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(ossasepia) ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-30 14:44:14 whaack: << I would like to stay at the members level, aware that without change I am going to be wasting your time. I suggest we see how I can do this week and if I come up short again then we can call a spade a spade and put me in the hopefules section and formalize the reduce interaction I've had w/ younghands/#o. Things have been quite good
(ossasepia) whaack: << I would like to stay at the members level, aware that without change I am going to be wasting your time. I suggest we see how I can do this week and if I come up short again then we can call a spade a spade and put me in the hopefules section and formalize the reduce interaction I've had w/ younghands/#o. Things have been quite good
(trilema) asciilifeform: report to #a, herr lurker, get yer uniform & spade . dun let life pass by while watching .
(ossasepia) diana_coman: (for that matter, same goes for , even in spades)
(trilema) asciilifeform: contemplated strictly as archaeologist's spade, rather than some continued 'legit' existence for the sadformat.
(trilema) asciilifeform: it's 100% spade
(trilema) mircea_popescu: and it's not even some sort of genius anything, just more spadework.
(trilema) Mocky: but there's no way this kind of spade work is going to be harder than trying to wrap my head around code for hours. I always came out on top of the code, so what I'm not gonna figure out how to talk to people if actually try?
(trilema) asciilifeform: will also add, some problems my spade dun work on, and take unseemly long time of 'wtf did you do' to even convert into spadeable form with the tooling available to asciilifeform
(trilema) asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: at all times i try to keep some reserve of unallocated spade cycles
(trilema) asciilifeform: btw while we're on subj of spades, asciilifeform is not ( contrary to the apparent picture ) averse to taking input re where to spade.
(trilema) asciilifeform: if i had 100% 'where to spade' , we'd be shooting enemy from atomic dirigible with death ray just nao, rather than this thread.
(trilema) asciilifeform: all i got is , 99% spade, and occasional bit of 'where to spade'
(trilema) mircea_popescu: taking the evident and less fraught example of phuctor -- yes, "tel you what, ima dake djb results and apply!", genius. but "let's actually divide some numbers" absolutely spade, and it is this latter that yielded.
(trilema) asciilifeform: i aint got so much else than spade.
(trilema) asciilifeform: pretty much errything i do is spade, mircea_popescu !
(trilema) asciilifeform: spade !
(trilema) mircea_popescu: yes, well, i'm not calibrated by you wth. srsly, what you did to serpent wasn't stroke of genius, but simply spade work. you dispute this ?!
(trilema) mod6: *nod* yah, i hardly remember how to play. i remember it being kinda fun though, that and spades.
(trilema) BingoBoingo: It seems a lot like a case of spread out over a longer timeline. Begun when the blades spun slower and when along with flashes of marvelous alien tech could staunch the sating. Here as in BBIsp there is fanaticism for the cause in spades. An open question is whether more involved middle management could improve alf's tasking or is there going to be a
(trilema) mod6: The automated tests that I wrote are paying in spades btw.
(trilema) asciilifeform: (not 'emacs' per se, but e.g. slime. you couldn't pay me to write lisp without slime or equivalent, just as not even gulag inmates will dig with hands instead of spade )
(trilema) BingoBoingo: And from the Spades and Spades departmento
(trilema) a111: Logged on 2017-10-25 21:57 asciilifeform: << where didja bury it, mircea_popescu ? i didn't bring my spade but can get at the shop next to jooanathecow!1,
(trilema) asciilifeform: << where didja bury it, mircea_popescu ? i didn't bring my spade but can get at the shop next to jooanathecow!1,
(trilema) shinohai pages mats for rusty sapper's spade
(trilema) asciilifeform: and i'm sure he digs trench faster with excavator than with rusty sapper's spade under fire also.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: a right, actually, there's one, the queen of spades eh.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: and back to cabaret, it's plain to everyone joel grey's role is quite literally morte, the ace of spades, the xiiith card ? which is why he's in the morgige tag scene right at the end.
(trilema) asciilifeform: mod6: think of ffa as a soldier's entrenching spade. you wouldn't dig a foundation for a new house with it. but it is bare naked simple, + adequate and entirely so for entrenching, and for the occasional bout of hand-to-hand.
(trilema) BingoBoingo: I have no idea why flashlight spam, also recieve said genera in spades.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: Framedragger also guilty of this in spades
(trilema) phf: i thought little axes were standard issue item, sort of like a sapper spade
(trilema) asciilifeform: and yeah lappy is to actual comp as sapper's spade is to excavator.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: asciilifeform pity the thelema doods didn't put a card spade inside their figure, it'd have been a great gypsy-like icon
(trilema) ben_vulpes: << phuctor appears to suffer this in spades
(trilema) pete_dushenski: << no quarterly forecasts. no 'double-digit growth estimated'. and yet... there's growth aplenty. in spades.
(trilema) asciilifeform: spade handle points the thing more or less where you point your hand.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you are engaging in the behaviour you derride re folks making cryptosystems, and in spades!
(trilema) mircea_popescu: this applies. in spades.
(trilema) asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: one of the other things about 'take rectifier and power 10 - or 20 in eu - in series' is that you get one of the problems of the chinese bricks, but in spades: ripple
(trilema) asciilifeform: illiterate peasants hitting one another with broken-down spades over a stolen fuck-goat
(trilema) asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i've been lifting the rocks for a while. but i do it with sapper's spade , but as i understand you did it with bbet's foot ?
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform if we're calling spades spades, i think he's a piece of shit, but one has to wonder what weight MY opinion holds in such matters
(trilema) ascii_field: (though same applies to eeprom in spades)
(trilema) mircea_popescu: holy shit it's James Spader !
(trilema) asciilifeform: namely, more of the problem, in spades.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: nono because queen of spades.
(trilema) adlai: and calls a spade a rose
(trilema) mircea_popescu: 'malignant twerp will level more houses with bulldozer than with spade'
(trilema) asciilifeform: it is really a matter of 'malicious twerp will level more houses with bulldozer than with spade'
(trilema) asciilifeform: <mircea_popescu> well, specifically what triggered me was the proposition that "this man that is doing a bad job would do a better job weith better tools" << now, if it were simply a matter of strength and weakness, one could argue that 'more folks could dig well with bulldozer than with spade'
(trilema) mircea_popescu: <danielpbarron> for example, the mechanics are so poorly spaded that << re that "spaded", just you wait until you discover it's actually a noncomputable multivariate which doesn't even allow stable solutions in the real space.
(trilema) danielpbarron: for example, the mechanics are so poorly spaded that we can't be sure if it's always advantageous to level up; there might be cause to intentionally stunt your growth
(trilema) BingoBoingo: Still WTF director makes James Spader the CGI monster and Andy Serkis th human
(trilema) mircea_popescu: anyway, i see a point to actually signifying tattoos, those queen of spades ankle stuff, or the russian cat or whatever.
(trilema) ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: what's the hidden message with the beta of spades?
(trilema) mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes if only that guy with the younger queen of spades gf had had the sense to do this, you know ? "hey, i just own the team. go fire my racism guy if you don';t like my being racist"
(trilema) BingoBoingo: To be fair to forum muppet he united the shovel handle stock to a lower reciever made from the spade. At least FOR NOW the lower reciever is the purchase restricted part.
(trilema) BingoBoingo: James Spader plays an evil robot on point, and... Disney spent 4 Josh Hamiltons or 1 Coinbase on a film.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: tools drive behaviour. in spades.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: that they don't has everything to do with the fact that swift consts nothing (and provides nothing). bitcoin costs something, and it provides something for that cost. in spades.
(trilema) BingoBoingo: Oh, kittens didn't die. A -redacted- met the spade
(trilema) asciilifeform: in spades.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: asciilifeform some people do a lot more than spade handles, for fun. let me introduce you to daisy, from ny. <<
(trilema) asciilifeform: normally implies spade handle or the like
(trilema) asciilifeform: when i explain to folks why i dislike programming on available systems, i sometimes use example that it is rather like being a fellow who likes gardening, but there was a thermonuclear war not long ago, and you gotta sift the soil with sapper's spade in one hand, geiger in the other, and there won't be much sunlight to be had either.
(trilema) BingoBoingo: Fuck you Hollywood. This looks nothing like James Spader in 'Secretary'
(trilema) adlai: call a spade a spade!
(trilema) asciilifeform: dig his grave << they usually give you the spade.
(trilema) asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: man with sapper spade can entrench himself in less than an hour.
(trilema) asciilifeform: BingoBoingo owns a sapper spade?
(trilema) asciilifeform: nope, that's a sapper's spade.
(trilema) Vexual: you'll have it in spades
(trilema) cazalla: low and behold, there is a nigger rabbit amongst this litter, black as the ace of spades
(trilema) mircea_popescu: mike_c: more like shit that can go wrong while making sense of the request itself. grep nginx changelogs for the last four years for plentiful examples << but not the same can be said of apache, because those 4 years are in 1988, and consequently not on the "internet". which makes the point about "newer is better" in spades.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: the hassle at the beginning will repay in spades later,
(trilema) mircea_popescu: it already paid lulz in spades. buffett held his yearly meet, supposedly "couldn't find any short". just the embarassment of that...
(trilema) danielpbarron: BingoBoingo, at first I wanted to give it time to let others spade it out; eventually I decided I'd go for the wow factor of having a really old account that never ascended; plus I was mostly interested with the Mall, which is easier to use if you aren't focused on optimizing runs
(trilema) asciilifeform: of these epics. First, the author rarely appears alone, sharing space with two or three others. Often the collaborators are Ph.D. students who are routinely doing most of the spade work on some low grant in the hope of climbing the greasy pole. Dividing the number of titles by the author's actual contribution probably reduces those hundred papers to twenty-five. Then looking at the titles themselves, you'll see
(trilema) mircea_popescu: dead bacteria === spaded bacteria
(trilema) benkay: <mircea_popescu> in general the fewer customers you have the better your product can be // incidentally, this is why i love consulting. customers are typically n=1 where n trusts me and my boys to deliver - which we do. in spades.
(trilema) mircea_popescu: fluffypony your spade is very lengthy.
(trilema) fluffypony: mircea_popescu: they should call a spade a spade and just say "was still a senior developer, but we lost a bunch of managers and needed a lead developer that needed a sense of self-importance"
(trilema) Duffer1: mgio_ talk to virtuals on irc or virtualspade on he's handling all that
(trilema) nubbins`: that's a sapper's spade?
(trilema) asciilifeform: rithm: everyone knows you sharpen a sapper's spade for zombies, not axe.
(trilema) nubbins`: 5 bucks says virtualspade takes the money and runs

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