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gregorynyssa: the first chapter of The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin is here. might be worthwhile as a reading exercise.
gregorynyssa: 汪淼觉得,来找他的这四个人是一个奇怪的组合
gregorynyssa: I am going to reconnect with an IRC client which supports UTF-8.
gregorynyssa: 汪淼觉得,来找他的这四个人是一个奇怪的组合
gregorynyssa: 汪淼觉得,来找他的这四个人是一个奇怪的组合
gregorynyssa: let us see if this works.
gregorynyssa: sorry for the repeated messages. it works now. see if you can translate that sentence haha..
gregorynyssa: hint: 汪淼 is a person's name.
thimbronion: gregorynyssa: 他的这四个人 is very probelmatic for me. Best I can do is "Miao Wang feels that to find these four people of his is a very strange combination."
thimbronion: !s bioleninism
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thimbronion: !s spandrell
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lekythion: tmsr - Log 2016-06-03
lekythion: ...actuallyasciilifeform: *spandrell*_: neato. why'd ya leave?*spandrell*...
lekythion: ...rcea_popescu: *spandrell*_ what's "sucks" mean here ?*spandrell*_: low...
lekythion: ...tea maker ?!*spandrell*_: press a buttonasciilifeform: *spandrell*...
lekythion: tmsr
lekythion: top posterssince beginning of month, year, last year 25 71713 143401...
lekythion: ...nicoleci ▏ chonkin ▏ *spandrell*_ ▏ interviewee ▏ aquentson ▏ BigTexasBingo ▏ edivad ▏ TomServo ▏ *spandrell* ▏ amberglint...
lekythion: All results can be found at
thimbronion: adlai: the two reasons I use mp-wp are 1) it is an implementation of the bidirectional web 2) it's better than a blog I could write myself in any reasonable amount of time, and yes I wrote a shitty blog before I started using mp-wp.
thimbronion: I also like being able to link to text selections.
adlai: !s deed-it-happen
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adlai sighs, probably didn't.
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