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mp_en_viaje waves
bvt: - did some more debugging today, but cannot get a wedge when i do need it
mp_en_viaje: bvt, don't feel too bad, this is a massive problem owing to the insanity of the gearbox involved. the vast majority of historically observed wedges were never reproduced
mp_en_viaje: i guess in some quarters this counts for "intrinsic stability" or something, but...
bvt: well, the only thing i feel bad about in this situation is that for some time i was getting wedged in ~30 min, did not check the logs, assumed the DB corruption, rolled back to month-old chain snapshot without keeping the current
mp_en_viaje: a
bvt: anyone debug.log snapshots of wedge: did the period before wedge involve a large number of continous block requests?
diana_coman waves a generated-sphere-on-a-bone-that-is-not-a-bone-they-are-idiots
mod6: bvt: Yes, I experience exactly like you describe; right before 'wedge', incoming 30k or so of 'received getdata for: block' in debug.log.
mod6: I have a debug.log that is ~12G that goes back ~3 mos to block #605198, i do see those requests, but in the dozens at a time at most. but not a tidal wave of tens of thousands.
mod6: When alf alerted about this wedge on the 22nd, I was quick to point out this wave of stuff that I don't typicaly see.
mod6: Happy to provide the 12G log if you want that, or a shorter one that shows on 22nd or 23rd my node starting, then getting wedged after wave.
mod6: Apparently main.cpp:ProcessMessage() allows for quite a number of these getdata commands before flagged as 'Misbehaving'. But I've not seen waves like this before now. Quite possible I've just not seen them either tho.
mod6: (I'm sure you've already looked at this tho. But for folks following along...)
mod6: Here's that quick deebot snippit I posted on Friday night (iirc):
mod6: If others have this same type of behavior, please write in and say, show us the debug.log if you can. Thanks.
mp_en_viaje: lol diana_coman
mod6: bvt: et, al. Was able to use alf's wedger tool to replicate the problem. It took exactly 1 try. Here's my notes and debug.log (renamed) from the test:
feedbot: << Qntra -- Spike In US Population Of Illegal Indian Migrants
mod6: bvt: et, al. Still testing/debugging. Tried an experimental vpatch, didn't work. Going to make some changes and continue on. Here's the latest logs for the curious:
mod6: Alright, got a fix for this. *whew*
mod6: Took some work and chasing some red-herrings in net.h. I drove through the testing and changes while asciilifeform helped think me through the problem.
mod6: Going to push up my logs & notes, and then make a vpatch.
mod6: Ok all of the logs are in
mp_en_viaje: mod6, suppose instead of all this ad-hoc "emergency" pantsuit nonsense you make a proper blog, like normal people, follow the path, like normal people, etcetera.
mp_en_viaje: or what exactly is the idea, erryone's gonna be so fucking impressed with the whole "oh, you know what, ye olde bitcoin has, among its many race conditions, one where you can dos it by getblock spam" that we'll just move right back on to 2015 ? it ain't ever gonna be 2015 again, make a blog, find a master, do some work AS THEY DIRECT YOU, and so on.
mod6: I'll make a proper post on my blog, indeed. Just want to get this out for folks; now that there is a wedger tool out there, and it's been a number of days of reorccuring wedges.
mp_en_viaje: 0 chances ima deploy some patch you cooked up as things stand right now. also 0 chances ima deploy any patch baked of this "21:02. tried a patch, not worked. 00:12 oh now fixed it. i think" washington post / planeshift "development" model/nonsense.
mp_en_viaje: what "folks" dude ?
mp_en_viaje: who are these "folks" consuming this nonsense ? i've never met one. did you ?
mod6: I suppose not.
mp_en_viaje: i met plenty of would-be producers. what's the actual market for it /
mod6: I'll just, withold the patch. Make a blog post. If people want it, I guess they can say.
mp_en_viaje: you wanna be useful, be useful in the way of being useful, not in the way of you wanna.
mod6: Anyway, I haven't even eaten today. So I'm gonna head out.
mp_en_viaje: yes, indeed. asciilifeform has a whole lot of those. can sure take more -- the overwhelming abundance to date hasn't bothered anything, so definitely could double, triple, infinite-etc.
mp_en_viaje: laters.

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