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asciilifeform: claims -- fixed...
asciilifeform scheduled call w/ upstream proprietor.
asciilifeform: wb BingoBoingo
asciilifeform: !q uptime
snsabot: asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 0d 2h 44m
asciilifeform: !q uptime
snsabot: asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 0d 16h 24m
feedbot: << Qntra -- Panic Over Coronavirus Now Fucking Up International Mail Delivery
asciilifeform: ( meanwhile: all subscribers : add 1 phree day to your service term ! )
asciilifeform: ^ hereafter the official policy re: short outages where no one requested explicitly prorated refund
asciilifeform: ^ BingoBoingo et al.
asciilifeform: in other noose, i'ma install a trb noad in the rack later this wk. ip to be announced.
curiousd0g: ehm.. guys
asciilifeform: hello curiousd0g
curiousd0g: i don't understand the situation, the real bitcoin website says "go to #trilema", but you can't actually enter without sucking diana's dick or something
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: you can post trb-related q's here, they will get answered eventually
shinohai: lmao
asciilifeform: shinohai: as i understand he's a trb n00b
asciilifeform: shinohai: made contact with diana et al, but got himself nuked there
curiousd0g: it's very hard to un-n00b myself, everything is so confusing, organization and such
curiousd0g: republic
curiousd0g: channels...
shinohai: Well not like *that's* hard to do these days.
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: it is important to 'rtfm', folx lose patience very very quickly when you don't
curiousd0g: diana wanted me to read years of logs, ludicrous!
curiousd0g: and blogs
curiousd0g: and docs scattered all across the web
curiousd0g: no central source of information
curiousd0g: very very confusing
shinohai: What interests you about trb?
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: the docs for trb, to the extent they exist, are on tbf www and mailing list .
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: but if you want to know ~why~ it was built the way it was, there is no escape from reading old material. if you ask reasonably-specific q's, i'ma try to answer.
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: outta curiosity, what country are you from ?
shinohai: ./ipinfo 2607:9000:0:62::a03d
btcinfobot: Information for i.p. address 2607:9000:0:62::a03d:
btcinfobot: City: Chicago
btcinfobot: Country: US
btcinfobot: Coordinates: 41.848300,-87.651700
btcinfobot: ISP: tzulo, inc.
shinohai: Never heard of tzulo
asciilifeform: ya shinohai i'm also in usa. but i was curious where fella's from.
asciilifeform: ( say, maybe i can help him in his native lang )
shinohai: да
curiousd0g: asciilifeform: no country, I can't remember where I was born, now I live in the sea, international waters
curiousd0g: not sure how I got internet access, it's truly weird
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: if you dun wanna say, just as well
asciilifeform: ( it's ok if e.g. nigeria, i dun give a damn )
curiousd0g: it's nigeria
curiousd0g: and n-word pass given, feel free to use it any time
asciilifeform: fwiw if i had to go to africa, would rather nigeria than e.g. za
curiousd0g: is za so bad? I love their accent.
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: i haven't been, but as i understand they're in a semi-permanent 'ru 1990s' condition
asciilifeform: incidentally lotsa nigerian folx where i live ( near washington ) , for some reason popular destination
asciilifeform: they run various small biz here
curiousd0g: a lot of interest in bitcoin from nigeria, like A LOT
asciilifeform: cuz they've money, aha
asciilifeform: petroeconomy, rather like current-day ru
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: i'm from su, but , as already said, in usa for long time .
curiousd0g: russophobic usa nowadays, lol
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: doesn't much show up in everyday life. ( newspaper -- yes, but this is traditional )
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: in usa, large % of technical folx are foreigners ( why, is complicated to explain, but appears to be fact )
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: outta curiosity, why using usa proxy ? do they have 'great firewall'(tm)(r) in ng ?
curiousd0g: ehm, didn't know, let me check
curiousd0g: interesting fact about the techies
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: you know that proxy co.'s are honeypots , yes ? (is this term familiar?)
asciilifeform: assumption is that the users are doing 'something interesting' and they sell/give logged packets to highest bidder , usg, etc
curiousd0g: well, they'll have to analyze logs from many companys, asciilifeform , because i'm using proxychains
curiousd0g: a lot of hopes
curiousd0g: *hops
asciilifeform: 1st hop generally suffices
curiousd0g: then they need to find that first hop
curiousd0g: first
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: this is mistaken model. the vpn co. itself inspects at leisure , 'finds' , forwards to whoever interested.
curiousd0g: which vpn company? from which hop?
asciilifeform: most folx of course are not of any particular interest to anyone, so never notice . but at same time are wasting their money .
curiousd0g: unless each and every vpn provider that i use is cooperating with each other, it's hard to find out where my traffic comes from
curiousd0g: it'd be necessary traffic analysis at large scale, which is probably very hard to accomplish across borders
asciilifeform: depends what borders. but in general this kinda thing is virtually never worth the effort, unless yer e.g. snowden on european vacation
curiousd0g: exactly, i don't think any such "attack" is even viable at global level, unless we're talking about 5/9/14 eyes countries
curiousd0g: but i'm not an expert in the field, the "experts" recommend using tor and only tor, kinda overkill imho
asciilifeform: but what do you do to make this sorta thing attractive ? asciilifeform for instance not only has www under human name, but makes no particular secret of where lives, where keeps dc, etc and somehow no gasenwagen yet came
superkuh: Hardly matters what you do. It only matters if you rock the boat. And it's hard to tell what will do that. I was raided by the FBI back in 2010 for extremely trivial stuff (never charged with any crime, or even indicted). They stole all my computer equipment (and my flatmate's). But using a bunch of proxies would not have helped. I only do that to avoid my ISP injecting stuff.
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: tor incidentally is a proven honeypot .
asciilifeform: superkuh: part of how folx get 'nominated' for such sonderbehandlung is by going in for honeypots.
superkuh nods.
curiousd0g: not enough people using your software, i guess, and of course... imagine any federal agent starting an investigation, trying to talk to someone, being barred by diana...
superkuh: I interviewed a guy by phone about his court case suing assange.
superkuh: That was enough to get the eye of sauron upon me.
asciilifeform: superkuh: one would naively imagine that it'd be obv. by nao, after the cmu scandal blew wide, but apparently not
curiousd0g: superkuh: "the eye of sauron" exactly hehe
asciilifeform: superkuh: you don't even need 'eye of sauron'. at one time i personally was logging %% of tor exit traffic. for lulz.
superkuh: Neat.
asciilifeform: all you need is coupla k$ / mo.
superkuh: I like tor. I use it a lot. Any time I make a clear web site I also put it up as a hidden service.
curiousd0g: glad i met you guys, nobody wants to listen about tor being what it is
superkuh: It's just nice owning my domain rather than leasing it.
superkuh: If someone wants to intercept or whatever all the traffic to my tor sites about amateur radio that's fine.
asciilifeform: superkuh: 'nice' except for the part where the 'hidden' aint actually hidden from enemy, and use of the service marks you for sonderbehandlung and human inspection where 'give me 6 words written by the most honest man, and i can find in them what to hang him by'(tm)(r)(richelieu)
superkuh: Actually, the tor guys have stopped calling them hidden services. It's a bad name.
superkuh: I forget what they switched to though.
curiousd0g: guys, i like you a lot, at last i find reasonable people
curiousd0g: tor fanboys are nuts
superkuh: asciilifeform, well, that ship has already sailed (re: human inspection).
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: don't be so quick to think 'reasonable people', recall that you also thought diana & co 'reasonable'
curiousd0g: i said they were talented, never reasonable
curiousd0g: i still think she's talented
curiousd0g: btw, she said git's shit
curiousd0g: no git mirror anywhere?
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: i don't use it
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: made own versionatron, called 'v'.
curiousd0g: that's ok, but git comes with many distros, very convenient
curiousd0g: can't v be mirrored by git?
asciilifeform: ( 'v' is described here , by ben, who vanished, but his www remains )
asciilifeform: curiousd0g: you can use whatever versionatron you like for own household. but the folx i worked with (and some still work with) use 'v' for publication.
curiousd0g: pretty cool
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