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mircea_popescu: aand in other "shit that wasn't in the logs yet", 𐏃𐎧𐎠𐎶𐎴𐎡𐏁
mircea_popescu: (original name of ye olde persian empire, the thing the greeks fought/emulated, cyrus' creation.)
asciilifeform: !!up fettiffany
deedbot: fettiffany voiced for 30 minutes.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: funnily enuff , my terminal doesn't show this orcogram
mircea_popescu: cuneiform!
mircea_popescu: << phf's logotron handles it like a champ.
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 04:20 mircea_popescu: aand in other "shit that wasn't in the logs yet", 𐏃𐎧𐎠𐎶𐎴𐎡𐏁
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, anyway, i ended up with a lot of cuneiform syllabusing because check this out : the principal trick of darius was to pretend the person he deposed ~wasn't~, actually, the person they claimed to be. ie, nebuchadnezzar morphed to an impostor (Nedintu-something), bardiya (brother of legitimate persian king) was really "gaumata" etc etc.
mircea_popescu: pretty interesting device in light of how the current empire works. it's a wonder they didn't discover "it wasn't hillary that lost, but a different hydra of the same name"
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 01:51 mod6: <+mircea_popescu> logo! << as long as it costs ~0 i'm game :D
lobbes: I have the sword and the "P" saved as vector images, so scaling and general fiddling shouldn't be an issue if you want me to
mircea_popescu: might be an idea to use a trace of the dood's face. he has an epic "wut ?" face imo.
lobbes: This I am not sure of. My gut says a small percentage of each sale, but I've no idea what constitutes a "standard percentage" here. I am also a) inexperienced in sales, and b) motivated on the basis that the tmsr crisis isn't really over until a profitable Pizarro exists, so I'm pretty open on terms >>
a111: Logged on 2018-05-17 19:28 ben_vulpes: lobbes, and BingoBoingo while i'm at it since i want to get you on the same train, what kind of commission makes sense to you for flogging shared shells?
lobbes bbl, sleep n' meat
BingoBoingo: << This appears to be a thing here too. The search will take some forcing, but it should be possible to cut the agencias out.
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 01:23 mircea_popescu: << i was able to find (after A LOT of expert searching, it is true) furnished apts conveniently located for all the girls ; didn't end up paying much of anything upfrtont either (they wanted a month's rent, i was paying quarterly anyway, so it sorta went away). gotta talk to "the people" (=dueno) though, "agencies" aren't so useful. but there's a 5% of the population that makes ends m
BingoBoingo: << 2018, The Republic learns self care and organization
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 01:50 mircea_popescu: mod6, you gotta sleep enough. it's of the same ilk as exactly. the hovel may seem livable ; but it is not.
asciilifeform: ohai BingoBoingo
BingoBoingo: Buen dia
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Package in enduring the local rite of passage know as waiting in line. By all appearances DHL dorcs and Aduanas orcs should work it out before too long.
BingoBoingo: << This is probable. I've just become rather adapted/maladapted to the hostel life. On the plus side the hostel adaptation is useful for future pathfinding adventures.
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 00:49 mircea_popescu: << the make food area incidentally is easy to misjudge. it'll make a world of difference, both in qol and what that qol costs, once you get a proper kitchen going. ideally with womanly help as i dunno you're that competent. have bread going every other day, have a pot of soup always, the good old strictures of european ie civilised life.
mod6: mornin TMSR~
asciilifeform: ohai mod6
mod6: how goes asciilifeform ?
asciilifeform: was looking at '24 2.5" disks in 2U' chassis, for potentially 'tru ssd via usb3-to-sata cords' variant of rockchiptron; but seems as if all, without exception, such items ever made, feature 'sas expander', where all 24 hang off 1 plug. which is great for pc but completely destroys my notion.
asciilifeform: ( typical example : Supermicro SC216A-R900UB )
mod6: ah. what model are those ones?
mod6 looks
asciilifeform: aaanyway it's a dead end.
mod6: ok.
asciilifeform: which is unfortunate; the 'stick' drive is the central handicap of the current scheme.
asciilifeform: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: asciilifeform: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 8081.58, vol: 8312.10405631 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 8075.7, vol: 28116.92948719 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 8073.5, vol: 4899.89873207 | Volume-weighted last average: 8076.62176092
asciilifeform: !!invoice ben_vulpes 0.22286546 May 2018 BB refuel ( 1800 )
asciilifeform: !!v 27CF9660CDB08A71345DA0562AB857615A222A5D54EFCC6AFA144B4E1E9C5BD3
deedbot: Invoiced ben_vulpes 0.22286546 << May 2018 BB refuel ( 1800 )
mod6: Thanks again, asciilifeform !
deedbot: << Trilema - Democracy sucks, the two thousand four hundred (and change) years old version.
mircea_popescu: !!up IamNotWhatIam
deedbot: IamNotWhatIam voiced for 30 minutes.
Mircea_PopeSkew: thx for the +v
mircea_popescu: anything more substantial ?
Mircea_PopeSkew: just hear for the abuse for now.
Mircea_PopeSkew: I will come back with a real identity and ask my encryption question to someone who will understand, like you.
douchebag_junior: !!down Mircea_PopeSkew
deedbot: douchebag_junior may not $down Mircea_PopeSkew.
douchebag: Anyone know these people?
douchebag: also i'd like to note he's going to be perma voiced unless the bot was updated
ben_vulpes: !!down douchebag_junior
asciilifeform: << interestingly, i had to turn on a crapple box, to finally see the glyphs
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 04:42 mircea_popescu: << phf's logotron handles it like a champ.
asciilifeform: i suspect that asciilifeform wins the 'most vintage unupdated linuxen' prize
BingoBoingo: What are the glyphs, I see generic unicode noise character
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: cuneiform
BingoBoingo: That's an entire system of encoding. Is unicode broken enough to squeeze that into two glyphs?
asciilifeform: ( which crapple apparently ships with... i gotta wonder, does it also have, e.g., egyptian hieroglyph codepage ? )
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: looks like some substantial number of distinct glyphs, rather than any compositing system
mircea_popescu: douchebag, nobody cares that intensely.
douchebag: Figured it was worth mentioning
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo, approximately ha-xā-ma-ni-š. "friendly minded"
asciilifeform: meanwhile, in last yr's lulz, << ~transparent usg shill, 'don't use keccak! because Reasons!'
asciilifeform: e.g. 'We don't need an­other slow, se­cure hash func­tion' , 'no com­pelling ad­van­tage ', 'I don't feel that solv­ing length-ex­ten­sion is a suf­fi­ciently press­ing con­cern that we should all in­vest in SHA-3 now, rather than a hash func­tion that hope­fully comes with more ad­van­tages' , etc
mircea_popescu: "we" ? what fucking we.
BingoBoingo: I like the part in dude's fever dream where hash functions just "come" with "more advantages"
asciilifeform: meanwhile, in the lullicus maxiumus, >> 1) it's a prime 2) it's a... i'ma leave this as exercise for the reader !
asciilifeform: turns out , there are several of these , already in db
asciilifeform: and a bunch moar, with small variations on the theme.
deedbot: << Qntra - Airstrip One To Arm Rural Police As Insecurity Grips The Land Of Ingsoc
mod6: And I don't think it's whatever USD. Per the conversation it's $5000 USD worth of BTC right?
mod6: oops, wrong channel
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 8225.55, vol: 8332.63719846 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 8230.5, vol: 29181.858867100003 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 8226.8, vol: 4927.09850888 | Volume-weighted last average: 8229.0986196
mimisbrunnr: Logged on 2018-05-18 19:13 ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: go ahead and invoice now is fine
ben_vulpes: ty BingoBoingo
BingoBoingo: !!v E9BC80AD1CB0042F2B2C8F970DC286B304A7B4991154F0323CF154F85EED51C9
mimisbrunnr: Logged on 2018-05-18 19:13 ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: go ahead and invoice now is fine
deedbot: << Trilema - Pepi, luci, Bom y otras chicas del monton
mod6: !!up fettiffany
deedbot: fettiffany voiced for 30 minutes.
mod6: !!reputation fettiffany
mod6: fettiffany: read and get yourself a PGP key, and register it with deedbot per help page.
mod6: Hai, what brings ya here?
fettiffany: i was talking with someone, he brought me here
danielpbarron: fetlife chick for mircea_popescu
mod6: Ah, gotcha. Well, generally, if you want to be a person, you need to get yourself a key and register with deedbot. Then you can self-voice, and participate. As one does.
mod6: Mr. P. may help you through this process, I dunno. This is genrally the steps for newbs tho.
fettiffany: and why i would do that?
mod6: lol.
mod6: Ok.
mod6: See, this is why I never answer the door.
fettiffany: actually i have no idea what this site is
fettiffany: so, i don't see the need to register
mod6: You've basically come to the chamber of The Most Serene Republic.
danielpbarron: this "site" is a chat room for people involved in Bitcoin to talk about anything. having a key registered lets you participate with more features
fettiffany: oh.. i see.. but i don't have nothing to do with bitcoins so.. hahaha
danielpbarron: not yet..
fettiffany: what?
danielpbarron: stick around here and you will have something to do with bitcoin
fettiffany: now i'm curious
danielpbarron: << here's instructions on how to get a key
ben_vulpes: fettiffany: here's some more context
fettiffany: i'm reading
mod6: !!up fettiffany
deedbot: fettiffany voiced for 30 minutes.
fettiffany: ok, i'm back
fettiffany: I read it a couple of times
ben_vulpes: what do you think of it?
hanbot: fettiffany, make any sense to you? and whaddya do with yourself when not stumbling into spooky irc dens?
fettiffany: Could you write me correctly? I don't understand that jargon
fettiffany: i'm still a little bit confused
hanbot: fettiffany what's your mother tongue (first language)?
fettiffany: spanish
hanbot: ah. tenemos varios personas aqui que hablan espanol, pero normalmente si, hablamos en ingles. i asked you if the "declaration" you read a couple times made any sense to you, and in general what your hobbies/jobs are.
fettiffany: ya le habia dicho a mircea_popescu que solia trabajar en un call center pero despidieron a un monton de personas incluyendome. asi que me encuentro nuevamente buscando empleo, y aun peor porque no me encuntro en mi pais.
fettiffany: me gusta la musica, el canto, la fotografia.
hanbot: cual es tu pais?
fettiffany: mas o menos entendi el articulo, pero en si cual es el fin de todo?
fettiffany: te dare un acertijo, cual es el pais en donde gobierna un bigotudo hijo de puta?
hanbot: haha, asi todos son gobiernados por hijos de putas. ;D pero venezuela, eh?
hanbot: tenes un blog o algo?
fettiffany: hahahaha, exactamente, venezuela.
fettiffany: y no, lamentablemente no tengo un blog.
ben_vulpes: funny how deeply the actual people notionally represented by the soi disant speakers for the people hate said speakers
hanbot: fettiffany tenes que hacer uno, es siempre un buen idea. mientras tanto hay mucho aqui para leer, como la historia diaria , y por supuesto el blog de mircea_popescu. me imagine que el va a ser activo aqui mas tarde hoy.
ben_vulpes: porque no te gustas maduro?
hanbot: ben_vulpes if they could mean for the people but not speak for them, then they'd have somethin' by george.
fettiffany: because socialism is crap, that's what has destroyed my country
fettiffany: de que trata?
BingoBoingo: fettiffany: Qué otros paises tiene amigos y familia que se fue?
fettiffany: chile, argentina, uruguay, guatemala, colombia, brasil, canada, estados unidos... casi el mundo entero
BingoBoingo: Conoces alguien se fue a China?
BingoBoingo: !!up fettiffany
deedbot: fettiffany voiced for 30 minutes.
hanbot: "'I'm ready for the battle, ready to make history," the 55-year-old politician bellowed at his final campaign rally in Caracas on Thursday, where he was flanked by the Argentinian football star Diego Maradona and wore a pickle-coloured shirt emblazoned with the image of Hugo Chavez." (via << pickle-coloured shirt, eh? methinks the guardian's been reading BingoBoingo's blog lol
BingoBoingo: hanbot: What else can they read?
fettiffany: a china? no. no conozco a nadie en china
BingoBoingo: Cuál año has ido afuera de Vzla?
fettiffany: el año pasado
BingoBoingo: Muy reciente
fettiffany: lo habria hecho antes pero pensaba que venezuela saldria de la crisis. y no fue asi.
trinque: fettiffany: I'm curious, how widespread is the realization in venezuela that "socialism is crap"?
fettiffany: et's see. in 2012 there was an economic crisis in venezuela, but you still went to the supermarket and got products. Today 2018 in the supermarkets there is nothing and if you get a product the price is equivalent to a minimum salary. How are people supposed to eat, buy medicine or clothes?
trinque: sure, but do most people say "boohoo, govt needs to stock the shelves", "fuck the government" or both?
BingoBoingo: fettiffany: From what I understand they get it in the mail from people outside the country and the mail gets stolen in transit.
fettiffany: 153/5000 since hugo chavez entered the presidency venezuela was decaying every day, until he died and left the piece of shit that is today president
fettiffany: they all complain, they march and protest but it's useless.
fettiffany: According to Diosdado they were going to charge a percentage of the remittances that family members made to Venezuela. and that's a steal
BingoBoingo: Comó son las arepas en tu nuestro pais?
fettiffany: haahaham, redondas.
fettiffany: de harina de maiz, blanca o amarilla. rellena de muchas cosas.
BingoBoingo: Qué piensas de las arepas Colombianas?
fettiffany: aun no las pruebo
fettiffany: a ti te gustan?
BingoBoingo: Yo prefiero arepas venezolanas. Arepas Colombianas son mas delgadas, con cosas encima. Y de harina mas duro.
ben_vulpes: fettiffany: are folks buying/selling bitcoins and dollars? how are folks defending against the inflation
fettiffany: a mi solo me gustan las arepas que yo preparo. las hago un poco dulces
BingoBoingo: !!up fettiffany
deedbot: fettiffany voiced for 30 minutes.
fettiffany: hat's the worst, they spend their time complaining about inflation and dollar today (it's a page that puts the prices of the dollar and the euro at black market prices) and they are selling dollars and bitcoins or satoshis at exaggerated prices. they complain when they are supporting corruption
fettiffany: oh. hi
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 20:29 mod6: See, this is why I never answer the door.
mircea_popescu: you're too nice, yo. the 2nd line in the "trust, but verify" cuneiform manual is "answer the door, answer, but with nailed club."
deedbot: << Qntra - Woman Killed By Pack Of Small Dogs In US
mircea_popescu: << it's not a site, silly. it's like the parliament.
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 20:29 fettiffany: actually i have no idea what this site is
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 21:10 ben_vulpes: funny how deeply the actual people notionally represented by the soi disant speakers for the people hate said speakers
hanbot: how the fuck do you get killed by daschunds?!
mircea_popescu: but in general, the surest way to ensure the deepest level of hatred that can be summoned in any situation is to pretend to things outside purview. dumbos claiming to be "presidents" etc just about do it.
BingoBoingo: hanbot: That's why it's news. Part of the collapse freakshow.
mircea_popescu: hanbot, by being the sort of imbecile that had no business existing in the first place and then going at them.
mircea_popescu: unlike me, dogs generally think it's worth their time to eat shit.
hanbot: i guess monty python's brutal rabbit is next.
mircea_popescu: << gusta. gustan if there were 2 maduros ; but with the s it rather means "why don't you taste yourself some". "porque no te gustas esta picha" = "why don't you have a lick".
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 21:15 ben_vulpes: porque no te gustas maduro?
mircea_popescu: << hey, chaves has a very nice thing going : some working oil rigs, and a bunch of spare fucktards. he's getting rid of the spare fucktards whilke keeping the oil rigs going.
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 21:34 fettiffany: they all complain, they march and protest but it's useless.
mircea_popescu: the sooner the spare fucktards understand nobody wants them, the better for everyone.
ben_vulpes: ah shoot, thank you. the finer points have slipped away.
mircea_popescu: it's not so much that "the shelves are empty". it's that the shelves aren't worth filling. not for these dorks.
ben_vulpes: even some of the baisc ones.
mircea_popescu: and i'm pretty sure the realization is spreading faster than they are. why would anyone bother to "keep the populace content" in 2018 ? to what exactly, get type A twitter storms ?
mircea_popescu: nobody can possibly give a shit.
mircea_popescu: "This is not a guide to a correct Eulora build on Windows. It’s the story of how someone did it while knowing virtually nothing about the tools, language or project. For all I know, it’s the worst way to do it that ends up working. " << i really like how this dood's mind is organized.
lobbes: lol, this guy's great >> "SHAZAM! We have lift-off. Foxybot’s jukin' and jivin' and building those claims. Make me dat money, daddy’s gotta make a livin'!"
lobbes: !!v DC4E0FBA6D9385F38119FBF7E8D029ABC1881FFB3D3886D39E520ED63068D2F4
deedbot: lobbes rated Mocky 1 << newblood^rad; does things, keeps blog
Mocky: years ago there were sites that would crack a windows login for you if you paste in the hash. rainbow tables I expect. It would take about 10 seconds most of the time, but they made you wait 3 days. Or get it now for a price. Not sure if that appeals
a111: Logged on 2018-05-18 01:56 asciilifeform: if other folx have thought re subj -- plox to write in.
Mocky: not quite the same idea, but maybe it triggers a line of thought
Mocky: reading the logs - I'm trying to understand how 'kalash' is being used here. I don't see it in maybe it's a common thing I just haven't heard of. The use seems consistent with
Mocky: and with but it seems like you are using it for more and I can't tell if it's "minimal weapon that lets you climb out of swords and spear warfare" or if its "battle tested solidly reliable"
Mocky: and also 'inca' is that like "group thinks they are a pinnacle-of-the-world civ but about to get wiped out" or just like "spear chuckers" ?
lobbes: more the former
lobbes: current decaying empire of socialisms
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