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Vex: hey alfie, how's the time off going?
Vex: can we haz pest in trb?
Vex: i'm being facetious, as is my want, but yeah. you're probably still busy as whatver proverb you rep
Vex: if alf's not working, I suggest a vote to pay him something from the trb coffers. if he's able to accept it without unacceptable taxation. I know it's not my place, but I'll say that he is not without considerable risk, albeit small.
Vex: wait I just saw alfie's bumper sticker. fingers broken, check for idgaf
Vex: legit
asciilifeform: Vex: for what need pest-in-trb?!
asciilifeform: trb gotta talk to arbitrary heathen noades, or noblox, imho obv
dulapbot: (pest) 2024-03-20 asciilifeform: re trb -- asciilifeform's position not changed since bunker kaput , there's precisely 1 sane approach possible there.
dulapbot: (pest) 2024-01-22 asciilifeform: at any rate, the 'only banks' 'dystopia' arguably is already here. i.e. some large % of all coin is in lizard hands; and there's afaik ~no actual coin-denominated commerce b/w humans.
asciilifeform: ftr most recent thing asciilifeform did re subj, '22
asciilifeform: trb is a 'life support' item. if sumbody writes in and reports that their noad notworx on the current net, asciilifeform will investigate & patch. otherwise 'if it worx, dun fix it'
asciilifeform: and, on top of this, asciilifeform already curator of trb piggy. and to date not sees any reason to drain it, incl. and particularly mp-style 'paid himself' lol. ('hi i'm trb curator and i spent $2m on vodka' ?!)
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-11-11 15:39:49 asciilifeform: for reference, piggy, seen through a heathen blockexploder .
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