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deedbot: << Trilema - The deathstar touched me on the dolly.
BingoBoingo: Aite, next time I go to the feria to look at kitchen utensils Imma have to bring a latina. "Evwerything on the table is a matched set you won't separate" my ass
mircea_popescu: ahahaha matched sets ? srsly ?
mircea_popescu: such a deep flavour of workers-class-doing-business roux...
BingoBoingo: Seriously
BingoBoingo: Only once did set actually visually make sense
BingoBoingo: In one case I was looking at a cast iron skillet that wasn't rusted to shit. The vendor wanted to bundle it with a whole bunch of specialty cast iron shit that was rusted to fuckhell.
BingoBoingo: !!up brazilish
deedbot: brazilish voiced for 30 minutes.
BingoBoingo: Tudo bem?
brazilish: tudo
BingoBoingo: What brings you around these parts?
brazilish: bored of my bought gf watching booties with her smartphone
brazilish: so I saw a post on reddit about a supposed nsa free desktop, and I'd like to ask opinions here
BingoBoingo: Which golden age motoralo powered Mac is it?
BingoBoingo: The talos this is a bit on the expensive side and how far do you REALLY trust IBM to have not molested their POWER architecture?
brazilish: well, I'd like to ask: does make moar sense to buy some pre 2009 (pre IME) laptop to do standard stuff?
BingoBoingo: Quite a bit more
BingoBoingo: You can also go more recent if you stick with AMD
BingoBoingo: Up to about 2013 or so
brazilish: fact is: here in my shitty city all the used stuff that i find is way over used and full of grease, like way too much
BingoBoingo: They don't have Miami Box where you are at?
brazilish: let me check what is a miami box lol :D
BingoBoingo: Shit gets bought for you in Miama and shipped to your actual address.
brazilish: logistic is a bit complicated, but there are some services that i've used in the past
brazilish: nice to see that with AMD there is something more recent than 2009 btw
BingoBoingo: Lenovo X120e or X121e isn't a bad box. Not winning any speed contests, but you could do far worse
brazilish: checked now a couple of miami box, seems that out of sao paulo they are expensive as fuck, even in my case where there are a couple of flights in the week directly to miami
BingoBoingo: Few ever died getting their own plane ticket
mircea_popescu: brazilish yes, the x60s (pre lenovo hps) for instance.
brazilish: aside quality ebony girls, this city is a complete hellhole, logistic and import taxes included
mircea_popescu: quality ebony girls aren't that bad ; though i prefer importing.
mircea_popescu: leaving aside wix is possibly the shittiest isp ever invented, wtf is a "Jardim Petropolis" ?!
phf: brazilish: you can always wash it by hand. i've disassembled a lot of ebay thinkpads just to wash the frame of all the grease and dirt; but to answer the general question "libre" solutions are guilty until proven innocent around here. the pattern seems to be, find a seemingly unencumbered system, asciilifeform starts taking a look at it, discovers lizard hitler. until step 2 happens, impossible to say anything about the system.
brazilish: wix is the AS that host the VPN, the city is not petropolis (indeed, a very good city)
brazilish: is belem
brazilish: near the amazon river, humid as fuck
mircea_popescu: the naming scheme these people use. "petrogardens in the neighbourhood of Prudent President". why not pudenda presidenta, while at it.
mircea_popescu: brazilish so why are you there ?
BingoBoingo: brazilish: Do you get winter there? Here by the other big river it's a bit chilly
BingoBoingo: But still humid
brazilish: well i enjoy black girls, but never thought that the city was a total mess
mircea_popescu: here's something for phf : ("Casa Grande e Tulha, conjunto arquitetônico de valor histórico, construído entre as décadas de 1790 e 1830. Está entre as primeiras edificações de Campinas.")
mircea_popescu: brazilish girls can travel. well, the less fucked in the head among them, obviously there's a contingent of boise morons who expect to spawn and die within visual range of where they were spawned in turn.
brazilish: My original idea was to do physical price arbitrage, by going there and spending money like a local. Is not going so well
mircea_popescu: not a bad idea in theory ; but the necessary conjugate of any attempt at practical implementation is being ready to pack it and move if it dun work out.
brazilish: BingoBoingo: basically 2 seasons: the one when rains a lot for a short period of time, and the one where it rains a lot for a couple of hours
mircea_popescu: anyway, i spent some time in argentina on the vastly supported conspiracy theory that it's a cool place. god help me there's chicken coops cooler than the whole shithole.
mircea_popescu: experience has shown that there exist two kinds of people in this world : the kind where the greater the agglomeration, the cooler it gets ; and the kind where the greater the agglomeration, the dirtier it gets.
mircea_popescu: latinos definitely kind 2.
brazilish: but don't get me wrong: girls are good and their prices (if any) are also ok. What is very bad is everything that is not sex related
BingoBoingo: Montevideo would be substantially cooler if the Uruguayo population was halved
BingoBoingo: !!Up brazilish
deedbot: brazilish voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: brazilish i take slaves, prices kinda meaningless to me. wtf prices ? not like i prostitute the harem.
BingoBoingo: And the immigrant population doubled
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo basically you'd like it if there were a dozen of you and not so many of them ?
brazilish: well, no experience with slaves, i like normal intercourse
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I'd like it more if there were more brown latinas and less zombie pale folk
mircea_popescu: i suspect this may be universal.
brazilish: and to be honest, there is something funny about here, if you talk about slavery or these kind of agreements they comes out instantly with "direitos humanos", but if you just tell that you want anything with her, that's perfectly ok
mircea_popescu: "raised awareness" huh ?
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo do you know this fellow ?
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I do not
BingoBoingo: I saw a new name pop up and granted voice. Decided to do some A/B testing and not ask this guy about his daddy for a change.
BingoBoingo: brazilish: Register a GPG key with deedbot, keep the private key private, and keep coming back.
brazilish: BingoBoingo: are you from uruguay?
BingoBoingo: brazilish: Nope. Just living here
brazilish: is true that is quite cold, and houses are bad insulated / there is not much heating system in use aside high end houses?
mircea_popescu: o look who's here. how's the lab PeterL ?
PeterL: still labbing
mircea_popescu: brazilish are you from brazil, then ?
BingoBoingo: brazilish: That depends on the barrio
brazilish: i got a brazilian passport in my childhood but not from here
brazilish: but i learned pretty quickly portuguese and so the idea to melt with the population appealed me
PeterL: trinque: on the links seem to be broken, I tried to leave a comment but I think it got eaten?
mircea_popescu: well.. then probably no. for one thing uruguay's not cold in any conceivable sense. for the other, latin america is universally a pile of crumbling mess, decolonialization did them in. so yes, if you want sane window fittings you'll have to import the termopan (and possibly the skilled labour to put them in) ; if you want sane heat planht, you gotta import the gas burning ariston or w/e you're using. and so on.
mircea_popescu: but this is universally true of anything not-in-europe anyway.
brazilish: mircea_popescu: i know your blog after the ethereum disaster, then a couple of weeks ago discovered irc logs
mircea_popescu: the us doesn't even have the holes, if you want windows instead of the idiotic closet doors they install you have to break the walls
mircea_popescu: ("break" is a bit of a joke, you can saw through their wallpaper)
PeterL: speaking of eaten comments, ben_vulpes I tried to put a comment on but that appears to have been eaten as well
BingoBoingo: brazilish: Anyways here they either use propane heaters, electric radiators, or they use their air conditioner as a heat pump
PeterL: brb, have to change a diaper
mircea_popescu: people like to imagine "being civilised" == "participating" on social media, because it's fucking easy. but no, being civilised is ~strictly~ things like and and and so on.
brazilish: BingoBoingo: that's the reason of totally avoiding min >20°C parts of south america
brazilish: been twice in porto alegre, it was so painful to live w/o proper insulation
asciilifeform: << lol these come in erry 6mo or so nao, don't they
a111: Logged on 2018-06-24 18:13 brazilish: this:
asciilifeform: !#s talos
BingoBoingo: brazilish: If you are ok with studio apartments those are hella overbuilt here. In some barrios there is minimal premium to rent recent construction if you look enough.
brazilish: i like the climate here because if you have shadow and minimal ventilation you can live, but that's of course a reason about the shitload of poor people that can survive virtually doing nothing
BingoBoingo: I actually wouldn't mind more extreme cold
mircea_popescu: well you're both in luck, pantsuit wank notwithstanding the data shows we're headed to an ice age.
mircea_popescu: maybe even within our lifetimes.
BingoBoingo: The wonders of being alive now
BingoBoingo: !!Up brazilish
deedbot: brazilish voiced for 30 minutes.
brazilish: BingoBoingo: does uber work well in montevideo ?
BingoBoingo: It works very well as do the taxis. During the summer busses are pretty cool too.
BingoBoingo: Montevideo does not have traffic in any meaningful sense
mircea_popescu: "What’s more, just as carbonated soda fizzes when it warms up, warmer temperatures cause the ocean to release carbon dioxide taken up during colder periods." holy shit these imbeciles with the "climate science" claptrap, they're strictly unreadable by now. just as the cocke fucked their mother.
brazilish: well here bus in many areas it seems just a no-no option
brazilish: lot of mugging
brazilish: people use to place dinheiro in their shoes, if they can afford them and don't have to use flip flop
BingoBoingo: Busses here more or less run on time and go everywhere. Crime consists of bag snatching and jumps from there straight to robbing exchanges and casinos
PeterL: asciilifeform: in the interests of science, I built your ffa on a windows system and it appears to work. For some reason gprbuild didn't work, but when I used gnatmake I got a working executable. (I also had to mangle in the process to make it work on my system)
asciilifeform: PeterL: gprbuild is what applies the restrictions, so what you build is not quite ffa
asciilifeform: PeterL: your will be laden with all kindsa crud in the bin
brazilish: BingoBoingo: no gunpoint crime? quite an untypical part of south america, except chile
PeterL: mircea_popescu: there is a link between the solubility of carbonates and temperature, what is wrong with their statement?
mircea_popescu: PeterL the "just so" part. there is also a link between how fucking stupid they are and their mother being a sleazy cunt, but that link is not the bottle of fizz she inserted as a roadside act.
mircea_popescu: even if she DID so insert it.
BingoBoingo: brazilish: Very rare. Most shootings here are family disputes or drug commerce related. If anyone here raises a gun at strangers it is almost always in a cambio or casino. One cashier got shot over 2000 pesos and it was a national scandal.
brazilish: very safe compared to here
BingoBoingo: It's why December all of Brazil flocks here. To go to the beach and smoke mountains of weed without being mugged.
mircea_popescu: and so when i say "the link between two bit whores and any english-speaking earth science academic is the bottle of american cola the two bit whores shoved up their butts", i'm misrepresenting the relationsip. even if they are, factually, the stupid sons of human scum.
asciilifeform: PeterL: out of curiosity, what chapter you built ? ( i can't picture how the /dev/random thing could work on winblowz, say )
brazilish: from what i assist on local newspaper, in a city of almost 2M there are at least 10 homicides a day, usually 8 drug related and 2 random folk that hasn't handed out properly money related
mircea_popescu: brazilish believe it or not this actually sounds like a positive.
brazilish: lol, how you can say that
mircea_popescu: nevermind the shoes, buy a gun, keep it loaded, there you go.
PeterL: asciilifeform: I guess I was cheating, used cygwin, and yes, I know it will not be as good as having actual FG attached
mircea_popescu: PeterL put the whole thing in a vps running on an arm machine if at all possible and there you go!
mircea_popescu: make a kubinetes for it!
asciilifeform: 10 per 2M ?! this is about bmore level ! i thought brazil were a world champ , what is this
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Not all of Brasil is Rio
brazilish: Rio is actually safer than here (22 murder a year per 100k compared to 70 per 100k)
mircea_popescu: mexico city nervously smokes in the corner, 500/day or what was it.
asciilifeform: PeterL: i dun think FG will work there either, winblowz doesn't give a handy knob for serial devices afaik
BingoBoingo: And Brasileros tend to have a temperment that lets them safely get mugged.
mircea_popescu: anyway, he has a point, brazil mexico and venezuela are the champs.
asciilifeform: PeterL: worse, it may even superficially appear to work but drop certain byte sequences ( see logs re 'flow control' )
BingoBoingo: The stories out of Venezuala when it comes to breaking and entering...
mircea_popescu: did she enjoy multi-layered breaking and entering ?
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Wasn't too big of concern in her zone. Anyways the SOP there is crew drives truck to apartment building, sweeps whole building for valuables. Police follow and sweep building for valuables.
mircea_popescu: and nobody answered this by firing ak in burst mode at "crew" ?
BingoBoingo: Gotta understand Latinos like their rituals. Sacrificial Vigilante with a pump shotgun mans the front desk and... isn't that enough security for any Latino?
mircea_popescu: right, they just want to.
BingoBoingo: Thusly the vigilantes practice surrendering fast enough to not die and still have an abysmal survival rate
mircea_popescu: try as he might (not that he does), /me can't summon any sympathy for the "oh, it should be someone else's job, if i see police coming in i don't pick a rifle and man a post, hurr" barnacles.
mircea_popescu: latino mcrights-ciufile, wants to study criminology at florida state.
PeterL: << sounds like where I live (Midland,MI: 50k people, you can go a mile out of town and have multiple acre lots)
a111: Logged on 2018-05-24 17:29 mircea_popescu: instead of you having to contend with 5mn other idiots trying to live in the same state ; you have to contend with only 50k. as a result, all real estate available consists of plots in excess of 50 acres, which include a creek, and forest. goes for the same price as you pay now, but it is what it is.
mircea_popescu: PeterL yes, but the problem it suffers from is the problem africa suffers from : all the brains drained out.
mircea_popescu: the idea is to NOT have an alternative, the idea is for ~new york~ lots to be like that.
PeterL: We do have a supply of PhD chemists who come here to work at Dow, if that counts as a brain?
mircea_popescu: half-brain. they can work the dow plant but not the ak-47.
mircea_popescu: sorta like the venezuelans.
BingoBoingo: Now generally the venezualans doing the robbing can work the ak. In Uruguay the robbers can't even do that.
mircea_popescu: recall that lulzy mochilla dood ?
asciilifeform: 'мочила -- pro fella, who мочит' (tm)(r)(phf)(iirc)
deedbot: << The Tar Pit - An early Lisp scriptlang prototype in Ada
mircea_popescu: in other lulz, i am pleased to report that firefox 45 has about a degree of magnitude more memory-related crashes than firefox 10.
mircea_popescu: now we know how they do versioning, log(failure).
mod6: haha
hanbot: BingoBoingo> Aite, next time I go to the feria to look at kitchen utensils Imma have to bring a latina. "Evwerything on the table is a matched set you won't separate" my ass << fwiw, in my experience the SA chinese shops have actually usable knives/glassware/etc (not cast iron specifically tho), and are guaranteed not to pretensewall, or at least, not in the same manner.
asciilifeform: oh hey the adalisp
asciilifeform: spyked: prolly i oughta elaborate re the item in your 4th footnote. a compact lisptron has no particular reason to have any notions of parsing baked in; all it needs is 1) a basic i/o mechanism 2) a way to load an initial pre-built s-expression into the working memory and immediately evaluate it.
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