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diana_coman: lobbes: if there's something you wanted to discuss today, better now/earlier (or tomorrow at 7pm) as today I won't be around for long.
trinque is over here feeding ave1's gcc to itself. appears this hadn't been done yet, as naive attempt breaks.
trinque: would welcome any insight if he surfaces.
diana_coman: trinque: dunno if those compilation notes are of any help at all.
diana_coman: iirc there was previously a successful attempt at feeding it to self but I don't recall any write-up specifically on this,hm; maybe it's mentioned in the logs...
diana_coman will be back tomorrow.
trinque: ty!
lobbes: diana_coman: I had nothing for today. Working on my monthly review/plan (I'll address your earlier ping in there too)
ericbot: Logged on 2020-04-04 07:43:16 diana_coman: lobbes: what's your plan with the mp-wp log/bot anyway? and in general actually, are you back to saltmine-eating-my-time-wut-can-do?
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- ejb: Review of March 2020, Plan for April 2020
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