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thimbronion: !s ipfs
lekythion: 27 results
lekythion: HTTP is obsolete. It's time for the distributed, permanent web
lekythion: by any *IPFS* node in the world. When another *IPFS* node chooses...
lekythion: ...existing. What is *IPFS*? From their README: *IPFS* is a distributed file...
lekythion: ...precisely what *IPFS* does. When neocitieslogo.svg is added to my *IPFS*...
lekythion: Shinohai's Shitcoin Roundup Xtend(TM)(R): Antbleed, The Persistence of Winklevii, etc | Qntra
lekythion: Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain came under fire this week when it was revealed their firmware contained code...
lekythion: ...called "Interplanetary File System" or *IPFS* which he hopes will allow...
lekythion: All results can be found at
thimbronion: It looks like IPFS is now no-longer golang only, but also now has an implementation in javascript, of course.

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