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mod6: noted
whaack: mod6: I may be able to help you with that...fixed that problem this morning lol
whaack: mod6: You need to edit your php.ini file, should be in something like /path/to/php/lib/php.ini
whaack: mod6: display_errors 0
whaack: mod6: error_reporting E_ALL | E_STRICT
whaack: mod6: that should have the strict errors be logged to apache's log instead of splashed on top of the html your blog outputs. Some other notes: (1) I had a problem with that fix that ate some time - the variable "display_errors" was being overwritten by another init file inside of /path/to/php/php.d/. (2) When you change the init files you need to restart apache.
mod6: Oh hey! Thanks whaack, I'll give that a try :]
whaack: mod6: np, i hold my php brigade position with pride as I aspire to greater heights
mod6: Nice :D
mod6: Well, hmm, so I made the changes, but it still seems to throw that garbage out.
mod6: The page is up @
whaack: mod6: Did you see my point about the /php.d/ folder? I would run "grep 'display_errors' /php.d/*"
whaack: mod6: my problem was in the file 99-liip-developer.ini.
mod6: Ah. lemme dig into that, because ya, seems like something must be overriding it.
mod6: Cheers!
whaack: mod6: Also I am not sure, but the last error makes me think you may have a separate issue with your .htaccess file
mod6: Oh, huh, that may very well be...
mod6: I do have two of them in my tree under my webroot. Why do I feel like there was supposed to be 3?
whaack: Three?! I thought there should only be one lol
mod6: There was another for like some js theme stuff iirc. Maybe it was just the two.
mod6: this is weird, I don't even have a php.d dir anywhere.
mod6: `find / -type d -name "php.d" returns nada.
BingoBoingo: mod6: The first 4 appear to be unimportant "using the language wrong wank. The last one suggests some sort of permissions problem
BingoBoingo: If you set up your stack according to the directions I posted, by default php.ini lives under /usr where php is installed rather than /etc
whaack: ^ Right. You may need to find out what user apache runs under, and then chown -R apache_user /path/to/your/web/dir
BingoBoingo: But the source of that specific error at the end of that output is a mystery to me.
BingoBoingo: Problem could be in php.ini, permissions, or in httpd.conf
mod6: yeah, my webroot is /var/www/html, all chowned to 'apache:apache'
mod6: ok, but! i created a little script to do phpinfo() to check out what it /thinks/ the display_errors is set to, and of course 'On'.
mod6: So something is indeed not taking with the php.ini (which, BingoBoingo is located at /usr/local/lib/php.ini)
mod6: the value 'On' is set for display_errors in the 'Core' section of the phpinfo(); does that mean this value is compiled into libphp5?
mod6: When I did a recursive grep throughout the entire environment I'm on for 'display_errors', was the only other major thing that stuck out in the results list, aside from php.ini.
mod6: Well, and this file: /usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.conf.default
BingoBoingo: mod6: I am uncertain. It may be the case that apache or whoever should be passing information from php.ini isn't able to actually read php.ini, even if they know where it is.
BingoBoingo: permissions and who needs to read what can get messy
mod6: Alright guys, I really appreciate the help. I'll keep workin on it.
mod6: BingoBoingo: You were not able to sell the Foundaiton
mod6: *Foundation's Dell server, correct?
BingoBoingo: mod6: No, not yet
mod6: Alright, well let me know if anything changes.
mod6: Cheers!
BingoBoingo: mod6: Will do

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