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thimbronion: Hrm with all the price drama I might have to get back on Twitter.
BingoBoingo: May not be a bad idea
thimbronion: BingoBoingo: I know corona virus isn't of much interest but I find this story lulzy: - Laying on of hands paused due to corona virus fears
BingoBoingo: thimbronion: lol, yeah. If you're looking for blog post fodder, contemplating just how noisy the coronavirus thing has become could make an interesting prompt
thimbronion: So no qntra story for laying on of hands?
BingoBoingo: Maybe as part of a larger roundup, but on its own, it's lulz in the noise.
BingoBoingo: Maybe for a qntra piece see if there's some action along this line
BingoBoingo: The old "what does federalism even mean today" tension
thimbronion: BingoBoingo - may I have an extension on my story due today? Not feeling too well.
BingoBoingo: thimbronion: Sure
thimbronion: Thanks
BingoBoingo: Recover soon.
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