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diana_coman: - yeah, but it's not as much the recipe's fault really, it's more of the underlying mess and lack of sane alternative.
sonofawitch: 2020-07-01 23:02:51 (#ossasepia) dorion: jfw thanks. yeah, I was going for more of a recipe and for sure it'd be a big pain to type out.
diana_coman: - you know, all those are good but the trouble made plain there is essentially that current trb requires some level of desperation/insanity/passion-in-the-religious-sense to deploy, pretty much.
sonofawitch: 2020-07-01 23:23:38 (#ossasepia) jfw: I've indeed tended to use ~/bin before so this is probably a needn't-have-been-problem you've picked up from me; basically I'm making efforts here to cut down on unnecessary optionality.
jfw: diana_coman: I'm not sure that's just in the deployment either; e.g. the still unhealed miner/node externality
diana_coman: jfw - ah, certainly; the deployment is just the surface/first-contact part, sure.
diana_coman: and a consequence in the end.
jfw: I suppose the question is whether in the end it demands less insanity and works better than what they call bank accounts these days
diana_coman: for that matter and to add layers of either sadness of laughter to it all, there isn't even any discernible purpose or intention, only side effects.
diana_coman: jfw - eh, only different insanity and one that tends to be more familiar for most; but comparing levels of insanity is not all that meaningful, you know?
diana_coman: (the above re bank accounts)
jfw: diana_coman: purpose/intention in what?
diana_coman: jfw - in that requirement of passion.
diana_coman: ie it's not that anyone set on purpose to make it painful; nevertheless (and predictably once looking at it properly), that's how it ends up.
diana_coman: anyway, in more practical considerations, there's no reason why it has to remain as insane as that forever and ever or something.
jfw: certainly.
jfw: I see what you're saying now about making it painful but don't yet have the vantage point where it's predictable.
diana_coman: well, that's the top of a whole forest so maybe another time; but look at the simple fact that the moment the whole thing is exposed worse-than-usual, the first reaction is to "fix" ... the person exposing it, not the thing.
diana_coman: this is btw exactly why I was saying that dorion's gbw article is quite an interesting read - exactly because it's not written by the usual too-familiar-with-the-madness-to-find-an-easier-way-around-it.
sonofawitch: 2020-07-01 21:08:02 (#ossasepia) diana_coman: dorion - your gbw article is quite an interesting read actually, as it covers a lot of ground and as a side effect, all sorts of tangles and weirds-if-coming-at-them-fresh pop all the clearer into view, hm.
diana_coman: hm, that should be clearer perhaps as too familiar with it to go a longer/harder route.
jfw: on the surface those read as opposites, but I take your meaning as: too familiar with the trails through the forest to bother clearing & paving a road
diana_coman: too familiar to *not* find an easier route; apparently I lost the "not" in there, but it's long anyway.
diana_coman: - almost; a bit worse in that it's more like too familiar with dodging poisonous darts at each step to even pay much attention to all the crazy moves (sure, also doing as a result of familiarity the best moves there, most effective etc;)
sonofawitch: 2020-07-02 21:55:37 (#ossasepia) jfw: on the surface those read as opposites, but I take your meaning as: too familiar with the trails through the forest to bother clearing & paving a road
diana_coman: in the end the difference is simply "this is insane and has to change" vs "this is unfortunate/not pleasant but inevitable"
jfw: are you saying dorion had that first perspective while I had the second, or what? because I'm not seeing that at all
diana_coman: jfw - no, I'm saying that dorion's article is more useful to give one that first perspective.
jfw: ah ok, indeed.
diana_coman: what perspective each person has is up to them in the end; I don't have any need to highlight other people's perspectives on this now, lol.
jfw: I'd say I was in between - not "unfortunate but inevitable" but that there's a cost to improving it which I didn't see as a high priority, while the article's perhaps pushing me in that direction.
diana_coman: I can see it.
diana_coman: worth perhaps noting also that absent any other ways to commit to one or another piece of work, what gets done or not (and in a more general sense, not specifically about trb now) is always decided simply by perceived cost-of-improvement vs pain-of-current-state, there isn't much else left.
diana_coman: even decided and then re-decided, as the balance shifts, of course.
jfw: yep, and that got a chuckle from me.
diana_coman: heh, glad to hear it did!

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