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trinque: seems like a bug eh
jfw: it did quote, in its own log, but wasn't voiced, so it's now out of sync with ossabot if it wasn't already
trinque: guess I don't understand the implication of this being out of sync
trinque: at any rate, happy to auto-voice it, nbd.
diana_coman: trinque: confirmed all fine, balance shows as expected, thank you.
diana_coman: re bots - when/if they are in sync, they have the exact same numbers for all lines so in principle any links can be ported easily from one to another; but it is a very fragile thing for sure and no, I don't like it at all either.
trinque: man there's a fun consensus problem in there
asciilifeform: trinque: back when i wrote the sad log bot, tried to solve this; failed. ( turns out, for instance, that diff. fleanode nodes send, with appreciable frequency, diff. line orderings. )
trinque: I mean even nature didn't solve one canonical ordering of causes, as far as we know.

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