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unpx[asciilifeform]: Just seen a presentation of Linear Network Coding, tho it doesn't seems like Online Codes since the idea here is that the message arrive with errors, but in Pest the idea is that the message may not arrive at all
awt[cgra|asciilifeform]: !!ticker btc usd
asciilifeform: unpx: do you have a link to the algo ?
asciilifeform looked at a # of 'lubyisms', found that the moar theoretically-optimal sorts tend to be 1) painfully complicated to implement 2) very high constant cost, such that they aint likely to win in re pest, where most common use case is likely to be simply one station sending to anuther, wanting to eliminate effects of pa
asciilifeform: cket reordering -- rather than e.g. torrents where yer leeching warez from over9000
asciilifeform was looking concretely for such algo where one could determine, in o(1), whether ~any~ given chunk is corrupted/spurious. but afaik no such algo is known
unpx[asciilifeform]: >Gabidulin '84
unpx[asciilifeform]: Yet another translated paper from russian hehe
unpx[asciilifeform]: Trying to look up for a survey explaining everything
unpx[asciilifeform]: Also, may I have a look at those that are painfully complicated to implement?
asciilifeform: unpx: 'turbo code' iirc
asciilifeform: they're all somewhat gnarly imho
asciilifeform: unpx: do you have a link to the mentioned ru paper ?
unpx[asciilifeform]: >Turbo codes compete with low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes <<< oh lol I'm gonna study these
unpx[asciilifeform]: non-ru readers, actually, otherwise it seems an offense
asciilifeform: lol re the 1980s fax machine quality of ^
asciilifeform: unpx: you were able to read that?!
asciilifeform: subj loox (at 1st glance) like a refinement of ye olde reed-solomon ( think usenet's 'par' format )
unpx[asciilifeform]: I didn't read it, I just found the reference, I cannot share the slides (yet I hope)
unpx[asciilifeform]: It is indeed error-correction focused rather then lossy channel countermeasure
asciilifeform still not had time, sadly, to try signpost's demo stream coder
bitbot[cgra|asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-02-03 11:33:47 signpost: were I to generate the aux blocks on the fly, next decision would be whether to lazily advance the prng which produces the message-aux edges, or precompute that.
unpx[cgra]: Rank-metric codes are used for code-based crypto (aka PQCrypto) and linear network coding, but I cannot find a reduction from linear network coding to online codes...
unpx[asciilifeform]: I think for example that, in the vector case, if you receive only a few bits (hoping they are tagged, so you know which one are missing) one may fill the missing bits with random data and recover the message with error-correction.
unpx[asciilifeform]: Will read better and come up to a conclusion
phf: today i had a breakfast prepper breakfast, local beans from last year, eggs from friend's farm, deer steaks from last year's hunt, home made bread and amish butter. this collapse thing is breddy good.
phf: "falling from airplane, 1000 feet in, things are going well by the by"
phf: "It Wasn’t Just Credit Suisse. Switzerland Itself Needed Rescuing." it's fine, everything's fine
phf: 􏿽asciilifeform, had this in backlog, and the videos are kind of tedious, but if you play them in background, you can get insight into state of elbrus, and the current happenings as far as custom
phf: 􏿽cpus in ru. second video with an elbrus gov integration director is particularly telling, mostly by the dynamic between the old school "kids and their videogames, why don't you start a science кружок for young pioneers" director on one side and the "modern" elbrus enjoyer on
phf: 􏿽 the other
phf: << little known fact, outside of ru intelligentsia, that books were one of the best investment vehicles. were generally hard to obtain, held their value, could be bartered for шуба etc.
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-21 12:13:30 asciilifeform[4]: 'savers' generally hoarded paper cash (all retail economy, Official or otherwise, was cash-only)
phf: a sparwling bookshelf was a sign of wealth, because was literal bank, many hoarders never read any of them either
asciilifeform watched father barter/hoard b00kz (even actually read'em, lol), inherited the worst aspects of the habit
asciilifeform: he never afaik sold any, except at the end, was 1 of what paid for the plane tickets
asciilifeform: << wonder whether it's about the 'real' elbrus or the sparc-elbrus. ('dead end' describes imho both, lol). will need to actually watch the tape to find out, i suppose
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-03-22 18:31:11 phf[jonsykkel|deedbot|awt]: 􏿽asciilifeform, had this in backlog, and the videos are kind of tedious, but if you play them in background, you can get insight into state of elbrus, and the current happenin
asciilifeform mostly forgot about the subj after barfing re ~100%-undoc'd (safe to presume -- to conceal that ~99% of the supporting silicon was licensed from taiwan, and 100% -- baked there) retail elbrus
asciilifeform recalls naively thinking along lines 'hm, maybe they'll bake not only cpu but proper os and prove that you dun need nanometre scale, micrometre moar than suffices if yer programmers not morons' etc
asciilifeform arguably was 'behind the times' re technopolitical landscape of current-day ru. where no one, evidently, who even vaguely wants such a thing, lives, or has for decades.
lobbes[asciilifeform]: dude was found innocent, but was liquidated by 'the longhouse' before trial even started
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2023-02-21 09:05:41 awt: Introducing the Longhouse into the logs for the record.
asciilifeform: lobbes: loox liek d00d broke the vow of celibacy movie makers apparently have to take in usa. defrocked.
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