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Vexual: things aldai doesn't know about newspapers for 400
Vexual: @adlai
adlai: no ampersand
adlai: unless your twitter is too stupid to remove them, in which case, find a different spam nick because that one is going in /ignore
adlai: at least: the ampersand is not necessary, and extraneous garbage actually does erode patience, one byte at a time.
adlai: Vexual: do you need my opinion on that video ?
adlai is in the middle of -- as calmly as he can, at this point in life -- dealing with software licensing, so please understand that this is one of the worst possible times to distract.
Vexual: opinion ain't greyed out in my world friend
adlai: I have no idea what that means.
Vexual: the old girl certainly outlived odb
adlai: two hyphens, with spaces on both sides, denote a longer dash than one hyphen. I have no idea what you meant by "opinion is greyed out", a few days ago.
Vexual: she had a house next to net and yahhoo
Vexual: me neither
adlai: you are not going on /ignore yet, since you seem to be talking to yourself instead of to me.
Vexual: I do love you back on the grog tho
Vexual: ok karen
adlai laughs
adlai: if you want to spam at me without pissing off the supreme farmer, there are other places
adlai: seriously though, Vexual : please don't use this channel just for sending ~me~ a message
adlai: if your conversation with middle management has been unhelpful, click the thumbs up button to indicate that the gladiator should behead the loser
BingoBoingo: tyvm vexual
feedbot: << The Montevideo Standard -- Former Presidents Sanguinetti And Mujica Retiring From the Senate On Tuesday

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