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asciilifeform: superkuh: who might you be ?
superkuh: I'm always on freenode, but I arrived here via a post about the ME disabled colocation stuff.
superkuh: Not that I hadn't read the blog before.
superkuh: Just thought I'd pop in and lurk a bit to see what's what. But if that's not cool I'll leave.
asciilifeform: superkuh: i have nothing against lurkers. observe also that there is a public log of the chan, it is linked in the subjline.
asciilifeform: superkuh: depending on what you're interested in, the answer may be in the log. it is searchable.
asciilifeform: superkuh: care to introduce yourself? you are regular reader of my www ? what interests you ?
superkuh: An irregular reader. I find myself at your site a couple times a year for random reasons. This time it was a post to a content aggregator site. Often it's search results. There's no chance of me ordering the ME-disabled colocation services but I find the idea of it interesting. I'm personally interested in DIY amateur radio and mesh net stuff currently (ref:
asciilifeform: superkuh: re: mesh nets, so happens that i've dug into the subj, but w/out publishable results just yet.
snsabot: (trilema) 2018-07-22 asciilifeform: basic idea, however buried under mountain of paper rubbish, is deadly simple : instead of periodic wave, you send shaped bursts of 'static' that cover entire $band ( ideally, below noise floor ); on other side, receiver has a correspondingly-shaped filter. pulse position encoding + luby etc. for receive.
superkuh: Spread spectrum stuff is pretty cool. Sandia labs just open sourced the GNU Radio modules for dealing with that kind of signal.
asciilifeform: superkuh: specifically i am interested in 'below noise floor' transcontinental hf . which (at least on paper) is physically possible.
asciilifeform: ( by definition, there is no way to know whether already demonstrated. unless someone confesses... )
superkuh: WSPR does with long integration times.
asciilifeform: superkuh: that looks like ordinary fsk, on narrow band, rather than e.g. hiss from 10-30mhz
superkuh: Yeah, not the same. I just meant below the noise floor.
asciilifeform: superkuh: idea in linked thread, was specifically re a 'pirate' that could only be detected if you're standing in his near field. but to someone who knows how to listen -- across ocean.
asciilifeform: there was another thread re synchronized geographically-dispersed transmitters to defeat triangulation , but don't have the link handy atm.
asciilifeform: superkuh: very interesting, imho, your www, e.g. the uwb antennae experiments. (i take it you aren't very interested in the hf band tho?)
asciilifeform: superkuh: ditto re the crystal growth. ( coupla yrs ago i needed lyso crystals, chinese apparently will grow quite acceptable ones to order, ~5bux/gram or so )
superkuh: Yeah, HF just has such limited legal baudrate. And the antenna are either giant or very narrowband (ie, magnetic loop).
asciilifeform: superkuh: in usa (and more or less the entire industrialized world) it is banned to do almost anything i'd consider interesting, with hf. but it also remains the case that 'who not caught -- is not thief.'
superkuh: There's always 13.56 MHz ISM operation.
superkuh: <1w though. I guess that's not really interesting.
asciilifeform: the interesting hf work, imho, is the kind where gestapo can spend $billion and still not find the transmitter.
asciilifeform: even though people who know the correct 4096 bits etc can pick it up from across ocean.
asciilifeform: doubly interesting if transmitter is in fact a coupla thou. solar-powered unattended relays.
asciilifeform: superkuh: what, btw, is wrong w/ e.g. terminated folded dipole, for uwb ? worx fine for hf, and easily disguised as, say, clothesline .
asciilifeform: ( yes it wastes 70-80% of the current put in, but if you aren't dealing with kWatts , this is not serious issue )
superkuh: Any antenna that's terminated with a resistor is wasting ha.... okay.
asciilifeform: at any given time/season/solar cycle, there's ~somewhere~ in that 0-30mhz that'll carry transcontinentally at <2w.
asciilifeform: esp. if yer bw req is modest.
shinohai thoroughly enjoyed today's log, found superkuh's blog interesting as well.
shinohai: (Yes, as you said in Ch.3 /me makes "abundant use of grid paper and pen" ... I have graph paper scattered about on desk for very purpose)
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