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kiwi_46shake: here is anyone from the "bitcoin foundation"?
kiwi_46shake: i want to report something
kiwi_46shake: is this jurov guy the is one who running this?
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: currently jurov is the only officer of tbf. leave message for him, he'll read eventually in the log of this chan.
kiwi_46shake: I received a message from and asking me for 10 Bitcoin. I looked up and the domain is real and is registered until 2028! Than I did a search in Bing and find and I having hard time to understand what is going on.
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: i once received a message 'from obama' also asking for btc. it is very easy to forge headers.
shinohai: also, "" has nothing to do with here
shinohai: this is ""
kiwi_46shake: Not that easy. the bitcoin.fooundation domain has MX records at protonmail so I doubt you can forge that one, it is also signed by DNSSEC.
kiwi_46shake: shinohai for me sounds silly to have the domain when there is a domain already.
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: '' belonged to a (afaik now closed) scam org, which fraudulently posed as 'official' maintainers of bitcoin client some yrs ago
kiwi_46shake: I looked up the DNS records of the domain and it is hosted in Russia, China, and Iran (moscow, shanghai and tehran respectively) something very strange about that domain
kiwi_46shake: asciilifeform I don't think so,*/ is a proof that you are wrong.
kiwi_46shake: still the A records on pointing to China, Russia and Iran
kiwi_46shake: this kind of mindblowing...
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: wrong re which ?
shinohai: *mindblowing* (-_\)
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: at any rate, in case wasn't clear, whether or not '' owner is sending spam (or was hacked), is entirely unrelated, earlier org. the group this chan is about, opened in oct. of '14 , and concerned strictly w/ maintenance of the orig. client program. no one in the former participated in the latter, or vice-versa.
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: i rec to complain to the contact of the domain in the spam.
years125: kiwi_46shake would you get the hell out of here? you're most likely the same sad bastard who came here selling the domain some time ago
kiwi_46shake: the thing is I don't think is spam
kiwi_46shake: I never said that
kiwi_46shake: but when I searched bitcoin foundation
snsabot: Logged on 2020-08-16 14:13:45 kiwi_91: I own bitcoin(.)foundation we invested more than $100,000 USD in this premium domain
kiwi_46shake: I see and AFTER I see
kiwi_46shake: on when you search for "bitcoin foundation" I see sometimes is the first beating even and so I think something is very very strange
kiwi_46shake: also it is hosted in China, Russia and Iran
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: i do not know who or why operates '' today, and i doubt jurov knows. you're in the wrong place, please write to that domain's contact.
kiwi_46shake: whoever operates it, it seems that planning for a long time since the whois says Registry Expiry Date: 2028-08-04T08:07:35Z that is 8 years! But will expire next years, seems to me no longterm plans...
kiwi_46shake: says that indeed is premium domain but I doubt is 100,000 dollars (some domains like cost 90,000 dollars so who knows)
kiwi_46shake: maybe is truly 100,000 dollars
kiwi_46shake: whatever
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: afaik no one tuned in here gives half a shit about ''.
kiwi_46shake: that is the point shithead
kiwi_46shake: you should care
kiwi_46shake: is a shitty domain compared to the domain
asciilifeform: aaa lol so kiwi_46shake came here to spam.
kiwi_46shake: you immediately sound like scam
kiwi_46shake: I come here to tell you that domain is sounds more scam than the which actually really sending emails asking for Bitcoin
kiwi_46shake: I was astonished by this and whoever runs website should really take care about the
kiwi_46shake: I mean, if I see and I probably immeditelly think that is a scam which I did in the case of and, your domain is long and AUTOMATICALLY makes me think you guys are scammers
asciilifeform: kiwi_46shake: your time is wasted here. please spam somewhere else.
kiwi_46shake: If I'm jurov I would contact the owners of the and make a deal like Zuckerberg made a deal to buy instead of stucking with the scam
kiwi_46shake: I mean if this group "" is serious than fucking go and ask the owner of the what to do. There is an email on ( maybe try that one jurov or whoever you are.
mats: ah yes the solution is to negotiate with the terrorists
mats: ingenious
asciilifeform: mats: solution is for jurov to moderate the chan or let somebody else do it. otherwise will be hard to find from beneath the pigeon shit.
snsabot: (asciilifeform) 2020-11-06 asciilifeform: jurov: if you won't moderate #therealbitcoin (or give op to someone who will) i'ma drop it from the logger. it's turning into a cesspool of spamola .
mats: lol, this grifter could've saved 8+ years worth of domain fees if he had spent thirty minutes doing research
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