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verisimilitude: Must it be India?
vex: no
verisimilitude: That's good.
verisimilitude: Why not visit Rome then?
verisimilitude: I'd rather my first foray into strange lands with a drunken stranger be in civilization.
vex: I'm trying to get sober, remember the opening stanza?
verisimilitude: I'm not naive enough to expect no relapses.
vex: legit
verisimilitude: Why invite me in particular?
vex: I thought you might wanna get out
verisimilitude: When would we do this?
vex: I can't afford Rome
verisimilitude: Be we both in the US?
vex: No
vex: Are you taking the piss?
verisimilitude: That does complicate matters, then.
verisimilitude: I don't keep track of each one of you.
verisimilitude: I was going to suggest we meet normally, as a start.
verisimilitude: Where dost thou live, vex?
vex: Australia
verisimilitude: I'd consider visiting Australia, but I won't take the vaccine.
vex: I've had two phizers and a moderna
verisimilitude: Let's revisit this topic later in the year, vex.
vex: sure
verisimilitude: I'm not generally bothered by not travelling, as men didn't generally travel historically, but travelling could be nice.
vex: some do
vex: once upon a time you couldn't hop a boeing for half a weeks wages
vex: go. see the world while it's available
vex: fwiw I'd like to see Rome with you, but I think you'd enjoy it more unencumbered
vex: you wouldn't rob a gypsy
vex: grab the bairn. they'll cough up
vex: overnight trains in india include trannies
vex: just say no
vex: they're goot at fighting
vex: trot on bitches. no rupees here
vex: i don't abide thieves
vex: i hope you don't haave klepto amongst the array verisimilitude
vex: igaf if it pathological. I'll set a trap
vex: met some gypsy gals in Paris. I was obvious
vex: this was pre influx
vex: it was evidently the loudest `fuck off` these cunts had ever heard
verisimilitude: I'm not a kleptomaniac, no.
vex: I'll hope you'd admit if you were
verisimilitude: I'm not a liar, either.
vex: Straya
vex: i don't think you are verisimilitude
verisimilitude: I am verisimilitude.
vex: you are
vex: i don't hink you're a liar
vex: I do think you'd like a world safari
vex: I'm not saying it'd change your world. it just is your world
vex: yolo et al
vex: i dunno if you're being funny. uncorsa have been mentioned >150
asciilifeform: !w poll
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phf: << some approximation of, "mudo" is an old slavic word for testicles, so you have variations
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-12 02:04:46 signpost: also lol, is "mudila" "asshole" in RU?
phf: *some мат variations
signpost: amusing. they're leaning into the hippy "here's this sanskrit word we googled in portland yoga studio typeface" marketing.
signpost: meanwhile, mangol, what's the local perspective on this hipster chick in the leather jacket
mangol: signpost: the chick / social media personality / aspiring groupie is our prime minister. something like our own kamala harris
mangol: she's from schwab's WEF stock
mangol: last december iirc, said we wouldn't join NATO under her term. now "let's see if .se and .fi can join NATO in 2 weeks". not the least bit surprising
signpost: sounds about right.
signpost: I suppose the simulated world war wasn't good enough.
mangol: seems usg wants to get into .ru by any means necessary. fi and se are the last holdouts who've abstained from NATO; we are standing in their way.
mangol: frankly, i'm surprised the force-push into nato took this long
mangol: in recent decades, fi/se have been 100% pro-west culturally, but remained staunchly neutral on all military matters for obv. reasons
mangol: now that ukr war is on, our political theater has turned into full-on psychedelia. i haven't kept tabs on .se but assume it's similar over there
mangol: very transparent that usg is all but putting words into everyone's mouths via WEF and EU
mangol: ursula von der leyen may be the chief puppet atm
signpost: re: political theater, almost entertaining to hear biden talk of war crimes after the last half-century of american adventures.
signpost can't see the end-game in engaging russia directly. looks more like a runaway machine.
signpost: perhaps as simple as our political processes having selected for the psychotic.
signpost: mangol: seems less that herr schwab has a master plan, and more that he likes holding conferences with Very Important People.
signpost has his book acting as a coaster atm, utter drivel of a simple mind.
signpost: meant to read it all, but will likely hit the trash can first.
mangol: lol, awesome that you actually bought the book
mangol: afaict rockefellers wrote similar tomes a century ago, about "unipolar world or bust"
mangol: and of course, there was the kalergi plan
mangol: asciilifeform said a couple days back that there likely isn't an endgame besides "suck ever more resources from the undeserving"
mangol: schwab is a busy guy, his organization has trained an astonishing number of people over several decades. thousands.
signpost: sure, insofar as it's only a scam internal to the "west".
signpost: what's its endgame in dealing with the russians and chinese, I mean.
signpost: well, and from what I've managed to eat of the book, schwab wants a woke-branded socialism with chinese characteristics.
mangol: yeah, but globally. a self-selected cabal of megacorps who stand beside national governments as equals
mangol: a "blade runner" future without the space travel and cyborgs
signpost: it'd be just like us to decide that we've just invented chicom-ism.
signpost: and that we'll helm it.
mangol: lol. good point
mangol: afaict usg won't let go of the dream of fully subjugating ru and cn
mangol: some bloggers speculate there's a pro-war and an anti-war faction in the us derp state
mangol: and that that's why us foreign policy is so erratic
signpost: there's also the practical matter of there being two parties, and the difficulty of running on the "same policy, but, uh, better!" platform.
mangol: us's next military objective seems to be sprinkling missiles pointed at ru all around eastern europe (possibly including fi -- fun times ahead)
mangol: then some kind of son-of-color-revolution perhaps
mangol: you know better than i about the us parties; from afar, it looks like gop is now composed entirely of grifters
mangol: with like 3 actual representatives (who are dangerous extremists according to media and wikipedia)
mangol: the grifter army parrots dems' policies with 1-3 months delay
signpost: there is no non-grifter party.
signpost notes also the rapid, recent ascent of the word "grifter" in common usage.
verisimilitude: A grifter is someone whom I dislike, right?
mangol: i thought many of the dems mess things up on principle; the money and perks being a nice side complement. whereas gop is now 100% personal opportunism
signpost: yes, and not just I, but "we all".
signpost: mangol: what, biden was a servant of the people stumbling on the sad reality of unworkable leftist economics?
signpost: pffft
mangol: biden was always all about bribes and other favors
signpost: both teams do a great job ejecting the well-meaning early in the process.
mangol: democracy working as designed
mangol: works so well, should be exported to whole world
signpost: anyway upstack, foreign policy's irratic because the other guy has to oppose in the next election.
signpost: if biden decided to change tack on iran, trump would bitch about us walking away from our "deals"
signpost: entirely unprincipled.
signpost: woof, *erratic
signpost: where they align, coincidence of self-interest. trump let the money printer go brrr because he holds highly leveraged real assets. biden had no reason to shut the brrr down, had large policy programs to fund.
mangol: i had assumed the decision making is less rational than that (even behind the scenes)
signpost: now trump will run on shutting off the brr.
mangol: large policy programs = lots of friends expecting gifts :)
mangol: infrastructure bill, etc.
mangol: similar shenanigans have been ongoing in the eu for quite a few years now
mangol: latest shot in the arm was about covid, or immigrants, or possibly covid and immigrants. the headlines just whoosh by at this point
signpost: on some primitive level the west is ready to be conquered.
signpost: like any addict, what cannot be balanced internally seeks balance externally.
mangol: islam is trying
signpost recalls Dune, where jihad is not just the struggle, but the state of affairs making it inevitable.
mangol: ironically, western influence has corrupted islam as well. our kool aid is irresistible
signpost: dunno that there's trying here, perhaps. that one you're closer to.
signpost: seems more like islam's spilling in.
signpost: yeah
mangol: yep, trying in the sense they've always done
mangol: that's the main point of the religion afaict
asciilifeform: << iirc a 'grifter' traditionally is -- con man, with 'long con' (think, e.g. buttering up & marrying rich widows) bent
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-13 16:55:24 verisimilitude: A grifter is someone whom I dislike, right?
mangol: it takes persistence to rise to the top
verisimilitude: That was sarcastic, asciilifeform.
mangol: BLM coming to france as "far right" candidates got 30% of presidential vote
mangol: verisimilitude: likewise
phf: << that would make for a lovely coffee table for a certain kind of person, there to catch an eye of visitors
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-04-13 16:23:27 signpost: has his book acting as a coaster atm, utter drivel of a simple mind.
phf: *coffe table book
phf: i give up
shinohai: It's a "covefefe table" phf
phf: a tremendous table
mangol: latest f35 gossip from .fi: usg sees it as more of a strategic bomber than a fighter; could carry nukes. only usg holds some of the passcodes for weapons systems.
mangol: implication being, usg can store its planes around europe and use them to fly own missions as needed; eu countries carry out maintenance and foot the bill.
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