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thimbronion: BingoBoingo: I can't decrypt the invoice - it is encrypted to a key I don't have.
BingoBoingo: It should be encrypted to the key you registered with deedbot
thimbronion: When I do !!key thimbronion it matches what I exported and registered. However, when I try to decrypt the invoice I get:
BingoBoingo: thimbronion: Do you have the private key for the public key you registered. Did the !!register give you a challenge to !!v
thimbronion: BingoBoingo: I have the private key. This is what happened when I registered and then requested the invoice: I didn't see any challenge to !!v.
BingoBoingo: This is a puzzler. I left trinque who runs the bot a !Qlater note
thimbronion: Thankyou.

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