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mats: this is what they need carriers for
mats: move massive vol of shit around and project power, influence over orc states
mats: not necessarily for shooting wars with strategic competitors
mats: but i guess they could... the english papers don't like to talk about how a majority of the usnavy's ships are close to the end of their useful lifespan
vex: Some of these maritime exclusive economic zones are very underdeveloped. Premium fishing
vex: there's megabucks to be had
vex: of course if you don't manage it correctly, the whole ecosystem gets fucked up and you need to move on to the next spot
dulapbot: (pest) 2022-08-30 asciilifeform: crtdaydreams: typically you can buy sumthing arduinoish locally tho, if not necessarily in the keychain form factor
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