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whaack: jfw: do you have a way to display the hash of a txn nicely inside of your sql interpreter?
diana_coman: !!up #ossasepia danuker
deedbot: danuker voiced for 30 minutes.
diana_coman: hello danuker
jfw: whaack: not sure what you mean by interpreter but possibly ".mode quote" in ~/.sqliterc ?
jfw: whaack: then there's still the issue that the satoshi code reverses byte order for no apparent reason; /package/gbw-node/library/ can be used for that conversion
jfw: whaack: the sqliterc part I mentioned here but I plan to put it in the README too.
diana_coman: !!up #ossasepia danuker
deedbot: danuker voiced for 30 minutes.
diana_coman: fwj jwf and all possible combinations - when do you plan to add tab-completion to yrc?
jfw: diana_coman: I'd have to say it's not among my priorities at this time, or JWRD's as far as I can see (dorion, do you agree?), and likely won't be for a few months. I'm sorry if that's not adequate, and if that means you won't use it, I'll understand.
jfw: if it and the other editing features were a straightforward change I'd do it, but they're not.
diana_coman: jfw - the sooner known the better; fine.
jfw: right, and I should have said this earlier; optimism strikes again.
jfw: A TRB patch downloader of one form or another is on for this week though.
dorion: jfw I agree yrc isn't a high priority atm.
feedbot: << Trilema -- Survivor Legacy, or vidya games are dead
jfw: dorion: ack.
whaack: jfw: by interpreter I meant the text interface that allows you to query the db when you run "sqlite3 ~/.gbw/db" . What you linked to looks like what I need. Although apparently sqlite v 3.7.17 doesnt have quote mode..
jfw: whaack: oh I see; I was going to suggest ".mode insert" instead but on testing the centos6 version I find it produces nonsense in some cases e.g. select X'80'; => INSERT INTO table VALUES(X'ffffff80'); What a pain!
jfw: whaack: found the fix in which looks to have quietly slipped into 3.7.12. Previously my documented minimum requirement was 3.7.0, which I now see the centos6 rpm doesn't meet. Expect transactional throughput to very much suck due to lack of WAL journal mode (or sacrifice crash consistency).
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