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feedbot: << whaack -- Guitar Practice Log 4 - "Relax faster" With Notes on Chord Progressions
diana_coman: !!up Joe65
deedbot: You may not !!up yourself.
diana_coman: !!up #ossasepia Joe65
deedbot: Joe65 voiced for 30 minutes.
diana_coman: hello Joe65
feedbot: << Bimbo Club -- Work Report - 5/22/2020
billymg: diana_coman: this change plus setting 'posts_per_archive_page' to -1 in your options table should do the trick while keeping pagination working as-is on other pages
billymg: diana_coman: that method, get_posts(), already has a check for the db option 'posts_per_page', and it has reference to a query param of 'posts_per_archive_page', but it didn't have a check for that option in the db
diana_coman: billymg: hm, I'll try it; I did see the check in query.php but couldn't figure out why it wasn't enough, so let's see if this does it.
billymg: diana_coman: yeah, it seemed odd to me that they had it in mind already, with 'posts_per_archive_page', but were not checking that option in the db
diana_coman: billymg: in the db though in the option table I can see the posts_per_page but...not the posts_per_archive_page ?
diana_coman: a select distinct option_name doesn't list it at all, huh
billymg: diana_coman: you'll have to insert it (which is normal afaik, options are inserted as they're set, rather than the full list of options being there with empty values)
diana_coman: hm; I would have thought that has a value anyway, not like it's ever empty as such but let's see
diana_coman: yaaay, works! thank you billymg !
diana_coman: I still can't quite figure out why are then some options in db and some not (but still checked) and moreover why posts_per_page but ALSO nopaging (or what's the difference between nopaging vs posts_per_page=-1) but anyways
diana_coman: clearly billymg's mpwp-fu is much higher than mine
billymg: diana_coman: nice!
billymg: diana_coman: i don't think there's any sense to be made of it really, your "ball of php" description is apt
diana_coman: sadly that's quite likely indeed; but ah, so good to have this finally sorted and off the blog's to-do list.
billymg: diana_coman, jfw: re: image upload for the multiple author scenario, i hadn't thought of that but i think in this round of cuts i will leave it in for that purpose
billymg: mainly so i don't have to then maintain two forks while continuing to produce patches that would apply equally to both. so i'm thinking better to do the common work first, then fork
diana_coman: makes sense to me
diana_coman: bvt: it seems I managed to confuse & co. in the most unexpected way: I have a nice linear v-tree that I press to its last leaf; then I to a new vpatch on top of that (ie with a new version of the code base); the vpatch looks perfectly fine, it's some 430 lines too, not huge, there IS a manifest file that adds one line on top of the previous one (that is as expected corresponding to the previous leaf), all looks well; and then, ...
diana_coman: ... if I try to press to this new last leaf, it fails with "Loop among vpatches" for those last 2 leaves - given that the manifest changes correctly, why /how is this possible?
diana_coman: there's no output at all otherwise to give a hint more directly as to what it chokes on, but it's rather weird
diana_coman: (sadly I can't quite pack the code itself as it's stuff and currently not public)
diana_coman: huh, I think I actually now why - the newer vpatch reverses the changes in *one* file; bvt - did you intend it to claim that it's a loop if ONE file's changes are reversed by a vpatch? I guess it does raise the potentially ugly issue of manifest being a sort of "special" file since myeah, reversing that should not happen but the rest, hm.
diana_coman: jfw: indeed; and lol @ coarse error of pilotage; though possibly I'm "abusing" V since I actually use it for code control instead of saving it only for special occasions or something
diana_coman: even using it with unfinished code, ugly code, whatever-code, omg.
diana_coman: and yeah, comment gets one out of it - but the main issue was figuring out *where* the exact revert was
diana_coman: anyway, today I need to go in ~5 minutes; I'll be back tomorrow.
feedbot: << Bimbo Club -- The Sarah Silverman festival of rape jokes.
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