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thestringpuller: dub that album RUUUUUULES
Diablo-D3: dub: why, because you refuse to do what you're supposed to?
thestringpuller: best daft punk album yet
thestringpuller: play less wub wub
thestringpuller: more dub dub dub
thestringpuller: 808's kickin
thestringpuller: kenwoond up high
dub: lets sample the same guitar riff and use it in every track!
Diablo-D3: the best track is giorgio
dub: it took like 8 years to make an album of the same song over and over
dub: and shitheels will lap it up like a bunch of apple users
Diablo-D3: dub: no, that'd be tron legacy ;)
KRS1: I'M THE TR-808
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zacm: buttercoin ftw
mircea_popescu: nice job with the stats kakobrekla
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mircea_popescu: Jere_Jones it's mostly a mix of noobs and idiots tbh.
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ozbot: [OFFICIAL] mcxNOW Final Investment Round. 6700BTC already invested
bidji: mcxNOW IPO is now open to the public
mircea_popescu: so go to -otc
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KRS1: Hello.
zacm: mcxnow free feeshares/
KRS1: last i heard that exchange was scamming people
kleeck: KRS1, I get the feeling that you heard that in this channel, with no proof to back the claim. Just a hunch. ;)
zacm: lol
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KRS1: kleeck: its been said for quite a while now
KRS1: 6 mo or more maybe
kleeck: And has anyone given examples and proof?
zacm: activemining should hire that exchange's programmers to handle the trading of shares
KRS1: read what I said: "last I heard"
kleeck: The only thing I've heard is, "It's a ponzi"
kleeck: But when I looked into it, it wasn't.
KRS1: i didnt look into it
KRS1: I have witnessed several altcoin pumps go through that exchange
zacm: btc-e doesn't have any pumps
zacm: i hear everyone in the trollbox has a phd too
skinnkavaj: I bet pankkake is invested in ActM
zacm: actm would be decent if it wasn't involved with bitfondler
skinnkavaj: Doubled by litecoin holdings yesterday pankkake
zacm: no way
zacm: impossible
zacm: how?!
skinnkavaj: You know the Litecoin securities exchange
kleeck: .d
ozbot: 390928787.63809 | Next Diff in 849 blocks | Estimated Change: 27.1316% in 4d 6h 52m 50s
pankkake: activemining has more problems than that, right from the start
zacm: litecoininvest is new ?
skinnkavaj: LTC/USD going up in value from 1st of Nov as predicted.
zacm: litey is an amazing altcoin
zacm: i won't touch the worldcoin but i like litey
skinnkavaj: Who would touch any other altcoin other than BTC/LTC
skinnkavaj: The third coin in the BTC/LTC family
skinnkavaj: Is not yet decided
zacm: probably xpm
zacm: even though it sucks with it's unlimitedness
pankkake: the real issue is that it is very cheap to 51% attack
kakobrekla: i wonder why noone foreked it yet
kakobrekla: with a limited coin supply
kakobrekla: forked*
pankkake: meh. if you look at what happened to ppcoin, it's now below bitcoin's inflation, or close
kakobrekla: i wasnt following ppcoin
kakobrekla: what happend there
pankkake: it's the same reward system: the reward goes down when difficulty goes up
pankkake: well, now that I think of it, we're not going to see primecoin asics
pankkake: so the inflation is going to be high for a long time
pankkake: actually, I think its price is high because noobs aren't able to mine it
zacm: xpm would be way better with a cap
zacm: lol nice
zacm: doesn't the world bank need spying
kleeck: Should Obama be the one leading that charge?
zacm: it will be his greatest legacy yet!
jurov: kleeck you were *born* into a comedy
kleeck: Truly.
kleeck: I think I'm in the wrong country.
jurov: there's no right country
kleeck: But the grass is always greener, right?
pankkake: I don't think there is a right one. maybe somalia
kleeck: lol
kleeck: Yarrr!
kleeck: I think there are better.
kleeck: For my mentality/political persuasion.
kleeck: Maybe Switzerland.
pankkake: indeed, switzerland is great. moreover, many things are local there (like taxes)
pankkake: well in the USA too
pankkake: > Bear minimum funding requirements
pankkake: > Bear
kakobrekla: whats the Bull minimum?
pankkake: I am imagining an angry bear you have to calm with bitcoins
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skinnkavaj: pankkake: Invest in LTC ASICS bro you never know when you need a pair of boots
pankkake: old joke is old
pankkake: they sell silver but not gold, that currency is useless!
skinnkavaj: Troll combat specialist XD
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Namworld: Wasn't burnside going to close completly on the 1st ._.
pankkake: "Approximately October 31"
pankkake: though he said after that he planned to give back as much balances as possible, might be the reason it's still up
Namworld: Well he should have addresses. For most people anyway
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nubbins`: beer shits
zacm: is bitfondler better? the fact that a letter was sent by sec and kept secret from people implies no
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truffles: but everyone keeps secrets
nubbins`: dark, terrible secrets
Namworld: There was a letter?
truffles: darker the better rite
pankkake: I wouldn't trust bitfunder with anything, regardless of the SEC
Namworld: Well I'm looking to borrow BTC in slices of 25 BTC. Anyone interested? I have a longstanding history as a borrower.
truffles: that doesnt sound good
truffles: "longstanding history as a borrower"
truffles: in finance thats all that matters nm
truffles: pizza or chinese food tough call
Namworld: Pizza
abracadabra: mexican
Namworld: Indian
truffles: im not trying to get fat
abracadabra: then eat rice cakes
truffles: same comment lol
truffles: doesnt it make u binge
zacm: Namworld: yeah Ken from ActiveMining mentioned a letter to bitfunder from SEC a few days ago. probably just the tip of the iceberg lol. wonder what all the ids being requested will be used for later.
Namworld: Oh... but from what I read, it seems SEC was requesting info specifically about Ken
Namworld: Although they might be asking about other issuers too
truffles: its never just 1
truffles: gl with that guys
truffles: pizza sounds good
nubbins`: tastes good too
truffles: make own or buy?
nubbins`: make yr own
nubbins`: flatbread crust, bbq sauce, chicken, red onion, bacon, fresh mushrooms, cheddar
truffles: mushrooms gross
nubbins`: grow up
truffles: im turning 36 soon sure
topace: "mushrooms gross" from the guys who's name is "truffles"
topace: lol
nubbins`: time to start eating your mushrooms!
nubbins`: topace, who knows, maybe he owns pigs
truffles: mushrooms are in truffles?
nubbins`: still fungus tho
truffles: some1 gifted me some delicious truffles from the uk
Namworld: A truffle is a mushroom considered a delicacy. Nothing to do with a chocolate truffle tho. Although some chocolate truffles contain truffle liquor.
truffles: forgot to save the box : (
topace: funny you dont even know what your own name means
nubbins`: truffles look rotten, i'd be curious to try one
truffles: theyre not all yum
truffles: topace truffles could mean many things though
ThickAsThieves: i havent had a truffle but ive had truffle oil and truffle salt
ThickAsThieves: a lot like garlic
ThickAsThieves: white truffle at least
truffles: white anything is usually subpar
nubbins`: yeah, i watched a cooking show once where they had to make a dish with truffles
ThickAsThieves: white tea is higher in caffeine
nubbins`: all these top chefs were losing their minds that they were being given the honor of cooking like 2 whole truffles
nubbins`: white power is higher in genetic defects
truffles: powder?
nubbins`: power
truffles: we're all human
truffles: well maybe not all of us
nubbins`: that may be a friedcat tattoo on his temple
truffles: 68? looks like a paint job gone bad
Namworld: [10:06] <truffles> white anything is usually subpar
Namworld: Well not with truffles
truffles: if u think so
truffles: i just dont like white chocolate
Namworld: I thought you were answering to TaT which mentioned the other kind of truffles
nubbins`: white light is pretty swell, too
nubbins`: nice and balanced
truffles: balanced..
nubbins`: yes, all 3 primary colors in equal amounts
truffles: the more u know
ThickAsThieves: white chocolate isnt even chocolate
ThickAsThieves: white light is not 3 colors
ThickAsThieves: it's all colors
truffles: there is so much to read on this
truffles: so im gonna defer to those in the know
nubbins`: YES! purolator just showed up with a ton of paper for me
nubbins`: tat, you got me on a technicality
nubbins`: worth noting that every color in a rainbow is some combination of the 3 primaries ;)
truffles: "White is the blending of all colors"
ThickAsThieves: not quite true
truffles: so im gonna end with that
ThickAsThieves: the every color being 3 primaries
nubbins`: every color that humans can see
ThickAsThieves: you can use 3 colors to make many colors
ThickAsThieves: doesnt even have to be primary colors
ThickAsThieves: RGB for example
nubbins`: green being a mix of two primaries, yellow and blue
ThickAsThieves: but you cant make every color with only 3 colors, it now depends on how you define "color"
truffles: nubbins` get ur facts right so i can memorize it properly!
ThickAsThieves: any limitation of color will create a gamut
ThickAsThieves: and now luminosity comes into play
nubbins`: and if you don't limit it, you've got the full EM spectrum
truffles: is black a color?
nubbins`: but i don't think anyone is going to call gamma rays a color
ThickAsThieves: black is abesence of color
nubbins`: so, as humans, we put sensible limits on things
ThickAsThieves: although most things arent truly black
ThickAsThieves: other than a black hole
truffles: haha
ThickAsThieves: black would not reflect any light
ThickAsThieves: but you can still see black clothes
ThickAsThieves: so they arent really black black
truffles: absence of light they said
nubbins`: blackesque
truffles: so if we can run with this theory here
nubbins`: anyway, you're correct in that there are plenty of colors that can't be replicated with the 3 primaries
nubbins`: like neons
nubbins`: fluorescents
truffles: black was the original then came the white and other combinations
ThickAsThieves: yeah this is a tricky concept for people when comparing colors on their monitor to prints
ThickAsThieves: most dont understand how luminosity affects color
ThickAsThieves: if a color is illuminated, it is not gonna print emitting light
ThickAsThieves: only reflecting it
nubbins`: well, just look how confused people get over additive vs. subtractive colors
ThickAsThieves: flourescent inks are awesome for this reason
ThickAsThieves: since they kind abridge the gap
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truffles: yall gone full on nerd now
ThickAsThieves: sorry i used to work on industrial large format printers
ThickAsThieves: color calibration and matching
truffles: orly
truffles: was it fun place?
nubbins`: i ordered my first pantone mixing kit yesterday, i feel so grown up now
ThickAsThieves: it was fun other than the company was run by total morons
truffles: sounds similar to accounting but with printing
ThickAsThieves: i learned a lot
nubbins`: shame the swatch books are so goddamn expensive
ThickAsThieves: got my first manager position there
nubbins`: i've been toying with the idea of printing obscene designs on black t-shirts with black ink
truffles: hard worker u r
ThickAsThieves: i have an old Kid Dynamite shirt that's black on black
ThickAsThieves: i love it
truffles: so none will know its there nubbins`?
nubbins`: would be great with ink that has a bit of shine
nubbins`: plastisol-based
nubbins`: water-based would be too dull to show up
nubbins`: truffles: you'd see it if it catches the light
ThickAsThieves: yeah mine is screen printed
ThickAsThieves: has like a tatoo sorta design
nubbins`: nice
nubbins`: although to be fair i've printed obscene things with white ink on black shirts
nubbins`: so i guess really it's more the black-on-black than the obscenity that's got me interested
nubbins`: improperly cured, but you get the idea
nubbins`: occasionally i find myself out in public with that shirt on. embarassment ensues
nubbins`: mothers tutting at me
pankkake: and here I thought tshirthell was offensive
ThickAsThieves: i cant find my Kid Dynamite shirt on the internet anywhere
ThickAsThieves: maybe its worth something
nubbins`: t-shirt hell is just "shocking", great for edgy 17 year olds
nubbins`: mostly trite
jcpham: so i have one of these bitcoin neon signs in my office
jcpham: it's rather large i haven't unboxed it yet
skinnkavaj: People are hungry for new Litecoininvest
skinnkavaj: Bought 1250 LTC of shares
nubbins`: if any of you guys are into music, the guy in the plaid shirt is Thurston Moore from sonic youth
skinnkavaj: Sold half for 1250 LTC
ozbot: Litecoininvest
jcpham: i like da mursics
ThickAsThieves: he looks doffier than normal
ThickAsThieves: must be getting an old man nose
nubbins`: guy's 55
ThickAsThieves: i suppose i probly havent seen a pic of him since 1997 or whatever
nubbins`: his new band, chelsea light moving, is pretty good
nubbins`: not on the same level as dick surgery, but ya know
ThickAsThieves: the guy on the left is someone too?
nubbins`: guy on the left is my buddy ted
nubbins`: dick surgery is our band :(
pankkake: haha
truffles: that guy looked like he wasup to no good
pankkake: grindcore?
truffles: shirt guy
nubbins`: electro-metal improv
nubbins`: just noise really
truffles: nah looking at face
nubbins`: logo is better than the music
truffles: dont link to me then
truffles: im gonna be mean ldo
nubbins`: we record our jams
nubbins`: i recommend "hats off ta skipper" from the latest post
nubbins`: wordpress player is a bit fidgety though, i had to reload a couple times before it worked
truffles: will look later
truffles: like an hr
nubbins`: we have brief moments of lucidity
truffles: i dunno, modern day bands suck
nubbins`: i disagree
nubbins`: pop sucks, but it always has
truffles: pop at least some have decent vocals
truffles: bands hand behind the instruments
ThickAsThieves: you obv dont play an instrument
truffles: hide*
truffles: sure i did
ThickAsThieves: then you got tired of hiding?
nubbins`: my sides
truffles: yea i didnt have a future in that bs
ThickAsThieves: 95% of people dont
ThickAsThieves: music as a business is no fun anyway
pankkake: decent vocals? is there any pop not autotuned now?
ThickAsThieves: i found the art from my black on black KD shirt
ThickAsThieves: they still have stickers of it
nubbins`: that would look sawk black-on-black
nubbins`: heh, i'm just watching old videos of local bands playing bar shows
nubbins`: came across one in which i spotted myself, holding a video camera, falling around loaded drunk
ThickAsThieves: man, interpunk still had merch from my old account when i had a label in the 90s
ThickAsThieves: they hold shit in the warehouse forever
nubbins`: waaaitaminute
nubbins`: interpunk
nubbins`: i bought an ataris t-shirt from them back in high school
nubbins`: that was like 15 fuckin years ago! good for them
ThickAsThieves: i played a few shows with the ataris
ThickAsThieves: smoked pot with the singer
nubbins`: nice
ThickAsThieves: he;s a douche
ThickAsThieves: or was a douche
nubbins`: less nice!
nubbins`: a-ha! i found the video that i took while falling around loaded
ozbot: Local Tough All Stars Mixup - YouTube
nubbins`: pretty much impossible to watch once i start moving around
jurov: ;;gpg eauth freenode:#bitcoin-otc:2a3c8e32b7ffdcca25593fd281c7f87d6e0b89253d35417911c668c4
gribble: Error: This nick is not registered. Please register.
jurov: ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:2a3c8e32b7ffdcca25593fd281c7f87d6e0b89253d35417911c668c4
gribble: Error: No outstanding encryption-based request found.
jurov: ;;gpg everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:2a3c8e32b7ffdcca25593fd281c7f87d6e0b89253d35417911c668c4
gribble: Error: No outstanding encryption-based request found.
jurov: sry for noise
truffles: wonder what these ppl were thinking with that band name..
ozbot: Wikipedia article traffic statistics
truffles: "hats off ta skipper" did not want to load, insert bad dick joke
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nubbins`: reload the page, player is dodgy
deadweasel: ;;ticker
gribble: MtGox BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 213.74501, Best ask: 214.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.25499, Last trade: 214.00000, 24 hour volume: 5861.25962100, 24 hour low: 209.60000, 24 hour high: 215.00000, 24 hour vwap: 212.93918
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kleeck: pankkake, you love MCXNow, right?
Apocalyptic: he does ?
pankkake: I wouldn't say love
pankkake: I think it's very clever
Apocalyptic: the share thing ?
kleeck: Are you investing in it?
pankkake: the whole thing; like gettings fees from deposits
dexX7: lol
pankkake: I already regret buying one share
dexX7: "a scammer is someone who promotes a scam2
dexX7: ;)
pankkake: if I promote mcxnow I'd be a scammer yeah :p
truffles: lots of scammers out there with that definition
pankkake: well actually mcxnow isn't a scam, it's an exchaneg of scams :)
Apocalyptic: much less than cryptsy though
dexX7: i don't think it's a scam... the idea is somewhat great and i'm more envy of this guy for being that successful
pankkake: indeed
Apocalyptic: at least they don't add every scam coin out there
truffles: trying again nubbins` cuz im that impatient
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pankkake: it's not a scam, but I don't think all the shares are going to be sold
dexX7: yup
dexX7: but the return isn't all that great also, right? like only 10 % per year or so?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 585 @ 0.00269948 = 1.5792 BTC [+] {2}
dexX7: woah half of them are sold
pankkake: it depends on wether you believe they will do more stuff, or that altcoins will keep gathering interets
truffles: nubbins` is it small is that why u guys were like, u know we should name our band something we can fix, i got it dicksurgery!
dexX7: i think the reason that the trading is freezed is that the owner believes the new holders would crash the price, so if you want some, wait till this happens maybe
nubbins`: truffles, i invite you to revisit the logo
nubbins`: we only perform penis reduction surgery
truffles: believe it if i see it
truffles: giving this another minute geeeeeeeeeeeeez
pankkake: yeah. I should have waited, but I thought it would resume back to trading after the limited time thing
truffles: wont load it again unless u fix this bs
nubbins`: player is messed up. if it doesn't play immediately, waiting won't help
truffles: its cutting off the most important part though
nubbins`: the body?
nubbins`: you only need the tip
kleeck: Just noticed that mcxFEE is traded @ .53 currently, but a share IPOs @ .4?
kleeck: This raises lots of questions.
dexX7: it's freezed
truffles: does it
kleeck: Why was it being traded before the IPO - the "I" means INITIAL.
dexX7: what I?
ThickAsThieves: pre-mined!
ozbot: The Melvins - "The Kicking Machine" - Surveillance - YouTube
kleeck: WHERE IS THE I
nubbins`: dude sat up in bed playing bass
truffles: ;;ticker
gribble: MtGox BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 212.41091, Best ask: 213.99996, Bid-ask spread: 1.58905, Last trade: 213.99996, 24 hour volume: 5878.88462327, 24 hour low: 209.76000, 24 hour high: 215.00000, 24 hour vwap: 212.96858
truffles: bitcoin rising
truffles: ohnoes
kleeck: stamp still 202.
kleeck: meh.
dexX7: not all that much volume
dexX7: half of btct's top days :)
truffles: i think that singer need a haircut, too much sideshow bob going on
nubbins`: haha
nubbins`: he was sideshow bob before sideshow bob was sideshow bob
truffles: didnt like the song
nubbins`: cant please everyone
truffles: im easy though
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nubbins`: i have to admit, i'm surprised that btc has been hovering around 200 for this long
nubbins`: i guess 200 is the new 100
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 105 @ 0.00569937 = 0.5984 BTC [+] {4}
bob____: long = 2 weeks?
dexX7: it's long
truffles: guess it wont get back to 10
bob____: super long
ozbot: This will all end in tears. : Bitcoin
truffles: at least that guy knows how to write something engaging
truffles: wall of text nonetheless
nubbins`: made it halfway before losing interest
dexX7: tl;tr: chinese gov bought the coins, because the us now owns many
nubbins`: "Mr. Nobel was horrified to see how dynamite was used, you will be horrified to see how Bitcoin will be used."
nubbins`: what does that even mean?
truffles: intent never fullfilled?
pankkake: dynamite was meant for *mining*, right?
nubbins`: it was meant for blowing shit up, regardless of purpose
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 1 @ 0.155 BTC [-]
truffles: i do enjoy reading a good tin foil story
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 1350 @ 0.000265 = 0.3578 BTC [-]
truffles: when i can step into a store and buy shit with bitcoin, im gonna have my oh shit moment
nubbins`: as in "oh shit, why is this still less convenient than cash"?
pankkake: I hate cash, I have to count stuff
pankkake: and I never have enough coins
truffles: remember those days when ppl had to carry around heavy coins
pankkake: or end up with many little worthless coins
pankkake: (let's call them lite coins)
dexX7: lol
deadweasel: so glad we don't get change in LTC...
nubbins`: remember those days? i'm still living them
pankkake: I like the feeling of 2EUR coins though
nubbins`: pound coins are nice
truffles: weasel do u agree with accountt1234?
nubbins`: pankkake: gonna print your fc shirt soon, i just need to digest this enormous lunch
deadweasel: dafuq truffles ?
pankkake: no hurry. I'm surprised of so few orders
truffles: tin foil stuff
pankkake: well, maybe shares prices explain it :D
ozbot: This will all end in tears. : Bitcoin
deadweasel: already has for many.
truffles: " How will the people of the world feel about people becoming billionaires through sheer luck? "
pankkake: I discovered bitcoin in 2009 and never bought anything. it's not luck.
nubbins`: pankkake: there were a lot more t-shirt sales when the share price was > 4
nubbins`: i think the fact that most people still holding AM shares have lost their shirts kind of tempered demand a bit
truffles: pankkake so howd u get those coins!!
truffles: i want my ten btc
truffles: -want + would like
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.64 BTC [-]
truffles: good job cleaning up that namworld
Namworld: It's feasible
truffles: didnt like the phrasing
truffles: hehe
Namworld: I've had hundreds of BTC loaned to me at less than 1% per month for almost a year.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1106 @ 0.00082658 = 0.9142 BTC [-] {2}
Apocalyptic: Namworld, just launch a bond
pankkake: it was BTC-BOND
Namworld: It lived through GLBSE and, now with, people are redeeming en masse once again. Going to suck up all my liquidities.
Namworld: I'm going direct now.
truffles: Apocalyptic whats it called?
jurov: anyone who wants to get coinbr referrals, watch this thread:
Apocalyptic: truffles, ?
jurov: announcement imminent
truffles: "<Apocalyptic> Namworld, just launch a bond" ??
Apocalyptic: i advise him to launch a bond if he needs a loan, don't know what he will call it
Apocalyptic: btw pankkake time to quit mcxnow for :)
truffles: for some reason i did not read the word "just" and that sentence changes
pankkake: "Automated database integrity checks"
dexX7: jurov: probably newb question, but are the btcusd options on coinbr, too?
pankkake: still, less ridiculous list than inputsi.o
jurov: dexX7: Yes, can be bough/sold/exercised online. Only MKOPT/SPLIT is not implemented, but can be done on request.
truffles: x-bt going to be teh new ..?
Apocalyptic: pankkake, what exactly do you find ridiculous ? marketing needs to be done
Namworld: I already have a bond called BTC-BOND
pankkake: indeed this is purely marketing
truffles: gl with that Apocalyptic
pankkake: anyway, rel logo has incorrect apostrophe sign, and isn't at the right size, making it look ugly
Apocalyptic: thanks truffles
Apocalyptic: damn, i only heard compliments about the logo so far
pankkake: it's your website? :)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B] [XBOND] 900 @ 0.00109548 = 0.9859 BTC [+]
nubbins`: that's not an apostrophe
nubbins`: it's a `
nubbins`: (grave accent)
truffles: nitpicking begins
pankkake: it should be a ' or better, a ’ :)
nubbins`: ooh nice one
truffles: accent aigu would be better
nubbins`: or, y'know, worse
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2800 @ 0.00082834 = 2.3194 BTC [+] {2}
pankkake: I'm anal about typography
truffles: i dont like anal
nubbins`: grow up
truffles: sad face
nubbins`: see prev stmt
truffles: doesnt help at all, ill just do MOar
nubbins`: oh god i just realized i made coffee
truffles: ewww
truffles: switch to tea
nubbins`: coffee is the drink tea wants to be
truffles: smells bad
truffles: lowers sperm count
Namworld: Now accepting claims for S.MPOE-PT and S.BBET-PT @
nubbins`: sounds like you've only had crappy cofee
pankkake: coffee smells great
nubbins`: tastes better
truffles: ive had coffee in some random alcoholic drink once
nubbins`: as long as you don't adulterate it
truffles: couldve puked
nubbins`: none of this cream-sugar bullshit
pankkake: well real men like their coffee black
nubbins`: i use 2x the standard amount of beans
nubbins`: you could stand a spoon up in my coffee
truffles: doesnt sound appealing
nubbins`: well, if you don't like coffee, of course it doesn't
truffles: lets pitch that to other coffee drinkers shall we
nubbins`: i was roasting my own for a while. good time in my life
nubbins`: ethiopia yirgacheffe is my favourite
nubbins`: tastes like blueberries exploding in your mouth
truffles: id like a blueberry muffin
truffles: hi mjr
Apocalyptic: i love blueberry muffins
Namworld: I don't drink coffee. What does that makes me?
truffles: sane
nubbins`: a hammer in search of a nail
truffles: waking up to the smell is the worst
pankkake: I need a better coffee machine. the ones I had at some workplaces were great
pankkake: well it's addictive
nubbins`: the aeropress makes great coffee
Namworld: I like the taste of coffee. Coffee cake. Biscuits. Etc.
nubbins`: it's what got me into drinking black
Namworld: Just not coffee
Namworld: It's like apples
Namworld: I love everything with apples, except apples
nubbins`: french presses are good too, although if you don't like THICK coffee they're probably not your best choice
pankkake: haha, yeah I usually prefer stuff made of apples too
nubbins`: i'm allergic to apples, they make my throat burn
truffles: how can u not love apples
nubbins`: waking up to the smell of apples is the worst
truffles: golden apples r the best
pankkake: all apples? they can be quite different
nubbins`: i'm just kidding
truffles: i get it, i have a thing against the red ones
Namworld: Eating crude apples makes gives me shivers that burrows deep down to my soul and make me cringe.
nubbins`: i love apples, can't eat them
nubbins`: same with peaches, pears, cherries
nubbins`: sucks
truffles: maybe the next generation will fare better, tough luck this round nubbins`
truffles: (talking about ur genes)
pankkake: apples*
Namworld: It's like chalkboard to some people. The crunch of crude apple is excrutiating.
truffles: if u have bad teeth?
nubbins`: it's funny though, if they're peeled it's not nearly as bad
nubbins`: and if they're cooked/canned, no problems at all
truffles: fresh fruit is like the best thing on earth
Namworld: I lvoe fresh fruits. Except apples
nubbins`: seedless green grapes
nubbins`: PINEAPPLE
nubbins`: every now and then i buy a full pineapple and i don't stop eating until my mouth begins to bleed
truffles: pealing them is such a hassle
Namworld: Love the taste of apples, but they need to be cooked first to remove the crshshshsh it makes when you bite in them.
nubbins`: can't help myself
Namworld: I can stand nails on chalkboard or biting in styrofoam. But not the crshshshsh of crude apples.
nubbins`: now, that does raise the question as to why pineapple makes my mouth bleed
Namworld: I don't fucking understand
truffles: Namworld u have such a specific issue lol
pankkake: if you peel the apples they're much easier to eat
truffles: so weak!!
truffles: the skin is good to eat though
pankkake: if it's organic. otherwise BLEH
jurov: so, digg is apparently still alive and sending me emails from the grave. their today's headline is
ozbot: How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. Government - Philip Bump - The Atlantic Wire
nubbins`: hahahahaha
Namworld: I don't even have to eat one, just someone biting in one beside me makes me shiver.
nubbins`: pankkake: awesome
Namworld: Curse those crude apples.
truffles: ure missing out
truffles: nubbins` when u eat the pinapples make sure it doesnt touch the sides of ur mouth
truffles: acid is a bit much for that region
jurov: *truffles swallows.
truffles: truffles r yum
nubbins`: i don't think i can eat food without it touching the sides of my mouth
Namworld: Not really, plenty of good stuff with apples in them. Like pie.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 8 @ 0.64489993 = 5.1592 BTC [+] {2}
truffles: thinking of making some apple pie
nubbins`: apparently pineapples contain a lot of bromelain
nubbins`: which is a meat tenderizer
nubbins`: so essentially when i eat a full pineapple, it's like smashing my mouth with a mallet
Namworld: Just... no
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B] [XBOND] 257 @ 0.00109548 = 0.2815 BTC [+] {2}
nubbins`: seriously, i'll take a bite out of a big piece, pull the rest away from my mouth, and it's RED
truffles: needs more care while eating or mouth problems occur ldo
Namworld: That's cause there's some harder filaments of fibers in them and lots of acid. It's making your gums bleed.
truffles: professional fruit eater here
Namworld: (#bitcoin-assets was already renamed to #The-Color-Channel)
truffles: #truffles-chat
truffles: i do what i can to provide light chattery, btc stuff is prob stressful ya know
bob____: when's the announcement?
bob____: i have been holding my breath for a fricking hour
truffles: exhibit a
bob____: "imminent" means soon.
nubbins`: announcement from whom?
bob____: jurov.
jurov: bob____: just go to addy Namworld provided
ozbot: [CoinBr]BTCT export
bob____: weak, you linked to that *before* you said you had an announcement
jurov: if you have coinbr account, you can spam linked btctalk thread with referrals :D
bob____: i thought there was another one
bob____: got all excited and shit
jurov: i'm out of announcements for foreseeable future, sorry to excite you
truffles: prob needs some dicksurgery in his life now
bob____: definitely
jurov: hmmm... but prolly i can erase the "beta" out of the logo and make proper preannouncement and announcement
nubbins`: pre-pre-pre
truffles: yea if u hype it up like that ure sure to let ppl down
bob____: bah, save it for when you improve your logo and make it amazing.
jurov: the mermaid is amazing enough... or you want bigger boobs?
bob____: i want white lines instead of black so i can see her
truffles: amazing is the word
truffles: omg im gonna be amazing
jurov: final logo will be more like this:
bob____: ok, so that was the pre-announcement
bob____: now we're getting somewhere
truffles: its gonna be amazing
bob____: thank you truffles.
jurov: (^^)
truffles: its amazing i dont see any boobs on that
nubbins`: please stop
truffles: its not my fault!
truffles: im gonna have to avoid the word now
truffles: why dont u find it funny
truffles: some1 thought it was
nubbins`: because it happened six times in two minutes
truffles: whats a good lenght of time then
nubbins`: does anyone who doesn't have shit taste in music want to recommend a full album for me to listen to while printing?
truffles: listen to californication
pankkake: that is very subjective
pankkake: barf
truffles: what theyre good!
jurov: nubbins`: since you need to calm down, i recommend the relax playlist
ozbot: IvoryTrance - YouTube
jurov: it's amazing
nubbins`: californication, lel
truffles: i find the amazing thing hilarious
nubbins`: ehh, not into trance
truffles: whats wrong with the peppers?
nubbins`: washed up, trite shitheads who haven't had a good album in like 20 years
jurov: it's not classic dum-dum-dum trance. my fave:
truffles: the melvins?
pankkake: it's chillout. I like it :)
nubbins`: nah, i need something more upbeat
nubbins`: also preferably something they wouldn't play at a dance club
ozbot: Metallica - Whiplash - YouTube
nubbins`: fuck metallica
nubbins`: i'm not sure i should have asked you guys for your input
truffles: uh huh
truffles: r u jelly of metallica?
nubbins`: bunch of fuckin losers
truffles: i just rly like that song discovered it this yr
pankkake: I AM THE TABLE
nubbins`: washed up, trite shitheads who probably never had a good album
truffles: i jib about that one a lot
ozbot: Elray Resources[-OTCBB ELRA-]*Elray Gaming Inc.*
Namworld: lulzy
truffles: i am the table rofl
ozbot: Asura - Code Eternity [FULL ALBUM] - YouTube
Namworld: I see MPOE-PR already left her mark on the thread
pankkake: the guy can't make a post with any beggining of sense
nubbins`: all this electro stuff you're posting sounds overly masturbatory to me
nubbins`: 13-minute builds and shit
nubbins`: i'm not on ecstasy
truffles: so u wouldnt like dupstep?
pankkake: yeah. I hope jurov will like it though :)
pankkake: dumpstep
nubbins`: dubstep isn't great
nubbins`: it's just electro run through a VCF
truffles: haters gonna hate
nubbins`: and some asshole twists 2 knobs
ozbot: La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix HQ) - YouTube
ozbot: imgur: the simple image sharer
nubbins`: ^ dubstep
pankkake: hahaha
truffles: i cant look away
truffles: what is that
jcpham: funny
nubbins`: okay, can someone recommend a full album that would be appreciated by someone who isn't fucked on drugs at a rave?
truffles: i like this in for the kill song good choice pankkake
pankkake: aw, you just excluded all my musical taste at once
pankkake: well there's others but worse
ozbot: The Birthday Party - King Ink Live LIVE - YouTube
nubbins`: more my style
nubbins`: that whole album is amazing btw
nubbins`: my wife HATES it tho
truffles: so lemme guess u only like rock?
nubbins`: no, i like most types of music
nubbins`: but i like listening to shit out of the ordinary
truffles: there seems to be some kind of noise in the background of this song
nubbins`: australia in the early 80s, there's lots of noise in the background. shit equipment :P
truffles: i find better dubstep than that..
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 300 @ 0.00579896 = 1.7397 BTC [+] {5}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.62233333 = 1.867 BTC [-] {2}
ozbot: Cynic - Traced in Air (Full Album) - YouTube
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B] [XBOND] 1174 @ 0.00109548 = 1.2861 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 300 @ 0.0058895 = 1.7669 BTC [+] {3}
ozbot: Beirut - "Nantes" - YouTube
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.621 = 1.863 BTC [-]
truffles: dat photo!
truffles: must not stare
nubbins`: sorry
nubbins`: wrong link
nubbins`: try this one
ozbot: Beirut Cheap Magic Inside. Complete 69 minutes - YouTube
truffles: talking about the cynic
plambert: can anybody here answer questions about CoinBR?
dexX7: jurov *ping*
deadweasel: diggin the jamz, thx nubs
deadweasel: plambert, what's the Q? The answerman is here somewhere.
truffles: weasel which ones?
nubbins`: weasel check that last one
deadweasel: Adam's Murmur, Cynic
truffles: cynic wasnt him
jurov: plambert, i can
truffles: he's got bad rock tastes man
plambert: I sent some bitcoin to my account, and I see it moved from the address I sent it to, but it still says the account balance is 0?
deadweasel: for hair metal, it's pretty good
truffles: its all metal/rock to me..
jurov: O.o it missed a deposit? ill check
deadweasel: plambert, deposits, I believe are done by hand, for security reasons... give it an hour, he usually gets to it quickly.
deadweasel: oops, i jurov
deadweasel: lucky for him
deadweasel: Cynic crashed my pandora
deadweasel: fucking nubbs!
truffles: im musiced out
deadweasel: plug yer ears
truffles: nah will continue next week
ozbot: Movember
deadweasel: DO IT.
deadweasel: For your fucking prostate's sake :)
pankkake: I haven't shaved in a month or so
deadweasel: i'd be surprised if you'd left your house in a month or so pankkake
jurov: plambert: fixed, sorry for that
nubbins`: longest i went w/o shaving was 9 months
pankkake: eh, never get out much
deadweasel: it's overrated.
pankkake: but those last months even less so
plambert: cool, glad that was easy to fix :)
deadweasel: it's a feature, plambert
truffles: men just need to be tough anyways, health pfff
plambert: a feature of CoinBR or a feature of bitcoin?
deadweasel: nubbs, that you?
pankkake: color do not match
nubbins`: deadweasel: yeah
nubbins`: from this summer
deadweasel: nice to meet you!
nubbins`: the pleasure is mine
pankkake: I don't have your beard level yet
jurov: plambert: something happened to wallet monitoring
truffles: too much beard
nubbins`: pankkake: it's all shaved off now
nubbins`: yeah
nubbins`: i had a court date
nubbins`: didn't want to look like a miscreant
pankkake: haha
truffles: what woman wants that in her ...
nubbins`: truffles: i was married about 4 hours after that picture was taken
deadweasel: lol, awesome.
nubbins`: all fluffed up for my big day ;p
truffles: why is ur hair different color
truffles: ure redhead?
nubbins`: same reason my nut hair is a different color
deadweasel: haha, he's a mongrel dog, like all great people.
nubbins`: genetics
nubbins`: only my beard is red
truffles: mongrel dog sounds very pleasant
deadweasel: i have some reds in my stache, some gray, most dark brn. head near black.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1000 @ 0.00082712 = 0.8271 BTC [-]
nubbins`: deadweasel: looks like i'm not the only camper here
truffles: im a cat person
truffles: no wonder we clash weasel
plambert: jurov: does CoinBR send out an email when an order gets filled?
jurov: no, it's planned
jurov: argh, i should file a bug...when python logging can't write to tty, it waits and stops everything :(
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 500 @ 0.00594429 = 2.9721 BTC [+] {6}
deadweasel: truffles we get along great
truffles: says u
truffles: i could be steaming over here
nubbins`: forgot about that one
pankkake: it's like a cat picture but with a man instead
nubbins`: new screens for business = new box for me
deadweasel: the box is always better than the contents, every cat-person knows that.
truffles: i have a photo with a cat in box just like that
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.6150001 = 3.075 BTC [-]
nubbins`: deadweasel: nod
nubbins`: same kitchen, 3 feet to the left
deadweasel: the ultimate: refridgerator box
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 54 @ 0.00604444 = 0.3264 BTC [+] {2}
deadweasel: Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Foundation? SOunds like a group I would get along with...
truffles: not a pretty kitty ..
truffles: needs exercise too
nubbins`: essentially the cutest cat
nubbins`: ANYWAY
nubbins`: i'm supposed to be printing shirts
nubbins`: thanks, nobody, for suggesting music
jimmybob: I HAVE 546 SHARES
jcpham: activemining huh
truffles: ure too picky
truffles: quids..
pankkake: what's quids?
truffles: money
truffles: terribly named
pankkake: harry potter money?
truffles: might as well be
deadweasel: i suggest Santigold
truffles: after extensively staring ive concluded this is a cute kitty
deadweasel: Maybe some takenobu if you can handle cello music
deadweasel: Ronald Jenkees for electronic
deadweasel: Gil-Scott Heron for some good fucking music
truffles: sex?
deadweasel: Reggie Watts and Rhazel for some good artistic and funny shit
deadweasel: yes, pls, truffles.
truffles: u wish :D
bob____: jurov: try logging to a file instead of a terminal. then you can always look at the file later if you want to read it.
jurov: perhaps.
bob____: at least i make myself laugh.
truffles: got u beat on that bob
bob____: yes but i am assuming you are drunk.
truffles: on life
truffles: weasel this was false advertising with mr heron
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 1000 @ 0.000265 = 0.265 BTC [+]
truffles: he's no marvin gaye
bob____: hehe, they figured out the problem with
bob____: 'President Obama embraced a cloud first policy, and going forward I hope this may be among the last few major IT projects not built entirely on the cloud from day one,' said former White House CTO Aneesh Chopra
pankkake: it was the .gov?
pankkake: so it was "not enough cloud"
bob____: need more day 0 cloudz
deadweasel: 'Needs More CloudBell'
deadweasel: truffles, if you can get down with Gil-Scott, you're just not trying..
truffles: exactly
truffles: guess its time to decompress
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 38 @ 0.00580007 = 0.2204 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 125 @ 0.04555998 = 5.695 BTC [-] {9}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 46 @ 0.00580007 = 0.2668 BTC [-]
kakobrekla: what did i miss
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B] [XBOND] 2200 @ 0.00109001 = 2.398 BTC [-] {8}
bob____: !t m s.bbet
assbot: [MPEX:S.BBET] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 0.00046 / 0.00068456 / 0.00071 (21805 shares, 14.93 BTC), 30D: 0.00046 / 0.00064054 / 0.00071 (30105 shares, 19.28 BTC)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B] [XBOND] 2000 @ 0.00108225 = 2.1645 BTC [-] {11}
kakobrekla: nothing then?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 1566 @ 0.00561131 = 8.7873 BTC [-] {18}
bob____: nope
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 140 @ 0.0056 = 0.784 BTC [-] {2}
kakobrekla: mkay.
bob____: kako, if there are 10mm shares of s.bbet, how come the dividend pays out as if there were only 3mm shares?
bob____: but "per satoshi" dividends on mpex imply 3mm shares
kakobrekla: 3m are on mpex, 7 aint.
Namworld: The dividend on MPEx should also be 3/10th of what dividend should actually be
kakobrekla: ;;later tell mircea_popescu kinda interesting
gribble: The operation succeeded.
Namworld: Per share amount should be accurate to profit / 10 million
bob____: hard to tell since mp still needs practice at paying out dividends
bob____: so at 0.0005 s.bbet has a p/e of around 100. not bat-shit crazy given growth potential.
jurov: kakobrekla: will there be top winners,top losers stats? =P
kakobrekla: mebbe
kakobrekla: its ticky to do those in the right way.
kakobrekla: tricky
nubbins`: tikki tikki tembo
kakobrekla: not the code but the way you present it
kakobrekla: that shit has major psychological effects.
bob____: top losers is a bad idea for a gambling site..
bob____: might get them to stop playing
kakobrekla: i know some good solutions to this just cant be applied to bbet
kakobrekla: so, we will see.
nubbins`: "top 10 losers of the year"
kakobrekla: inaba takes the caek.
kakobrekla: john K
kakobrekla: 'the goto guy for escrow'
kakobrekla: hey nanotube, can you make the ID clickable in the rating list so one can link to a particular rating 'tx'
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.36489989 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 3 @ 0.3648999 = 1.0947 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 79 @ 0.0056 = 0.4424 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.3000001 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 112 @ 0.00556563 = 0.6234 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: MtGox BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 212.40008, Best ask: 213.79936, Bid-ask spread: 1.39928, Last trade: 212.40002, 24 hour volume: 5661.20444295, 24 hour low: 209.76000, 24 hour high: 215.00000, 24 hour vwap: 212.92397
deadweasel: kakobrekla, you said John K is GONE?
kakobrekla: is what the word is
dexX7: ouch
deadweasel: jesus, did he leave in the middle of a large escrow?
dexX7: i heard this some days/weeks ago, too
kakobrekla: 340 btc
dexX7: he holds several thousand coins imho
deadweasel: yeah, I'm out of the loop.
ozbot: Where's John K?
kakobrekla: i got this on email, forum excerpts
kakobrekla: so cool.
dexX7: for example some bitcointalk treasury coins
deadweasel: If Graet ever disappears, I'll shit myself.
kakobrekla: oh yeah
kakobrekla: in the OTC it says he holds forums coins
mircea_popescu: so this is why people were bitching to basically be alloweds to use bitbet as an escrow for months
mircea_popescu: still, oct 23rd. he could have got run over by a bus / had a heart attack / etc.
mircea_popescu: perhaps too early to panic.
kakobrekla: 21736 theymos 92 johnthedong 2013-03-21 03:35:46 9 Long-time forum moderator. Holds BTC for the forum.
nubbins`: maybe a spooky halloween ghost found him
deadweasel: haha, did that bitbet resolve yet?
deadweasel: maybe I should go put a coin on it...
jurov: is he a trolltalk treasurer as well? maybe i can win the bet at last :P
deadweasel: unless he was hit by a bus...
mircea_popescu: jurov yeah he is.
Namworld: What's that thing about John K. being gone?
ozbot: Where's John K?
kakobrekla: were is waldo?
kakobrekla: where
ozbot: Bitcoin TOP-500 Richest
mircea_popescu: meanwhile the we're poor but eager butthurt continues
kakobrekla: >No. What's listed are assets publicly and provenly owned. Everyone else's supposed BTC stashes are nothing more than empty claims.
kakobrekla: is this the time when we start signing messages to measure dicklenght
mircea_popescu: well honestly i am sort-of hoping rpietilla goes berserk again and starts sending people btc
mircea_popescu: for graet justic
mircea_popescu: ow shit, that highlights him doesn't it. sorry g!
mircea_popescu: anyway it'll be funny when it gets to ver's 300k btc. i never met someone with millions in their pocket go nuts over a 5 btc mispayment or whatever that was last summer.
jurov: ;;later tell BingoBoingo "thx for free pentests, but nothing to be seen here"
gribble: The operation succeeded.
kakobrekla: i dont think you need teh quotes btw
nubbins`: yeah, now it looks sarcastic
nubbins`: ;;later tell jurov "thanks"
gribble: The operation succeeded.
jurov: better safe than sorry... i quote everything that has spaces
jurov: and mircea quotes even numbers]
jurov: in JSON
kakobrekla: yeah but hes a nutjob
nubbins`: well, that's valid
nubbins`: then EVERYTHING is a string
nubbins`: no need to worry about casting
mircea_popescu: i'm not a job. never had a job in my life.
jurov: cuz to avoid some braindamaged implementations which use floating point for all numbers
jurov: etc.
mircea_popescu: nubbins` knows.
kakobrekla: me neither
nubbins`: mp may be the only man who has (a) never had a job and (b) never worn a t-shirt
nubbins`: usually the two are mutually exclusive
mircea_popescu: so hashfast is not delivering ?
mircea_popescu: nubbins` actually i'll do you better : it's not that i've never worn a shirt, it's that i've always worn a suit.
mircea_popescu: people have pix of me @seaside hanging out with da nudist bitchez in a suit
pankkake: a real-life barney stinson?
mircea_popescu: i dunno who tha is
ozbot: imgur: the simple image sharer
mircea_popescu: ;;ident Scrat
gribble: Nick 'Scrat', with hostmask 'Scrat!~Scrat@unaffiliated/scrat', is not identified.
Scrat: boo
Scrat: ;;ident
gribble: You are identified as user scrat, with GPG key id 85FC850EDF0A28FB, key fingerprint 457405953F36448B7AC91A5C85FC850EDF0A28FB, and bitcoin address 1Ch2shUcZDXrU3YskYDqY7CQCpsaeZU9Wa
mircea_popescu: nubbins` unbelievable as this may sound, i was a much cuter kid.
nubbins`: i'm fairly sure that baby has his eyebrows penciled in
mircea_popescu: for most of my infancy i was a curly blond haired kid with blue eyes
ozbot: BitBet - NYC will ban cigarette sales to those under the age of 21 by end of October
mircea_popescu: dude wtf, this is about to resolve as yes.
nubbins`: haha
nubbins`: read about that earlier today
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.614 = 1.228 BTC [-] {2}
nubbins`: i guess next you'll need to be 21 to vote
mircea_popescu: somebody's making some bitcents at the expense of ten million newyorkers
ozbot: BitBet - Havelock will announce US restrictions by Guy Fawkes Night
nubbins`: honestly thought this one would end up going the other way. this is why i don't gamble much
mircea_popescu: nubbins` most bitbet bets go the other fucking way.
mircea_popescu: hence "that gay ass site, bitbet"
nubbins`: funny thing about ways, i guess
mircea_popescu: 4:33 pm It is our new report (Super sub-penny)!!!
mircea_popescu: look at that, spammer got the first 6 letters right.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B] [XBOND] 546 @ 0.001082 = 0.5908 BTC [-]
ozbot: [BTC-TC] S.MPOE / S.BBET Pass-throughs
nanotube: kakobrekla: sure theoretically yes... but what's the use case?
mike_c: I'm going to try something.. maybe stupid but we'll see.
mike_c: Let's try and auction off some options
mike_c: I've got 40 calls up at 200: currently selling for 0.32
mike_c: every 5 minutes I'm going to drop the price 0.02 until somebody buys them.
mike_c: ready set go!
mircea_popescu: you know the bot will autobuy them eventually
mike_c: unless a smart investor picks them up
mike_c: i heard a rumor there were smart investors in this channel
mircea_popescu: wholly unsubstantiated.
ThickAsThieves: well, some are smart, some are investors
mike_c: we'll see. price dropped. one bidder already at 0.1215!
assbot: Last 5 lines bashed and pending review. (
ThickAsThieves: Yes, I'm quoting myself.
assbot: Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. (
mike_c: for inspiration, last month people who bought my options made 28%. that's damn near 1% a day. price dropped.
pankkake: another Alberto!
mike_c: if that's accurate, the directors are on the board of a ton of companies.
mike_c: which means it's a shell corp, no?
Namworld: Apparently
mike_c: down to 0.24, no nibbles yet.
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 200 / .76
gribble: 263.157894737
kakobrekla: nanotube i just want to have the mans to point to a specific user to user action, could also be done in a way that log.bitcoin-assets works (with the hash tag in the url to jump & highlight a specific line)
kakobrekla: mans. right. means.
Namworld: Sell them for 0.12
Namworld: There's bids
mike_c: price is dropping every 5 minutes
mike_c: about to drop to 0.2
mike_c: ;; calc 200 / 0.8
gribble: 250
mike_c: man.. i'm gunna get reamed on this. down to 0.2
mircea_popescu: why are you so sure it's going past 250 ?
Namworld: The buyers at 0.12 are going to get reamed
Namworld: I feel the current price is maybe too high. It's nice that value is rising but I'm unsure why it needs to raise so quickly.
mike_c: it's about volatility, not where the price is
mike_c: 0.12 does not represent much volatitlity at all. even 0.2 is a great buy
Namworld: If we doubled in price every 2 months like that, in 1 year we'd be at 12,800 USD per BTC
mike_c: the rate of change of the underlying is not even a factor in option pricing.
mike_c: it's implied volatility.
mike_c: also, different conversation, 10k usd / btc does not seem impossible to me :)
mircea_popescu: mike_c by the end of this month you can count on it as impossible.
mike_c: yes
mike_c: although your collateral requirements for options seem to account for it..
mike_c: 1 btc per option seems stiff
mircea_popescu: it's mostly so peopel don't go into tbtf mode.
ozbot: [Havelock] The Panama Fund, S.A. Acquires
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3300 @ 0.0008302 = 2.7397 BTC [+]
Vp7771: no fucking kidding
Vp7771: this sounds awesome
mike_c: ok.. if anybody is lurking and waiting to snipe these, you are running out of time. down to 0.16
Vp7771: sounds like some cool shit going on in Panama
mircea_popescu: CNV No. 313‐2008
mircea_popescu: there doesn't seem to be much outside of that.
mike_c: auction is over in 2 minutes. last chance.
assbot: [MPEX] [O] [O.USD.C200T] 40 @ 0.14 = 5.6 BTC [+]
mike_c: oh snap!
mike_c: with 30 seconds left
mike_c: good buy somebody.
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 200 / .86
gribble: 232.558139535
mircea_popescu: that looks quite possible.
mike_c: yes.. lower than i was hoping for.
mike_c: but the market has spoken.
mike_c: well, that was fun. good times everyone.
mircea_popescu: $vwap ^oix
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu have the ugliest security exchange in the world and most disturbing PR person on the planet
jurov: don't forget ugliest broker interface!
mike_c: and it hasn't sold to the panamanians.
pankkake: but the broken has a mermaid
pankkake: broker* oops
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 3 @ 0.0609 = 0.1827 BTC [-]
jurov: she's there to distract :D
pankkake: to lure our coins
skinnkavaj: Didn't MPOE get hacked recently and burnside humilated MPOE-PR in forums?
mircea_popescu: in the sense you were right about investments recently, sure.
skinnkavaj: That was the funniest post on bitcointalk ever
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu: Is MPOE-PR your girl friend or someone you hired?
mircea_popescu: mpoe-pr is teh forum pm.
Vp7771: Mirceau what are those docs?
BingoBoingo: Jurov, ur welcome.
BingoBoingo: skinnkavaj: You do know that there are very affordable and very good looking MPEx brokers right?
nubbins`: as if i'd follow a referral link that says "fuk u" at the end! ;)
mircea_popescu: lol this guy's strings always end up like that
pankkake: referral links turn users into spammers
jurov: omg..... BingoBoingo, u want to change it? but the old one ceases to work then
BingoBoingo: jurov: I like this one. I mean one of my BTC addresses is 1LvCuntsJyFFQsLuJhBXBPokbQa7SAyMr4
mircea_popescu: Vp7771 you know you can just type mirc and hit tab, that way it actually highlights
mircea_popescu: and the 2nd doc is the registration paperwork of the panama fund thing. the first is a list.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 2 @ 0.0609 = 0.1218 BTC [-]
ozbot: Leon Theremin playing his own instrument - YouTube
mike_c: mircea_popescu: i want to make one more push for announcing option exercises to assbot. it is the only way to know two things: 1) open interest 2) excercise costs. otherwise it's just a big mystery when/if the option holders are excercising and, not that mpex would ever make a mistake, there is no way for me to verify the excercise costs.
mircea_popescu: what has changed since the prev discussion ?
mike_c: um, last time you just said it "wasn't standard"
mike_c: i was hoping to sway you.
mircea_popescu: so, on one hand option exercises are not commonly announced in any market.
mike_c: sort of they are though. when excercises are assigned the option holder knows about it
mike_c: er, option writer
benkay: you'll know if you get exercised against, mike_c. if you're calling stat regularly enough.
mike_c: no, you won't. that's my issue.
mircea_popescu: on the other hand, the btc options market is fragile, and this may be one of those cases where information aggravates problems.
benkay: yes you will if you are programmatically running bookkeeping
mike_c: no, all excercises are calculated and assigned at end-of-month
mike_c: not during the month
mircea_popescu: benkay when, he can infer at end of month
benkay: mircea_popescu: is it true that exercises aren't assigned until end of month?
mircea_popescu: exercises are assigned, but collateral is not returned until end of month.
mircea_popescu: basically underwriting an option puts you in this firm, fixed term commitment.
benkay: of course.
mike_c: i'm trying to figure out what problem the information would aggravate?
mike_c: we know when they are sold, but knowing when they are excercised would..
mike_c: i'm blanking
mircea_popescu: conceivably it would cause panic, especially if you take the returned capital to immediately go the other way.
mike_c: ah
mircea_popescu: let's take a case, as a for instance. you write 1000 calls @200, deposit 1000 btc.
mircea_popescu: you sell these for .15
mircea_popescu: a week later, the price doubles. you get exercised. you obtain say 650 btc back.
mircea_popescu: if you dump this 650 btc into buying more btc on margin, you are in fact adding to the noise
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: re: the termenvox link: good illustration of virtuoso (vs. bozo) concept.
mike_c: ok. i would in fact be fine with announcing the excercise, but not returning the capital.
mircea_popescu: in a heavily mommentum traded by vastly the incompetent and clueless, on very little actgual capital
mircea_popescu: this is a recipe for disaster.
mircea_popescu: announcing the exercise is not substantially different, in that it would send an actionable signal of the same type.
mike_c: but it would take more capital to act on it.
mircea_popescu: suppose you have credit taken which gets called on the ground of exercises being announced.
mircea_popescu: well no, problem branches in a different direction now.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yeah. tho he cheats by having the piano there.
mircea_popescu: so, in general mike_c i can see some merit for what you're saying, and in the end things are going to move that way. mpex is in no way given for all time as it is.
mircea_popescu: nevertheless, i consider it premature.
mike_c: ok. i will come back and try again in a few months
mircea_popescu: i think the sort of macro stability you want here may take a little more than a few months.
mike_c: then you will probably say "no" at that time as well :)
mircea_popescu: anyway, you don't HAVE to underwrite options, you can pretty much cover all strategies simply buying
nubbins`: ^ panama jack!
ozbot: cat plays theremin - YouTube
pankkake: I always wanted a theremin. it's not that expensive either
pankkake: of course I'd do nothing of it…
ThickAsThieves: i considered it
ThickAsThieves: but there are decent plugins
pankkake: but all the fun is moving your hands in the air!
pankkake: or your feet
mircea_popescu: i think it has a major ux flaw.
mircea_popescu: same problem as the touch screen :
mircea_popescu: it's really uncomfortable for humans to hold their arms extended in the air.
pankkake: indeed. and still people belive the "minority report" interface is the future
pankkake: or kinect :p
mircea_popescu: it's not.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 730 @ 0.00026399 = 0.1927 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: its brain waves
mike_c: ultrasonic, like badbios
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.6448989 = 3.2245 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: effect has a name. 'gorilla arm' syndrome.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.6448989 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: (what happens to a touch screen user, that is.)
mircea_popescu: yeah. loss of fine motor control as a result of inervation of the gross motor pathways.
mircea_popescu: we're really very well designed, which means economically designed.
asciilifeform: yep. same as air hammer operator's disease
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 96 @ 0.00599938 = 0.5759 BTC [+] {4}
asciilifeform: telegraphers (late 1890s afaik) called it 'glass arm disease'
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 136 @ 0.00269991 = 0.3672 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 4 @ 0.061 = 0.244 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: (incidentally, this is also why ipads are doomed as a serious technology. no right click ? fu.)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 50 @ 0.0076 = 0.38 BTC [-]
pankkake: everything apple makes is part of the conspiracy to slowly physically weaken humans
jurov: office chairs are biggest part
mircea_popescu: apple makes aerons ?
pankkake: I have to write an article about it, but keep procrastinating
dexX7: ;;rate thickasthieves 3 Pleasant experience, smooth escrow service and TATI rocks!
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 3 for user thickasthieves has been recorded.
asciilifeform: (incidentally, here's what we might have if anybody were still serious about man-machine interfaces:
ThickAsThieves: aww shucks
ThickAsThieves: even after my bitching
jurov: ;;rated Namworld
gribble: You have not yet rated user Namworld
jurov: ;;rate Namworld 2 smooth cooperation for passthroughs unwinding
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 2 for user Namworld has been recorded.
asciilifeform: having to actually /move/ your hand is... atrocious.
pankkake: I know. I got RSI, and it never really leaves :(
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform doesn't believe in foreplay.
mircea_popescu: he doesn't rub the nubbin, he just plugs the hole.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: foreplay here would be the learning. then a lifetime of, well, full throttle.
mircea_popescu: computers want to have fun too
jurov: i always seek to have big desk with monitor as far as possible... means whole hands resting and no RSI, foreplay or not
jurov: actually this one is inherited from my grandpa
asciilifeform: when i was young i thought programmers would eventually end up being spottable on the street by their titanic hands
asciilifeform: sort of like dock workers' biceps in the old days
asciilifeform: btw anybody suffering from 'emacs pinkie' should seriously consider: pedals.
asciilifeform: i've got a nice set here
asciilifeform: great painless way to set those 'meta' bits when you gotta.
asciilifeform: also convenient for toggling through screens, etc.
pankkake: oh, i was wondering about it actually
pankkake: perhaps as a Shift key
asciilifeform: if you're in the cockpit 12-14 hr/day, give serious thought to your widgets.
asciilifeform: you don't get a second set of limbs
pankkake: well I usually spend more on monitors, keyboards, than on the actual computer :)
pankkake: desk ergonomics are my first question to employers, before pay
asciilifeform: decent keyboard hasn't been made since ~'89 afaik.
pankkake: I don't like the buckling springs
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 51 @ 0.05506273 = 2.8082 BTC [-] {4}
pankkake: my keyboard is kbc poker
asciilifeform: 'happy hacking' ?
asciilifeform: didn't know they made those in rubber
pankkake: chinese clone with cherry mx
pankkake: much cheaper
asciilifeform: never miss the arrows?
pankkake: but I want happy hacking ones
pankkake: no, but I'm a vim user
pankkake: I have hjkl on vim and firefox at least
asciilifeform: me, i can't fathom why anyone would voluntarily forgo programmable 'F's
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> if you're in the cockpit 12-14 hr/day << jesus we're basically space piliots here
pankkake: well, they're often named "battlestations"
jurov: cock pits
asciilifeform: them bits won't flip themselves.
asciilifeform: found a 'chess pawn' mouse in a skip at wurk once.
dexX7: lol wtf
asciilifeform: (picture that same, but phallic / unmovable joystick shape.)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 14 @ 0.055 = 0.77 BTC [-]
pankkake: I tried a model m but I kept feeling like it would make up my neighbors
pankkake: wake*
asciilifeform: that'd be it
mircea_popescu: "Since the start, HashFast has been unequivocally committed to the idea that we will produce the highest quality product."
mircea_popescu: lettuce produce the produce!
ThickAsThieves: highest hash content
mircea_popescu: "We focus on this each and everyday [...] by finding a balance between expediency and quality."
mircea_popescu: what the ever loving fuck. how long ago did they stop teaching logic ?
ThickAsThieves: price is the balance
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8774 @ 0.00082666 = 7.2531 BTC [-] {3}
mircea_popescu: at least have the decency to ennumerate quality first if that's your "unequivocal comittment"
asciilifeform: when i read these pitches, i can't help but recall: "...Filtration System A Marvel to Behold! It Removes Eighty Percent of Human Solid Waste!"
ThickAsThieves: cut the body form the head?
ozbot: The lyrics of Kazakhistan national anthem of BORAT? - Yahoo Answers
mircea_popescu: it would be cool if borat and ali g each started their own asic miner company
mircea_popescu: and then i could make a bitbet about it
KRS1: I kinda thought borat = ali g.
mircea_popescu: well it's baron cohen
mircea_popescu: playing both
KRS1: OK thats what I thought. Ali G is awesome
ozbot: Avalon ASIC | A3255 – 55nm Chip – 500 count Reel
mircea_popescu: "I hope that the person who won the auction make available for the community part of the chips from reel at a reasonable price.
mircea_popescu: I'd love to redeem, if the price is attractive."
mircea_popescu: by now "the community" = the group of people who;'d want freebies at other's expense.
mircea_popescu: i blame the usg and fdr for this particularly niggardly redefinition of community.
asciilifeform: 'community' typically conceived as meaning 'jokers like me'.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.6448989 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 230 @ 0.00269998 = 0.621 BTC [+]
KRS1: did somebody say free
nubbins`: you don't see the word "niggardly" used often in conversation
mircea_popescu: you don't see any of the ~20k english words outside of the "retard 200" used often in covernsation.
nubbins`: now there's an idea for a poster
asciilifeform: nubbins`: this actually exists. 'basic english' if i recall.
nubbins`: yeah, there's a wikipedia written in simple english
asciilifeform: somebody crapped out a 'standard' for it
nubbins`: 1000 most common words
nubbins`: relevant xkcd, one sec
ozbot: xkcd: Up Goer Five
nubbins`: (eplained using only the ten hundred words people use the most often)
mircea_popescu: also "simple" means "retarded" among other things.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 31 @ 0.054 = 1.674 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: "Thus, water is a binding of two waterstuff unclefts
asciilifeform: with one sourstuff uncleft, while a bulkbit of one of the
asciilifeform: forestuffs making up flesh may have a thousand thousand or more
asciilifeform: unclefts of these two firststuffs together with coalstuff and
asciilifeform: chokestuff."
mircea_popescu: ;;google trilema uncleftish
gribble: No matches found.
mircea_popescu: o get out.
ozbot: Experimente lingvistice pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 28 @ 0.0059867 = 0.1676 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 13388 @ 0.00021 = 2.8115 BTC [-] {3}
asciilifeform: "This end should point toward the ground if you want to go to space. If it starts pointing toward space you are having a bad problem and you will not go to space today."
asciilifeform: there's a bit of a general-purpose lesson here...
mircea_popescu: where's that from ?
ozbot: xkcd: Up Goer Five
asciilifeform: (from nubbins, above)
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12696 @ 0.00083083 = 10.5482 BTC [+] {3}
mircea_popescu: oh i c hehe
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 6 @ 0.6448989 = 3.8694 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 1 @ 0.15 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 50 @ 0.00269998 = 0.135 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 115 @ 0.00269998 = 0.3105 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 50 @ 0.00269991 = 0.135 BTC [-]
skinnkavaj: pankkake: Put a bet up, first to go up 5x in value from today. Bitcoin or Litecoin?
pankkake: submit something to and I'll bet
pankkake: in value compared to what?
skinnkavaj: pankkake: What do you think, nipples?
pankkake: ripples? :)
skinnkavaj: Dicks?
mircea_popescu: "bitcoin will reach 1000 usd before litecoin will reach 50 cents again" ?
skinnkavaj: No the poll should be
skinnkavaj: What will go in ten times in fiat value from today, bitcoin or litecoin?
pankkake: another issue is that you don't need a lot of volume to make those things move (perhaps restrict to a minimum volume)
skinnkavaj: Fastest.
pankkake: I guess you could use btc-e as a source, it has both exchangeable to fiat
skinnkavaj: pankkake: Lol, yeah go ahead try to start pump LTC on btc-e
skinnkavaj: Try it
ozbot: BitBet - Litecoin to rise above .04 BTC before 2014
skinnkavaj: pankkake: That's not the bet I am after
pankkake: well it did see wild swings these last few days
skinnkavaj: pankkake: Wild swings, yeah 0.1-0.3 USD
mircea_popescu: what's ltc atm, about .01 btc ?
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu: Yes
mircea_popescu: so then there you have it. that bet only asks for ltc to go up 4x raher than 5x
mircea_popescu: and for that matter odds against it are like 10:1
mircea_popescu: go get rich.
pankkake: it moved a few times between .008 BTC and 0.012 BTC if I'm not mistaken
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu: Wrong bet
skinnkavaj: I am asking from todays date
mircea_popescu: makes exactly 0 difference.
skinnkavaj: What is going to go up 10x in value first, bitcoin or litecoin?
skinnkavaj: Fiat value
skinnkavaj: Yes it does.
skinnkavaj: I think bitcoin will rise 400%
skinnkavaj: Litecoin 1000%
skinnkavaj: Based on todays USD rates.
mircea_popescu: so basically ltc = 0.025 btc.
mircea_popescu: i dunno anyone cares enough to bet on that one. seems like random noise.
KRS1: yes
KRS1: random
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu: No, if LTC go up 10x in value today it will be 0.1 LTC/BTC, not 0.25 LTC/BTC.
pankkake: if bitcoin value stays right where it is
skinnkavaj: pankkake: Yes, but as stated. I want the bet to be in USD value.
mircea_popescu: skinnkavaj dude stop drowning yourself in words. if you think ltc will go up as high as 0.04 btc, you can take the 10:1 odds against on that bet and make out like a pirate.
mircea_popescu: if you don't, you don't, we all agree, nobody cares. move on.
KRS1: everyone has an opinion..mine is that the hype will die off and it will slowly die to under a buck and stay there for years
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu: Lol, pussy.
skinnkavaj: Guess you are too afraid to put up that bet.
mircea_popescu: KRS1 ltc around 1 usd ain't hurting anything. on the contrary, puts the greenback in its proper perspective.
mircea_popescu: that's what the dollar is, a sort of ltc.
KRS1: right
KRS1: but i was referring to all virt currency
mircea_popescu: yet another anon altcoin. this one made by the us.
skinnkavaj: Listen to mircea_popescu he has the ugliest interface joke security exchange that recently got hacked even though "Failing last since 2011"
pankkake: btctctc never got hacked?
mircea_popescu: eh go bark up niederaurer's tree.
mircea_popescu: how do i end up with all the deluded ninnies.
kakobrekla: skinnkavaj cause graphic matter when one is moving money.
skinnkavaj: mircea_popescu: You partnered up with one deluded girlfriend
skinnkavaj: kakobrekla: cause security does not matter when "Failing last since 2011"
kakobrekla: skinnkavaj you are making yourself look silly.
skinnkavaj: kakobrekla: Defending your partner in crime
skinnkavaj: Stop it
kakobrekla: only cause he pays so good.
KRS1: who cares about niceties it works really well and thats all that matters
skinnkavaj: KRS1: Living in stone age
skinnkavaj: With both stone age security and design
skinnkavaj: Hiring retarded MPOE-PR staff
kakobrekla: someone is jelly.
skinnkavaj: Someone got in to bed with the wrong person about security
skinnkavaj: and now defending him here
kakobrekla: do you use pgp?
pankkake: a good thing to do is to try to understand why are things that way
pankkake: or as mpoe-pr says "lurk moar"
skinnkavaj: kakobrekla: Yes, why do you ask
kakobrekla: just trying to understand at which point your logic fails
skinnkavaj: pankkake: mpex is not even secure, you should place "Hacked since 2013"
dexX7: betting on btc volume is stupid when there are more than one chinese btc exchange with zero fees atm
dexX7: highscore was something like 100k for one day
skinnkavaj: If it wasn't for hiring MPOE-PR as staff I wouldn't bash on mircea_popescu for having bad security
dexX7: (on one specific exchange)
skinnkavaj: dexX7: Who sad anything about volume?
dexX7: oh sorry, you're right. i read value = volume in the first sentence
pankkake: fuck, I now own 0.005
skinnkavaj: Welcome
skinnkavaj: The grass is greener here
pankkake: and worse, it's on ripple!
skinnkavaj: Piratebay and Wikipedia accept LTC and LTC is going to die out soon!? LOL
skinnkavaj: Wikileaks*
skinnkavaj: Wikipedia is too retarded
skinnkavaj: To accept crypto currencies
pankkake: I think i'll donate in fiat anyway, because it can get me a tax break
kakobrekla: the thing is, exchangeing from one cc to another cc is way easier than for merchant or service provider to accept all 463 of them
pankkake: I would have exchanged to btc but the order book was almost empty
kakobrekla: you use that shit?
skinnkavaj: pankkake: Why are you using premined scam?
pircea_momescu: skinnkavaj it's a scam !
pankkake: not really, I use it to get free bitcoins
pankkake: kakobrekla: I wrote a script to farm a giveaway
kakobrekla: classy.
skinnkavaj: pircea_momescu: What is a scam?
pircea_momescu: skinnkavaj it's a scam !
pankkake: I've sold most of past giveaways for btc
kakobrekla: seriously nothing better to do with your time?
pankkake: not really :/
pankkake: I have excuses
skinnkavaj: Ripple is a scam yes
pankkake: is Ripple a scam?
pircea_momescu: pankkake ripple is a scam !
skinnkavaj: Ripple is premined
KRS1: premined to all hell as i have read it
skinnkavaj: And centralized.
KRS1: that too
pankkake: but the real question, is litecoin a scam
pircea_momescu: pankkake litecoin is a scam !
skinnkavaj: I am not even suprised people like pankkake think ripple is good
skinnkavaj: I don't expect more from you
pankkake: skinnkavaj: lurk moar. I've spent plenty of time on ripple threads
pankkake: most people defending ripple don't understand it and just want to sell their overpriced XRP
skinnkavaj: pankkake: What a waste of time. You only have to spend 30 minutes of reading to understand that it is both centralised and premined. And if you still think it's good, I will not even bother to argue with you. Then I really have to declare you retarded.
kakobrekla: skinnkavaj: lurk moar. < listen to this
pankkake: asciilifeform: interesting
kakobrekla: a 350th rehash of the matter
kakobrekla: re nytimes
mike_c: asciilifeform you just made me dumber. thanks.
skinnkavaj: Is pircea_momescu some troll hired by mircea_popescu?
pankkake: I'd be surprised if those hipsters ever seceeded though
mike_c: "The Quantified Self movement helps people self-measure and opt out of the health care system"
pankkake: skinnkavaj: it's a bot I wrote, aimed at replacing mircea_popescu entirely. so far it only has a few triggers
mike_c: hm, so when i quantify that I have an infection I can.. get my prescription how?
skinnkavaj: pankkake: Yeah he and MPOE-PR can be replaced by a bot
kakobrekla: skinnkavaj your troll skills suck.
skinnkavaj: I am a qualified Anti Troll Combat Specalist
kakobrekla: you mean Anti Combat Troll Specialist?
asciilifeform: mike_c: that piece is definitely 'cringe material'.
mike_c: so bad
kakobrekla: like that mps nuke that instead of hurting, it heals people.
BingoBoingo: skinnkavaj: I still think I was right to dump LTC at 0.0015
pankkake: well obviously as you can buy more with the same amount of btc now
BingoBoingo: LTC might have hope if the wrong kind of people weren't shilling it
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: LTC hums along until somebody remembers that you can plug RAM into an ASIC.
pankkake: in other news, yet another scrypt alcoin was 51% attacked
mircea_popescu: dude all the highlights
mircea_popescu: what happened hiar
asciilifeform: i tell you, programmable werkfunctions are the altcoinfuture.
asciilifeform: ('tis that or slavecoin.)
pankkake: how do you prevent an attack by computers you can rent by the hour?
pankkake: (or the minute, for primecoin)
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Of course. Most Altcoins die on social rather than technological grounds anyway.
asciilifeform: pankkake: how do you prevent an attack by incoming MIRV ICBM?
BingoBoingo: Cablepair and Finshaggy killed Devcoin.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform "roused". i lolled.
kakobrekla: Devcoin? Devcoin killed devcoin.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It seems you avoid MIRV ICBM packages by living somewhere boring, but not too much so. A lot of missiles are still in Kansas and Montana.
BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: It was flawed from the start. Its death was accelerated though.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: that would make K and M 'interesting', wouldn't it.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Not particularly when Missouri and Wisconsin have more fusible material to seize.
mircea_popescu: "In practice, this vision calls for building actual communities that would be beyond the reach of the state that Silicon Valley’s libertarians despise."
pankkake: you made my bot crash
asciilifeform: point is, some things you don't prevent, you just live with them - and try to set up a world where they aren't especially tempting.
pankkake: invalid unicode
kakobrekla: pankkake is what he does.
mircea_popescu: romanian haterz have a history of calling me that.
ozbot: #bitcoin-assets log
mircea_popescu: but unlike your bot, assbot is failing last since 2012.
ozbot: The Obsessively Detailed Linocut Portraits Of Mircea Popescu - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design
asciilifeform: MP, that you?
mircea_popescu: Not everyone in technology wants to flee, though. Catherine Bracy, director of community organizing at Code for America, criticized this genre of thinking as reflecting a simple lack of exposure by many Valley engineers: “Most of them aren’t confronted with or don’t have an understanding of most problems regular people are facing. If they had to collect food stamps or ride the bus or send their kid to public scho
mircea_popescu: ol, they might be more empathetic to the role that government plays in people’s lives and more interested in fixing those problems than opting out.”
mircea_popescu: herp. the leeches are displeased with this talk of being cut off!
asciilifeform: 'Big fleas have little fleas, / Upon their backs to bite 'em, / And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so, ad infinitum...'
mircea_popescu: it's funny tho. "what do you mean we're not sucking these p[eople's cocks enough, and the solution is for all the "people" to spend a lot more time on their hands and knees worshipping them ?!?!?!"
mircea_popescu: "no, they SHOULD spend their time fixing our problems. cause we have problems. derp!"
mircea_popescu: "because empathy!!!1"
Ademan: wat
asciilifeform: 'And the great fleas, themselves, in turn / Have greater fleas to go on; / While these again have greater still, / And greater still, and so on...'
mircea_popescu: i temporarily forget what the equivalent of empathy was. "for the greater glory of the soviets" or something
ozbot: Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em. - YouTube
Ademan: Helping people is fine, taking other people's shit to do it on the other hand...
mircea_popescu: Ademan helping other people is only fine if you feel like it.
mircea_popescu: if they feel like it it's quite the epitome of unfine.
mircea_popescu: “ ’ .”
mircea_popescu: pankkake there, you fixed it.
pankkake: yeah. at least I learned a bit more about that lib
pankkake: (and why other people complained about it :p)
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MG] 18663 @ 0.0002 = 3.7326 BTC [+]
skinnkavaj: So excited
skinnkavaj: mcxNOW 0.4 btc fee shares never gonna sell out
skinnkavaj: and so obvious LTC is going for 0.1 LTC/BTC
mircea_popescu: $vwap
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: S.MG 1 day: average: 0.0002 high: 0.0002 low: 0.0002 volume: 18663 btc: 3.7326 7 day: average: 0.0002 high: 0.0002 low: 0.0002 volume: 20000 btc: 4.0 30 day: average: 0.0001905 high: 0.0002 low: 0.00018 volume: 38100 btc: 7.25801
mircea_popescu: i guess people found greyhawk
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 350 @ 0.00269998 = 0.945 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MG] 12800 @ 0.0001795 = 2.2976 BTC [-]
bloctoc: doubtful given the painful install. probably just needs the money to buy ripples.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 226 @ 0.00082613 = 0.1867 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: bloctoc you mean eulora ?
bloctoc: yes - isn't greyhawk the old dude from eulora that sounds like uncle jessie?
mircea_popescu: something like that yeah.
mircea_popescu: so why's it painful ?
bloctoc: can't find install instructions in the readme for one. after finding from a post months ago, it crashes on some missing dependency but I didn't see a list of deps in the readme I'm not asking for help, just answering the question. I'm sure greyhawk will be there once I get the thing running.
mircea_popescu: well i'm sort of in the business of making it less painful.
bloctoc: … and that's why I answered.
mircea_popescu: so did you download the v3 ?
bloctoc: yes, this morning. I'm not on a linux machine at the moment. I'll try again in the morning, just not into troubleshooting just right now. I'll let you know how it goes with greyhawk.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 48 @ 0.00269998 = 0.1296 BTC [+]
Namworld: [22:51] <skinnkavaj> mcxNOW 0.4 btc fee shares never gonna sell out
Namworld: [22:53] <skinnkavaj> and so obvious LTC is going for 0.1 LTC/BTC
mircea_popescu: right, cause that should include a .sh in there. but anyway, when you get to it.
Namworld: This not be #litecoin-pricetalk
Namworld: 0.1 is high as fuck...
Vexual: Haliaeetus leucogaster
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 1 @ 0.15 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 10 @ 0.36489994 = 3.649 BTC [+]
mike_c: eulora is 800mb already? whoa.
Vexual: monkeys exist time/monkeys have computers time <<< earth exists time/earth has monkeys time
mircea_popescu: mike_c most of it is cruft tbh
mircea_popescu: we've not done a serious scrubbing yet.
Vexual: replace the word computer with bitcoin and calculate the lowest blockheight for which the statement is true
mike_c: do you ever plan to work out of github? or just occasionally update the code you have on there.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 2 @ 0.15 = 0.3 BTC [-]
Vexual: genesis, 1, 2 or 3
Ademan: pankkake: I saw you commented on bASIC-MINING, do you know what's going on there?
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