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dulapbot: Logged on 2022-02-19 18:46:06 signpost: crtdaydreams: consider that if you cleared the space in your head reserved for reasons things can't be done, you'd have more room for doing them.
crtdaydreams: << Just finished the last of some curtains I've been making for my room. a+++
dulapbot: Logged on 2022-02-19 20:00:04 asciilifeform: crtdaydreams: try finishing ~sumthing~. it will feel a++ great.
scoopbot: New article on cgra's: TRB 'Cement' Draft Review
cgra: asciilifeform: ^
asciilifeform: cgra: very good points, ty
asciilifeform: testbed is at 350k incidentally.
asciilifeform: principal bottleneck still appears to be the verification.
asciilifeform: cgra: interestingly, occasionally drifts to random peer, but then nearly always reverts to the lan noad
asciilifeform estimates the thing will sync within 2 wks of start
cgra: asciilifeform: re slow peers: is slow for me, some 20-120kB/sec transfer rate. also inv's only one block at a time, when blocks 800kB+
cgra: varies, 200kB/sec seen too
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