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mod6: BingoBoingo: I've been working on my LAMP setup for wpmp for some time now; picking away at all the little issues that popped up...
mod6: But now I'm kinda wondering how to fix this last thing. (I have PHP parsing now, at least. And I've also ensured that I have a database connection. Tested both of these with small PHP scripts of my own to ensure everything is working correctly.)
mod6: When I go to my blog page (currently down, can start it back up if you want to test it..) (, this is what I see:
mod6: Any idea what I might be missing here? I basically just took all of the files from my backup and placed them in the webroot, as i'd expect it to be. Also, the mod6blog.sql has been loaded into mysql, so that shouldn't be an issue either. At least, I wouldn't think so.
asciilifeform: mod6: may be good idea to ask in #o or where mp's-wp users actually live ?

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