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kiwi_91: shinohai: Anywho, in other scams this morning:
kiwi_91: trinque: > put your .gay to work, ahaha
kiwi_91: ohh my god
kiwi_91: someone wanna register
shinohai: I'd rather register
kiwi_91: someone recently registered bitcoin(.)foundation which maybe better than
shinohai: already have
kiwi_91: lol
kiwi_91: I own bitcoin(.)foundation we invested more than $100,000 USD in this premium domain
kiwi_91: can you rename your website? It would be great
shinohai: afaik jurov is in charge of all that
kiwi_91: I guess than I wait for jurov
kiwi_91: why you guys named your website "The Bitcoin Foundation"?
shinohai: Because that's what it is?
kiwi_91: Well you was very unlucky
kiwi_91: the bitcoin(.)foundation domain is registered initially on 19 May 2014 as a premium domain in the Landrush Period (jurov registered domain on 2014-12-03 which I understand. However recently the bitcoin(.)foundation domain was expired and sold to me and my partners for $100,000 USD.
kiwi_91: is jurov has email or something where I can reach him?
jurov: i am here
shinohai: I fail to see how "unlucky" ... trb isn't out $100K for a domain name.
jurov: kiwi_91: but there's no way i'm paying 1 btc for a domain, not even 10
kiwi_91: I'm not here for selling you anything
kiwi_91: I want you to rename your website (I suppose you have no Bitcoin anyway).
trinque: cut the blithering.
jurov: lol
kiwi_91: I see 1FundZy7m7b8begbh9haCguKJcAdFopRJ9
kiwi_91: 33 Bitcoin
jurov: and?
kiwi_91: I'm reading
kiwi_91: just looking into what you guys do
jurov: so keep looking in, and you'll see the domain isn't an issue and does not need improvement
asciilifeform: jurov: i presume you know where kickban button is in yer irctron..
asciilifeform: jurov: i regret to say that i'm prolly responsible for the vermin infestation, i recently added a 'kiwi' wwwirc button to logger.
kiwi_91: All I ask is change name
trinque: aaa, I thought this was the same guy.
jurov: and i answer you last time, we don't neeed it.
kiwi_91: it would be better for all of us if there is no conflict between us (with the same name etc)
kiwi_91: fine
shinohai: lmao
kiwi_91: SO what you guys are up to?
trinque: I guess in substance it is the same guy, either way.
kiwi_91: I mean what are you all doing?
asciilifeform: watching some fuckwit fail turing test
jurov: kiwi_91: I also told you go read about what we're doing, there's plenty of material linked from the site
kiwi_91: I'm reading but in the contract I see nothing specific
jurov: LOL of course because it is in other places there
kiwi_91: ?
kiwi_91: I understand the objectives already
shinohai: To anyone with above room-temp IQ the foundation website should be self explanatory.
kiwi_91: shinohai I actually working on ZeroNet
shinohai: I rest my case.
kiwi_91: THEREFORE, it is established that any Bitcoin company, or trader or merchant or other entity deriving a worldly profit from the otherworldly workings of Bitcoin, is to pay a tax in sum of 0.1% or a hundred thousand satoshi per full Bitcoin realised, into the coffers of the Bitcoin Foundation (
kiwi_91: )
kiwi_91: seriously?
kiwi_91: I never heard about this...
jurov: kiwi_91: so have you understood or not?
kiwi_91: so now we have to pay for you?
kiwi_91: :D
kiwi_91: Do you guys have some article somewhere published by 3rd parties?
kiwi_91: I do understand jurov that you live in Slovakia and you since 2014 scamming and demanding that every single company or person who use Bitcoin should send donations to you. You are a fraud trash babyboy and all who are here are on the same level as you. You registered in october 2014 and you was scammed out of people 33 Bitcoin is
kiwi_91: absurd. Well, I guess you can call yourself however you want you will be not even close to the level we are you maniac trash.
kiwi_91: you will be always just a shitty scammer boy
jurov: wow
shinohai: That's some serious meth.
asciilifeform snipped out the kiwibutton thing on logotron www. in retrospect was riotously bad idea.
jurov: asciilifeform: on the website there's kiwiirc link, too
asciilifeform: tru
asciilifeform: jurov you might want to consider trinquetronic voicing for this chan.
asciilifeform: jurov: (likely same) fuckwit was in #a earlier. after booted, went here.
jurov: if this keeps happening, sure

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