from we call it, approx., 'flushing'
asciilifeform: but same idea.
mircea_popescu: $ gpg --verify florianweimer.fuckeveryonewhowaseverinvolvedincomputersyouarethereasonthingsuckihopeyougetcanceranddie.asc florianweimer.fuckeveryonewhowaseverinvolvedincomputersyouarethereasonthingsuckihopeyougetcanceranddie
mircea_popescu: gpg: Signature made Fri 04 Sep 2015 11:22:04 PM ART using RSA key ID 2FB7B452
mircea_popescu: gpg: Good signature from "Mircea Popescu (Acest articol are apriori
mircea_popescu: and it STILL won't make it to ml.
mircea_popescu: but at least now it doesn't change /n to /r/n anymore
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: what of the message body ?
mircea_popescu: it's an asc
asciilifeform: it, too, was mutilated earlier.
mircea_popescu: oh was it !? .asc ?!
mircea_popescu no loinger has the energy.
mircea_popescu: i will not be using the mailing list system in the future.
mircea_popescu: three hours was my total budged interacting with it for this entire year.
punkman: (maybe wrong order, first attachment must be clearsigned)
mircea_popescu: FIRST ?!
mircea_popescu: ah, yes, it is.
mircea_popescu: anyway, fuck it.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: it was all the more frustrating to me because 1) i suggested it 2) couldn't think of any genuine improvement
mircea_popescu: fucking detached sigs.
mircea_popescu: that's where the night came in. when i allowed the use of detached sigs.
mircea_popescu: never a fucking gain.
mircea_popescu: clearsign documents - one file. encrypted documents - one file. that's it.
asciilifeform: how the fuck is more than one person supposed to sign something without detached sigs ?
mircea_popescu: under no circumstances may one item be two files and fuck everything.
asciilifeform: and how the fuck is a sig to be attached to a binary ?
mircea_popescu: god im pissed off
asciilifeform: it isn't one item !
asciilifeform: it is two.
asciilifeform: sig. and payload.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform and now HOW THE FUCK IS THE PAYLOAD A THING
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 30950 @ 0.00073333 = 22.6966 BTC [+] {3}
asciilifeform: it is the thing that was signed.
mircea_popescu: that's why it's one thing. so they protect each other.
mircea_popescu: "the thing that was signed" can not stand on iuts own.
mircea_popescu: this idea is broken.
asciilifeform: no, but the signature - can.
mircea_popescu: at this point in life & time when i am stuck sending an item purporting to be "a payload" on its own, i've already lost.
asciilifeform: trivially, it is impossible to have a thing like what i am making now, where the sig is not uploaded first
asciilifeform: because otherwise, enemy can upload a petabyte of garbage, and the sig is not seen until later
asciilifeform: (the later never comes, we have ran out of universe)
mircea_popescu: and then any reandom schmuck comes around and herp derp, s/x/y/ because hey, i read it in a coimputing cookbook once
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: 'v' elementarily cannot work with 1) gpg 2) non-detached sigs.
asciilifeform: that's pretty much it.
asciilifeform: can't have 1+2.
mircea_popescu: so what do i do ?
mircea_popescu: you tell me, what the fuck am i supposed to do. i got this thing here, i want it to be so and so. what now.
asciilifeform: two variants 1) wait till i'm done writing the wwwtronic upload box thing (could be tomorrow night, i'm spending the morning pulling cable)
mircea_popescu: since this was part of an email, my choices are fix it now or forget about it.
mircea_popescu: not to disparage your thing, but it doesn't help me.
mircea_popescu: i was detrimentally relying on our already having shit that works.
asciilifeform: somebody ~had~ this problem
asciilifeform digs in log
mircea_popescu: you had this problem, almost ot the letter, and i confess i thought you were being unreasonable.
mircea_popescu: but honestly, if my choice is between this and nuclear winter im picking nuclear winter right now and everyone can just get a free tan.
asciilifeform: can't find it in log, but iirc this was solved by voodooistically adding a guaranteed trailing newline to all ascii.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9800 @ 0.00073055 = 7.1594 BTC [-]
assbot: Logged on 13-11-2014 22:30:54; jurov: EATS THE TRAILING NEWLINE
mircea_popescu: this is not the trailing.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: btw note that your clearsigned ~and~ detach-signed texts are getting mutilated alike.
punkman: maybe clearsinged got column wrapped?
asciilifeform: prolly because your squirrelmail install treats the attachments as mime/txt or whatnot and decides 'eligible for genitalmutilation!!'
pete_dushenski: damn jooz ruining email now too
mircea_popescu tries roundcube
mircea_popescu gags at the atrocious "dynamic" page
mircea_popescu tries horde
mircea_popescu: not any better.
asciilifeform: ferfuxxsake
asciilifeform did not until now know that there was any other roundcube
mircea_popescu: anyway. email does not belong in civilised society and that's what it is.
mircea_popescu: i will proceed to phase it out altogether.
mircea_popescu: dpaste and irc and fuck you.
assbot: Logged on 29-10-2014 01:26:08; asciilifeform: and folks ask me wtf i mean when i say 'we don't have computers yet'
asciilifeform: about this very same thing.
assbot: Logged on 29-10-2014 01:33:12; mircea_popescu: jurov yeah srsly, maybe only accept base64'd emails ?
mircea_popescu: what i had in mind with the "accept encrypted only" thing
asciilifeform: and instead of mircea_popescu, it was me -ing
assbot: Logged on 29-10-2014 02:05:46; asciilifeform: what, i gotta debug 'squirrelmail' now ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform did you actually find a fix ?
assbot: Logged on 29-10-2014 01:32:22; asciilifeform: possibly these will have to travel armoured and rsa'd to turdatron's pubkey
asciilifeform: somehow i fixed my squirrel!
asciilifeform: but how/???
mircea_popescu: i do not wish to use it anymore.
asciilifeform: does mircea_popescu have any idea how long i have wished not to use it !
mircea_popescu: the difference being that the limits to my activit yare my own discretion.
asciilifeform: tbh i was a little surprised that suddenly mircea_popescu was bothering to use turdatron
asciilifeform: too much yoga (in the soviet cartoon 'single nail, start small' sense) in it, for folks not accustomed to this yoga
mircea_popescu: believe it or not i never ran into it before.
assbot: [BTC-dev] bitcoin-src-21may2012.tar.gz ... ( )
mircea_popescu: that one worked!
mircea_popescu: same exact system
mircea_popescu: copiued everything exactly like i did there
asciilifeform: so what gives.
mircea_popescu: by now i sent 12+ emails trying combos like an idiot
mircea_popescu: da fuck do i know. i'm the user!
asciilifeform: almost wondering if it gets mangled en route.
asciilifeform: email really has lived its proper life ten times.
punkman: if you regularly email signed things, gotta wonder how many arrive mutilated and are never checked
asciilifeform: mix the cement.
mircea_popescu: well no cause i can see the sigs no longer verify/stuff was mangled if download the attachments.
mircea_popescu: hory shit
mircea_popescu: mkay. so the important rule being : never use any sane file extension.
asciilifeform: so it ~was~ mime ?
mircea_popescu: go for g58a2 or w/e, 5 character items. no .txt ; no .asc ; no anything
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it was the fucking extension.
asciilifeform: triggers the mutilatron aha
asciilifeform: otherwise my tar.gz-en would have been mangled
assbot: [BTC-dev] No you didn't "we observed". Please quote your sources. ... ( )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform so muchg fopr the ~actual~ intended usecase, where idiot can be emailed with the ml cc'd.
asciilifeform: and best filename ever.
mircea_popescu: stupid fucking shit.
mircea_popescu: the only way to extract function out of the kicking-and-screaming pile of "human cultural & civilisational heritage" is to use things it doesn't know yet. unknown file extensions. unknown protocols. what have you.
mircea_popescu: a sterner indictment of humanity as a species could scarcely be devised.
mircea_popescu: "only good places are where people generally aren't"
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: it is very reminiscent of the pesticide business
asciilifeform: or antibiotic, in particular
asciilifeform: gotta use unexpected weapon.
asciilifeform: or the vermin just get fatter
asciilifeform: the old bugspray, it just gets them roaches high.
mircea_popescu: this is the reason early us was so great : it correctly identified the natives as the scum that they are, by virtue of being people, and massacred them wholesale.
asciilifeform: <mircea_popescu> "only good places are where people generally aren't" << ergo naggum's 'herd hither, me thither'
mircea_popescu: was good for almost a whole century.
asciilifeform: or uncle al's 'war was invented by folks living downstream of herds'
mircea_popescu: fuck love ; genocide now!
mircea_popescu: there, that's my haiku for the day.
asciilifeform: or my 'give thermonukes a chance'
punkman: "Is that a virus? Who cares. Run it. Let the Russian botmaster watch you dress through your webcam. Make sure your underwear matches. Lenovo."
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