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d4: Added. Pest is up and running now hoping the messages are actually getting through
asciilifeform: d4: send sumthing
d4: Already did... I'm thinking if I need to setup portforwarding too or if nat traversal is working already
asciilifeform: d4: nat traversal notyet 100% worx
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-09-05 13:39:21 asciilifeform: raw_avocado: there's an old su joak re subj. 'scientists announce they have discovered a method to make black caviar from petroleum.' 'when can i buy this in the shop?' 'soon; spreading on bread -- already works! but as for eating, not quite yet...'
d4: I setup the port forwarding
asciilifeform: d4: still nodice? who are you connected to? possibly he also needs fwding
d4: crtdaydreams
asciilifeform: d4: if can neither send nor receive, chances are your or his fwding notworx
asciilifeform: (or keys not entered. see e.g. example.)
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-09-16 11:55:04 asciilifeform: copypaste: see here re wat-do with jonsykkel's peering info ( you want PEER jonsykkel , then, KEY jonsykkel thekeyhegaveyou , then, AT jonsykkel theaddrinfohegaveyou )
asciilifeform: (prefix commands w/ '%', e.g. '%peer')
d4: Did that.
asciilifeform: then possibly crtdaydreams hasn't
d4: I see
d4: One thing: if PEER and KEY has been set, do the other person need to set AT?
asciilifeform: d4: currently, at least 1 peer needs to either not sit behind nat, or have working port fwding.
asciilifeform: d4: the ~other~ needs to set AT for the reachable 1.
d4: Okay, then I guess I'll wait for crtdaydreams' move
vex: mebbe worth tooling up if you value your time crtdaydreams
vex: i feel that it was uncouth of copypaste aka hotwheels barbie by mattel to make the baudrate of a rs232 port searchable like that, but I too have a retarded question to be logged.
vex: yeah nah. It might display the unfathomable depths of my idocy.
asciilifeform: vex: the bw was already in the log over9000 times lol
vex: bw?
vex: oh yes
asciilifeform: test simply for 'didja know there's a searchable log'
vex: perhaps you'll get a vex msg on pest before a copypaste
asciilifeform: vex: got a station yet ?
vex: No, I've been reading, cdd's mentioned bw usage concerns me, but it's only excuses
vex: I'm interested, and thank all the people reporting on usage. I'd never be able to do it with the yet published deadtree
vex: I think I'll save my dumb questions like wished from a djin
vex: ^^ *only
vex: for my use, prolly need a node somewhere to connect to.
vex: and i'm too proud to ask alf for a ready rolled in the rack
vex: here downunder, the net is partially potteroos holding cans & strings. once in a while they go for smoko
vex: we're faraway. nowhere costs as much to stay low on the corruption index
vex: ;seen `nubbins
vex: how many pages will the pest text be?
vex: mebbe a quest to mumbai to find a publisher neh?
vex wobbles his head
vex: take phf
vex: not that you couldn't work it out alone
mats: i wonder what nubs does these days
vex: same as before prolly
vex: anywhere to capture these gains in thte market mats? or do I buy a hemi to hedge?
mats: what gains
mats: the fed is trying to crush inflation by killing a bit over a million jobs
vex: I misread the piece
mats: better to wait a few months until they get closer to their goal
vex: the goal being?
mats: unless you're the reasonable sort that thinks you can't time markets, and just start buying small quantities of spy and bitcorns every month
vex: what's spy?
mats: sp500 etf
vex: oh
mats: i suspect btc has mostly bottomed, but who knows
vex: bingo told me 400 was the bottom
vex: 440 whatever. get some!
mats: that seems unreasonable to me
vex: this is going back
mats: i'm sure the flood of kekonomics links will annoy asciilifeform
vex: what are we going mats? writing more oil puts? I can't process all this info
mats: idc
vex: you're my favourtite
mats: dunno why knobs ask about buying options
vex: wait, i'm a knob now?
mats: now?
vex: savage
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