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feedbot: << A Syndication of Verisimilitudes -- Little Man Computer MMC Targeting
verisimilitude: Really, I suppose I should acknowledge I reasonably failed to publish on Christmas, and just change it to 2020-12-26 later; I'll see.
verisimilitude: Anyway, how went your holidays?
verisimilitude: Sure, I don't personally celebrate Christmas, and loathe Christianity in general, but was being nice.
dpb: i don't celebrate christmas and the reason is because I fear the God of the Bible.
verisimilitude: I fear no god, nor death; I wouldn't mind worshipping a god I find repulsive and evil, but I'm certainly not going to worship a repulsive and evil god I don't even believe exists.
verisimilitude: Well, trying to be nice resulted in something not nice at all.
feedbot: << A Syndication of Verisimilitudes -- Little Man Computer MMC Targeting
verisimilitude: Yes, just ignore the earlier feedbot entry.
verisimilitude: For that matter, ignore this feedbot entry for the next fifteen hours or so.
macc24: "Lurkers are asked to introduce themselves at first join" i have a laptop with cr50 chip, looking for anything to make it more like, and i got here, somehow
shinohai: Welcome macc24
macc24: hi shinohai
shinohai: asciilifeform may be back in a bit, I assume you read article on loperos re: cr50 laptop ?
macc24: yeah
shinohai: neat!
macc24: i have a different device, lelnono chromebook duet, with faster soc and much more broken linux
shinohai: ouch. I haven't experimented with cr50 personally yet so unfortunately can't help :/
trinque chuckles mightily at "lelnono"
asciilifeform: macc24: there's been afaik no major discoveries, by anyone, re: subj, since my orig. overview of cr50.
macc24: asciilifeform: any way to dump its firmware?
asciilifeform: macc24: not, afaik, as such. the update bins are public tho (as is, strangely, the source, last i knew)
asciilifeform: so if you 1) allow yours to update 2) disasm that bin -- you get effectively 'dump of firmware'
asciilifeform: see e.g. my disasm of pertinent routines re lock-in.
asciilifeform: ^ did this because the src did not contain, unsurprisingly, current pubkeys used in deployed machines
asciilifeform: macc24: ftr i abandoned all work w/ that machine. no one knows when it will go out of print (these usually live for coupla yrs) ; and even if i had found a 0day in cr50, vendor would simply patch it as soon as published.
asciilifeform: there can be no permanent workaround against a user-hostile iron vendor.
macc24: ack
asciilifeform: the only pill is -- to find another, that isn't. presently no one is making non-boobytrapped portable comps.
asciilifeform: (or, for that matter, desktops..)
asciilifeform: there are a couple of firms which ~fraudulently~ pretend to. i will not bother to list.
macc24: my guess is that starting with sbc and building that into a laptop might not be that bad
asciilifeform: macc24: even w/ sbc. if it's an 'arm', it has 'trustzone'.
asciilifeform: which is pretty much same thing as e.g. 'intel ME', 'amd PSP', google's 'cr50', etc
macc24: they don't really lock it
macc24: afaik
asciilifeform: if you can't zero out the fw for it, and the chip won't boot w/out it -- is locked enuff, imho
asciilifeform: it's a fritz.
macc24: if uboot contains no blobs, i have libre boot firmware running on my odroid go advance
macc24: aside from rk3326's bootrom
macc24: the whole device is pretty simple, 2 ram chips, spi nor flash chip, rk3326, rk817 pmic, ncp372 and wifi chip on one revision that's easy to remove
verisimilitude: Hello, macc24.
macc24: hey verisimilitude
verisimilitude: So, have a website, macc24; most people here do.
macc24: i have no website, might have in future
verisimilitude: Alright.
macc24: although i have a domain,
verisimilitude: Is it used for anything?
macc24: nah
feedbot: << The Montevideo Standard -- USSA: Nashville Christmas Bombing Affects AT&T Network Uptime In Three States
trinque: ^ my money is on "herp derp 5g conspiracy"
shinohai: I hoped against hope it was a mobile meth lab explosion, but alas no life imitating art here.
verisimilitude: Why hope for that, shinohai?
shinohai: verisimilitude: Breaking Bad joke.
verisimilitude: Now I'm hearing fools claim it was actually a missile strick, which of course means the US would need to go to war with whatever power is both weak enough and disliked by the cabal ruling society.
verisimilitude: s/strick/strike/
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