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bvt: diana_coman: i have an experimental vpatch for that issue that i have written when there was a previous discussion about this. it's not 100% fix of the issue, but should be enough to solve most cases of it.
bvt: the idea is to 1. maintain refcounts for all the hunks in the vpatch which antecedents are currently determined. a candidate vpatch that matches the incoming hash increments the refcount for the hunk 2. don't exit the resolution loop when all the hunks are 'satisfied' (refcount >= 1) 3. after looping through all vpatches, check if there any any candidate antecedents, whose incremented refcounts are now all
bvt: > 1; these antecedents are false/superfluous matches, and can be dropped.
bvt: i will do the proper writeup sometime this week
diana_coman: bvt: oh hey, that is quick! honestly, I am even still mulling over re what is exactly the correct approach there; the main trouble was one of confusing message since "loop" in my head meant full state rather than single-file-state (hence essentially made impossible by a properly updated manifest file, in itself); possibly at least a warning would be reasonable, but it might really make more sense to talk the matter through & give it ...
diana_coman: ... some thought
diana_coman: bvt: what's the cost of this change you've made, anyway? esp on large v-trees, does it make *everything* slower since now it has to go through all vpatches at all times?
diana_coman: what I mean is: how much slower/how much of a problem and therefore is it the best approach? perhaps it's simply enough to give a clearer error message (e.g. which file is the trouble) and let operator sort it out; btw the *press* at least gave the message but iirc a vtree /antecedent command only did...nothing, silently, which is really confusing.
diana_coman: hm, it turns out I have some irl unexpecteds to sort out today, apparently this weekend is not for that irc
billymg: does anyone have handy the trilema piece about a business being about handling all the things that aren't seen/thought of?
billymg: i think it might have been just a paragraph in a larger article, can't remember
diana_coman: billymg: it's not as much about all the things that aren't seen/thought of but rather a very hard "all the things" (hence, with the implicit "whether seen/though of or not, makes no difference, it's *all* or might as well be none"
billymg: diana_coman: good point, and that's certainly how i understood it
trinque: there's a misinterpretation possible that isn't mentioned, or I didn't see it in there.
trinque: it's true that running a business means exhaustively mapping the territory in which it operates.
trinque: it does not mean your capacity to deal with everything you've mapped is infinite.
trinque: having the map allows you to decide which thing you're going to handle first, second, ...
trinque: mp mentions this elsewhere in re: having the girls order their communication thus.
diana_coman: well, nothing is infinite anyway.
diana_coman: nor is everything equally important as everything else, certainly
diana_coman: Joe65: hello, what brings you here?
trinque: true, yet hubris is common.
diana_coman: trinque: heh, what set you so hardly against "hubris"?
trinque: 10 yrs in my own business plus however many in tmsr :)
diana_coman: while I can see at least *some* angle to that however many in tmsr, I advance the possible thought that "hubris" might not be all there is to it; at times it might even have its usefulness!
trinque: what'd a case of that be?
diana_coman: generically like that - the short-burst overexertion that may be needed to overcome a block; to the extent that there is space and time afterwards to decompress and that short-lived intense burst was exactly what was required, it fits.
trinque: hm, I don't disagree with that, so I suspect we have these symbols mapped differently.
diana_coman: possibly; it does seem that keeping-in-the-very-real-with-all-its-limitations is a relatively difficult/rare achievement nowadays, I'll certainly grant that.
trinque: hubris is when one ignores the gods, which is to say when he orders himself higher in the chain of causes than he is.
trinque: yep
trinque: incidentally jfw you mentioned that your business was heating up?
trinque: curious what's going on there, congrats if so
diana_coman: in my experience the correction tends to come *very* swiftly if/when someone gets that sort of "higher in the chain of causes" ideas but it's true that some people are better at ignoring corrections than others.
feedbot: << Trilema -- Dumb bitches giving prostitution a bad name
Joe65: Hello Diana
Joe65: I was brought here by bingo boingo via qntra via trilema
Joe65: Bingo Boingo said this channel had Bitcoin related comms and history, that's specifically what I am interested in
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