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billymg[asciilifeform]: $ticket btc usd
billymg[asciilifeform]: $ticker btc usd
busybot[asciilifeform]: Current BTC price in USD: $21417.28
asciilifeform: $ticket btc usd
asciilifeform: $ticker btc usd
busybot[asciilifeform]: Current BTC price in USD: $21233.1
asciilifeform: jonsykkel: thx, will address all of your points. lemme know if find moar
jonsykkel[asciilifeform]: $ticket btc usd
billymg[asciilifeform]: i tried typing it quickly again and my index finger again defaulted to the more symmetrical word ending
billymg[asciilifeform]: anyway i just wanted the price to be $21,420.69
jonsykkel[asciilifeform]: thats what i calculated to be optimal buying point also
shinohai[asciilifeform]: I should charge half a bitcent for everyone that types `ticket` for that command from now on
awt[asciilifeform]: Ok so my previous theory as to why I was seeing repeat GETDATA requests was wrong. It turns out that the reason may be that not all GETDATA responses are making it into the long buffer. In any case I've found that by increasing getdata_requests_expiration_seconds to 10000 allows me to sync much more of the log without ge
awt[asciilifeform]: tting a dupe GETDATA request.
awt[asciilifeform]: whaack: I see you
whaack[asciilifeform]: what is the keyword for blatta commands? how do i run getdata?
awt[asciilifeform]: whaack: %at for example will list your address table
awt[asciilifeform]: You should be seeing GETDATA messages in your log if you have debug logging on.
awt[asciilifeform]: blatta GETDATA is still a bit buggy
whaack[asciilifeform]: i can't see any messages in my irc
whaack[asciilifeform]: awt: oh i think the getdata was running by itself
whaack[asciilifeform]: and i just got spammed with so much that my buffer got messed up somehow
awt[asciilifeform]: let it flow
shinohai[asciilifeform]: Still testing smalpest on android, so far 0 crashes.
shinohai[asciilifeform]: No love trying to connect a bot yet, need more time to read all the irc implementations again.
jonsykkel[asciilifeform]: will presrs blata9982 and test peering in coupl days when have more internet. thought my pnoje-tethered inet was imposible to pest throguh but i had done 2 seprate udpsockets in my prog for listening and sending. after puting same sock it wokrs with no forwarding even through this retarded connection (peered with natless p
awt[asciilifeform]: shinohai: you want to see the source to pestbot?
PeterL[asciilifeform]: Why do canadian geese always fly south in a V formation? To celebrate the victory over the Americans, the fucking occupiers!
awt[asciilifeform]: Looking forward to rule by mexican cartel
jonsykkel[asciilifeform]: not updated, will have oportunity tomorow
signpost[asciilifeform]: cool, logs see me.
asciilifeform: wb signpost
asciilifeform: wb signpost
awt[asciilifeform]: no hearsay today on my end
asciilifeform still seeing echos
signpost[asciilifeform]: flurry of getdata happening on my end now, neato!
awt[asciilifeform]: I did include signposts's fix that was causing some messages to be presented as hearsay, from way back in December
asciilifeform: 'asciilifeform[jonsykkel|awt|billymg] | wb signpost'
awt[asciilifeform]: not seeing bot echoes today
asciilifeform thought self-echo was loong ago fixed..
signpost[asciilifeform]: asciilifeform: I have yet to see your message appear on console
asciilifeform: signpost: awt did warn re 5min delay on boot iirc
asciilifeform notices his last msg apparently went to devnull
asciilifeform: irssi ftr
asciilifeform wonders why sees timestamps in almost erry msg
asciilifeform messages' << moar bug?
asciilifeform: hmm and billymg's bot also recv'd barf?
asciilifeform: awt: with all due respect the current ver. of blatta imho inedibly buggy
asciilifeform: a good %% of what asciilifeform threw in, thus far, didn't come out on any end, or came out mangled beyond recognition
asciilifeform: signpost: moar or less all rioting in usa for past ~century -- on command from center, rather than egypt-style
asciilifeform: signpost: the meds will prolly still get sent out long after water & mains quit, but whoknows
signpost[asciilifeform]: seems like a great time for decentralized, nuclear-resistant chats eh? lol
signpost[asciilifeform]: got a few old ones with timestamps in msg body
signpost[asciilifeform]: from logs, seems like I'm possibly issuing GETDATA to peers but not getting responses
signpost[asciilifeform]: got a yuge barf of old messages
signpost[asciilifeform]: looks like a few messages missing compared to bitdash logs, but perhaps they'll trickle in yet
signpost[asciilifeform]: not a complaint, just reporting what's happening if useful.
signpost[asciilifeform]: appears to be working fine over here.
awt[asciilifeform]: asciilifeform: unclear if jonsykkel is running updated blatta, so might still be creating dupes
awt[asciilifeform]: it is possible not to get the full dump if certain conditions arise
awt[asciilifeform]: ie currently chain considered repaired if the tip is up to date, even if the chain is broken further up. so once the latest message gets out of the order buffer and into the long buffer, chain is "repaired"
awt[asciilifeform]: signpost: ^
awt[asciilifeform]: at least from asciilifeform's client
awt[asciilifeform] messages with a timestamp prepended
awt[asciilifeform]: Blatta update: commencing work on partial support for PROD packets. Should help with missing messages in some cases.
awt[asciilifeform]: I might have to move here permanently. For whatever reason verisimilitude both bores the hell out of me and drives me nuts
signpost[asciilifeform]: awt: yeah, but keep in mind that tmsr failed first at assimilation, then at everything else.
signpost[asciilifeform]: I'm not arguing with him because he's making me upset.
signpost[asciilifeform]: might want to get everyone up to date first, iirc that was a hypothesis on cause
awt[asciilifeform]: PeterL: sometimes vex is funny
PeterL[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: if I pay that much for a drink I would want it to have some alcohol in it
awt[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: Not entirely sure how to handle replay notices for DMs. Currently they are dumped to #pest, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
awt[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: Not sure if there's a way to send notices to DM buffers
awt[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: Current price for a cup of coffee before tax is roughly $7.00
awt[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: PeterL: no idea how much drinks containing potent amounts of alcohol cost
awt[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: 3Y looking good, 1Y not looking so hot.
PeterL[asciilifeform]: signpost: send me a key, or do you want me to generate one?
signpost[asciilifeform]: the food price increases look pretty bad.
signpost[asciilifeform]: going to make 2020 look like "mostly peaceful rioting"
signpost[asciilifeform]: PeterL: want to peer up pest nodes?
signpost[asciilifeform]: will send ya a key
PeterL[asciilifeform]: signpost: based on my teen-aged children and their associate, it will result in lots of weeping and wailing and crippling depression
signpost[asciilifeform]: PeterL: I'm making ya one, will send shortly
PeterL[asciilifeform]: "time to take our happy pills, yay!"
PeterL[asciilifeform]: you know what I don't miss from freenode? netsplits
PeterL[asciilifeform]: scaling yet to be tested, I guess
signpost[asciilifeform]: cool, peering confirmed with PeterL
PeterL[asciilifeform]: awt: is there somewhere a list of all the commands that blatta handles?
PeterL[asciilifeform]: I noticed the key-generating script got taken out in one of the recent patches, did that get moved into a different part of the source or just removed completely?
signpost[asciilifeform]: jonsykkel: << if you'd like to peer
signpost[asciilifeform]: PeterL: yep, this is working mighty well, even in early days.
signpost[asciilifeform]: billymg: << let's reattempt peering also
signpost[asciilifeform]: think that's everybody, gimme a holler if anyone else wants a peering.
signpost[asciilifeform]: can always reference the spec but I was going to suggest a help command that dumps usage text to console
PeterL[asciilifeform]: might depend on which chemical they are targetting
signpost[asciilifeform]: PeterL: I used the genkey command to produce a new key
signpost[asciilifeform]: btw awt, seeing timestamps for all PeterL's messages since peering, not sure if that's expected.
PeterL[asciilifeform]: lol, it also seems to have helped that my oldest joined the track team. They are always last in every race but running helps with their sanity a bit
signpost[asciilifeform]: << I found 'em to be gray malaise pills but don't begrudge anyone their means of coping with contemporary decay.
signpost[asciilifeform]: I think in my case they were targeting "get this aggressive fucker out of my office", lol
awt[asciilifeform]: PeterL: sadly no list
awt[asciilifeform]: signpost: what version number are you on?
awt[asciilifeform]: Actually haven't ever run that scenario, where you have a message history from a hearsay station and then later peer with them. Interesting.
signpost[asciilifeform]: awt: 9982, should I update?
PeterL[asciilifeform]: awt: what's the difference between the knobs rubbish_interval_seconds and rubbish_interval ?
awt[asciilifeform]: signpost: latest is 9979. It actually might fix the timestamp issue you're seeing.
signpost[asciilifeform]: cool, will swap it out shortly
awt[asciilifeform]: PeterL: rubbish_interval is obsolete. You must be seeing it in the knobs table. I didn't delete it in the migration.
awt[asciilifeform]: also achtung panzers, disocvered and fixed a spitoon full of bugs related to syncing dms via GETDATA this AM, will publish patch soon.
PeterL[asciilifeform]: do you need to add (TM, asciilifeform) to the "achtung panzers"?
PeterL[asciilifeform]: are the knob values limited to integers?
awt[asciilifeform]: no ok lemme come up with my own
whaack[asciilifeform|asciilifeform]: awt: well, i think it sync'd
bitbot[asciilifeform]: Logged on 2022-03-09 21:14:07 PeterL[asciilifeform|billymg]: awt: is there somewhere a list of all the commands that blatta handles?
whaack[asciilifeform]: nvm, still getting replayed
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