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vex: brutal indeed. what a tragedy. man beasted by the greatest force on earth, a violent death holding hands with his beloved, eternal peace. Slave gets eternal pain.
dulapbot: (pest) 2022-12-04 signpost[asciilifeform]: << brutal, wish her peace.
vex: It hollows my heart.
asciilifeform: vex: a pity there weren't sharks. then -- quick'n'easy pain neh
asciilifeform: aand undoubtedly he left a pistol for'em to eat if they like.
vex: not, that'd have been just plain horriffic. somehow this was the most perfect tragedy ever written
vex: I must admit, I shed a whisky assisted tear when I read it just now. then thought how many more she'd shed. I got a bit sad
vex: poor chick's been looping for a year. should we send a basket?
vex: wanna make a shark movie hanbot?
vex: jaws shmaws. spielberg has never been scared in his life
mats: i wonder how jaws feel about fat people
mats: bet they're tasty
vex: delicious & nonsensical
vex: hotwheelz is piloting a n sub somewhere off japan...
vex: silent for months, only the hungriest fish beasts follow the ship now.
vex: weeping heavily he aims at his quarry
vex: the ancient beast rolls and never recovers
vex: silent again, rise slowly with the carcass
vex: all the harks gave good reviews. super rotten, definately would again
vex: no aplogies copypaste. you're a tarantino minimi
vex: will you accept a beer & a sandwich per hour and a whole point on the back?
vex: your problems are solvable. some folks aren't so lucky
vex: I don't like people being frightend who don't want to be
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