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feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- JFW review, week of 30 Mar 2020
feedbot: << Bimbo Club -- Tales from Indiana.
feedbot: << Bimbo Club -- Memento Mori
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- JFW plan, week of 6 Apr 2020
spyked: <-- lolz, done! meanwhile /me noticed it wasn't in #spyked either, added it there as well
ossabot: Logged on 2020-04-04 17:54:45 diana_coman: spyked: and now I am already asking for a change to that feed, lolz: would you add to it the feed for, please?
diana_coman: !!up ave1
deedbot: You may not !!up yourself.
diana_coman: ave1: here it's in my wot but I'd have thought you were, hm
diana_coman: !!reputation ave1
diana_coman: so you are; ave1 did you try to !!up here and it didn't work?
diana_coman: dorion: what happened to you?
diana_coman: !!gettrust ave1
deedbot: L1: 2, L2: 16 by 5 connections.
diana_coman: ave1: you should be able to voice yourself in here.
diana_coman: !!up ossasepia ave1
deedbot: diana_coman may not !!up ave1
diana_coman: trinque: !
diana_coman: ave1: I voiced you via chanserv directly
ave1: Hi diana_coman, with the new deedbot it seems to be connected to a "root" and no longer deedbot. Trinque never rated me (or unrated), so maybe that's why. But then, you did rate me...
diana_coman: yeah, something seems wrong there; will wait and see what trinque says (after the party,lol); meanwhile anyway you have voice and otherwise ping me if chanserv misbehaves/you get disconnected and I'll voice you again.
diana_coman: I need to go now for a while, I'll be back later.
ave1: thx for the voice! I wanted to react to trinques question anyway.
diana_coman: ave1: please do; and generally, do come around and talk
ave1: thank you for the invitation
ave1: As to,, I have not seen this warning. And I am unsure if this is the real error.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-04-04 19:20:52 trinque: ave1: << ever seen that?
ave1: The whole multi-thread make often puts the original error more up
ave1: So could you try to build with single worker?
feedbot: << Trilema -- Trilema altogether no longer showing ?
trinque: ave1: I don't think I updated my own ratings to reflect what I discussed with diana_coman re: rating thresholds for voice
trinque: I'll address that today; sorry I missed you!
diana_coman: trinque: why didn't it work for me to !!up him here though?
ossabot: Logged on 2020-04-06 05:35:32 diana_coman: !!up ossasepia ave1
ossabot: Logged on 2020-04-06 05:35:32 deedbot: diana_coman may not !!up ave1
trinque: missing # on channel
diana_coman: ah, lol
trinque: having to name the channel is a pain in the ass anyway, so I'll address that soon.
diana_coman: !!up ave1
deedbot: You may not !!up yourself.
diana_coman: !!up #ossasepia ave1
deedbot: ave1 voiced for 30 minutes.
diana_coman: yeee, indeed
diana_coman: it is a pain indeed.
trinque: yup, not too hard to fix
feedbot: << Trilema -- Coffee and Cigarettes
diana_coman: ave1: could it be perhaps that you tried !!up in here without giving the channel name?
diana_coman: since you say it didn't work in here either and I think it should work based on my rating.
jfw: Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong with wget here? It seems to assume things are HTML when they're not, making a mess of file extensions and recursive link finding.
billymg: diana_coman: the server side selection code works globally when added to the MP-WP-Content-Processing plugin
billymg: i.e. above theme-level
billymg: "plugins" also seems like a reasonable place for it to me
jfw: ave1: would you mind making available the full set of required tarballs for your GNAT recipes?
jfw: !!up ave1
deedbot: You may not !!up yourself.
jfw: !!up #ossasepia ave1
deedbot: ave1 voiced for 30 minutes.
jfw: also welcome back.
feedbot: << Trilema -- Oh and by the way... are joyrides illegal where you live ?
jfw: billymg: I misspelled </blockquote> on a comment, think you can fix?
billymg: jfw: fixed
billymg: jfw: and thank you for looking. i read through the comments and will respond tomorrow morning
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