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trinque: << he must be waiting on confirmation from me that I'm not planning on fucking his wife too, given that I've said nothing on the subject, and therefore.
ossabot: (asciilifeform) 2019-11-10 asciilifeform: danielpbarron: i'm still waiting for clarification from trinque re whether he will permit asciilifeform to use his deedbot wallet service. ( if not, payment will have to be via conventional 'permissionless' btc. )
asciilifeform: ohai trinque . i ought ask explicitly ( given as even last wk, trinque lemme use his service as courtesy, i.e. i already was not in his l1 )
trinque: I am not going to suddenly trap *anyone's* funds. You have my vow on that, if it were not apparent already.
asciilifeform: q wasnt re trap, but re standard use. can use service? and at the usual cost?
trinque: sure, use.
asciilifeform: ty trinque . i value the service, it worx a+++.
asciilifeform: trinque: unrelatedly, i'm quite interested to read your buildroot materials, when you publish; spent large % of summer fighting w/ br ( during the doomed 'm' effort, it was a custom br ratsnest. )
asciilifeform: sadly mine was ~100% dead end ( w/ the possib. exception that did learn how to force linux into nonstandard iron, in general case . )
trinque: sure, isn't using buildroot though, just busybox.
trinque: are you familiar with overlayfs in linux?
asciilifeform only ever used br w/ busybox and vice-versa, but indeed they're separate
asciilifeform: trinque: i read the docs for it but not had occasion to use overlayfs, dun think
asciilifeform: at least not explicitly ( can't recall whether it is used internally in e.g. br )
trinque: ever used e.g. docker? it's a vast pile of shit, but the actual reason it's useful isn't the faux-virtualization.
trinque: I'm looking at building a system where the built items exist as layers in a multi-layered overlayfs
trinque: and that these are called in when needed for a task, e.g. database server, wp, whatever.
trinque: ideally, later, from connected gossipnodes. i.e. "hey you fucks, I have an mp3. what do you have for layers that can read this?"
trinque: your wot responds back that it has all these layers built which can handle, with various degrees of trust for each signed layer.
trinque: obviously this doesn't replace building from v-tree source. it's a proposal for where built artifacts end up, and how they are deployed to machines en masse
trinque: I'm quite tired of having standing up new outposts take longer than a few seconds, personally.
trinque: moreover, infectious linux plus this becomes very interesting very quickly
asciilifeform: i recall this , was discussed briefly . imho it is The Right Thing .
asciilifeform: ( rather like a 'field unification' for 'v' et al )
trinque: yep, so the idea is that the first layer contains naught more than busybox, compiler, v.
trinque: the layerbuilding-layer
trinque: obviously the intent is to crack the "distro" monstrosity into a WoT-tronic graph of folks you know building and publishing these layers, instead of eating "packages" from whichever bureaucracy.
asciilifeform: trinque: when i was doing the mips thing, discovered by chance that a 'userland' port of kernel exists. may be useful for quick bringup & build on existing systems.
trinque: in fact, I am already experimenting with usermode linux
asciilifeform: aa neat
trinque: the busybox core fits as in-built initramfs
asciilifeform: trinque: i suspect you're year+ ahead of me on this item already.
trinque: so, the thing should in principle be able to start as a usermode proggie, and then forcibly take over whatever machine on which it was started
asciilifeform can picture
diana_coman: - this sounds very useful to me.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-11-11 21:59:53 trinque: I'm looking at building a system where the built items exist as layers in a multi-layered overlayfs

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