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feedbot: << Fixpoint -- Warm and cold, new and old, fresh and salt: part 1
asciilifeform: ACHTUNG isp subscribers ! i just got back from the dc, went in person to find wtf re 40+m outage. apparently they added a peer and botched the config. 2nd time (accts for prev. outage also, claimed.) ;
asciilifeform: will post moar detail when i get it in writing. meanwhile errrybody gets 1d of service + , like prev. time.
asciilifeform finds, hilariously, 0 missed log lines during this, errybody slept. except for asciilifeform , who went in the rain on fucking beltway to find wtf at 0hrs...
asciilifeform: parking lot was ~half full. apparently they called in repair crews to probe for possible fiber death, at 1st was not clear to night crew that not 'backhoe'
asciilifeform: i half-expected to find the place on fire ( phones wouldn't answer. turns out, were ringing, loong queue of pissed off folk )
asciilifeform finally to bed.
feedbot: << Qntra -- Chicago App For Hiring Get-Away Cars Suspends Service
feedbot: << The Tar Pit -- Work plan for M2 2020
asciilifeform: ACHTUNG isp folx : outage report from upstream, here. ( i wrote back to'em, asked 'why mine not routed via fallback like the folks who only dead for 5min' approx. )
Apocalyptic: asciilifeform, do you remember if 40189404C05C2A27 was one of those weird mirrored modulus from phuctor ?
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: not afaik. do you have a copy ?
Apocalyptic: Modulus: 139059782056460959656201719435744106191431072641756067381552875402859175804926125889154703605613885791590975315327175755794846085720484914947325261643227723468868242314774376257377359975292862661589158115090739682555119949989772802929061703115932924527284892707723221915371355291101016058253687428393001420093
Apocalyptic: don't have the key per se
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: so where didja get the modulus ?
Apocalyptic: from phuctor's website most likely
Apocalyptic: don't remember the criteria on which I wrote this one and 2/3 others down, but here it is
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: we can look after i plug it back in ( there's a machine ready, but i decided to massage the proggy 1st, and not yet had time to polish this off )
Apocalyptic: alright
asciilifeform: looking at the hex digits of ^item, it dun appear to be one of the 'mirrored' cases
Apocalyptic: I'm asking cause I found a 57-digit non-trivial prime diving it, it may divide others if this is some deterministic sabotage
Apocalyptic: has couple uninteresting small factors too though
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: there were quite a few of these in the collection. near as i could tell, these mods were products of random (but not primality-tested in any way) 'p' and 'q'
feedbot: << Qntra -- Virginia Legislature Passes Bill Demanding Destruction Of Lawfully Purchased Proporty
shinohai: BingoBoingo: s/Proporty/Property ?

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