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scoopbot: New post on Bingology - The Blog of Aaron 'BingoBoingo' Rogier: Ritalin Diaries Part 1
mats: still waiting for eth founders to get pinned up
mats: hinman/sec's assertion that eth isnt a security, in spite of the governance structure and initial fundraising through issuance, is ludicrous
signpost: "buterin's in the pocket, and we're better off with defi running there than on something built well"
signpost shrugs
signpost: or bureaucratic incoherence.
punkman: Buterin guest starring in Kutcher's/Kunis' webseries
signpost: can't recall if mentioned here, but yeah, somebody's happy to try to jam that crypto-zuckerberg into the "zeitgeist"
mats: its a little strange that buterin is promoted as an autistic alien savant
mats: not sure how to unpack this one
bingoboingo: Hasn't he been that since the Bitcoin Magazine days?
asciilifeform: << would be quite astonishing, given that ethertardium is usg's de-facto flagship shitcoin
dulapbot: Logged on 2021-08-07 12:51:57 mats: still waiting for eth founders to get pinned up
mats: still alive, punkman?
punkman: mats, what's up
mats: intl news about fires in gr
mats: guess that doesnt affect you
punkman: not a lot of trees around here
punkman: the heatwave was brutal though, finally got some cool air tonight
punkman: Imagine being some poor schmuck with a burned down house, chief clown repeating on tv "we are so lucky nobody died, we will rebuild all the houses!". But you remember last year's earthquake and the 200 houses that fell down and they ain't rebuilding those either. "Those were shitty old houses anyway".
punkman: so you know nothing's being rebuilt. "Maybe they'll give us some money". Probably a couple thousand eur. You know all this, and you are not going for walk in the rich suburbs, with a can of gasoline.
punkman: because they managed to grow the vacant firefighter positions to 4000, bullied them to take vaccine. They spent ~20 million, or maybe ~2 million, lots of accusations flying around, on "fire protection/preparation" for whole country. They spent 3-4 times that just on vaccine ads.
punkman: there's a meme growing though, every time someone sees TV crew, they shout "Mitsotakis get fucked"/"Mitsotakis you're a faggot"
punkman: "The Dixie Fire burning in two Northern California counties is now the largest single wildfire in recorded state history, exploding in size overnight as drought-stricken lands continue to fuel the flames."
punkman: I wonder how much Cali spends on firefighting
thimbronion: Wish they'd spend more on thinning and controlled burns.
mats: it makes sense to force firefighters to take the vaccine, they are already a massive insurance liability
mats: tobacco use has long since been banned in many firefighter unions because a small set of idiots drive up the cost of insuring the entire pool
mats: its been a thing for like thirty years in many us municipalities
mats: in my last workplace, one person's husband needing chemotherapy drove up rates for like five hundred people
mats: you may or may not be surprised about how much grumbling i heard about maybe canning this person for unrelated cause, from jr and middle mgmt
punkman: banned tobacco use? because insurance? lol
punkman: when do you start banning fat people?
mats: well, more like they won't employ you if you admit to tobacco use
mats: and will probably lose coverage if its discovered when you make a related claim
mats: the disgustingly obese should probably also be unhireable for insurance reasons but there's a lot more fatties than smokers these days so that's not super politically tenable
punkman: it makes sense to force firefighters to take the vaccine << certainly not if it means you'll end up with half the firefighters
mats: maybe this just means greece is a failed society and ought to burn anyway
mats: mismanaged its finances into austerity, cries victim, seems there's a pattern here
punkman: Greece is prime EU victim, but yes, must burn
mats: not to be unpleasantly direct, but you know what i mean
punkman: not sure what you mean, but I'm not offended or anything
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