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auctionbot: B#1054 O=283mn LB=None E=2019-08-17 14:05:28.848350 (14h5) >>> 2835 WFF, Wire Only
auctionbot: B#1055 O=51mn LB=51mn E=2019-08-17 14:05:29.126412 (14h5) >>> 500 WFF, WU esta bien
auctionbot: --- end of auction list, 51mn total bids ---
trinque: dorion: looks like you were successful using deedbot. are you still having a problem?
thimbronion: trinque: I'm not sure about dorion - but I am still having an issue.
trinque: still as in just now, or what?
thimbronion: BingoBoingo invoiced me, but the invoice was ecnrypted with a key I don't have. Now, when I do !!received-invoices I get: - no paste id.
trinque: k, gimme a few.
trinque: there were a few n00bs that didn't get their keys imported, fixed the cause, am now reimporting the keys from deedbot
trinque: you're 57512CE78CF08BB25FE277A4B16136257FB8FBDD yeah?
thimbronion: that's me
trinque: cool, I'll have you squared away in a bit, will ping
BingoBoingo: trinque: dorion paid and is running on his Rockchip
trinque: cool deal
trinque: BingoBoingo: I had another idea re: customer acquisition for y'all.
trinque: ever considered just blasting an intro message to whomever's online in the WoT deeb?
trinque: thimbronion: should work for you now. thanks for letting me know
thimbronion: trinque: works! thanks
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