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(trilema) nubbins`: how long to load 1MB on, e.g., ISDN?
(trilema) nubbins`: all ver can control is the size of the pipes on HIS end.
(trilema) nubbins`: but to an extend, that depends on my internet connection
(trilema) nubbins`: !up Blazed
(trilema) nubbins`: thestringpuller depends on the width of the tube, no?
(trilema) nubbins`: !up joesmoe
(trilema) nubbins` unsure if he should go to tvtropes, reddit, forum first
(trilema) nubbins`: !gettrust assbot nubbins`
(trilema) nubbins`: but i like you
(trilema) nubbins`: besides, i don't think anyone who actually talks in here has so few + ratings that i could negrate them into silence
(trilema) nubbins`: the lordship list was never more than "a list of people mp felt were more-or-less beholden to his awesomeness"
(trilema) nubbins`: PeterL correct
(trilema) nubbins`: you sure they don't do it because fanboi?
(trilema) nubbins`: i have 5 negative ratings: 4 of them are from mp, hanbot, dpb, trinque.
(trilema) nubbins`: why would any self-respecting adult want to deal with that
(trilema) nubbins`: sure, but zzzzz.
(trilema) nubbins`: as of yesterday when mp tried to get kako to kick me out and kako said no
(trilema) nubbins`: iirc the new rule is L1+L2 > 0
(trilema) nubbins`: i got negrated by too many fanbois
(trilema) nubbins`: this is the finish line
(trilema) nubbins`: duod the next time i de-voice i can't re-voice
(trilema) nubbins`: i'll almost miss this place
(trilema) nubbins`: at the very least, it's heartwarming to see the actual people who actually do stuff (jurov, kako) seeing the light and calling out mp's shenanigans
(trilema) nubbins`: hell, see mpex's PMB scam for reference.
(trilema) nubbins`: see TaT's PMB scam for reference
(trilema) nubbins`: anyway, i sorta knew from the start that most people would just blithely ignore mp's wrongdoings. this is a chan where you can scam as long as you're "in the crew"
(trilema) nubbins`: bingo didn't publish it, likely to his chagrin
(trilema) nubbins`: not everything; i did a great article write-up for qntra a couple weeks ago about how this bbet stuff was gonna cleave the lordship in half etc
(trilema) nubbins`: trouble with this place is you need to repeat yourself endlessly to cut through the echoes.
(trilema) nubbins`: i'd rather people say what they mean, yes
(trilema) nubbins`: i guess they're the sort of people who can disavow logic if the person spelling it out for them is annoying
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform the people who /thought/ i had a point, hey?
(trilema) nubbins`: PeterL oh, right
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform you know how much shit you're gonna catch from mp for saying my name this many times?
(trilema) nubbins`: and i have no desire to start writing a blog
(trilema) nubbins`: but it's not
(trilema) nubbins`: you may have mistaken madcaptomfoolery as my personal blog, judging by the fact that i noticed it on your "friends" links list the same day it was removed
(trilema) nubbins`: i don't have a blog
(trilema) nubbins`: you don't believe in gravity, you're still stuck to the floor, no?
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform the rate of progress on all mp projects is what's outrageous
(trilema) nubbins`: glacially slow, entwining otherwise productive people in the process
(trilema) nubbins`: y'know, the way "billionaires" build things.
(trilema) nubbins`: hence why eulora was a part-time project for 1 developer
(trilema) nubbins`: hence why he didn't just hire alf at a reasonable wage for a couple years
(trilema) nubbins`: because mp doesn't want to build things, he wants to glue people to him
(trilema) nubbins`: current state of eulora will be current state of eulora in 10 years
(trilema) nubbins`: thestringpuller surprised? :S
(trilema) nubbins`: punkman it's a warrant to purchase stock at a certain price
(trilema) nubbins`: thestringpuller lol, at a loss?!
(trilema) nubbins`: remains the sole responsibility of the respective parties involved."
(trilema) nubbins`: by or among third parties. The administration of any such contracts
(trilema) nubbins`: "S.MG will not process or administer any assignments of this Warrant
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform unfortunately no. warrant sez.
(trilema) nubbins`: overall i think i'm up about 20 btc from this place
(trilema) nubbins`: although my eternally-useless stock warrant will likely remain useless, i don't think my actions had any direct effect on that
(trilema) nubbins`: punkman well, that's why all the negrates
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform we all gotta shit somewhere buddy
(trilema) nubbins`: god, how humiliating for mp. he explicitly ordered that i be banished and it didn't happen
(trilema) nubbins`: thanks, i'd hoped so
(trilema) nubbins`: doing this for me, not you :)
(trilema) nubbins`: endorsement not necessary
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform or... mp?
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform ^ that stmt from kako was directed towards.... me?
(trilema) nubbins`: mp decreed
(trilema) nubbins`: no lords, didn't ya get the message?
(trilema) nubbins`: but i'm more than okay with how this trade has worked out
(trilema) nubbins`: aside from the general level of brown-nosing and illogic
(trilema) nubbins`: note that without mp scamz0ring, i didn't have any other outstanding issues
(trilema) nubbins`: reek streams in all the way from Bs.As.
(trilema) nubbins`: actually, yes shit
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform your kitchen smells of poo :(
(trilema) nubbins`: probably just a holdover in the code where a self-!upped person can't be !downed by someone else
(trilema) nubbins`: davout third time's a charm?
(trilema) nubbins`: it's just smelled like food for a while
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform this isn't a kitchen, it's an outhouse
(trilema) nubbins`: says a lot about the glue that held the place together
(trilema) nubbins`: it's funny how mp spent the past X years in here being the biggest salty adult-baby he could, but then once someone else tries acting like an asshole towards mp, the entire place falls apart.
(trilema) nubbins`: just poking them both w/ stick
(trilema) nubbins`: course not
(trilema) nubbins`: reeks like mp and hanbot in here
(trilema) nubbins`: done with this festering shit-hole anyway
(trilema) nubbins`: hard to say. probably.
(trilema) nubbins`: *cared what
(trilema) nubbins`: i'd be surprised if any rational adult thought what internet-friendz thought of them
(trilema) nubbins`: i hear they taste like the toes of a man so lazy and slothful that he thought his indigestion was pancreatic cancer
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform fwiw you now fall under the "people i no longer respect" category, have fun licking mp's toes
(trilema) nubbins`: not as lulzy as mp trying -- and failing -- to just ignore me
(trilema) nubbins`: << this and following statements are tubo-lulzy.
(trilema) nubbins`: just wanted to take this opportunity, while i can still self-voice, to let you all know that most of you are weeaboo basement-dwelling troglodytes and i respect very few of you
(trilema) nubbins`: kako says no and tells mp he's a baby
(trilema) nubbins`: "KICK NUBS OUTTA HERE OR ELSE"
(trilema) nubbins`: this place really went full-rage overnight.
(trilema) nubbins`: not restricting, just observing
(trilema) nubbins`: i just started keeping track of what i ate
(trilema) nubbins`: pete_dushenski funny enough, no diet
(trilema) nubbins`: i've shed 26lb since xmas!
(trilema) nubbins`: speaking of obeast
(trilema) nubbins`: but first, jazz cig
(trilema) nubbins` goes to print layer 7 of new btc posters
(trilema) nubbins`: "you need to get the rats out of the kitchen and then later you'll want to make a meal there? i think not"
(trilema) nubbins`: shooting from the hip
(trilema) nubbins`: like i said before, popescu is basically a better-read karpeles
(trilema) nubbins`: punkman oh my god, you're right.
(trilema) nubbins`: danielpbarron is pretty much hanbot-level muppet
(trilema) nubbins`: fluffypony 8)
(trilema) nubbins`: but really all i'm doing here is filling in the time between layers of ink
(trilema) nubbins`: don't get me wrong, holding mp's feet to the fire is a good lel
(trilema) nubbins`: glad trinque ignored me, it was annoying having him bleat at me all the time
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform there's plenty of folk i like talking to here besides you :D
(trilema) nubbins`: whether he comes, goes, ignores me, shuts down his companies, erases his little lords list, w/e. don't care.
(trilema) nubbins`: mp is just a guy who plays MMORPGs and wanks on irc all day, to me
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform i stuck around here for the interesting convos, verbal diarrhoea from mp aside.
(trilema) nubbins`: i actually didn't realize mp owned assbot
(trilema) nubbins`: thanks daniel for reminding us how to think
(trilema) nubbins`: so far it's only mp and trinque unable to work it out
(trilema) nubbins`: people who do things on one side. mp, dpb, trinque, hanbot on other. alf in middle
(trilema) nubbins`: about fuckin time
(trilema) nubbins`: if we took all the bees out of danielpbarron's and trinque's panties, we could make honey.
(trilema) nubbins`: cool story
(trilema) nubbins`: you're also thoroughly welcome to tell someone who cares
(trilema) nubbins`: you're thoroughly misinformed
(trilema) nubbins`: so, how does everyone feel about there no longer being a lordship?
(trilema) nubbins`: if wishes were poops...
(trilema) nubbins`: <+asciilifeform>nubbins`: what am i then. in what box do i live in, in your cosmos ? << the box where deference trumps cold reason
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform not in this world!~
(trilema) nubbins`: and rhetoric
(trilema) nubbins`: capable of literally nothing. but hyperbole
(trilema) nubbins`: nevermind that mp and his gurlfriend are the biggest toilet mouths in bitcoin
(trilema) nubbins`: everybody should be turbo polite & proper, except of course mp, in trinque's mind
(trilema) nubbins`: trinque is too much a fanboi to be rubbed
(trilema) nubbins`: "stahp fighting you guys!!!!!!" x 1000
(trilema) nubbins`: man, if there's one person i stopped reading earlier today, it's trinque
(trilema) nubbins`: <+mircea_popescu>let me point out to you that bitbet came down over my realisation that this is how you lot think. stop fucking thinking like this before i have to cut more heads. <<< or, put another way, "stfu talking dangerous talk, alf, or s.nsa is next"
(trilema) nubbins`: <+hanbot>this "lord" shit is pretty ridiculous by now eh. << actually fucking ridiculous from the start, but with occasional convenient side effects
(trilema) nubbins`: <+asciilifeform>apparently all of us but mircea_popescu are idiots ? << you just now realizing?
(trilema) nubbins`: at least according to him
(trilema) nubbins`: and the division of funds exists on paper only
(trilema) nubbins`: jurov if you'll recall, mp is strictly not doing this
(trilema) nubbins`: send funds to bet addr. funds remain there. winners and house grab are paid from same.
(trilema) nubbins`: seems sensible to me.
(trilema) nubbins`: i think she had a quote somewhere about 0-fee tx expectations too
(trilema) nubbins`: hanbot to the rescue again
(trilema) nubbins`: maybe next a dirigible fleet will hit a button?
(trilema) nubbins`: elbows hitting buttons, bullets hitting buttons, etc
(trilema) nubbins`: kakobrekla asciilifeform seems to be arguing mostly alternate-universe theories
(trilema) nubbins`: <+asciilifeform>how does creditor know he was paid by debtor? how does debtor know he paid creditor ? <<< obvious answer is when the input funds are used for payout
(trilema) nubbins`: sorry, that's not a proverb
(trilema) nubbins`: "if i knew everyone'd be so mad about these payouts, i would have kept company funds in a separate address"
(trilema) nubbins`: hindsight is indeed 20/20
(trilema) nubbins`: otherwise it's just noise vs noise
(trilema) nubbins`: this you do
(trilema) nubbins`: sending 20yearplan all those posters to give away to tenants too poor to own computers, in the hope of luring them here (????)
(trilema) nubbins`: rota mega-loophole comes to mind
(trilema) nubbins`: doesn't put enough forethought / planning into things
(trilema) nubbins`: imo that's one of mp's biggest problems
(trilema) nubbins`: pretty seat-of-the-pants in retrospect, huh.
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform agreed
(trilema) nubbins`: davout asciilifeform is mixing metaphors like a vitamix today
(trilema) nubbins`: if you send BTC to an address i own, i'm not a thieving swine regardless of whether you meant to send it.
(trilema) nubbins`: it is described in the manual of common sense what will happen if a fool pays a debt twice
(trilema) nubbins`: you clearly failed to grasp my statement
(trilema) nubbins`: yep, agreed.
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform this is taking this piss even for you.
(trilema) nubbins`: just as well to call bbet a thieving swine for keeping that poor asshole's 10 btc that showed up late.
(trilema) nubbins`: THIEVING SWINE?!
(trilema) nubbins`: and this is some weird bullshit
(trilema) nubbins`: that any weird bullshit has to get approved by both
(trilema) nubbins`: because it's in the listing agreement
(trilema) nubbins`: i guess kako can
(trilema) nubbins`: two weeks from receipt of all goods, iirc
(trilema) nubbins`: i'm just pointing a finger and calling a thing by name.
(trilema) nubbins`: there's no body to appeal to for justice
(trilema) nubbins`: i'm not crying for justice
(trilema) nubbins`: you mistake
(trilema) nubbins`: why am i engaging in this ridiculous broken analogy
(trilema) nubbins`: it's not a business expense anymore
(trilema) nubbins`: sure, and if it's only used by the owner to go ATVing up at his cottage
(trilema) nubbins`: so many failed analogies in here
(trilema) nubbins`: the public will mock me and call me a fraud
(trilema) nubbins`: but if i buy a race car for personal use and charge it to the company
(trilema) nubbins`: as a privately-owned corporation, i can do pretty much whatever the fuck i want
(trilema) nubbins`: trinque indeed, i own a majority of shares
(trilema) nubbins`: if i act as an elephant and declare it so...?
(trilema) nubbins`: there's precedent for the latter
(trilema) nubbins`: agreed, which is why idgaf about it beyond marvelling at its irony
(trilema) nubbins`: fwiw all the dealings are public
(trilema) nubbins`: no, i have a terrible memory, it borders on pathology
(trilema) nubbins`: i've never seen such vehement opposition to simple discussion of factual events as i've seen in here the past few weeks
(trilema) nubbins`: i'm juuuuuust offering opinion.
(trilema) nubbins`: make no mistake
(trilema) nubbins`: i'm under no illusions that what i say is binding on anyone
(trilema) nubbins`: you guys are the ones taking me seriously or not
(trilema) nubbins`: i'm only flapping my jaw here.
(trilema) nubbins`: trinque your argument is: the public doesn't get to lambast those who do poor business?
(trilema) nubbins`: trinque one of the owners decided this, yeah...
(trilema) nubbins` wanders away
(trilema) nubbins`: fair enough
(trilema) nubbins`: then you're back to straight-up incompetence, releasing two separate-input tx's into the wild for the same bill.
(trilema) nubbins`: no u, etc.
(trilema) nubbins`: seems like a major lost opportunity.
(trilema) nubbins`: asciilifeform so why didn't bbet monitor payout addresses, and cancel any payments to wallets which received funds from any source after bet resolution?
(trilema) nubbins`: "buying debt" is fiat bullshit
(trilema) nubbins`: you don't get to claim a third party handing me cash as your own payment.