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adlai: thimbronion: that seems more 'Americana' than Israel can handle... how exactly does a political rally on a highway operate?
adlai: for comparison, political rallies in Israel are typically either coordinated in advance with the police, in which case they just block off traffic and the rally occurs as it would in any public square;
adlai: or unapporoved by police, in which case there are typically only a single-dozen magnitude of protesters, and they stay clear of traffic because they don't want to get in any trouble worse than a boring conversation with the police officer who eventually shows up to ask why they didn't coordinate the protest in advance.
adlai: however, Israel's "highway"s are much less impressive than what I recall from the east coast, a few decades ago, and I imagine that the west is no worse.
thimbronion: The PCH turns into 2 and 4 lane streets with intersections and stoplights as it passes through towns along the coast. The demonstrators aren't blocking the highway. They are gathered along the sides of the road. They also drive big trucks and loud cars with Trump and American flags hanging out up and down the road.

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