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unpx[asciilifeform]: <<< I didn't want to say I have a better solution, I'm just looking around
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-23 12:05:05 signpost: it would be a good use of time to at least say why that encoding scheme is unsuitable rather than just reaching for another.
phf: << man vtools is what ultimately soured me on the whole community public work. for the amount of precise effort that went into the project, it ended up constantly being treated as "oh, yeah, there's that code there that we all rely on that somebody built"
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-23 13:25:04 signpost: yeah phf is right there in the filenames, derp
signpost[asciilifeform]: hey, I knew you did it, just didn't recall how much others had added later.
signpost[asciilifeform]: my ability to remember things is no reflection on the notability of others.
signpost[asciilifeform] had a great time in his 20s!
phf: but i just noticed, where's that vsh bit comes from?
signpost[asciilifeform]: I think that was a bvt item?
signpost[asciilifeform]: I used it because it works with the busybox shell, didn't have to add python or a lisp to core pentacle deps
signpost[asciilifeform] took pains to plod outward from gcc only as strictly necessary
phf: oh, i'm just curious what that even is, and how meaty it is, and whether i need to integrate it into my stack
phf: i think i might've stopped paying attention at some point, but i was keeping vpatches up to date to whatever was being released. smh missed the whole vsh track, and it looks like "" is down
phf: you mind packing what you have into a tgz
billymg[asciilifeform]: phf: asciilifeform ended up mirroring here
phf: << title is intentionally "spicy". the guy is some kind of ru elbrus hobbyist, but the videos are interesting for occassional throwaway phrases, and side comments, which paint clear picture of state of things. it doesn't present anything new, just a complete picture.
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-22 20:30:55 asciilifeform[5]: << wonder whether it's about the 'real' elbrus or the sparc-elbrus. ('dead end' describes imho both, lol). will need to actually watch the tape to find out, i suppose
phf: 􏿽elbrus parent company locked themselves into "we can't tell you that, and you must burn this email on receipt" model in the early 90s, as an obv transition from su model, units are small batch produced for $$$$, there's no gov funding and it's not even clear if that shit's being us
phf: 􏿽ed in mil, they work around gpl by making you sign nda before you can even get linux for it, effectively export limited tech, etc.
signpost[asciilifeform]: all v trees I've collected into pentacle are in there
signpost[asciilifeform]: and I'm in between projects over here so I'm gonna go ahead and work on a webpage for pentacle today
signpost[asciilifeform]: thing nicely bootstraps a gcc/gnat and then builds all our other shit atop that.
signpost[asciilifeform]: really wanted to stop losing things to sands of time.
phf: << afaiu millions were locked in mp's wallet
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-23 14:13:42 asciilifeform[4]: wonders re wtf concretely happens to the brains of the '10 $mil' folx. almost seems as if at certain magick threshhold in pile of dough, people become functionally retarded?!
phf: there were detailed reflections on subj here in fact i think we discussed it in logs also
asciilifeform: phf: asciilifeform not presumed that 'culprit' there was mp's buried treasure.
phf: i meant that presumed millions there were iou's, rather than concrete coin
phf: in completely unrelated girl didn't know about afrika bambaataa, and in "takin' it ooool school" that in my book is the last time hip hop was creative en mass, back when it was weird and cyberpunk
asciilifeform: phf: there was a line item for diana's wage in hard coin; prolly safe bet that she had stowed away a % rather than burned all, and today no longer relies on working for a wage. asciilifeform was speculating about the psychological effect of 'became aristocrat'. (could be wrong on both counts)
phf: ah
signpost[asciilifeform]: simpler answer is folks came away from the thing with their particular shard of the culture that booted up briefly, and a shard of the thing looks like insanity from another shard.
signpost[asciilifeform] was talking over coffee this morning to his wife about ^
signpost[asciilifeform]: that most likely there's a gap between the most disagreeable types, and everyone else. when cultural phase-shifts are building, they change first, then there's no-man's-land between them and the middle.
asciilifeform lulzily ended up with a long (if not necessarily exhaustive) list of 'mp treasure' addrs, as side effect of old project with him, and indeed to this day none of these 'buried treasures' moved. (which not proves that 'no one has launch codes', natura
dulapbot: (asciilifeform) 2021-06-29 asciilifeform: signpost: he sent no fewer than (iirc) 3000 worth of spent addrs to asciilifeform , when asked the latter for help in nailing 'bch' fork
signpost[asciilifeform]: most interesting phase shifts occur when an ultra-disagreeable translates the thing into something which can infect the middle's old firmware.
phf: asciilifeform, i imagine you have a script that monitors blockchain for the movements
asciilifeform: phf: at one pt did, but later mostly lost interest in subj
phf[asciilifeform]: 􏿽that seems like some kind of failure of stable environment. i've noticed this also with my shit, in 2015 or so i had scripts that ran on various machines, as cronjobs or processes, that have been doing that for a decade, often times long failing at their original purpose (e.g. moni
phf[asciilifeform]: 􏿽toring websites that have been down for some part of that decade), but was just too much work to cleanup if they didn't do proper error reporting
phf: but it was still cool when they fullfilled their original task (for trigger jobs anyway), like when i got to catch up with a friend on RUNET irc who disappeared, and then reappeared like 5 years later. a script caught him
phf: and then things simply stopped working en mass, hosting providers closed, new hosting providers encourage s3 style "spin up instance per task", etc. probably btcbase is the most long running casual process i have at this point
asciilifeform has the 'stable hosting' thing taken care of, prolly to the farthest extent physically possible, but fails on entirely other counts ( worx on heathen liquishit ~14h/d and tends to fughet what was even doing elsewhere on regular basis )
phf: << i've read it, i think it's pretty coherent. what are your objections to it?
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-23 14:04:54 asciilifeform[6]: meanwhile, in other mega-titans of industry.
phf: it's a kind of principles of computing but for cryptography, and while, significantly high level, i can see how it would clarify thinking by establishing large scope requirements. e.g. user must inderstand own crypto in order to use it effectively or at all is a perhaps unrealistic but a commandable requirement
asciilifeform: phf: no objections to it as such, but observe that phf successfully reduced the piece to 1 sentence
phf: i like diana's style, i think i've mentioned that before. “Dearest N---, oh how positively delightful it was to see you, and your lovely young wife T---, at the races last month.”
phf: but i don't think it changed much with millions, i don't know if she wrote like that pre-tmsr, but i think a lot of us leaned towards this kind of elaborate high style. it can sometimes get needlessly tedious, but reading her later articles this is not some kind of new norm
phf: i'm just not sure how she's going to progress from her principles of cryptography towards concrete implementations, similiarlly how your principles of computing have "now vlsi a chip at x nm" as a step somewhere there, which is a significantly non-trivial step in its details
asciilifeform could be content with even lsi, w/out the 'v', lol.
asciilifeform: aint even expensive, in the usual sense. but seems that asciilifeform is cursed 4evah to 'time xor dough'
asciilifeform: re cryptography -- asciilifeform not kept up with diana's www, but thought she had all the cryptography she wanted, 'enuff to eat with arse'(tm)
asciilifeform like over9000 folx sympathizes with 'desire to discover sumthing Great' 'despite not having with-what'. but not certain that this fully describes subj.
asciilifeform: ( see e.g. wolfram. even 1e9$ not helped ! )
dulapbot: (asciilifeform) 2020-09-25 asciilifeform: revisiting wolfram -- it aint clear to me that he had ever, in whole life, had an idea (in the claimed sense.) specifically 'automata physics' aint his idea. belongs to von neumann & co. likewise 'rule 110' -- m. cook.
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