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billymg[asciilifeform]: $ticker btc usd
busybot: Current BTC price in USD: $66355.59
billymg[asciilifeform]: in other speculation, i wonder if trump will "win" again and mp will ultimately be proven correct in this proclamation
bitbot[asciilifeform]: (trilema) 2017-07-21 mircea_popescu: really, not obvious this is the last one ?
busybot: The 24-Hour VWAP for BTC is $ 66378.30 USD
shinohai[busybot]: Hello from smalpest today!
shinohai[busybot]: $blocks btc
busybot: Blocks: 833144
mod6[asciilifeform]: tick-tock next block
shinohai[busybot]: oh hai mod6!
shinohai[busybot]: mod6 i can haz rekey with you please?
awt_akris[asciilifeform]: $ticker btc usd
busybot: Current BTC price in USD: $68668.26
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