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Apocalyptic: komododragon, sup
komododragon: what up
komododragon: you fucking #brokeboy
komododragon: running the late shift tonight again you fucking mut
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newguy: ;;bcauth newguy
gribble: Request successful for user newguy, hostmask newguy!~truerelig@ Your challenge string is: freenode:#bitcoin-otc:801499a6e823efeda47d85dcc68470a283c226f35d4597682b2c2414
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Apocalyptic: seriously ASAPCA gtfo
ASAPCA: you my good sir
ASAPCA: are going to get
ASAPCA: hit at least
ASAPCA: 30 times
ASAPCA: i swear to fucking god
ASAPCA: you better stay up with me
ASAPCA: and watch
ASAPCA: now that I got my hands on you
ASAPCA: you're going to wish
ASAPCA: you never got in our way
ASAPCA: you mother fucker
Apocalyptic: *sigh*
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: what i been saying
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: all these times
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: you've kicked me
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: i was fucking mad
Apocalyptic: i can imagine
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: you gonna feel it
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: with this shit
KINGLILJAYYYYYYY: you fucking maggot
BDKBDK: your going to learn
BDKBDK: today
BDKBDK: you mother fucker
toronto: AHAHA
toronto: MAYBE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
twizt: huh
twizt: whats going on
Apocalyptic: this chan could really use some op
kushedoutt: oh yes
Apocalyptic: twizt, just a random douche hating
kushedoutt: it should
kushedoutt: could
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ASAPCA: aight
ASAPCA: well
ASAPCA: guess the party
ASAPCA: is up
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mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic lol so what was that all about ?
Apocalyptic: i call him out, he's our usual scammer in -otc
Apocalyptic: so he got pissed
Apocalyptic: and started creating fake accounts to negrate me
Apocalyptic: & other ops
gribble: Error: "other" is not a valid command.
truffles: lol at that
truffles: at the gibble thing..
lyspooner: what is min size for x.eur
lyspooner: and do i understand the specifications correctly that davout will be responsible for defining delivery details?
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mircea_popescu: lyspooner what do you mean min size ? you can get 1
jurov: he prolly means the lot
mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic you getting a lot of that in -otc these days huh ? i see Azelphur negging people, that's a rarity.
mircea_popescu: 1 x.eur = 1 eur
mircea_popescu: <lyspooner> and do i understand the specifications correctly that davout will be responsible for defining delivery details? << within reason and in advance.
lyspooner: so i buy 1 x.eur, hold it to expiration, and then davout gives me 1 eur
jurov: and MKFUT does work on x.eur with 1.8 EUR collateral equivalent?
mircea_popescu: at expiration you can either take 1 euro in cash if you go through the delivery process or have it rolled to next month's x.eur
mircea_popescu: jurov no.
mircea_popescu: but you can contact davout, and deliver euros to him on bc, which arrangement he may accept
lyspooner: i could bankrupt davout by buying several instances of 1 euro from davout, holding them to expiration and having him wire me 1 eur at as many bank accounts as i have contracts
mircea_popescu: this obviously being a mm feature, don't expect it to happen for 7.8 eur or some bs
mircea_popescu: lyspooner afaik there's a 5 eur charge per delivery.
mircea_popescu: go ahead
jurov: right
mircea_popescu: anyway, the phys delivery is mostly there to keep things honest. unlike all the bucket shops running a soft-settled only "future"
mircea_popescu: which obviously is not a future.
lyspooner: because delivery specifications are made by a single-market maker, this contract will always guaranteed to have a single seller?
mircea_popescu: no such guarantee is made.
lyspooner: but davout is responsible for his delivery specs, which might differ from, say, mine
lyspooner: how will a buyer know whome he is facing ?
mircea_popescu: (see teh email you just got)
lyspooner: ah ok sec
jurov: we'll have to wait for official announcement with the specs.. or was it done already?
mircea_popescu: jurov click all the links!
mircea_popescu: Monthly settlement details available here :
jurov: i see
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lyspooner: so mpex will not take responsibility for davout or anyone else's failure to deliver?
mircea_popescu: yeah, because they deposit to mm.
mircea_popescu: (c) The Market Maker will make a deposit of BTC with the Exchange, on the basis of which the Exchange will create a number of X.EUR contracts in the Market Maker's account, by the criterion of the weighted spot price rounded to the lowest 10.
lyspooner: so if you choose 5 market makers for the product, each with their own delivery specification, the buyer of the contract faces all of the different mm's
mircea_popescu: (a) The Market Maker will immediately notify the Exchange should observance of the terms of this contract become impossible for the future. Should such notification be received, the Exchange will distribute the Market Maker's deposit to contract holders, in proportion of the number of contracts they hold but not in excess of the implied spot value rounded to the lowest 10. This distribution will constitute the sole rem
mircea_popescu: edy for contract holders from the part of the Exchange.
mircea_popescu: lyspooner that is one way to run it. there's no guarantee it'll be the way it's run.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 3 @ 0.05 = 0.15 BTC
lyspooner: so if i buy 1000 contracts at .0015 and the future expires at 10,000,000 eur on the final settlement day, and the short can't give me 10 billion euros, what do i get?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 65 @ 0.00298 = 0.1937 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: 1000 contracts = 1000 euros
mircea_popescu: how can't he not give you 1000 euros ?
lyspooner: ah ok, i've been look at icbit too long
mircea_popescu: it rots the brain.
lyspooner: indeed
mircea_popescu: we do things right for a reason.
lyspooner: there's still something gross about the delivery specs being different from mm to mm
mircea_popescu: no there isn't. you've been looking at eurodollars too long.
mircea_popescu: embrace free market.
lyspooner: imagine i buy 100 contracts while there is a single market-maker, davout, because i am comfortable with his terms of delivery
mircea_popescu: anyway, the mm deposit could have been in either of the pair, but btc seems safer.
mircea_popescu: admittedly there could still exist an edge case where the mm splits and the holders book a loss
mircea_popescu: but it seems really edgy.
mircea_popescu: lyspooner certainly all changes are announced before the contract trades. this is sacred.
lyspooner: you couldn't allow a second market-maker
lyspooner: mid-trading
lyspooner: in the case where the mm splits or dies or forgets everything or worse, then the longs eat the crap
mircea_popescu: well suppose the mm gets 1mn contracts, by depositing 1560 btc.
mircea_popescu: he sells those, and then runs off
mircea_popescu: people get 0.00156 btc per held contract.
mircea_popescu: that COULD be worthless, obviously. and it'll have to be accounted for.
mircea_popescu: still, on one hand it's a much better liquidation event than either the best or the most recent non-mpex liquidation event, on one hand
mircea_popescu: and it's practically better than the alternative (hold 1mn euros which also COULD be worthless)
lyspooner: he would sell 1mn contracts, and in the case that bitcoins were worth less than 1 eur and he didn't hedge himself, he would owe 1mn EUR. he would run off and people would get near worthless bitcoins
mircea_popescu: it's a possibility.
lyspooner: make him post euros to you
mircea_popescu: of course, what he says is that he's not going directional, and it makes sense for him not to, if he knows his business,
mircea_popescu: and moreover he has the means to go delta neutral as he has ready access to a spot market.
mircea_popescu: lyspooner what, instead of btc ? that's nonsense.
lyspooner: nonsense in what way? it prevents the situation i just described
mircea_popescu: it creates the equivalent.
mircea_popescu: i tell you euro will turn worthless in the next ten years a degree of magnitude more often than btc will
mircea_popescu: at the very leasty.
lyspooner: shorts post euros, longs post bitcoins
mircea_popescu: i'm not a fucking exchange. i gotta pick one.
lyspooner: the good exchange will pick that format
lyspooner: until then you have recreated icbit's downside problems
lyspooner: with slightly better management
lyspooner: and less (?) default risk
mircea_popescu: looky, economy is built on trust and people doing their job. it's not really built on "making it impossible" for people to default.
mircea_popescu: making it obvious when someone defaults and making responsibility stick for defaults is good enough.
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mircea_popescu: ;;bcstats
gribble: Current Blocks: 275236 | Current Difficulty: 9.08350862437022E8 | Next Difficulty At Block: 276191 | Next Difficulty In: 955 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 5 days, 1 hour, 54 minutes, and 53 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 1116079088.26 | Estimated Percent Change: 22.86872
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 25 @ 0.05 = 1.25 BTC
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12200 @ 0.00090354 = 11.0232 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG.F2] 1 @ 0.50000001 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12250 @ 0.00089975 = 11.0219 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: ;;estimate
gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 1115862283.67 based on data since last change | 1184576457.35 based on data for last three days
ThickAsThieves: the dream is over
ThickAsThieves: only gavin can save me now
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jurov: TAT you made out on idiffs like a pig, don't cry now :D
ThickAsThieves: actually the amount lost here is probly very close to amount gained on idiffs
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ozbot: Twitter / Heineken: Our vision of the future? Drink ...
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taub_: hehe surprise guys let me raise the fees on my super active traedign platform to 0.3%
taub_: without giving you any warning
taub_: because i'm chinese
taub_: fucking btcchina
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jcpham: ;;seen mircea_popescu
gribble: mircea_popescu was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 2 hours, 26 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <mircea_popescu> ;;bcstats
ThickAsThieves: already like 2PH added since last diffchange yeesh
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mircea_popescu: taub_ better than 1% or w/e mtgox was doing
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mike_c: coinbase is 1% too, although they aren't really an exchange.
gesell: whats the reason for the current crash?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 5132 @ 0.00009079 = 0.4659 BTC [+] {4}
mircea_popescu: it's its party and it can crash if it wants to ?
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jcpham: you would crash too if it happened to you
mircea_popescu: Estimated1002357574 in 1167 blks
mircea_popescu: ;;bcstats
gribble: Current Blocks: 275265 | Current Difficulty: 9.08350862437022E8 | Next Difficulty At Block: 276191 | Next Difficulty In: 926 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 4 days, 20 hours, 21 minutes, and 21 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 1115703052.32 | Estimated Percent Change: 22.82732
mircea_popescu: lol bitcoincharts is a little behind the blox
pankkake: depends on how you compute it
pankkake: it's 1002 if nothing gets added
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10231 @ 0.00090013 = 9.2092 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: i thought it'd be ~1050 even so
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diametric: seems like the market is in full panic sell mode right now.
mike_c: buffet says this is a good time to be greedy
pankkake: is there a non-panic mode in bitcoin?
diametric: ahh also btc china has enacted a trading fee now
Duffer1: btcchina not allowing fiat withdraw (rumor)
mike_c: well, its posted on their site that they are requiring identification now
pankkake: well then it shouldn't crash at all
mike_c: heh, right. the gox effect.
mircea_popescu: aw shucks, not a billionaire again ?
mircea_popescu: btc y u so break my haert
mike_c: but now you get to enjoy the anticipation of being a billionaire again.
mircea_popescu: financial sex.
mircea_popescu: now you're in... now you're out. back in... back out...
diametric: just the tip
pizzaman1337: anyway... when does X.EUR start trading?
mircea_popescu: was supposed to start today. i guess davout is having some tech trouble ?
mircea_popescu: wow f-secure, what a blast from the past
mircea_popescu: all i recall is this dos-age splash screen
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benkay: asciilifeform: i dreamt about a dataflow soup (using biocomputing elements) last night and then read your Alert Reader post this morning.
benkay: odd synchrony.
benkay: first i'd ever encountered the notion of dataflow stuff
benkay: i'm a near total neophyte to the execution of code and the things upon which they execute, so your grumpy old man attitude is fascinating to keep in mind while coming up to speed on the rest of the stack.
mircea_popescu: especially if you also keep in mind his age.
asciilifeform: phun phact: i've had people write to me: 'fscking keep over already, geezer'.
asciilifeform: 'can't build our shiny new world with yer kind around'
asciilifeform: that fan mail was in '09.
asciilifeform: i turned 30 2 wks ago...
benkay: your prose does have the vitriol of not-totally-bleached youth ;)
kakobreklaa: fun fact, clark moody refused to advertise my service cause it was suspeicious of it being scammy. he does have a mcxnow banner on site, still.
mike_c: tell him your code is C++, and therefore can't be a scam.
jcpham: mircea_popescu facedesk
Duffer1: hehe
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6000 @ 0.0008976 = 5.3856 BTC [-]
jcpham: mcxnow scam all day
mircea_popescu: what are we voting on ?
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benkay: no doge on mcxnow
benkay: scam
dub: ;;ud sharking
gribble: | To pull a girl's panties down in public, usually when she's wearing a short skirt. Very popular in Japan.
FabianB_: <-- has this been discussed already? am not through the backlog yet
mircea_popescu: FabianB_ in passing. not rly.
mircea_popescu: seems the usual overreaction. no such thing happened as far as anyone knows
mircea_popescu: but idiots love being overzealously silly.
Duffer1: couple of reddit rumor threads so far, that's all i've been able to find
FabianB_: they love loosing money by panicking it seems
FabianB_: the only third party 'payment provider' they mention in the article is Tenpay
FabianB_: didn't know any of them had anything directly to do with bitcoin
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22213 @ 0.00089553 = 19.8924 BTC [-] {4}
ThickAsThieves: they pulled similar shit with tencent rumors in the past
ThickAsThieves: like QQ would use btc or somthing
azoo: what about the just recent news about china banning withdrawals btc to fiat?
mircea_popescu: log's your friend
Duffer1: ;;ident lino
gribble: Error: I am not seeing this user on IRC. If you want information about a registered gpg user, try the 'gpg info' command instead.
Duffer1: wtf..
dub: ;;gpg info lino
gribble: No such user registered.
Duffer1: ya i was lookin in wrong chan >.<
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ozbot: BitBet - Bitcoin value will drop back to $450 or below before Christmas
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6250 @ 0.0008976 = 5.61 BTC [+] {2}
ThickAsThieves: panic abounds!
jurov: $avg
mpexbot: jurov: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
jurov: ;;ticker --average
gribble: (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg|--vol] [--currency XXX] [--market <market>|all]) -- Return pretty-printed ticker. Default market is Mtgox. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure the code is (1 more message)
jurov: ;;ticker --avg
gribble: 816.33325
mircea_popescu: no love for jurov
jurov: .bait
jurov: lol
pankkake: ozbot is being a smart ass
sois: TAT, Did Friedcat respond on what the issue is with the direct transfer shares from last week?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 3000 @ 0.000094 = 0.282 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13400 @ 0.00089763 = 12.0282 BTC [+]
the20year2: jurov: the prevailing theory is that the heart shape is specifically that
ThickAsThieves: sois, no he has not
ThickAsThieves: seem i can only get his attention once each week
sois: Okay, guess nothing we can do but wait till next dividend or his response
sois: :-
ThickAsThieves: i suspect he'll just fix it and not say anything...
ThickAsThieves: either way i'll square up any divs
sois: ok, sounds good
sois: i sent him a proposal that would automate the process, i'm guessing he is just using excel and manually doing it which must be a hassle
mircea_popescu: what's r=1 do
jurov: i'll add it on coinbr, but it needs scary warning you need b-c account to settle it
mircea_popescu: $depth x.eur
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: X.EUR Bids: ['2000 @ 0.0016129', '100 @ 0.00153846', '350 @ 0.00147']
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: Asks: ['2000 @ 0.00227272']
ozbot: Bitcoin is so 2013: Dogecoin is new crypto currency on the block | The Verge
mircea_popescu: jurov well you don't HAVE to settle, you can just sell it back later
the20year2: wow, petamine already has 3437 btc
Duffer1: .........................
Duffer1: more than they'll ever actually mine
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 1/0.0016129
gribble: 620.001240002
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 1/0.00227272
gribble: 440.001408005
mircea_popescu: $depth O.USD.C110T
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: O.USD.C110T Bids: ['1000 @ 1e-08', '1000 @ 1e-08']
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: Asks: ['1000 @ 0.00627926', '1000 @ 0.00627947', '5 @ 0.025']
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6559 @ 0.00089573 = 5.8751 BTC [-]
the20year2: i'm sure
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 0.00627926 * 110 + 110
gribble: 110.6907186
jurov: ;;bc,convert eur
gribble: 1 BTC = 749.9 USD = 544.80235 eur
mircea_popescu: $depth O.USD.C065T
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: O.USD.C065T Bids: ['1000 @ 0.01591501', '1000 @ 0.01591501']
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: Asks: ['1000 @ 0.02752279', '1000 @ 0.02752286']
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 0.01591501 / 0.02752279 - 0.0016129 / 0.00227272
gribble: -0.131429844848
mircea_popescu: whadda ya know. option spreads are narrow.
davout: ohai
davout: such future contract
davout: much spread
mircea_popescu: much spread
jurov: wow
davout: wow
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4370 @ 0.00089622 = 3.9165 BTC [+] {2}
kakobreklaa: much spread
mircea_popescu: small amount of late, kako :D
davout: large amount of 'a'
kakobreklaa: large amount of lag to somaila
mircea_popescu: such internweb.
mircea_popescu: Duffer1 the20year2 have 3.5k according tp what/who ?
the20year2: according to havelock's chart
ozbot: PETA-MINE | CryptX
Duffer1: wow they really have raised 3400 btc
ThickAsThieves: hard to know
ThickAsThieves: even harder to care
Duffer1: i can't imagine that will ever rio
Duffer1: roi
mircea_popescu: "CryptX has a contract with Cointerra"
mircea_popescu: where's the cxontract
the20year2: course not
mircea_popescu: these people never heard of signatures etc ?
the20year2: And it's a sweet deal for the mining company......the cost to provide those GH goes down every day
the20year2: I always laugh at how these companies are set up, i've gone overboard with mine, and no one cares
mircea_popescu: anyway, pmb version 50. why even.
Duffer1: worse than a pmb
Duffer1: only 65% equity on offer
Duffer1: those assholes have gone overboard with that one
the20year2: they retain 65% or selling 65?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19800 @ 0.00090107 = 17.8412 BTC [+] {2}
Duffer1: they retain 35% of divs because..
the20year2: If you were the issuer , why not? Investors typically don't read the T &C , and if they do, few understand it
mircea_popescu: the20year2 and then you list the crap and get called a scam and don't understand why.
the20year2: I retain 35% of my divs too, but then I ponied up $30k+ into the fund :D
mircea_popescu: who was asking me earlier ?
the20year2: Who cares if they get called a scam? They've already pocketed 2.8m in investments
the20year2: makes me wish i'd of asked for 5k bitcoins instead of the 700
Duffer1: what's your project the20?
the20year2: buying income producing real estate with bitcoins
Duffer1: oohh right
mircea_popescu: stealing 2.8mn from idiots does not make the stolen funds investments.
the20year2: is it theft if they willingly hand it over?
Duffer1: fleecing the ignorant is little better than theft imo
mircea_popescu: it's not a business.
mircea_popescu: whatever it is.
Vexual: courts oft call it theft
Duffer1: it's not intended to benefit the investor so i'd call that a scam, maybe not "theft"
ThickAsThieves: last i checked, taking candy from babies wasn't good for the rep
the20year2: *Hopefully* the end result will be smarter investors
mircea_popescu: it usually is.
ThickAsThieves: it's a tsunami of dumb tho
Duffer1: smarter, broke, investors hehe
ThickAsThieves: good luck
deadweasel: knowledge is valuable :)
mircea_popescu: ;;genrate 240000000
gribble: The expected generation output, at 240000000.0 Mhps, given difficulty of 908350862.437, is 132.875487804 BTC per day and 5.5364786585 BTC per hour.
mircea_popescu: did i get the 0s right ?
mircea_popescu: 240 th they say they're deploying, selling the lot for 50k btc.
ThickAsThieves: ;;nethash
gribble: 8658640.6558
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11330 @ 0.00089857 = 10.1808 BTC [-]
the20year2: how long to set up the 240th?
mircea_popescu: will hit even in 300 days of constant difficulty. also known as never.
mircea_popescu: the20year2 two weeks from january.
the20year2: I wonder what kind of facility they're in
the20year2: My brother's looking at local warehouses/factories to deploy in, and the cost for setup and time involved is immense
the20year2: It's not like you can just find a datacenter and say "hey let me put my stuff in there"
mircea_popescu: well savage family has some free space.
mircea_popescu: Bitmine ever deliver anything so far ?
Duffer1: a bunch of spam mail to my inbox but that's about it
Duffer1: no i'm not sure if they've actually shipped though
mircea_popescu: so basically this is a 25% actual rigs (from cointerra) and 75% vaporware.
mircea_popescu: deal gets better and better.
ThickAsThieves: sounds a lot like ActM
mircea_popescu: who's behind this ?
mircea_popescu: yeah, it does.
mircea_popescu: and the mo is quite similar, too.
ozbot: Official Avalon mining rig clones thread from (NOW SHIPPING)
mircea_popescu: some guy, giorgiomassa
mircea_popescu: which is an italian name. making avalon clones.
mircea_popescu: now how does he do that ?
the20year2: coinlab money?
ThickAsThieves: he used the ghosted Avalon chips
ThickAsThieves: (not srs)
mircea_popescu: ok so basically they mostly delivered an avalon clone on a 9 month schedule, and announced a 28nm process on a 3 month schedule late sept.
mircea_popescu: so maybe they deliver, in the summer.
ThickAsThieves: like bfl monarchs
ThickAsThieves: i still have my email spam from them
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3800 @ 0.00089815 = 3.413 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: promising xmas delivery
mircea_popescu: xmas delivery is a thing.
mircea_popescu: "Even with weights, allowing a diff bet to be open to bets till so close to the resolution date, enormously reduces the incentive to bet until it is an obvious call and thus limits the size of the bets to a few eager early beters plus roughly double the late skimmers. No money in between an thus smaller overall rollers."
mircea_popescu: does this guy have a point ?
jurov: kinda yes
mircea_popescu: so then what dio you do, have all these bets you can't bet on ?
mircea_popescu: cause they closed last week and resolve in a month ?
ThickAsThieves: more curvy weight loss
jurov: no, all the bets i can bet, but have weight like 50k or 30k
mircea_popescu: jurov huh ?
kakobrekla: [21:49:25] <ThickAsThieves> more curvy weight loss
jurov: yes, updating the curve could help
kakobrekla: you need more fat for more cuvers you know
kakobrekla: curves
Vexual: .bait
ThickAsThieves: you know what i mean tho?
ThickAsThieves: weight needs to drop off harder
kakobrekla: you like fat women?
ThickAsThieves: the curve
mike_c: not sure that's any different than just closing early
ThickAsThieves: it let speople bet
mircea_popescu: not only what mike_c said, but also... then how do you specify the curve.
Vexual: risk and reward
ThickAsThieves: of course then you run into the other issue of letting people make losing winning bers
ThickAsThieves: what if weight was 'spent'
ozbot: BitBet - Bitcoin difficulty at or above 2B before Feb 2014
mircea_popescu: i can't even follow the guy's idea
mircea_popescu: what has materially changed in that bet since a month ago ?
mircea_popescu: it's still pretty wild.
jurov: hm, there should exist some curve how the prediction accuracy increases over time for natural phenomena
ThickAsThieves: if they keep adding PHs every week that bet...
jurov: and weight would be inverse of it
jurov: and i strongly dount that curve is linear
ThickAsThieves: pretty good assumption
mike_c: i'm warming up to the 'spend weight' idea
mircea_popescu: jurov just do a historical average of all science ?
jurov: can't black-scholes be applied?
mircea_popescu: mike_c i dunno what it'd be
mircea_popescu: explain it ?
ThickAsThieves: something like,
mike_c: it puts something of a cap on the bets, but whatever.
mike_c: like, you bet 50btc, the weight drops 50k
ThickAsThieves: you start with 100,000 weight
Vexual: science? is 100% science
mircea_popescu: jurov a nonlinear curve would, of course, have to somehow be communicated to the bettors, which may take 16 months of scam accusations in the btctalk.
ThickAsThieves: then each bet get 10% of that weight, but new bet's weight is offset
ThickAsThieves: by the amount of coin betted
ThickAsThieves: to avoid losing winners
ThickAsThieves: so first bettor get 10,000 weight
mircea_popescu: i can follow mike_c proposal but not yours, and moreover they seem quite distinct
ThickAsThieves: next gets 9000 weight or whatever
ThickAsThieves: i honestly dont havce it thought thru
mircea_popescu: jurov interesting...
mike_c: if you "buy" weight, it encourages you to 1) wait for more info, but 2) get in before someone else gets all the good weight
ThickAsThieves: mike_c it's already the case
mike_c: not really
mircea_popescu: mike_c how do you anchor it ? why 50k and not 492 ?
ThickAsThieves: bet early does get you better weight
ThickAsThieves: just the curve is slowwww
mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves basically he proposes to not use a time function, but a bet function
mike_c: only marginally. but if you auction off weight, it changes the dynamic a lot
mircea_popescu: likle the blockchain
ThickAsThieves: ah i see
ThickAsThieves: thats totally diff
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5255 @ 0.00089815 = 4.7198 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: starting to sound like that other site
mircea_popescu: mike_c how is your idea different from just splitting the pool according to a polynomial (bet sum) ?
ThickAsThieves: where you can sell your bet position
mike_c: thinking it through. i believe it is different because the guy who bets the first 10btc gets more than the guy who bets the last 10btc
mircea_popescu: yes, but his more is a function of the total bet.
mircea_popescu: or w/e, model this for me
mircea_popescu: mebbe i only think i got what you mean
mike_c: yeah, i'll think it through.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16600 @ 0.00090127 = 14.9611 BTC [+]
Vexual: you're only talking about difficulty bets?
mircea_popescu: Vexual it's where people seem to think they do a lot better at predicting outcomes as time goes by
ThickAsThieves: like that minimum wage one
ThickAsThieves: it;s old but
ThickAsThieves: if it's not on the agenda for the gov by a certain date
ThickAsThieves: you know it aint gona happen
mircea_popescu: i mean to be clear, im not proposing linear timeweight is the absolutely correct solution. it's obviously wrong, life isn't linear.
mircea_popescu: however, it may be the best approximation, depending how the problem is actually defined
ThickAsThieves: what if it's a fixed amount of weight that can be given, then the 'price' of weight is determined by the amount of coins bet prior.
mircea_popescu: the who ?
mircea_popescu: jurov what's that curve even, its not a sine section.
Vexual: a curve from the difficulty estimate?
mircea_popescu: he linked some stuff above from weather prediction
Vexual: perhaps the weather curve is plotted from data
ThickAsThieves: any tapering over time would be better than linear
Vexual: add some function to the diff estimate to make a sexy curve
jurov: can't find any supporting maths, looks like fully empirical
mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves that can't be true.
ThickAsThieves: i mean that in the starting from linear sense, not saying an extreme taper would be better
mircea_popescu: "any woman would be better than the girl next door. except, you know, a really annoying pornstar. or a quadriplegic. or a butch lesbian."
ThickAsThieves: like said, not meant to be taken to extremes
ThickAsThieves: meant to move the meter
Vexual: u in it for the money or in it for the love?
ThickAsThieves: like 1 bj per year is better than zero
ThickAsThieves: but 1000 is maybe too much
mircea_popescu: mike_c one major problem of the not-time approach is, what if right before your 10btc bet makes it, someone puts in a 1k btc bet.
mircea_popescu: you basically now live in a cloudy soup of "i can't fucking know wjhat i'm betting on"
jurov: 1+cos(x) in the 0,pi interval? but yes, needs some modelling what would be the effect
mircea_popescu: jurov looks too un-sine to be a sine imo.
jurov: insinity
jurov: just throw weierstrass function in
jurov: epic outrage
mircea_popescu: what can math possibly hurt.
mircea_popescu: blancmange. moar like tits.
mike_c: mircea_popescu: yeah, i was thinking about that. but its not like its not a cloudy soup right now.
ozbot: Blancmange curve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
mircea_popescu: but at least you know what weight you get.
Vexual: popescu curve
mike_c: which is still only a piece of it. because if someone drops that 1k bet down on my side my odds still tank
mircea_popescu: but not more than his.
mircea_popescu: it doesn't give him cake and you penis.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6600 @ 0.00090128 = 5.9484 BTC [+] {2}
mike_c: yes. not unsolvable though.
mircea_popescu: what are you, an engineer ?
mike_c: sometimes
ThickAsThieves: what if you just offer 4 curve pictures when making bet, maybe in a Edit Curve button, one tapers early, one late, one linear, one like Franks Weather
ThickAsThieves: then you can overlay the curve chosen on the graph pic for each bet
ThickAsThieves: or sumth
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.257 BTC [+]
mike_c: steep curves late are the same as early closing imo
mircea_popescu: ThickAsThieves this discussion mostly started because users can't be arsed to use the fine tuning implem,ents already available
mircea_popescu: not like i won't let you make a bet that expires early or that ends with w/e weight etc
asciilifeform: next thing we know, bitbet gets a scripting language, and we're playing 'Core Wars.'
ThickAsThieves: then mods can decide curve?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform somethin' like that.
Vexual: you'll end up with a flat line
asciilifeform: what ever happened to the fellow who was going to offer 'pwn by box for 10 btc?'
mircea_popescu: prolly something unfortunate
asciilifeform: afaik the offer never went live
asciilifeform: he was offering 'get a root account, and see if you can get past my fancy memory partitioner plugin'
mircea_popescu: was it jurov ?
asciilifeform: no, some random face
jurov: nope, i dont give root :)
asciilifeform: pwn contests for btc prize are an underdeveloped field
Vexual: lol
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 100 @ 0.00243999 = 0.244 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.257 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: if the arena keeper is reputable, people will play
asciilifeform: otherwise nobody cares to part with an 0day for a prize that may or may not exist.
mircea_popescu: this is a point
mircea_popescu: i guess roua's accident recently left a hole.
dub: s.pwn?
mircea_popescu: besides, btc makes us about 5000x as powerful as fiat ever was
mircea_popescu: what's apple gonna do, come here and bitch ?
dub: >9000x tbh
mircea_popescu: im kinda looking forward to the day when the old world starts actually paying lawyers to troll irc.
mircea_popescu: i can be all, ha, i was doing this in 2012 newbs.
asciilifeform: there's no possible substitute for arena reputation, though; with the possible exception of holding the contest inside a faraday cage, with the target machine signing messages with its addr key on demand.
asciilifeform: perhaps the game is not being played formally because 95% of the btc community is already playing it informally
asciilifeform: without necessarily intending to.
mircea_popescu: i don't think there's possible substitution for reputation generally.
asciilifeform: 0day + lamer -> crying lamer, 0 probably stays 0; 0day + arena -> possibly nothing, 0 is now 1+
mircea_popescu: this was "news" in 200 bc too. i dunno why it's so counterintuitive
asciilifeform: 'you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.'
Vexual: can we have drones with cameras reading keystrokes in the arena?
asciilifeform: Vexual: the arena in question may not be a literal one; the original issue was how to prove that the target actually contains a prize.
asciilifeform: the 'piñata', if you will.
Vexual: you propose to make it more sporting by making it less sporting
Vexual: but legal
asciilifeform: it's a standard 'trading in the desert' situation
asciilifeform: player may (or may not) have 0day
asciilifeform: arena may (or may not) have prize.
asciilifeform: player, by playing, necessarily reveals his hand.
asciilifeform: how to motivate him
ozbot: ASRock > H81 Pro BTC
BingoBoingo: Awfully late to the party with this...
Vexual: i still prefer the physical areana with drones, paid for by discorvey channel
kakobrekla: lol wtf pro btc
asciilifeform: 'Just plug in the USB Key and let your computer log in to windows automatically!'
Vexual: then sell your 0 days to market with the advertising
asciilifeform: no one has yet invented a means whereby unknowns can sell secrets to unknowns.
kakobrekla: omg wtf the mobo has dehumidifier
Vexual: no thats the beauty of it, by removing that special part of the whole game, you reintroduce it again
asciilifeform: Vexual: where do you intend to find the fools who will drop their 0day panties in public?
asciilifeform: anyone who wants to show off can do this already simply by using the weapon 'in anger' the usual way.
mike_c: this is really good:
BingoBoingo: kakobrekla: I take that to mean they'll randomly power up the computer when you aren't using to to see if you found any bitcoins yet.
mike_c: "A Dynamic Pari-Mutuel Market for Hedging, Wagering, and Information Aggregation"
Vexual: thats what i mean ascii, the area is fake
asciilifeform: planet has enough fake things
asciilifeform: how about something real for a twist.
mircea_popescu: mike_c did the academia folks invent something again ?
mike_c: it's got some good proposals for how to do it. i'm working on the tl;dr.
mircea_popescu: i like this guy.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7850 @ 0.00090279 = 7.0869 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9450 @ 0.00090295 = 8.5329 BTC [+] {2}
Vexual: j Applied Meteorology
asciilifeform: if we're doing papers, try this on for size:
asciilifeform: (a bit of a hog, scanned it personally from the original print)
asciilifeform: anyone who can figure out how to apply it to sha2 wins... +inf.
mike_c: how could i possibly open a pdf from someone i know could hack the shit out of me if he wanted to?
asciilifeform: how do you breathe air.
mike_c: carefully?
asciilifeform: somebody could've mixed some strange in.
mircea_popescu: pdfs need to die already
Duffer1: preach it brother
asciilifeform: if jpeg came in multi-page variant, i'd have jpeg.
asciilifeform: tldr version: exponential speedup for cellular automata algos
asciilifeform: phys. d. 1984. 75-80
asciilifeform: (bill gosper)
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9414 @ 0.00090012 = 8.4737 BTC [-] {2}
asciilifeform: basic idea is to 'compress' time and space simultaneously
asciilifeform: (sounds weird, but it wurks)
ll: open it in a vm
ll: or use or similar
kakobrekla: NSA also does this for you
pankkake: multipage jpeg is called tar :)
BingoBoingo: Whatever is wrong with TeX for passing documents?
asciilifeform: doc in question is a scan
asciilifeform: from dead tree.
asciilifeform: with pictures.
mircea_popescu: we need a better format.
kakobrekla: dam pictures.
kakobrekla: i like png better.
pankkake: png scans are HUGE
kakobrekla: yes cause scans sucks
pankkake: unless you do black and white with high contrast filter
mike_c: ok.. i think i understand enough to design bitbet v2.
pankkake: when is the ipo?
mike_c: i'll ask havelock. probably tomorrow.
mike_c: basically you buy shares in the outcome (this is not tradesports). share price is based on the current proportion of bets. so buying one share costs 0.1, but buying two shares cost 0.22, etc.
mike_c: price of shares will be driven to whatever probability is currently expected.
mike_c: so early bettors get better prices
mike_c: and when an event is basically decided, share prices go through the roof on that side
asciilifeform: is this predicated on identity costing >0 ?
mike_c: no
asciilifeform: because what's to stop 1000 socks for buying 1000 shares for 0.1 each
mike_c: can't be done. it's like an order book
mike_c: but the order book is filled with the algorithmically determined prices
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10000 @ 0.00090097 = 9.0097 BTC [+]
mike_c: so everyone knows its fair
asciilifeform: so share 1 is sold for 0.1. share 2 is sold, to an apparently different buyer for, ?
mike_c: 0.11
mike_c: bettor would basically put in a limit order
Vexual: then it starts sounding like something else
mike_c: but not, because it's not just an open market
mike_c: and there is no market-maker
mike_c: except, there is always buy-liquidity from the opposing side
mike_c: it does, however, allow you to sell your shares if you want
Vexual: nat a bet
mike_c: huh?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 754 @ 0.00241562 = 1.8214 BTC [-] {4}
mike_c: if there is sufficient interest from people i can work up a simulation.
mike_c: the nice thing about is that you don't need a time weight. early bettors get better odds, and it will naturally get squeezed off when the market knows the event is decided.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6900 @ 0.00090317 = 6.2319 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 5 @ 0.09304399 = 0.4652 BTC [+] {5}
mircea_popescu: so let's run through this. bet is gribble's coin toss comes out heads.
mircea_popescu: what now ?
Vexual: do 3 in a row mircea
mircea_popescu: nah, one's enough for this
mike_c: well, i think parimutuel wagering on mathematical things is silly :)
mircea_popescu: that aside
pankkake: is gribble provably fair?
mircea_popescu: it dun matter what the bet is.
mike_c: let's say the democrats when the next US pres election
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 5 @ 0.09975999 = 0.4988 BTC [+] {4}
mircea_popescu: so what do i do now ?
mike_c: BB seeds with 0.6, 0.4
mircea_popescu: i think irl bitbet seeds more like .3 .7 bu anyway
mike_c: now there will be a share price for each one (there are a variety of pricing functions) to buy a share in each outcome
mike_c: but that share price is an integral
mircea_popescu: wait, what ?
mircea_popescu: i got 10 btc on the dems right here. i send it to your site. what happens ?
mike_c: you get x shares of 'dems winning'
mike_c: no, it's all math
mike_c: no scam
mircea_popescu: all math is scam. so what's your x on my 10 btc ?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 11113 @ 0.00009487 = 1.0543 BTC [+] {2}
mike_c: you will be able to see when you place your bet. it will say "1 share: 0.1 btc, 1 more share: 0.2 btc, 1 more share: 0.5 btc"
Duffer1: it sounds like you're trying to dumb it down for noobs by overcomplicating it
Duffer1: it = weighting
mircea_popescu: so if i spend 10 btc i get a number of shares you can't specify. wjhat happens next ?
mike_c: it's basically an algorithmically generated order book for shares in 'dems win'
mike_c: i can specify, just can't do the integral off the top of my head.
mircea_popescu: algorithmically generated order books aren't used irl
mircea_popescu: guess why.
mike_c: um.
mike_c: i give up.
mircea_popescu: mike_c so guess dood. weren't you an engineer ?
Vexual: u can have an algo gen weighting curve tho, dont even need to update faq
mircea_popescu: that was quick ;/
mike_c: in my mind it works. i may not be explaining correctly
mircea_popescu: just guess the value of the integral, it won't kill you .not like it's a binding contract or anything
mircea_popescu: just a little numerical analysis
mike_c: ok, lemme figure it.
mircea_popescu: now he goes all taylor on it i bet
mircea_popescu: (1st share 1 btc, 2nd share 1.3 btc etc ftr)
mike_c: if i guess the bridge will fall down when you drive over it.
mircea_popescu: we're trying to see how that'd go atm
mike_c: m = M1[e^(n\n2) - 1]
mike_c: gimme a sec :)
mircea_popescu: why not pi.
mike_c: yes
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 100 @ 0.00239999 = 0.24 BTC [-]
sbp: some C code here, haven't tried it:
mircea_popescu: << check out the paperwork that went into a
ozbot: Fudda'd by muddafudda
mircea_popescu: 5 ltc dispute
mircea_popescu: now we know it's the end of the world.
mike_c: ok ok
mike_c: wag: you would get about as many shares as 0.7 has (if 0.7 was on dems)
mike_c: so coming in and dropping 10btc on a bet with only 0.3 on the other side, not so great.
mike_c: just like bbv1
mircea_popescu: bbv1 is neutral on thsi score. if someone buys the other side later it lifts you up
mircea_popescu: does your thing lift me up ?
mike_c: as would this. you are buying shares in dems. later, money comes in on reps, your intrinsic share value goes up
mircea_popescu: aite, so let's try it. since you're somehow decided it must be 0.1s for some reason, i put 0.5 on dems. what's that do ?
mike_c: you get half as many as the 0.7 has
mircea_popescu: so i get 5, say.
mike_c: um, 3.5 to his 7, yes
mircea_popescu: ok. now, i come and put 0.7 on dems. what's this do ?
mike_c: you get like 1 share
mircea_popescu: aite. so dems side is now 3 (opresumably) + 3.5 + .95 shares
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 13 @ 0.07012307 = 0.9116 BTC [-] {5}
mircea_popescu: and .3 + .5 + .7 = 1.5 btc
mike_c: er, heres my math: shares: (7 + 3.5 + 1) = 11.5 shares (0.7 + 0.5 + 0.7) = 1.9 btc on dems
mircea_popescu: o o ok i see. i mixed the .3 and .7 aite
mircea_popescu: so now obama comes and dumps 10 btc on reps. cause he's hedging.
mircea_popescu: how many shares does this buy him ?
mike_c: ~40
mike_c: with BB having seeded 3 shares
mircea_popescu: now, the reps lose, obviously.
mircea_popescu: how do you split the 10.3 ?
mike_c: company decision. it can be done so that all the money is split, or only the losers money.
mike_c: er, so you said the losers
mike_c: 0.7 early -> 6.26 0.5 mid -> 3.13 0.7 late -> 0.9
mircea_popescu: even if these could be within five minutes of each other ?
mike_c: yes. that's the beauty.
mircea_popescu: so any new bet is basically a landrush to buy the early shares ?
mircea_popescu: basically to extract value out of this scheme all you need to know is your avg volume
mike_c: not exactly. the bet should always, throughout its lifetime, float around its current probability
mike_c: and if you see an imbalance, you are incented to act quickly
mircea_popescu: but if i know that a certain bet will reach say 200 btc total wagered
mike_c: whereas right now an imbalance means nothing
mircea_popescu: then as long as the odds are 10:1 or less i am safe buying 10 btc each side, cheap shares
mike_c: first off, that is currently the situation with BB. betting early on a high volume bet is a guaranteed win.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14550 @ 0.00090244 = 13.1305 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 40 @ 0.0248 = 0.992 BTC [-]
mike_c: but shares do not devalue with time in this scheme.
mike_c: that is, say the situation went differently.
mike_c: 0.7 on dems, then 10 on reps
mike_c: now i can buy profitable dem shares again
mike_c: and am incented to do so quickly, before someone else does
mike_c: so the right time to bet is when i feel the odds are wrong, which isn't really the case right now
mircea_popescu: suppose i send 1 btc, ion the reps, and discover i didn't get 8 shares but .7 because someone put 10btc in 10 minutes before me.
mircea_popescu: i now go to the forum and open a scam thread, saying you put the 10 btc
mircea_popescu: what do you do ?
mike_c: you basically put in a limit order. "buy up to 10btc of shares at up to 0.2 each"
mike_c: nobody unhappy, because if that whale gets in before you, you just don't get filled
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21331 @ 0.00090148 = 19.2295 BTC [-] {2}
mike_c: and now you bet the other side.
mike_c: it's right. i feel it. i'll build a simulation.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1000 @ 0.00089511 = 0.8951 BTC [-]
mike_c: unless something seems way off to you. like the idea of putting in a limit order.
mircea_popescu: i just gave an example
mircea_popescu: what do you do in that case ?
mike_c: you have to refund I guess. I'm on bitbet, i say "i want 10btc of dems at up to 0.2 per share". You generate an address and in your DB mark it as a limit order at 0.2. if you can only fill 5btc of it you have to send the other 5 back..
mircea_popescu: this will be a pain to run.
mircea_popescu: moving on : how do you sort within a block ?
mircea_popescu: say both me and kako send in block 275000. who goes in first ?
mike_c: yes.. well, JD creamed satoshi-dice because having an account has advantages :)
mike_c: lemme think on sorting.
mike_c: same block, sort by bet time?
thestrin1puller: mircea_popescu: when you retrieve depth stat and matches to json stat, no? So is it possibly to just take current top ask/bid depth value and translate it into market buy or market sell?
thestrin1puller: i'm sure this has been asked before so I apologize
mircea_popescu: well sure it is, bash/python/we you use
mircea_popescu: mike_c the time value is iffy
mike_c: i meant bet time on BitBet, but you reuse addresses, so you won't always have that.
mircea_popescu: (depending who mines the block the same exact tx can end up with diff timestamps)
mircea_popescu: like say pool x could mine me before kako, and pool y could mine kako before me
mike_c: ah, block time isn't dependable?
mircea_popescu: in the best case is "when we heard the tx"
mircea_popescu: or, what the node that told us the tx said
mircea_popescu: or, what the user making the tx said the time was
mircea_popescu: the blockchain exists in the first place because time isnt reliable.
mircea_popescu: otherwise we'd just use timestamps
mike_c: this may not be possible without accounts.. which i guess makes it no good for BB.
mircea_popescu: how do you time accounts ?
mike_c: i mean like having balances on BB
mircea_popescu: even so ?
mike_c: ala JD
mike_c: then its the same as mpex
mircea_popescu: jd isn't a mega concurrency engine. ppl bet the house
mircea_popescu: that may be a little expensive to make.
mike_c: except the order of magnitude is lower
thestrin1puller: ;;ticker
gribble: MtGox BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 740.0, Best ask: 743.28947, Bid-ask spread: 3.28947, Last trade: 740.0, 24 hour volume: 40151.84292354, 24 hour low: 714.11, 24 hour high: 928.0, 24 hour vwap: 800.48436
mike_c: so it doesn't need to be mpex
mircea_popescu: honestly i dun see myself using it, sounds like a sort of bettrade w/e that thing was called, except with a perhaps very broken auto-mm tacked on
mike_c: the mm is just a help to see what you're getting.
mike_c: similar to the calculator on BB right now
mircea_popescu: if you're gonna do that may as well just make it the thing, let people trade shares.
mircea_popescu: or for that matter invest in zh's darling, i forget what it was called.
thestrin1puller: mircea_popescu: on "stat" call
thestrin1puller: do you get back every transaction you've ever made?
mircea_popescu: since last stat.
mircea_popescu: or an hour prior or something like that
Bunnyh: how about sorting bets in the same block by creation time of betting addresses?
mircea_popescu: Bunnyh he wants accts i thought
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8026 @ 0.00089501 = 7.1834 BTC [-] {2}
mike_c: if it can be done without accts, all the better. just sorting incoming bets is the problem.
mike_c: and the fact that you would need to potentially return money.
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: so for the "average" mpex user they would need to call stat evert "blah" hours and keep a log of all of them to record every trade/transaction they've made on mpex no?
mircea_popescu: and the fact that you will need a very solid api or nobody will mm it.
mircea_popescu: bbet's interface is very simple by design, but your thing would be sort-of like the rpc call of all time
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller they can call it once a month
thestringpuller: but they would need a "stat.log" or something?
mircea_popescu: well w/e they wish to use
jurov: that
mircea_popescu: yes, if they want to store data they;ll need a filesystem or some other similar implement
thestringpuller: of course, but the user has to record, mpex doesn't have SoR
jurov: thas's why pympex logs by default
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 24 @ 0.045 = 1.08 BTC [-]
thestringpuller: yea, but I was seeing how the user could see more of their trades in a gui
thestringpuller: like a large table
mircea_popescu: in principle a good client logs.
thestringpuller: and stat only shows recent, was seeing if the user would be the SoR
thestringpuller: if so then user would load previous logs into new client
thestringpuller: then have all trade data for that account
mike_c: if this were a simple problem we wouldn't be talking about it. simple designs are great, but limiting.
mircea_popescu: no argument.
mircea_popescu: still, we use http and tcp/ip
mircea_popescu: we don't use windows or macos
mike_c: yeah, i just feel like we're talking about tcp KEEP_ALIVE and deciding it's too complicated :) even tcp is complicated.
mike_c: i'll think on it some more. and can maybe explain more clearly.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.2599 = 0.7797 BTC [+] {2}
mircea_popescu: tcp ios kinda complicated...
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12700 @ 0.0008963 = 11.383 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 895 @ 0.00240374 = 2.1513 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 9 @ 0.25414444 = 2.2873 BTC [-] {4}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18059 @ 0.00089789 = 16.215 BTC [+] {2}
pankkake: looks like bitcoin-central is goxed
turbo_ac100: hey mircea_popescu, do you want to make someone make a firefox search engine plugin for bitbet? Imagine asigning keyword bb and just 'bb bfl' would CREATE fun - or at least find it.
mircea_popescu: hehe not such a bad idea
mircea_popescu: <pankkake> looks like bitcoin-central is goxed << hi davout
dub: guys
dub: everyone chill the fuck out
ozbot: Five Ways to Fix Bitcoin - TheStreet
turbo_ac100: should be half an hour of work max: mycroft project is your friend
mircea_popescu: wow dub ty for saving the day
dub: this has to be satire right?
mircea_popescu: unintentional, but yes.
pankkake: "Select images for those bitcoin printings that convey respect and prestige globally, perhaps the portraits of American presidents" unintentional?
davout: pankkake: wat
dub: 5 wayz to fux buttcoin, make it into USD
mircea_popescu: since when does the set of us presidents convey respek or prestige ?
pankkake: davout: oh it's back. it was showing 0€ no trades
mircea_popescu: dub that's thinking outsidda da box yo
dub: they are people that other people have or would liek to shoot at duh
mircea_popescu: dub thb they look kinda like the presidents of all failed european colonies.
mircea_popescu: new zealand, rhodesia, name your pick
davout: pankkake: that happens when the front has loaded, but it' still waiting for the api to answer
davout: pankkake: in other words when we're goxxed
davout: xD
pankkake: hehe
pankkake: so much volume, can't handle it!
dub: too popular
davout: fuck yes
davout: such volume
dub: such success
pankkake: that's what you get for using ruby
mircea_popescu: confucius say : he who fuck yes is yay.
davout: i use ruby
mircea_popescu: no, ruby uses you.
davout: in the berlusconi way
mircea_popescu: btw, who's berlusconi's latest gf ?
mircea_popescu: did he move off the twelve year old ?
davout: some random inmate i presume
mircea_popescu: wait he;'s in jale ?
davout: dunno
mircea_popescu: is an Italian politician, entrepreneur, media tycoon, frequent criminal defendant and convicted tax evader who served three times as Prime Minister of Italy
mircea_popescu: sounds like that place.
mircea_popescu: In November 2010, teenage Moroccan belly dancer and alleged prostitute Karima El Mahroug (better known as "Ruby Rubacuori") claimed to have been given $10,000 by Berlusconi at parties at his private villas. The girl told prosecutors in Milan that these events were like orgies where Berlusconi and 20 young women performed an African-style ritual known as the "bunga bunga" in the nude.
kakobrekla: such spread
turbo_ac100: "Select images for those bitcoin printings that convey respect and prestige globally, perhaps the portraits of American presidents." o_O
davout: i always want to make yo mamma jokes when someone mentions a wide spread
asciilifeform: anyone remember the american politician with the 'wide stance' ?
dub: palin?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 45 @ 0.00296998 = 0.1336 BTC [+] {4}
ozbot: Larry Craig scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
kakobrekla: "yo mama has such spread its useful for such spread joke"
kakobrekla: liek dat?
dub: so humerus
davout: kakobrekla: something like that
dub: woot passed 200 pages in my document that nobody will read!
benkay: what document, dub?
kakobrekla: dont read it or else he will have to start over
dub: PoC test for a metro ethernet
dub: so yes, lots of drawings
benkay: i love the documents nobody will ever read
dub: theres only like 25k words so far
benkay: that'd be one of the reasons i bailed on the semiconductor space
mircea_popescu: there's a girl somewhere in a basement, kinda mousty, kinda cute, with glases and b tits
mircea_popescu: READING ALL THESE
benkay: so these gpg contracts
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17029 @ 0.00089346 = 15.2147 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6371 @ 0.00089323 = 5.6908 BTC [-] {2}
benkay: specifically for MPOE/MPEx, wherein it's laid out that bond deposits must be greater than 100 BTC - what is our overlord's process for updating these contracts to reflect the reality of 50 BTC bond deposits, and how would our overlord advise future contract writers to behave when making similar modifications?
mircea_popescu: there;s 50 btc bond deposits ?
BingoBoingo: There is an Alphabet Soup Agency Agent right now reading all of Bitcointalk's posts and being pissed that the guy in the neighboring cubicle gets to instead just read the -assets log and follow any linked content.
mircea_popescu: there probably should be 10 btc bond deposits, seeing how the lot got downsized
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo word lol
jurov: O.o benkay you're writing guidelines for contract writers???
benkay: well i'll be damned
kakobrekla: its an interesting topic
benkay: nah jurov i'm just wrong about stuff
benkay: but maybe one day i'll have written a few gpg contracts and can write guidelines for stuff
kakobrekla: i put the variable part of the contract in a seperate part
jurov: smickles wrote some
kakobrekla: i did put
jurov: i then snatched them
jurov: and mutilated beyond repair
kakobrekla: so you end up with 2 docs, one being disposable or whatever
benkay: o hey mind forwarding your snatch?
benkay: (el oh el forwarding a snatch)
jurov: you want to pay smickles too?
benkay: can't see why i would
mircea_popescu: having a variable part kinda defeats the immutable niceness of gpg
mircea_popescu: immutable niceness kinda defeats being alive
mircea_popescu: rock paper snatch.
kakobrekla: like deposit addy is defined in X where X is a time limited contract
mircea_popescu: that works yes
mircea_popescu: or like the x.eur settlement works
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 515 @ 0.00089806 = 0.4625 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5550 @ 0.00089979 = 4.9938 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 70 @ 0.00297397 = 0.2082 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 52 @ 0.00291245 = 0.1514 BTC [-] {3}
benkay: !t m nsa
assbot: Things which are alike, in nature, grow to look alike, and the speaking stones have lain a long time lookin' at the sun.
benkay: !h
assbot: List of commands:
assbot: !ticker <exchange> <ticker> (desc: returns current ticker values, supported: MPEX, HAVELOCK, BTCTCO) {short: !t}
assbot: !last <exchange> <ticker> (desc: returns last price value, supported: MPEX, HAVELOCK, BTCTCO) {short: !l}
assbot: !mp <signcrypted url> (desc: returns the response from MPEX order)
assbot: !rules <nick/chan> (desc: chan guidelines) {short: !r}
assbot: !exchanges <nick/chan> (desc: lists exchanges and brokers) {short: !e}
assbot: !jd (desc: returns relevant stats from
assbot: !bash <lines> (desc: bashes last <lines> lines to bash) {short: !b}
assbot: !quote <lines> (desc: quotes last <lines> lines and returns dpaste url) {short: !q}
benkay: !t m snsa
assbot: Shit. You ain't even old enough to smoke.
benkay: !t mpex snsa
assbot: I don't know those people, and they don't look very friendly.
kakobrekla: !t m s.nsa
assbot: [MPEX:S.NSA] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 0.00015 / 0.00015066 / 0.00016 (11671 shares, 1.76 BTC), 30D: 0.0001011 / 0.00010918 / 0.00016 (508879 shares, 55.56 BTC)
benkay: !t mpex nsa
assbot: I don't know those people, and they don't look very friendly.
benkay: thanks kakobrekla
benkay: !l m s.nsa
assbot: Last trade for S.NSA on MPEX was at 0.00016 BTC [+]
jurov: !t m x.eur
assbot: The vision of Christ that thou dost see ... is my vision's greatest enemy.
jurov: !depth m x.eur
jurov: $depth x.eur
mpexbot: jurov: X.EUR Bids: ['5000 @ 0.0016245', '2000 @ 0.0016129', '100 @ 0.00153846', '350 @ 0.00147']
mpexbot: jurov: Asks: ['1000 @ 0.00209999', '1000 @ 0.00217391', '2000 @ 0.00227272']
benkay: i see davout is now posting bids and asks ;)
jurov: if it's davout
jurov: in the beginning there was only 2000 bid/ask
jurov: the 1000/5000 ones are newere
benkay: well someone
benkay: davout i think is obligated to maintain a spread
jurov: that was helluva spread at first
benkay: hella spreaaaad
mircea_popescu: still kinda wide
jurov: ;;calc 1/0.00209999
gribble: 476.192743775
jurov: ;;calc 1/0.00162450
gribble: 615.574022776
jurov: ;;bc,convert eur
gribble: 1 BTC = 736.0 USD = 534.9984 eur
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 4 @ 0.04425 = 0.177 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 768 @ 0.00297079 = 2.2816 BTC [+] {4}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 107 @ 0.0029708 = 0.3179 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 70 @ 0.0028505 = 0.1995 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8935 @ 0.00089979 = 8.0396 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.2560007 = 0.768 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 9 @ 0.25233366 = 2.271 BTC [-] {6}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3015 @ 0.00089566 = 2.7004 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12685 @ 0.00089525 = 11.3562 BTC [-] {2}
benkay: "the operators of bitcoin" oh my lols
jborkl: Sup ladies
benkay: can't tell if derp or sarcasm
truffles: hey girls
mike_c: it should be on coinion, but it's atcually derp.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6221 @ 0.00089318 = 5.5565 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: the operators of bitcoin, twisted instigators.
jborkl: Bitcoin is boring lately, I am going to start trolling to keep myself entertained
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16300 @ 0.00089431 = 14.5773 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12464 @ 0.00089306 = 11.1311 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1636 @ 0.00089172 = 1.4589 BTC [-]
truffles: dub the dick
dub: never
truffles: nim thinks so :p
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7764 @ 0.00089172 = 6.9233 BTC [-]
pankkake: my Bernankoin is going along well, finally. preview of the splash screen:
pankkake: just need to tweak the Quantitative Easing function some more
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10337 @ 0.0008916 = 9.2165 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 6 @ 0.25 = 1.5 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6226 @ 0.00089574 = 5.5769 BTC [+] {2}
ozbot: The NSA Claims It Foiled a Foreign Plot to Destroy the U.S. Economy |
mircea_popescu: the bitcoin is foiled!
truffles: lmao
truffles: bitcoin is a terrorist organization
mircea_popescu: pls gib us more monyz, we are not useless. we thwarted a tethan plot to turn the sun pink!
Diablo-D3: the market is down to $700 again? heh.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 20 @ 0.0249 = 0.498 BTC [+]
Ziggy9263: Let the lurking begin?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 17 @ 0.0249 = 0.4233 BTC [+]
ThickAsThieves: mining is no longer profitable, stop teh hashzorz!
Apocalyptic: TAT, don't bother, you're not winning the bet :)
Ziggy9263: .bait
ThickAsThieves: an american can dream, can't he?
Ziggy9263: .bait
Ziggy9263: .bait
Ziggy9263: .sharkbait
Ziggy9263: .oohaha
BingoBoingo: ThickAsThieves: At what point for you does sabotagine miners become profitable?
ThickAsThieves: ziggy, yknow you can make out with ozbot in private too
ThickAsThieves: i dont know what sabotage costs
Ziggy9263: I just saw the 500 and assumed it was the same picture...
asciilifeform: nsa foils plot to destroy us economy! strateegic nyooke levels redmond, wa. please stay out of crater.
Ziggy9263: It... Isn't...
BingoBoingo: ThickAsThieves: Well for a pair of shears and the location of the mains power into a mining farm...
ThickAsThieves: i assume attacking pools would be most disruptive
Apocalyptic: indeed
ThickAsThieves: i hear there's an internet main line in cyprus...
BingoBoingo: ThickAsThieves: Well I though you had a bet to win...
fiat500: ohai ThickAsThieves
BingoBoingo: Does NeoBee even hash?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: botnets are already switching from mining to pool ddos.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Took them long enough
ThickAsThieves: neobee gon hash donuwurry nun
asciilifeform: it's been the case for a while.
Apocalyptic: asciilifeform, interesting
asciilifeform: the best sabotage is free.
ThickAsThieves: i guess i need more hacker friends
Ziggy9263: ThickAsThieves: So do I. I need to hack more often, too.
Ziggy9263: I only ever do it at school, lol.
Ziggy9263: But really, once I have admin on the computer I'm on and free, unblocked internet, at school, then I'm all good, no need to hack more, lol.
Ziggy9263: But if I were to ever make it downtown to the ISD's office...
asciilifeform: there's more to life than an uncensored net connection.
Ziggy9263: I'd keep a livecd and a rat with me...
Ziggy9263: asciilifeform: That's where the admin power comes in, but only for the local computer... Which is nice.
Ziggy9263: Windows...
Ziggy9263: I know the password of one of my teachers, and so I log in, open up the console, add my admin account, log out and back into the account, and then I'm all good... After that, I just proxy on over to my server and then watch youtube videos all class period.
Ziggy9263: And go onto IRC.
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Ziggy9263: asciilifeform: I have a question for you...
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asciilifeform: prof at my uni, years ago, peeking at a kid's laptop: 'if you play net poker during my lecture, at least have the decency to win.'
Ziggy9263: asciilifeform: Internic Network... Reminds me of Uplink... You ever played it?
Ziggy9263: Never played it?
asciilifeform: i've never 'played' times square, or the bering strait, or nato, either
asciilifeform: how do you 'play' internic?
Ziggy9263: asciilifeform: I asked if you'd played Uplink, sir.
Ziggy9263: asciilifeform: The game by introversion software.
Ziggy9263: Okay then, nevermind...
asciilifeform: played 'core wars' though.
asciilifeform: recommended.
Ziggy9263: Ahahaha!
Ziggy9263: core wars...
Ziggy9263: I played it a little, had to format my computer before I could really get into it, though.
Ziggy9263: Do you also lurk in #osdev?
Ziggy9263: Ok. Just wondering, because your name seemed familiar...
mircea_popescu: i played nato.
mircea_popescu: it's kinda boring
HaltingState: Ziggy9263, i love uplink
Ziggy9263: I love it, too.
ozbot: Twitter / StephenAtHome: TONIGHT: "The NSA is spying ...
Ziggy9263: I want to get a tablet just so I can play it on the tablet, lol.
mod6: corewars++
Ziggy9263: And corewars is cool, too.
Ziggy9263: Any of you ever heard of PSDoom?
truffles: dub heard about that lol
BingoBoingo: Anyone here see that Scheier is getting pushed out of his "Security Futurist" job at BT?
truffles: and how there are so many narcs theyre running into each other lol
BingoBoingo: Everyone is a narc when exposed to rectothermal threats
asciilifeform: 'hey torquemada! what do you say? - i just got back from the auto-da-fe!'
truffles: ;;ud rectothermal
gribble: Google found nothing.
truffles: ;;google rectothermal
gribble: Schneier on Security: Norbt: <>; Loper OS » Practical Cryptoanalysis of Elliptic Curve DSA.: <>; Amazon Vows To Fight Government Requests For Data - Slashdot: <>
truffles: wtf does that mean!
asciilifeform: looks like i might be responsible for throwing that into the english-speaking world.
bloctoc: ;;ud rectum
gribble: | Rectum. Arsehole; anus; poop chute; where thy loafs become pinched. The place where excretement is expelled from the body in a glorius flexing of thy muscles ...
ozbot: Urban Dictionary: rectum
truffles: so its like a probe but with pcs ?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: You did indeed
BingoBoingo: truffles: It is a soldering iron in the pooper
truffles: what human would do that
BingoBoingo: truffles: A human who really wants another human's secrets
truffles: thats no longer a human to me
truffles: or at least not a sane one
jborkl: Well I guess it depends on if it is on or off
asciilifeform: what's the sane thing to do? ask the enemy nicely?
BingoBoingo: truffles: Maybe not a person. Human though merely implies species, not the worth of any particular member of the species.
asciilifeform: that's normally done first, in any case.
asciilifeform: '1st degree of the extraordinary question: shown the instruments.'
truffles: torture works on the weak sure
truffles: true believers i dunno
truffles: and most ppl wouldve already spilled
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asciilifeform: choice was whether to spill before or after the smell of sizzling arse fills the room.
fiat500: BingoBoingo: BT?
BingoBoingo: fiat500: The telecom he work/s/ed for
fiat500: he works for a british telecom?
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BingoBoingo: Seems like it
fiat500: wtf
fiat500: thats insane
BingoBoingo: Well, it goes well with the he was a government collaborator theory...
fiat500: the brits are so much worse about personal privacy than the US
fiat500: eh, interesting conspiracy theory
truffles: what did he collaborate??
fiat500: where is this news?
fiat500: ars is a tabloid now?
BingoBoingo: fiat500: it kind of has been for a while\
fiat500: oh, he was acqui-hired
fiat500: that makes more sense to me
BingoBoingo: And now he's Departe-fired
fiat500: lol, nice play on words
truffles: "BT has been fingered by The Guardian" hmm
deego: Did BT like it?
truffles: prob not
deego: Fingered by its own Guardian. That's some serious abuse. :(
mircea_popescu: hahahaha
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mircea_popescu: some fucktard is trying to sell me some amazon bitcoin bible
mircea_popescu: "over 200 pages the book describes easy to understand, but in depth all the
mircea_popescu: wide-ranging aspects of Bitcoins"
mircea_popescu: written by a bunch of tards i never heard of.
mircea_popescu: what is this world coming to
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I'd be more disturbed if they weren't selling it.
mircea_popescu: i guess niels bohr also got fliers in the mail about this new way to learn all there's tio know about neutrinos
mircea_popescu: written by our entreprising if dimwitted friends across the pond
BingoBoingo: Of course
ThickAsThieves: lets IPO a book
ThickAsThieves: the history of bitcoin
ThickAsThieves: itll just be the IRC log
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ThickAsThieves: this the ending for it.
mircea_popescu: you know mty logs of this chan are > 50mb
BingoBoingo: I dunno Paper gets expensive
mircea_popescu: that's roughly 10`000 pages.
ThickAsThieves: an e-book then!
ThickAsThieves: even scammier
ThickAsThieves: it's an epic history after all
ThickAsThieves: much drama and tragedy
Bugpowder: just thru chapter 3
mircea_popescu: tbh i think the "only 200 pages" is a selling point.
ThickAsThieves: maybe we need to hire a shakespeare to bibleize the storys
ThickAsThieves: sry storees
ThickAsThieves: parables n whatnot
ThickAsThieves: Mircea 5:12
mircea_popescu: to invest or not, is it wiser in the purse to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous povertah
mircea_popescu: or take arms against a sea of ipos and in scamtagging end them!
fiat500: and lo, mircea said unto thee, insert coins to continue reading
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