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gregorynyssa: thimbronion: ah, so you had adopted siblings. interesting story.
thimbronion: Yeah. They were trouble.
gregorynyssa: =(
asciilifeform: thimbronion: what's lucene ?
thimbronion: asciilifeform: Apache's "open source search software." I've been using a compatible ruby version to build the search index.
asciilifeform: a
asciilifeform always found pg's indices sufficient, for text searches
thimbronion: I think pg is the way to go.
asciilifeform: thimbronion: to date pg was the 1 and only piece of opensoresware where , whenever asciilifeform griped that 'pg won't do $item' , answer in 100% of cases was to rtfm for a coupla wks and find $knob
thimbronion: I suppose the downside of using pg to build an index of webshits is that I need to actually store the webshits in pg for the fulltext index to be created, whereas with lucene I can just index an in-memory string, throw it away, and save the url.
thimbronion: On the other hand, what's so bad about having an archive of sites linked in the logs?
thimbronion: !s archive
lekythion: 100 results
lekythion: Danimal Archive
lekythion: ...Danimal *archive*, part 8 Danimal *archive*, part 7 Danimal *archive*, part 6 Danimal *archive*, part 5 Danimal *archive*, part 4 Danimal *archive*, part 3 Who is the Danimal? Danimal *archive*, part 2 Danimal *archive*, part...
lekythion: TMSR Archive: Search
lekythion: TMSR *Archive*: Search Clear parameters and return to index page | List of Known Domains Search for term: Sort list by: ----select---- Url...
lekythion: ...just that url only External *Archive* Zipped Filesize (KB)0 Zipped SHA1...
lekythion: All results can be found at

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