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Mocky: weekend works
asciilifeform: meanwhile, anticlimactic finish to last night's item -- no detectable pattern in shift timing, anywhere
asciilifeform: and the orig. anomaly disappears on irons other than the test box
asciilifeform: i suspect my hdd
asciilifeform: (the test inputs are ~100MB ea.)
asciilifeform: aaand to round off : it vanished on the test box also. culprit appears to have been a running raid-verify job...
mircea_popescu: BAD TESTER ALF!
asciilifeform: the ultimate tester would be a dos box
asciilifeform: sorta 90% of the reason i want a dos gnat
mircea_popescu: not bad yea
asciilifeform: errywhere else there's a massive noise component
asciilifeform: some time after i get ffa to field testing , i'ma dust off ave1's bare iron gnat and bake 'ffa os', will be ~same thing
asciilifeform: ( it dun use any osisms other than the cmdline args, which can be hardcoded for test runs; as for i/o, can be rs232, and guesswat, 'os' )
asciilifeform: ( recall that ffa dun use memory allocators , disk, etc )
mircea_popescu: this is an idea.
asciilifeform: pretty sure i mentioned it in the l0gz, it is old idea
asciilifeform: but evidently moar needed than i prev. thought
feedbot: << Qntra -- "El Chapo" Allegedly Used VOIP, Had Sysadmin Flipped By Criminal FBI
feedbot: << Qntra -- As Yellow Jackets Continue Undermining Macron, Despot To Sign Treaty Futher Eroding Separation Between France And Germany
BingoBoingo: ^ Turns out Germany's solution to gutting their Army is taking France's
BingoBoingo: Meanwhile in local news (local enough asciilifeform walked by the location in question)
BingoBoingo: And the local mooing about the incident for those desiring to calibrate their prisms
feedbot: << Loper OS -- Finite Field Arithmetic. Chapter 15: Greatest Common Divisor.
asciilifeform: ^ mircea_popescu , diana_coman , et al ^
asciilifeform: phf plox to snarf ch15.
asciilifeform: next ch, will be m-r.
feedbot: << Bingology - BingoBoingo's Blog -- More Lessons Learned - Pizarro Entering 2019
BingoBoingo getting some sleep
asciilifeform: meanwhile via #asciilifeform : << apparently d00d cleanly baked client on cuntoo
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