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diana_coman: - glad to hear it!
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-22 18:57:31 dorion: made it to vermont.
diana_coman: - lmao; are they going to patrol the beaches too? or how exactly will they keep you out? (/me notes she would go every day for a swim for the trol factor, it's just too much asking for it)
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-22 20:31:39 whaack: In coronavirus beach news: police are kicking surfers out of the water around here.
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- JFW plan, week of 23 Mar. 2020
dorion: diana_coman I've been settling and working on my review and plan this morning, will have them published by 19 UTC.
dorion hits publish on review, will take 15 minutes to polish plan.
diana_coman: time relativity in action!
diana_coman: since that weekend is long gone and clearly enthdegree doesn't need any voice anyway.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-20 16:22:01 enthdegree: Will be around more this weekend
cruciform: jfw, dorion, I'd love to discuss when you have a moment
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- RMD review week 20, Mar 14th-22nd 2020
diana_coman: thimbronion: as far as I see it, you are quite happy focusing exclusively on writing for qntra and learning from BingoBoingo; I have no problem with this and so no reason to negrate or anything of the sort but it's also nothing to do with yh, so I'll consider that you are effectively getting off the yh program at this stage, no problem with that.
diana_coman: jfw: when will you publish your review?
jfw: Hi there cruciform. I gather you're interested in a more secure environment and better understanding of it for using bitcoin, and possibly programming too, is that right?
jfw: diana_coman: by tonight
diana_coman: jfw: works.
cruciform: jfw, exactly that - I've read the aforementioned blog post - seems like a good fit?
jfw: cruciform: have you used the command line much on that ubuntu machine or otherwise? It's fine either way, just getting a sense of where you're starting.
cruciform: jfw, not much at all, no - and when I did, it was just copypasta of Googled guides, without knowing what I was doing
jfw: cruciform: right. So we cover all the basics there from navigating the filesystem, editing text files, inspecting the system, doing backups, network setup, building software, configuring bitcoind, GPG keys and so on.
cruciform: jfw, have you had a totally-remote client yet (I'm in Airstrip One)?
jfw: We also provide a hardware solution supporting airgapping and random number generation. No, so far our emphasis has been in-person training, but we've been looking to expand to a more virtual setup and the current situation demands it indeed.
jfw: it's a great start that you're already on IRC.
cruciform: jfw, sounds good; I note that you've targeted clients with a net worth >$10m - with pricing reflecting that - are those rates negotiable?
jfw: As far as programming, it hasn't been our focus so far - although one advantage of the command line is blurring the line somewhat between "user" and "developer" - though we could either develop new lessons or just answer questions, depending on your level of commitment.
dorion: hello, good afternoon/evening all.
cruciform: jfw, wrt programming, I'm not sure I want to be a programmer yet; though I'm definitely interested in the secure hardware/software for proper Bitcoin use!
jfw: cruciform: dorion can speak better on pricing but the basic idea is US $10k for the hardware kit and training, which includes about 25 90-minute sessions and independent exercises.
cruciform: jfw, got a link to an example lesson; reviews from clients?
jfw: cruciform: cool, and you'll definitely end up with a more constructive environment and skills to build toward programming if you so choose later.
feedbot: << Young Hands Club -- RMD week 21 plan, Mar 23rd-27th 2020
jfw: dorion: do we have such a review, or could we introduce him to a past client as reference?
dorion: - the pricing reflects what we value the service to be. The ideal client profile reflects who we prefer to work with.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-23 16:50:21 cruciform: jfw, sounds good; I note that you've targeted clients with a net worth >$10m - with pricing reflecting that - are those rates negotiable?
jfw: cruciform: much of the lesson content is "live" but I could send you an example outline.
dorion: jfw, cruciform, I don't think we've published an example lesson, but that can be done rather quickly. We don't have a written review by a client yet.
cruciform: jfw, dorion, I'd be interested in seeing both; seems it'd be a good thing to have published anyway, neh?
dorion: cruciform, for sure.
cruciform: dorion, great - I'll be in touch once I've seen 'em :)
dorion: cruciform, regarding negotiation, on thing we're working on is breaking the curriculum into modules and accepting payment per module.
cruciform: dorion, sounds good; I'd be interested in seeing a per-unit price breakdwon
dorion: cruciform, cool.
dorion: cruciform, jfw will get you the outline, I'll get you the per module pricing, and I'll give you an update on the written review after I've spoken with client that completed the lessons.
jfw: cruciform: we're a bit busy with getting settled in at new locations now, but I expect we can have these to you by Sunday and will ping you here if that changes.
cruciform: dorion, jfw great, thanks!
dorion: cruciform, thank you! and I read your plan on yh, looks like you have a fun week ahead of you.
dorion: cruciform, a yh protip : check the category of your article prior to publishing ;)
jfw: dorion: :D
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-22 18:51:51 cruciform: diana_coman, "derp" seems appropriate, at least for now ;)
dorion: jfw yeah, shows I wasn't logged up.
dorion: - thank you.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-22 19:02:59 whaack: dorion and jfw: good to hear you're back at your roots safe and sound.
dorion: - thanks.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-22 21:07:25 BingoBoingo: jfw dorion: Good to hear your transits passed smoothly
jfw: ...and I was logged up in passive mode apparently; ty gents.
cruciform: it's been fun so far (nothwithstanding derpitude)!
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-23 17:15:40 dorion: cruciform, thank you! and I read your plan on yh, looks like you have a fun week ahead of you.
dorion: cruciform, nice, enjoy. confronting the derpitude is part of the process.
diana_coman: cruciform: did you use irc before venturing into #t in 2017 or when was it@
diana_coman: ?
cruciform: diana_coman, I used it way back in ~2003; not since
diana_coman: ah, pretty much the previous relative peak of use, yes; hm; I wonder what/why is so otherwise ~dead, but anyways.
cruciform: diana_coman, why do you ask?
diana_coman: cruciform: I'm considering getting younger people in and they are totally never-heard-of-irc.
cruciform: diana_coman, Ah; none of my peers know of it, either; 2003-me heard of it through a RuneScape forum
diana_coman: ha, runescape!
jfw: Medium-younger ones have probably used jabber/xmpp but know it as "gchat" and only via Google; while the youngest are perhaps further stuck in the "mobile apps" bubble.
diana_coman: jfw: yeah; well, at the rate it's going, it might be anyways that I end up with 8 year olds or something - at least they are very happy indeed to learn and -if anything- I have trouble making them leave the house, not getting them to come; in the long run and all that, lolz.
thimbronion: diana_coman: that makes sense to me.
diana_coman: thimbronion: glad to hear it.
diana_coman will be back tomorrow.

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