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unpx[asciilifeform]: jonsykkel: I found this very interesting
unpx[asciilifeform]: related: gist: History of APL, J, K, BQN. K has 9 variants. K5 later became Q, sold for 53 millions cuz trasactions goes brr and they can query their db faster. 50KB of binary. yikes
unpx[asciilifeform]: I hope I'll have time to explore different ways to compute from the classic desk calculator
asciilifeform: unpx: asciilifeform seen 'j' prior, found interesting (but never fired in anger, to date) ; not seen this impl. before, loox interestingly compact, will read
asciilifeform: unpx: at 1 time we had an apl aficionado here; if yer deeply into the subj, may want to write to him
asciilifeform had nfi 'on lisp' was outta print again
asciilifeform fwiw has the 1st ed., bought in flea market when was an undergrad
unpx[asciilifeform]: asciilifeform I think verisimilitudes is writing his own pest client
asciilifeform: iirc he did once say he was attempting it
unpx[asciilifeform] currently in an internship writing Android applications for payments -- mostly bored
asciilifeform on a lengthy (possibly permanent..) sabbatical from commercial worx; presently trying to catch up on maffs reading; aims to resume various long-neglected projs in coming months
awt_akris[asciilifeform]: congrats asciilifeform
asciilifeform: awt_akris: arguably too early for congrats, but ty
asciilifeform: atm still in 'detox' from 3+y of abject salt mine hell
jonsykkel[asciilifeform]: impresting unpx
jonsykkel[asciilifeform]: to bad the src is 100%unreadabl
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