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lobbes: mircea_popescu: I think it's because the 'improvement' is within a href tag
mircea_popescu: you can select within tags on trilema tho
mircea_popescu: is your code diff /
lobbes: mircea_popescu: ah I see what you mean. Now this is interesting, this works just fine for some reason
whaack: the match for the selection tool is done on the source text, not the output text. "the improvement" does not match to 'the <a href="" target="_blank">improvement'
ericbot: (trilema-hanbot) 2020-01-10 hanbot: and take heart, this is part an' parcel of the improvement-->challenge-->failure-->improvement cycle we go over so very often.
whaack: if the text one's selecting is all within a tag, then the selection tool will properly match. But if you cross a tag, like so, then the markup will interfere
lobbes: whaack: ah okay, I see what you mean.
lobbes: Although, it looks like in some cases it will default to selecting the end of the paragraph when done across tag boundaries
lobbes bbl
whaack: lobbes: the reason for the above behavior is as follows: the start string "yesterday" gets matched. so yesterday becomes "<span style="background-color:#d3d3d3" id="select">yesterday" But there is no match for "Because we were talking". So trilema serves a <span> tag that does not properly close. The way most browsers handle this is to put an implicit </span> before the </p>
mircea_popescu: actually i think he;s right
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-18 18:20:01 dorion: I got a positive response from the rEFInd fellow. Invited him to join #trilema.
trinque: << cranking on it now, probably done later this evening. I've been filling in the gaps in my own understanding as I go.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-18 18:22:18 dorion: - how's the busybox article coming trinque ?
diana_coman: - successful build; haven't yet installed it, although there's a lenovo x200 unearthed for it.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-18 18:32:16 dorion: on the dissect Gales front, diana_coman reported a successful install, lobbes got a start, but is sidelining for logger work and expects to be done by Jan 31 and ...
mircea_popescu: billymg, wouldja handle the moderation incantations for ; i dun want him to read one without the other.
mircea_popescu: hanbot_abroad, check this out : "Throughout his career, he has received various awards and honors, including an Emmy Award, multiple MTV Movie Awards, a Britannia Award and a Teen Choice Award."
mircea_popescu: a dealer's choice award too, why not.
hanbot_abroad: not like any of the others are intelligible, but wtf is a 'britannia award'?!
mircea_popescu: (and, of course, in keeping with the traditions of imbecility, "this article is semi-protected, as per bla bla policy". not, eminently, "this article is protected because our philosophical model is utterly broken and doesn't even work in our own hand". but SEMI-protected, because if you don't call failure by its name it's almost as if it never happened, and besides, coming up with an alternative "plausible" reason for it e
mircea_popescu: ntirely eliminates any need to review just how fucking stupid you are. hurray for moron world! three cheers for drownedfuck dumbleland!!! GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF UNITED STATES OF CALIFORNIA IS DROWNING ON OWN POWER BEFORE COMING OF AGE!)
mircea_popescu: hanbot_abroad, i dunno, "who can keep on sinking the longest" ?
hanbot_abroad: "by royal appointment spreader of the semi-protected membrane"
mircea_popescu: And did young Leland sicken, and did young Leland die?
mircea_popescu: And did the sad hearts thicken, and did the mourners cry?
mircea_popescu: No; such was not the fate of young Leland Stanford Nitwit;
mircea_popescu: Though sad hearts round him thicken, 'twas not from sickness' bit.
mircea_popescu: No whooping cough did rack his frame, nor measles, he didn't get it;
mircea_popescu: Not these impaired the sacred name of Leland Stanford Nitwit.
mircea_popescu: Despised love struck not with woe that head of curly spit,
mircea_popescu: Nor stomach troubles laid him low, young Leland Stanford Nitwit.
mircea_popescu: O no. Then list with tearful eye, whilst I his fate do tell.
mircea_popescu: His soul did from this cold world fly by falling down a well.
mircea_popescu: (they misspelled it "dewitt" on the birth paperwork, but it's a self-obvious farmer's mistake. what fucken wit, it's california.)
hanbot_abroad: hahaha. well, leland stanford nitwit jr., anyway
mircea_popescu: no, his father was "amasa"
mircea_popescu: He is widely considered a robber baron.[2][3][4][5][6]
hanbot_abroad: but did he receive multiple robber baron awards?
mircea_popescu: who fucking "robber baron" narrative is such "uppity nedeflorenas whining about things working well" you can't believe it.
mircea_popescu: nfi why they didn't chain the dumb bitches up ; they did have the poles along the railroad.
mircea_popescu: go to senate, "sorry, our railroad can no longer function if there's not an old idle shameless woman tied to every pole. pass a law or we bring in the japanese to govern, you've a week or two"
diana_coman: - eh, they misspelled rewards and horrors.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-19 08:58:55 mircea_popescu: hanbot_abroad, check this out : "Throughout his career, he has received various awards and honors, including an Emmy Award, multiple MTV Movie Awards, a Britannia Award and a Teen Choice Award."
mircea_popescu: "The originators of the Robber Baron concept were not the injured, the poor, the faddists, the jealous, or a dispossessed elite, but rather a frustrated group of observers led at last by protracted years of harsh depression to believe that the American dream of abundant prosperity for all was a hopeless myth." << this set, the horseface whatshername followers.
mircea_popescu: these must be a) drafted into "military service" consisting of digging ditches in the mud for a year ; and then whipped regularly for recall.
mircea_popescu: otherwise they end up with ideas such as me being both cool and human says something about ~them~.
mircea_popescu: which it very well fucking doesn't.
hanbot_abroad: kinda suspicious that supposedly hard workers would have sufficient time/energy to "observe" and bemoan thusly.
mircea_popescu: wasn't the workers, it was... hey, do you remember the annoying woman in the pawnbroker ?
hanbot_abroad: bitterness takes resources!
mircea_popescu: it was those, unowned women (for reasons of zero value) incorrectly comfortable enouigh to not starve in a ditch
mircea_popescu: but instead going about "trying to help"
hanbot_abroad: mircea_popescu that obnoxious interloper character that won't stop projecting herself onto the old dude? yeah
mircea_popescu: this, incidentally, is what ruined the medieval age, too.
mircea_popescu: originally, the better cut of humanity came up with a rule whereby one son of a family inherits the title, and is a peer ; everyone else -- falls back into the indistinct swamp of commons
mircea_popescu: the mankind sheepherd.
mircea_popescu: the crown ~of the period~ understood enough to at least get out of the way (really, they helped in minor senses)
mircea_popescu: then, of course, the crown moved to lesser heads, and they became by degrees hostile
mircea_popescu: but that didn't matter. what sunk it was the habit of imbecile peers to create allotments for the support of their wives out of the inheritance.
mircea_popescu: instead of "bitch, if i die you're a beggar, make sure i very well fucking don't", it was a "and after i die you get so and so silver each harvest out of your son owning the lands"
mircea_popescu: this, for being squarely against the law not to mention devoid of any possible legal substance (how the fuck's the titleholder to dispose of goods past his deat h?!) nevertheless got enforced
mircea_popescu: and soon enough farming became an economically impossible activity, because a land will only produce what it produces, and its silver value will only be what it is, whereas passage of time and accumulation of these benefits is a monotonously growing function
mircea_popescu: so by 1600 it was no longer worth your while to plough your county.
mircea_popescu: thus they all went into gambling.
mircea_popescu: pretty much the ~worst~ trait of any society is the satisfaction of the female hunger for safety. it's both morally wrong and ethically exactly opposite of the correct stance.
mircea_popescu: compared to this, catering to the female hunger for calories is a minor loss.
mircea_popescu: so while it's not surprising that america meanwhile became the land of the landwhales, we knew it was going to fail the moment it wasn't the land of the poor blameless helpless damsels chained naked to poles to die there of neglect and exposure.
mircea_popescu: once it's no longer that... it can't be anything good anymore.
hanbot_abroad: when was anywhere ever "that"?
mircea_popescu: recall the discussion of how music was invented ?
ossabot: Logged on 2016-11-10 10:38:43 mircea_popescu: look at it from the historical perspective : music was invented in babylon to quell the wail ; because the males there had the wisdom to kill the boys - for "no reason" but did it. then the jews came along and put it in their book to not do sacrifice children - and so the dumb women flocked to them, and they birefly prevailed. only to go to shit in a handbasket soon thereafter, so much so the fucking short-legg
mircea_popescu: kinda why nobody likes ben stiller and his bartender's awards.
mircea_popescu: there, complete circle.
hanbot_abroad: haha, that's a...pretty broad circle. so what, height of civilization was canaan?
mircea_popescu: worked okay for a while even in michigan
mircea_popescu: before misguided fools shot liberty vallance, that is.
hanbot_abroad: why not them, on stakes?
mircea_popescu: cuz you don't kill an anthill by killing workers.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-19 08:58:25 mircea_popescu: billymg, wouldja handle the moderation incantations for ; i dun want him to read one without the other.
billymg: in other news i'm now a free man, last day of the pantsuit job was friday
mircea_popescu: good for you!
billymg: my focus now has been the move to cr. i've got movers scheduled and a short trip at the end of this month to scope it out and try to get a few things set up before i'm fully down there
mircea_popescu: you know this is traditionally the role of the women in the household ?
mircea_popescu: da fuck are females even for in this world, if not "domesticate the new place before i get there"
mircea_popescu: yet ironically, instead of being the very lubricant of movement, "oh, its very easy for me to go to a new place, i got a whole retinue of women", moronworld works EXACTLY the opposite, "oh, for all these dumb cunts around i can't go anywhere".
billymg: the pet will be joining on that trip, yes. but she still needs quite a bit of training before she can be sent on a mission like that on her own (she's at the early end of her 20s)
billymg: her only "education" to this point has been the usg school/college system, which i'm constantly working to undo
mircea_popescu: billymg, not that i'm telling you how to run your household, however one approach is to simply send her anyway. "but i have no experience, and it's a humongous task" "do or die trying, bitch."
mircea_popescu: AFTER which you can of course forgive & even forget, on the grounds of "well, she was young". but ~AFTER~.
mircea_popescu: mitigating circumstances can be applied to lighten punishment for failure, but what's the point of applying them before the test, or to eschew the test ? life's not different by virtue of mental fiction. that's what has to be done, that's what has to be done.
billymg: good points. she will certainly have several jobs once we land (running the b&b for one) but in the meantime a lot of this stuff will just get done faster/better if i do it myself
mircea_popescu: i think you should be the judge of that ; not because i suspect you're either good at it or have any experience with it worth the mention -- but exactly for the forestated reasons :)
billymg: hahaha, this too, my experience at this is very low. i'm learning just as much as she is in my respective role
mircea_popescu: funny how close together freedom & "mistreatment" tread.
mircea_popescu: almost close enough to lend credence to the theory whereby "modern democracy" is just bald faced freedom=slavery label misdirection.
mircea_popescu: in other smoldering failures of the female state, the internet contains loads of crap periphrastically related to james lawson's "the dapper gentleman's story", except the item itself.
mircea_popescu: they're not even good for thieves, these morons. what the fuck need is there for any of these Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Works - Criticism ... / [Search domain] / The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - YouTube / monday | Stylish mens outfits, Real men real style, Dapper ...
mircea_popescu: etcetera ?
mircea_popescu: none, none the fuck whatsoever.
mircea_popescu: << a. b. longstreet's "racy" (by 1835 standards) georgia stories.
mircea_popescu: and so on ad nauseam, when one says "us academia does not exist" one means very specific things by it : that it doesn't fucking exist.
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