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snsabot: Logged on 2020-10-08 08:14:27 thimbronion: gregorynyssa: 他的这四个人 is very probelmatic for me. Best I can do is "Miao Wang feels that to find these four people of his is a very strange combination."
gregorynyssa: it means "... who/which came to find him."
gregorynyssa: << could you tell me a bit more about the bidirectional feature?
snsabot: Logged on 2020-10-08 10:01:04 thimbronion: adlai: the two reasons I use mp-wp are 1) it is an implementation of the bidirectional web 2) it's better than a blog I could write myself in any reasonable amount of time, and yes I wrote a shitty blog before I started using mp-wp.
thimbronion: gregorynyssa: in wordpress, bidirectionality is implemented via pingbacks. Any time you mention someone elses' article, you create a link on their article back to yours with a snippet of context.
thimbronion: gregorynyssa: in the unidirectional shitweb we have today, only the site owner, host, or google knows what links to any given page. In a bidirectional web, this incoming links are explicit.
thimbronion: gregorynyssa: 组合 is a new word for me, but having another go: Miao Wang thinks - "these four people who came to find him are a strange combination (of people)"
thimbronion: gregorynyssa: regarding encyclopedia-3446.txt, I believe I will also need the line number db to do anything with this.
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