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danuker: hi! I saw this site: - if it's HTTP, anyone from the server to my computer can change the SHA256 of the source
danuker: there may be problems with Let's Encrypt, but it's safer against random internet bad guys
danuker: one problem is: any certificate, including Let's Encrypt ones, can be impersonated by any certificate authority
danuker: similarly to Lenovo's Superfish
trinque: lol
shinohai: Welp appears danuker didn't read how V works. Next.
asciilifeform: trololol
asciilifeform: even farther advanced case of braindamage than most -- 'i knowingly will push bullshit that doesn't work, which you ought to use because... Reasons'
trinque: literally "lets jerk it together" with snowballing trivia as a pickup tactic
asciilifeform had one of these in www comments not long ago. 'seen 1, seen'em all'.
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